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  1. I remember in 2017 or 2016, a patch came out and the bans flew one after another. In a couple of days, more than 200 players were banned, of which 10% are the so-called fathers of the game))) The reaction of the anti-cheat was even on the trigger bot, I have not had so much fun for a long time and it really became more comfortable to play.
  2. I personally have always been surprised by the behavior of some of the" fathers " of the game, go to Abington, play 2-3 rounds at 30-5, 40-5, and then sharply 10-15. It's simple, cheat (triggerbot) on and off for balance)))
  3. The problem was solved by reinstalling the video card driver and disabling kernel unlocking in the BIOS
  4. Fps drop for no apparent reason... This has not been observed before...
  5. I see there are no comments, so everyone is happy with everything? I wonder what percentage of clean players in the game then remained?
  6. Remove the change in the color of the sight when pointing at the target in the game. That's it, the fight against triggerbots is over, is it so difficult? And the players will get used to innovations, believe me, it's worth it if the choice is at stake between fair play and such a small thing...
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