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  1. AMD Ryzen 5 1400 (oc to 3.8ghz) Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 ti MSI OC Edition 8gb ram 2666mhz fps 60-90 with a lot of fps drops in minimum settings
  2. I done a lot of purchases in different games from Steam + I bought the steam dlc for apb 3 days ago, there are no fees
  3. Exactly, but I won't bother if there are some kind of system where you can trade money to other players as well.
  4. Hello there I will make it simple as it is with one example. So I was farming money with the Criminal tonight and when I reached one amount of money I wanted to transfer it to my main char (SAME ACCOUNT), so as I remember from the last time I did that I could sell an item in the marketplace with my main char and log back to criminal and buy it for 200k I would lost around the 30 from the taxes so we get to 170k but guess what I did that and when I tried to buy the item there was an error "You can't bid in your own auction" and I was like WTH? What is going on? So I had to sell from another ACCOUNT an item in the marketplace go back to the Criminal char I had the $, buy the item and then return to the main char I wanted the money to have sell an item from there go back to secondary account and buy it, this is pain not only because I have to do all those steps but because the taxes in the marketplace is high asf 20% taxes, so I lost in sort 60 to 70k from 200k to 160 and then to 130-120k So the suggestion is, Make the ingame $ tradable via the mail npc
  5. WTH is this paymentwall thing, I'm trying to purchase some G1C and this page never loads(freeze at white screen) anyone else have the same problem or nah?
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