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Found 5 results

  1. This is a fairly simple but radical suggestion so hear me out and please set aside the effect of players who have at present accumulated vast sums of money. The potential ramifications of this change to the game's entire meta is probably larger than I am capable of dissecting. Money should be a balancing factor for weapons and vehicles so that the "bad" guns and cars are profitable to use while the "best" weapons and cars sink money. Therefore all Ammo, Grenades, and Vehicle Spawn cost should be multiplied by 10. 7,500 Rounds of 9mm ammo would cost $7,000 instead of $700. 4,500 Rounds of Rifle ammo would cost $15,000 instead of $1,500. 100 Frag Grenades would cost $8,000. 1,200 40mm Grenade Rounds $120,000. Rockets become $1000 a round. Half-Brick/Eight-Ball stay $1 each. Tier 4 vehicles like the Vegas, Pioneer, and Mikro cost $1,000 to spawn. Tier 3 vehicles like the Fresno, T-25, and Moirai cost $500 to spawn. Tier 2 vehicles like the Broadwing, Sentinel, and Montane cost $250. Tier 1 cars like the Calabria, Varzuga, and Han Veo remain free to spawn. This is just a few of the things which would see an increase to cost. Right now the cost of spawning in vehicles and buying ammo is negligible, Nobody thinks about how their choice of vehicle or weapons is going to hurt their wallet. People do consider how those choices affect their performance in a mission, Like whether their shotgun fits the situation or if their Vegas can carry an object. By increasing the cost of vehicles by a factor of 10 or more, Players gain a reason to use "lower tier" vehicles without having to buff them all into equality. Vehicles that are free to spawn gain a real niche by being readily spawned and destroyed with little consideration. By allowing players to lose money while winning missions because their prolific use of machine guns and muscle cars is more expensive than the opposition's shotguns and SUVs, The game gains another means to balance not just the meta between weapons and vehicles but also how and when players choose to use them. Take time-to-kill for example, There has been much talk about what it should be built around how that makes the game play. Instead of simply increasing the TTK why not give players a reason to measure the use of deadlier weapons with the cost of operation relative to the strength of opposition? Perhaps when every rocket costs $1000, Missing the OSMAW will become unappealing and even undesirable to use against lesser armed players or cheap vehicles. Trying to finish missions armed with only handguns might become a thing as players decide the cost savings is worth waiting for when the expensive gun is necessary. Grenade spam could definitely be cut down quite a bit when every grenade you hurl puts a $80 to $150 dent in your wallet. Non-mission activities such as mugging, ram-raiding, chop-shopping, witnessing, and impounding stolen goods/vehicles might need the profit per-item/action increased as well. APB is designed to have players flow between doing activities to make money and missions for contact progression, Without the possibly of losing money doing missions it doesn't work. Regular contact missions have always been the best way to make money in the game compared to the other methods available which carry more risk. Requiring players to play cheaply to make good profit doing missions makes the other means of making money become more lucrative by comparison. The lack of incentive for non-mission actives causes the overplaying of missions which makes players feel burned out, This hurts the game quite a bit. I really could go on and on about the potential ramifications this change could bring during gameplay but I cannot summarize it. If economy becomes a gameplay consideration there predictably could be issue with how premium would give those players profit margins with expensive weapons F2Ps. I imagine being forced post-patch to reset every players cash to deal with the possibly unbalancing effect of many players with huge sums of money endlessly playing very expensively. Any playstyle F2P can't consider but must face can easily become P2W in many players eyes so I can see removing the enhanced money from premium. Also, With this change Light Machine Gun ammo should be removed and the weapons that use it changed to other types. Submachine guns should be using 9mm/magnum ammo while light machine guns should be using rifle ammo. Creating more types of ammo can be used to further refine any balance issues with specific weapons.
  2. Right now there is zero incentive for Criminals to finish objectives when assigned a mission without opposition, This is clearly a waste of the Witness system which was clearly intended to be a core game mechanic. Therefore Criminals should get normal money and standing for completing objectives/missions even without opposition while Enforces get extra money and standing for witnessing a Criminal in a mission without opposition. If Criminals actually completed objectives in missions without opposition it would give Enforcers a chance to witness the Criminals and start a mission, If Enforcers got extra money and standing for witnessing Criminals in a mission then Enforces would have a reason to search for Criminals to witness. It's very boring as a Criminal to get missions without opposition because you sit there on an 99% finish objective just waiting for opposition to show up, If missions without opposition gave normal money and standing then it suddenly becomes a fun and worthwhile challenge to try and finish a mission without being witnessed by Enforcers. Criminals being able to farm not just money but also standing on empty servers isn't an issue because getting a mission without opposition requires readying up for a mission which places you on the matchmaker which continues to search for opposition, Which means that as soon as an Enforcer joins the server and readies up for a mission you could get opposition instantly which doesn't happen with ramraiding which already exists. There is also "A civilian has witnessed you" which I don't think does anything right now but what it could do is give any Enforcer who enters your mission from the matchmaker the same money and standing bonus they would have gotten if they had witnessed you. Honestly this all seems to be how the game was supposed to work on release but they simply forgot to turn on rewards for missions without opposition making the witness system pointless.
  3. Hello there I will make it simple as it is with one example. So I was farming money with the Criminal tonight and when I reached one amount of money I wanted to transfer it to my main char (SAME ACCOUNT), so as I remember from the last time I did that I could sell an item in the marketplace with my main char and log back to criminal and buy it for 200k I would lost around the 30 from the taxes so we get to 170k but guess what I did that and when I tried to buy the item there was an error "You can't bid in your own auction" and I was like WTH? What is going on? So I had to sell from another ACCOUNT an item in the marketplace go back to the Criminal char I had the $, buy the item and then return to the main char I wanted the money to have sell an item from there go back to secondary account and buy it, this is pain not only because I have to do all those steps but because the taxes in the marketplace is high asf 20% taxes, so I lost in sort 60 to 70k from 200k to 160 and then to 130-120k So the suggestion is, Make the ingame $ tradable via the mail npc
  4. Shiemysan


    Hey, I wanted Simply Ask for Old Item's Like The "Devil Wings" to Purchase in the Shop Like The Angel Wings. It make no sense that the Angel Wings (Valentine / Love Symbol) are Purchaseable at Valentine and has no Event, and the Devil Wing (Halloween Symbol) are never in the shop even at halloween not ... and only sometimes at halloween Events so normally both Angel Wings must be in the Shop at Valentine and Devil Wings at halloween. also to get them for Free you can do Special Event on those days. So Everybody can get them and you can Choice yourself if you Farm for Free or Simply Buy it.
  5. Hello all first off all i want to mention to cops (enforcers 255 goldy team up ones) busting newbs for who trying to make money. This mechanic is broken. they can team up, they can bust a newbie with ease, they can troll newbies, they can camp laundry and they can camp the contact cuz there are only few contacts with instant deliver. So either make a improved system OR Make weekly bank robbery events (maybe 2 days in 1 week) where crims and enforcers equal and making 10-20k each person (whoever wins) I dont think its so hard to do tbh all they need a place, delivery spot, and equal map to both side (also every criminal and enforcers might have like 3 lives maybe? so whoever lost their lives cant play anymore and just watch on above the map maybe i dont know im not dev i dont know what they can do about it) With that being mention im sure there are players thinking that normal way of making money is not broken its okay its fine meh... like so But imagine yourself as a newb with your star556(nb tho) and with that stupidly slow car. and enforcers against maybe pig - stun nade combo or 2-3 slotted any gun + 4x4 vegas for sure or pioner if you guys think a newbie and veteran equal in this position i dont have anything to say tbh. also, im sorry if there are grammar nazis my english isn't flawless BTW if someone thinking that i made this thread just for myself to get easy money im playing this game for 2 months and i got +10m worth of legends i dont need money as much as these NEWBIES.
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