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  1. People who havn't been banned tend to have the best attitude towards the game and want the best for the game. Banned players generally don't care, otherwise they wouldn't have done something to get banned in the first place.
  2. Just because people are facing eachother and that involves some form of "competition" to win, doesn't make the game "competitive". There are no leaderboards or systems in place for "competitive" clan wars, leaderboards, etc. Arguably, competition in APB doesn't matter at all, because being gold pretty much means nothing as well. As I mentioned above. Shooter APB exists, "competitive" doesn't. If you want more proof, look at all the weapon and vehicle rebalances, mod additions, etc. All of which has watered down what little "competitive" nature APB once had, if you can call 5 guns being usable competitive that is. "competitive" APB like rankings, leaderboards, etc, dont exist and mean nothing, and there's no evidence that competitive APB will ever exist, because it doesn't likely wont for a long time (though they can add leaderboards and possibly clan stuff in a fc to accomodate it, for the last 7 years, there's been no such thing). Having people able to interfere with your matches, isn't competitive, yet it happens all the time. APB is random AF and isn't competitive in nature. Competition, however will exist regardless.
  3. CSGO spray patterns can be memorized as they are consistently the same and fire out of the reticule so its memory based, however one can set a macro up to full auto certain weapons accurately. It's the worst system for firing weapons i've ever seen in a game. But i guess it gives kiddies something to memorize instead of schoolwork. I call it RNG because it's a stupid patootie system. APB Bullets fire in the reticule, though the reticule is accurate at 10m base for every weapon in the game. You'll never be in a situation where they fire "out" of the reticle if using a weapon properly, aside from shotguns. Even then its arguable to how bad out of reticle shots are because noone's really tested weapon ranges with it and displayed the results. Let me know when your shots stop being accurate when using weapons right past that "10m", with latency, server lag, etc not being the blame. APB's threat levels have been irrelevant for at least 7 years. Your point? I'm not the one calling a casual game competitive simply because it's a shooter. There's almost no basis to call APB competitive by any means, because there are no systems in place to support "competitive" apb. Overwatch has ranked for competitive, otherwise without competitive mode its literally trollwatch. APB has no competitive scene, it has no leagues, no official rankings, no leaderboards (outside the objective based ones in fc which isn't really competitive at all). Overall APB is not a competitive shooter, its not a "competitive" game. Yes, you can play it "competitively" but that "win" doesn't matter, being gold hasn't mattered for years, and its not hard to attain. When you log? Change districts? Disconnect? That "win" meant nothing. APB isn't competitive at its core, while shooters do have some competition involved with them. "Competitive" APB and "Shooter APB" aren't interchangable because they aren't the same thing. Competitive APB doesn't exist. Me saying check the wiki pages doesn't negate anything, I even said go to the main site. APB isn't a competitive shooter. It's a shooter, with no competitive scene. The only ones trying to make it "competitive" are a minority of players who want to feel better about wasting years on a dead game.
  4. except that CSGO's RNG isn't? APB Shots fired hit within the reticule, CSGO, shots fired end up 5 feet from the reticule. Again, look for "competitive" on APB or the wikipedia, it doesnt say it because APB isn't competitive, APB isn't even ranked. The only "rankings" are objective based leaderboards in FC, and FC isn't even arguably competitive since you litterally get high on the leaderboards simply by playing.
  5. So a team of bronzes getting face stomped by golds is competitive? Or better yet, a team of gold purposely losing is competitive? I like your thinking, maybe more golds should dethreat to be competitive. Since clearly gold vs gold isn't. Casual overwatch isn't competitive, Casual CSGO isn't competitive, Casual Siege isn't competitive. Simply pvp doesn't make something competitive, and APB has long since not been competitive. Only a handful of players act and pretend like it is. Feel free to check the main APB site or even the wiki page and look for the term "competitive". Unlike Overwatch and CSGO, you won't find it.
  6. IF APB was competitive, there'd be leaderboards, leagues, competitive clan systems, and many more systems in place for people to strive to be better. Just because 2 people pvp doesn't mean people are trying to win, I legit lose on purpose against newbies at times, just pvp doesnt make stuff competitive. There's a number of people who play for fun, not winning.
  7. except for current URSUS, OGRE, and previously duck/scout. There are some "meta" type weapons in the legendary field. Though most are not meta. Then ofc as ghost said, CSG, C2, ATAC, and such when they first came out.
  8. There's a lot more that they are doing to the textures and shading. I'd wait for a while before complaining since this is all just a partial test picture. It clearly doesn't have all the final assets.
  9. bloom isnt an issue on the colby imo, recoil is x)
  10. same, I try to stay away from spawner at times. Though i do wish they'd give spawner the -ammo to cars like ammo does. But i fear that may end up with more annoying people using pio over vegas.
  11. i never considered radar tower an issue, plus it's broke and doesnt work have the time lol. Carspawner is a far bigger issue.
  12. Burn point Fuel was never an issue, though it is silly. Honestly though the dumbest Pio combo is Reduced damage green mod w/ car spawner and Fireproofing.
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