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  1. The text is hidden underneath the payment wall banner up the top, you can't see it on a computer. If you go to the same page on an iPad or something you can slightly scroll up to see the text, it reads: "Payment wall is not available in your country" Im from Australia so yeah, I used to be able to buy G1C before they updated to store
  2. Realise

    Fightclub not starting

    Also won't start in baylan
  3. We have 3v3 in Abington Towers on Jericho and fight club won't start
  4. What is good to put on nfas now after ir update; cooling jacket?
  5. my understanding is that cooling jacket barely affects the oscar; it is also the same with obir. PMG and OCA are both great weapons. Simply walking back will not always work because the ogre will often kill you before you're out of range.
  6. could try increasing range of obeya-obir by 5-10m so they will be more useful than ntec in some situations
  7. it will be interesting to see if people will use ir3 on ntec being disadvantaged at ranges 1-50 for 50+
  8. The OTW Server is still up if you people feel like playing
  9. I want to know if reflex sights has an affect on the nfas. Reflex sight does not have an affect (besides extremely minimal) on jg, i want to know if its the same on nfas.
  10. Does reflex sight have an affect on nfas? Thanks
  11. Pisces on their team is often silver, you were probably higher into gold than theirs.
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