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Found 12 results

  1. When: November 2nd (Friday after Halloween) 10pm UK time For the exact time in your time zone check here: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj WHERE: BREAKWATER GALLERIA, CITADEL SOCIAL. What: Halloween party! As simple as that. Grab your scary outfit and come and hang around in Breakwater Galleria instead of your usual spot. Interact with people as you would during a party. COMPETITIONS and PRIZES: Lots of prizes... PROVIDING PEOPLE TURN UP... There will be a raffle at the end of the night, the more competitions you enter, the more raffle tickets you get: 1. REAL LIFE Halloween costume competition (£30 STEAM VOUCHER + Raffle Ticket for entering (EXTRA 2 FOR FIRST 5 ENTRANTS!!!!!) You need to print off this picture then take a pic of yourself in your halloween outfit holding it up. The reason for holding it is so we know it's a recent picture. Then on the night of the party we will vote for the best one in my stream. 10 CONTESTANTS MINIMUM. If there are more than 10, I will choose 10 to go into a final vote in the stream. You have until 11pm of the party night to submit. Each pic will be anonymous until the results are in. 2. IN GAME Halloween costume competition (AAEPD VOLCANO JC ROCKET LAUNCHER + Raffle Ticket for entering) Just turn up in your outfit. Then during the night we shall choose our favourite outfit. 10 CONTESTANTS MINIMUM. If there are more than 10, I will choose 10 to go into a final vote in the stream. 3. SCARE2GRIEF!!!! ($250k x 2 + Raffle Ticket for entering) By now we should know what Pay2Grief is. Come and enter in a Halloween a themed Car. Join in in any car but only Halloween Themed Cars can win. 2 rounds. 4. HIDE AND SCARE!!!! (BLOODY MARY + Raffle Ticket for entering) For this event EVERYONE needs to hide and I will look for you. The person who lasts longest wins. I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS in ASYLUM if we can totally fill an empty one. If not, we can use Baylan from gold Waterfront. Those people who I find can try to scare me whilst I look for the others. I am going to look into playing this section by streaming to my Gear VR to make it scarier! Join our discord voice chat in order to make your scares more... scary. 5. CLIP OF THE NIGHT (£10 STEAM VOUCHER + Raffle Ticket for entering) All you have to do is submit a funny Twitch clip from the party. This does NOT have to be a clip from my stream. One clip per person so make sure it's a good one. You'll obviously need to sign up for a Twitch account to do this. I'll choose a few I like then we'll vote for the winner of a £10 Steam voucher. EIGHT CLIPS NEEDED FOR THIS TO GO AHEAD The raffle prizes will increase in value depending on how many people come: 6. THE RAFFLE (FREE ENTRY - PRIZES DEPEND ON NUMBER OF 'GUESTS') IF YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED IN ALL EVENTS AND YOU WILL HAVE A MAX OF SIX TICKETS. 20 people at the party: 1. Colin McCrae Balkan Varzuga 2. Han Veo Coywolf kit NYC Taxi 3. Doltan Montagne 'PU$%Y Wagon' (from Kill Bill) 4. $100k x 2 5. LEGENDARY: COLBY HAZARDOUS 30 people at the party: 6. $100k 7. LEGENDARY: CAP40 'SEARGEANT' 40 at the party: 8. The 'Glitched Vegas' 9. LEGENDARY: OCA NANO 'CONNOISSEUR' 50 at the party: 10. LEGENDARY: N-TEC 7 'URSUS' So get designing and tell all your friends. If you can think of any mini games to play then do share. If anyone wants to donate prizes for future events that would be awesome! Lowish Player base makes selling clothes a lot harder these days. See you there! Witch PS prizes may change before the event but not on the night.
  2. Client version: Summary: When all contacts are maxed, enforcers still get pledged to Trick Description: As an enforcer, when you have all of the contacts (including Treat) done. The game can auto-pledge you to Trick, the Criminal contact. Steps to reproduce: - 1: Log in to an enforcer character that has R255 and Treat maxed out. - 2: Start a mission - 3: Notice that you were auto-pledged to Trick How many times have you recreated this bug: 2/2 Results: Enforcers can be auto-pledged to Trick (the criminal halloween contact) Expected results: Enforcers shouldn't be getting pledged to Trick at all. Evidence: https://youtu.be/xSxRCa-Hs7E
  3. Locations of the halloween red pumpkins via images of ingame locations. The images that have nothing there, the pumpkin was taken care of, and is in that general "area" on screen. Made sure you can't accidentally spoil it if you wanted to find them yourself first Good Luck! Happy Hunting!!! I did Miss imaging small few. I know I placed one on the total map overview image in the Overhead Spoiler. (will redirect to imgur hidden behind 3 levels of assurance) Overhead Spoiler (red dots mark the general location) Waterfront
  4. It's almost in every single match that a number of players (at least on financial) tries or is actually glitching themself in a spot where he cannot be hit. When is a GM going to do what he's payed for and patrol the halloween districts for a change? It makes it a bit more fair for those who actually want to play the legit way if the glitchers would be gone. PS: And don't give me that crap 'report them and they'll be delt with', that sh!t doesn't help while the event is ongoing.
  5. Hello! Since it's Halloween I decided to do quick how-to for all people who try to get all purple pumpkins this years, since old forum with thread about it got deleted. Each time you find purple pumpkin/log-in distrct - you will get notification of location of most close to you purple pumpkin. So here's first help for you - maps with name of sub-districts for both Financial and Waterfront: (Thanks to XtremeLaw for creating this maps and Tigrix for digging them out before they were gone) While sweeping through this area listen to sounds - purple pumpkins emit echoing laughter when you are near them. Not all pumpkins although will be possible to hear to. Some will be on surface of water (in Waterfront) or river (in Financial). At the very end you might find yourself stuck in one place because of inability to locate pumpkin. Usually then that means that pumpkin must be in hard to reach place. While I can't pinpoint every wierd places out of experince there are few from my mind - Financial, North Havalynd - Bus Depot (Pumpkin was on the ledge through river bridge going toward Hope Complex, it was visible only from Bus Depot side and you could hear it from Hope Complex side), Waterfront, Clearwater Marina (Pumpkin in open waters), Financial, The Needles Empire and Main (Pumpkin high on bus depot billboard, unreachable and barely visible). So yeah, be ready that pumpkin might be in wierd place but if game states it's there, IT'S SURELY THERE, so keep LOOKING through area, even 10 times. Eventually you will find it. Now word of advice. There won't be straightforward "where are all purple pumpkins" located at tutorial - because it's randomized for each player. You need to look sadly. How much time would it take? I was looking for all pumpkins for 3-4 hours, expect for last 5 which took additional 1 hour, due to said random locations above. Don't worry, we all were stuck at last ones. You will find them if you really want to complete it. So reserve yourself some evening and sit at it - and you will have it. Patience is required although. Good luck, hope you will find it worth it - as I did. I don't regret spending that much time for devil wings at all. Edit: Ah, also worthy of note is that there are no purple pumpkins in social. Please stop asking everyone about it.
  6. So i spend 2 Days getting the pumpkings, and this happen. The game say '' The last pumpking is nowhere '' In both districts Financial and Waterfront but i dont get them all yet. Please help me file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/userdata/86436515/760/remote/113400/screenshots/20191024160909_1.jpg file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam/userdata/86436515/760/remote/113400/screenshots/20191024161633_1.jpg file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam/userdata/86436515/760/remote/113400/screenshots/20191024163815_1.jpg
  7. Halloween knocks on our doors, finally. - While people obviously go with the flow of the mainstream, Halloween parties, funny horror shows, they don't know or don't care about what kind of symbols they play around with and sometimes it's even better they don't know much about their meaning, at all. Well, anyhow, with that sexy 'Pentagram outfit' it's the first time I see any symbol attached to armas-clothes (or am I wrong?) and even it's related to Halloween, I am wondering where this goes to... - While the pentagram's origin and usage is different, by today's mainstream the >inverted pentagram< is mostly known aligned to Satanism, for example combined with a goat in the middle it's the main-logo of 'The Church of Satan' in the U.S.: Satanism is by the mainstream mostly known for - black mass - blood rituals with animal and human sacrifices - Antichrist, demons, evil, and so on and so on... To mention also the Nazi-league already used to have satanic circles and celebrating occultism, not because black and red was also their favourite colour, lol So I am wondering, what comes next, at the Christmas event? 'Fundamental Christians outfit' or 'The Holy Pope outfit' covered with 'Holy Cross' symbols? I am asking Little Orbit: Why didn't you design the outfit itself demon-ish in its form or style which would be easily possible without any symbol instead? For example with some small extensions like the little claws at the Devil-Wings, to make em look devilish... I am asking Little Orbit: Is it in future really necessary to place any controversy, any religious, or any kind of symbols -at all- on certain clothing parts? And about Christmas event I have a suggestion already: as a counterpart to Halloween why don't you make a sexy latex/leather Angel-Suit (without any symbol) to complete the existing Angel-Wings/Angel-Halo as a set? Please think about it, Happy Halloween
  8. Shiemysan


    Hey, I wanted Simply Ask for Old Item's Like The "Devil Wings" to Purchase in the Shop Like The Angel Wings. It make no sense that the Angel Wings (Valentine / Love Symbol) are Purchaseable at Valentine and has no Event, and the Devil Wing (Halloween Symbol) are never in the shop even at halloween not ... and only sometimes at halloween Events so normally both Angel Wings must be in the Shop at Valentine and Devil Wings at halloween. also to get them for Free you can do Special Event on those days. So Everybody can get them and you can Choice yourself if you Farm for Free or Simply Buy it.
  9. I havent spent a holiday in this game since 2012 this year i've been playing a bit and its been fun to return what things its been in the past halloween events and what exclusive items are during this time or even tho will it be new items this year too?
  10. KEPP96

    Unlock Wizard Hat

    Hey guys, Someone know how to unlock the Wizard Hat on this event? With daily missions or pumpkins? Thanks a lot.
  11. give me my freaking witch hat halloween reward :(, it's literally the only thing i was looking forward to this halloween. its cool that you guys made new rewards, and dont get me wrong, i like some of them, but they're not items id spend time grinding for because they just simply dont fit my appeal or my outfitting choices. all i want is the witch hat, which i waited an entire year for since my current main character was created during christmas of last year. please and thank you, ily.
  12. Got 137 pumpkins and 13 left to find on Financial. Total will be 150 then. Perhaps I’m misreading it but by the looks of it I need 50% (150) for the halloween weapon skin and 100% (300) for the Devils Wings. I’m a bit confused, will 150 new pumpkins appear after I hit the first 150? Or is the actual 50% just 75 pumpkins? Also, anyone knows what colour theme and name the weapon skin has this year?
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