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  1. By the way, no info about the new engine since 2 weeks but kk, matt said "at the end of the week i'll post an update" always waiting...
  2. Another year? You are a bit crazy no? And btw, the game is actually unplayable i can't level up anymore since waterfront is literally dead lmao. No one plays on
  3. Ye for sure, if the new engine comes out, at first we need new contacts (LO already talked about it), the IEM nades, maybe new "WHITE" weapons not some shitty armas reskin, new mods a good weapon balance, everything at the same time, and we'll be good. Lot of peoples don't believe in the game anymore, i already saw a bunch of guys sayin' "THE GAME SHOULD DIE BLABLABLA", told'em why they are keep playing the game, and for sure no awnser. Those guys are just pathetic anyway. Every community are toxic for me and it will never change. Look at the district apb chat, everyone is just toxic and insulting each other. For the matchmaking APB needs to improve for sure, but the numbers of players need to increase, with the actual pop LO can't make a new one. I also think LO should focus the new content and not the new engine.
  4. anyways we are all waiting the new engine, for me that was done before 2k21 but it seems to be a dream lmfao
  5. If we drop to 200 players i just gonna leave the game, it will be useless to play,..
  6. but lmao, if the new engine comes summer 2k21 it will be already too late, look at the players stats actually... 500 players is actually nothing, if LO doesn't wake up and release the new engine before 2-3 months the game will just die and R.I.P APB, maybe it'll be bought by another company again lmao. atleast do a good christmas event
  7. everything in the title just a simple question cause i was talking about that in the district chat a few minutes ago, talking about how apb is dead, if the new engine can revive the game, because actually the new engine take TOO much time to get release.
  8. http://prntscr.com/oftgu2 lmao? why i can't call backup i am against 2 golds & 1 silver and there is 2 silvers w/ me? even if we won the mission, during the mission it was impossible to call backup so... LO for real you should do something for that cause' atm it's so annoying (already lost lot' of missions cause' the MM was broken).
  9. That's why i said it, if we can reach like 1-1.5k players LO should do a new map, but atm it's useless.
  10. lmao same, but maybe LO will do something, and ye midtown seems pretty cool
  11. Just a question to the SCPT/GM or i don't know, someone of the staff, i would like to know if LO gonna release a new map (with new contacts), like a close/long range map, since WF spot are mostly long range spot and FN close range spot. (with the lack of players actually it'll be useless to create a new one, it'll only split the players but if we can reach 1.2-3k players + it'll be good)
  12. Sup', i just saw in a video 2 speedhackers in the asylum, they are regular players, anyway i can't tell their names because i will be warned, but basically if you guys play in the asylum you should know who i am talking about. I just wanted to say, what LO is doing again? How those 2 bois can speedhack, like wtf, since the speedhack change the speed of your character how they're not banned? EAC is there no? It's a server side / client side anticheat no?
  13. We're all waiting the new engine, if they are testing it why they don't send some screens or shit like this? Because atm every1 is waiting the new engine and new content, it's a bit annoying. They didn't introduced shits, only a JMB and a shitty gamemode +EAC. EAC is prob the only real thing they added because lot of public cheat are down, and maybe it'll bring back some old players even if there is some closet bois around. For the old players, the game is boring, lack of content.
  14. Better : They launched EAC* Some weapons are overpowered ( NHVR / the ' pocket obir ' RFP 9 Fang ) LO made an useless gamemode = BROKEN GAME The missions are broken ( spot / spawns / matchmaking ) Lack of content + did you really tried to read, even if my eng can be broken you can read it lmao.
  15. For real guys what LO did the past year aside from the ' patch bug fixes '? lmao they did only few things like Battleye/EAC, those anticheat destroyed the public cheat, even if alot of ppl continue 2cheat w/out problem but still, there is ALOT but ALOT of triggerbotkid who rekt everyone. Now we can talk about THE REAL CONTENT? On 1 year they added a JMB? For real a JMB lmao, and the FUNNIEST JOKE of the world R.I.O.T. Instead of working on the new engine they prefer to add an 'useless gamemode'. But anyway i already said that in the social and some bois told me ' UH U WANT NEW CONTENT BUT WHEN THERE IS NEW CONTENT YOU ARE CRYING ' but... people seems to don't understand, it'll be more useful to work on the new engine instead of working on a broken gamemode and waste 'lot of time. I just want some real new contents, like new free weapons, or cars/outfits? Maybe new contacts or new maps i don't know, when LO came i thought my dream about new content will come true (lmao). Anyway i think i already lost my hope about this game even if i love it.
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