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  1. Have you played? At least in the last 4 years? Jumped on an hour ago and it was 6-6. First match the guy was grabbing the item and runjumpcarrybot it the 140 foot to his base. He did not need a car because he was also triggerbotting, walling and superthrowgernadebotting. second match, same guy plus his teammate was Kangaroojumpfirebotting while spinning with a medusa. The were not trying to do the OBJ as they were farming us. third match 2 new guys, one was a regular player (no unnatural awareness, real fire rate and missed) the other was takin us out as we rounded corners with grenades thrown at 85 f and using his pistol. he was using a submachine but in 1 sec used a fastwepcaseswapbot to switch to a rocket and we could no longer get with 80 feet of them no matter what direction we cam from. my team mate quit, I looked at the /pop and it had dropped to 2-5 as the cheats again ran off players from the dist. After I sighed I also quit and came here.
  2. OH I forget, those that do not use it or like it do not call it Dom, it is the Donton Montane. And it is one of the best cars in the game, once you get into the slotted Doms
  3. 1. ok from reading all of the post, most believe that a tryhard is some one that is actually trying to play the game? has no one player any other shooter? all shooters are supposed the be full out attack/defend. Can you imagine someone not trying to play, or playing casually in COD,BF, CS, ring or any other shooter? If you are not wanting to play then don't log on, or go play something that does not affect other member of your team. There are lot of solo games out there. 2. Read the mission statements, they all say something like "keep the item away" "Protect the vip" Hold the item" etc... (go play any other game that has items/vips to escort.) This does not say or mean "fight over the object in the middle of the street like a moron" This has always meant, take the item and keep it safe/from the enemy. So running with an object has always been the way you are meant to play. That why you can lean out of vehicles and car surf. Running with an object/vip to at least a spot you could defend was how the game was designed from the beginning. It was not until cheats figured out that they could farm that you started seeing the players ignore the mission instructions, the result was that, not running started to happen.
  4. Because 90% of the cheaters are not aware they are cheating. They have been cheating for so long that they actually believe the cheats are the way its supposed to play. If you look at bronze there are 2-5 gold players at any time. the rest are silver with just a few new/reroll players. I just jumped in a few min ago to a silver server. 7-5 all golds. 2 matches and every one left because they realized they could not dethreat. This is the 7 time in 7 days that then silver and gold servers are empty, because all of the silver are in bronze which is supposed to be a starter server. there are not 2 servers, unless you are talking about the 2 bronze servers that currently have the playing pop in it.
  5. what is you definition of a trigger bot? I am not sure how lack an on target retcon would help with/against a player using a macro to pull the trigger faster than should be possible.
  6. Or bring back the actual color threat servers. it went, If you are gold you can only log into the gold server. silver you can log into silver or gold. bronze could only log into the bronze or silver servers. Actually Ban dethreaters, 2 hours the first time, and the problem is solved. Player will play where their skills match, threat fixed.
  7. I have waited 10 years for the dom mods. They are in game, you see them on the rentable cars and in the cars a few lucky people won back in the day of joker boxes. I have had the same 3 slot dom for 9 years, she need the body parts that are in game. Or restore the contacts that gave them. why have the old vehicle contacts not been reactivated? Ok sure it is a way to make money by forcing the players to buy the kits. While I will not spend another penny until the cheat epidemic is handled, I will make an exception for the Dom kits, put it on the store and I will buy it. Now, I do not mean just once, I have multiple accounts and although I have unlocked a lot of vehicles, almost all my avatars drive doms. Unlock or put the dom mods on the store and you get money, its a win win situation.
  8. Oh I do understand how hard it is for a normal, single ENF to stun and arrest a crim. I have 6 maxed accounts with 14 maxed Enfs that have maxed or to the OPGL unlocked. I am not talking about a normal player that would be the only LTL in the group. The problem is the groups of LTL rerolls that are moving in packs. These players are sub R80 which means they are not leveling anything but LTL and are pledged to the same maxed contact so they do not lvl. The also never miss and use triggerbots and handswapfirebots. The result is there is no active counter. Well there is a deactivated coded counter. ah Cryul, no LTL is not, and never was, the balance for what you speak, witnessing is.
  9. It is not the age of the game. 3 says ago, there were 2 playing servers a bronze and a gold. I went on the gold and player for almost an hour then a guy logged on. He would kangaroojump in the air spinning around handswapfire killing everyone. Yes he was TKing also. People began to DC because of the cheater. within 30 min the pop dropped to 1-1. I asked the guy, why he was cheating. His answer "Who cares if I cheat in a dead game..." That is why no new player will join and to pop has dropped to less than 100 players, because LO refuses to deal with the Cheater epidemic. The new engine will not help fix what has been killing APB for years. 2 says ago I logged in, there was 1 bronze server with 15-13 players. I could not join because I am gold. 1 day ago I logged in, there was 1 bronze server with 6-8 players. again I could not play because I am gold. I have not logged in today, but if the trend continues, well when players can not play because they are not allowed in a district, the the game is dead. yes, I joined an empty silver district and in 2 hours I sat in there only 3 players showed up. all were wanting to detreat as the were also locked out. All left because there was no way for them to do it with only 2 people on the server. Yes fight club has players, but that place is bot central and playing there does not lower threat. APB could become undead if: 1. ban all the cheaters for just 2 hours, sure the pop would drop 80% but the ones that actually love apb would stop cheating. (if they have been banned they know the next time they would loose everything) 2. Bring back the B/S/G only servers. If you are silver you play on the silver server (or gold). If you are gold you play only on the gold server. It worked last time, keep in mind that detreating is banned so APB would not have the problem with players trying to go to lower districts.
  10. RTW ran the game for the first few years, G1st did not buy it until later. Actually let me look it up, My memories get foggy not just because that was 20 years ago but I was talking to an old RTWCB about how something worked and he reminded me that the fight between us happens during the open beta. But if it was called energizer then that need to be put back into the game. LTL squads have always been ugly but lately it seem that every third squad the entire team has O-PGLs
  11. what part of "simplified" did you not get? the post below yours goes into a lot more detail but it is basically the same. A simplified example of how a car works is "you press on the gas pedal and it goes, you press on the brakes and it stops. 100% of people will get this. The actual explanation involves describing the engine, fuel flash points, the ignition system, the starter, (power train) the hydrophilic, brake pads on rotors, presser transfers of the gasses, etc.... you will loose 90% of the people you are trying to explain too. I take it you have never taught. You give the basics first then go into the detail once you have established a frame of reference. Before any one can understand anything they have to have a frame of reference. My statement, though very basic and does not take into account a lot of the details in the equation, is right and establishes a frame of reference.
  12. I did not make the rule a GM did, and no there is a difference between a player pressing buttons and bot , Timing. A bot will have the exact time between presses, a human will naturally vary the timing, because they are also doing other actions such as moving, dodging, looking around.
  13. The gold treat is not necessary real. Roll a character. Go to bronze and win(or group with a good team) 5 games in a row. You are now gold. Simplified example: The gold, silver, bronze, are based on your %win/loss. If you win 6 games out of 10 you are gold. Loose 6 out 10 and you are silver, however win 3 in a row and you are back to gold. The issue is that when you have won 1000 games and lost 990 games you can be gold but loosing 1 game will throw you down to silver and visa versa. Now add that the players you win against are also calculated into the equation. Win against lower level players and you can drop from gold to silver. Loose to high R players and you can go from silver to gold. Thus all that gold, silver, bronze means is what server you are restricted too. The funnest thing is that the dethreaters do not get that they would loose ranks faster by actually fighting lower ranked players than by throwing games.
  14. The is a mod that is not available that need to be added. I do not remember the name but the mod is for criminals and what it does is prevent the player from being stunned. There is a real problem with the enforcers having a group of 4 players all welding stun grenades, O-PGL (stun) and ltl weapons. The issue is that have an AOE stun that has no balance or counter. So the Enfs spam the area stunning everyone from a distance the run in and arrest everyone without a counter. from 2010 to 2015 the crims would give up a mod slot to prevent being stunned. Again they were giving up a mod spot, which was already a disadvantage, in order to be able to counter LTL weapons. This needs to be restored so that the Enfs need to actually use a strategic plan that is not, Lets jut spam the area with LTL gernades.
  15. One thing, these are bit hacks, They are bots. People seem not to understand that while all are supposed to be banned as they are cheats the player is not hacking. Banned acts listed in EULA hacks: modifying the game files: Most used on is in walling. bots: The use of a macro or anything that mimics a macro exploits: This is defined as doing something that gives an advantage by using or bypassing the game system. The main examples are ghosting an grouping with a cheater. Griefing: This is similar to ghosting excerpt the greifer is not doing it to help ether side. for example, when you see players in a dump truck, and not on a mission and are grey, and they are pinning you during an opposed mission that is griefing. Originally RTW was going to make it so that if a player in a dump truck hit a player (in a mission) 4 times they would go 5 star and be target able. Racial, sexual or cultural items/voip: Using any image or text/voip that is offensive or demeaning is banned. Glitching items: This is not seen as much anymore because a lot of the areas are fixed and walled(or clipped) of but there are still some places where you can place an object above normal reach or if placed in vehicles that are blown up, the item will drop inside the clipped area and can not be retrieved. the problem is that 90% of the player base thinks that only hacks are banned and that the only banned cheats are hacks.
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