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  1. I meant the macro itself failed, as i was expecting it to work within the proper -ms- ratio to time but it didnt lol. But it did work otherwise for getting a rough estimate using the lap/timer, and thank yeh.
  2. unless my macro is broken on my keyboard.... Below- my test failed - somewhat I did a -clock lap- on my phone timing with the sound while using my macro, and the average i got was .22-.25s which equates to about a 1.1ttk with perfect accuracy, which aligns much closer to your calc, if we add in human error. I dunno but it appears my macro is unreliable af xD. Not that I use it for anything other than copy/paste and work stuff. But it's good to know.
  3. Noone is going to notice even half the bloom changes if they started. Older players would, but most left so you can discount most of them. G1 had plans to rework the maps to be better once the upgrade which ironically never happened. Maps were meant to be reworked, and the animations were all but removed by g1 leaving a ton of abusable glitches around.
  4. I actually like most of the current gun balance. The issue isn't so much gun balance anymore, as it is skill cap - lack of cover/unprotective cover, and the like. Though I will be honest and say that with most jump shooting removed, gameplay feels more clunky at times. They had done some cqc weapon reworks that weren't necessary (buffing oca, then nerfing it back to where it should have ben) and other things which made it wierd. Add in the wierdness of shotguns and lol...
  5. I mean, i have figured it out using a macro to test the NTEC, i didnt care about the other weapons. Lily, the NTEC stat i believe is incorrect. It should be like, 1.26 or 1.28s, as I had used a macro in game to adjust firerate until it was perfectly accurate without any "shots fired with minor bloom". Unless your test was more recent than mine.... Sadly this information also is great for those who like using macros to set weapon firerates. Which ironically, people have done before. Removal of bloom would be horrible. You'd have to heavily rebalance recoil, or you'll end up with Modern Warfare 2.0 where every gun litterally -handles exactly the same-. That's not the goal of APB, ALSO, if you remove bloom, you ALSO, have to hard -remove- damage passed the "max weapon range". Making bullets -disappear- midair like in 2012/2013, to even think of balancing anything, because you'' then have everyone running ATACs to melt everyone because who needs bloom to make it inaccurate so it -doesn't- melt everything at range? G1 blew any chance of a mass TTK increase out the water. Sadly, that would also require a lot more work to even think of rebalancing any weapons, as the entire gunplay for the game, would slow down drastically, unless you're making everything a free kill laser which seems like your intent. Balancing mod suggestion is bad. While I agree making other green mods than CA more viable, and less situational, the only one that can really be said to suck is fragile. Removing red mods is dumb, every game has ways to increase ROF and TTK, and you want to remove the only way to do so in this one to balance your broken perceived perfect balance. Hunting sight is fine, and no weapon should guarantee a first bullet hit. Imagine sniping 35-45m with IR3 with an OCA just because you put a dot on your screen and tap fire fast enough. ROFL Yeah no. Snipers are fine as 2 shot, shotguns really could go with 3 shot though. The HVR mechanics are there explicitly because "3point sling" exists, Unless that gets heavily nerfed, then it won't be going away. Thank 3ps3 quickswitching and using fbw/.45 then sniping cqc with it before you can get killed from the -cqc- based weapons. It forces pistol use in cqc. (though it feels glitchy at times) Tommy mechanics should be re-worked to pre-nerf. It's just dumb that they ruined it. Even if they rebalance it after. Crouch movement is fine, unless you're asking to crouch run/job, which may be cool but also be broken. Only testing would really tell. (new blue mod anyone?) Maps got one or two balance patches and then they didn't touch em anymore citing APB 2.0. So i hope they actually go and fix some of the stuff, because it's honestly broken otherwise. Headshots are broken AF. I'm surprised the UI hasn't fully switched yet, but i guess that's coming with upgrade? Increasing vehicle speed would be a bit broken. Just come flying through at 75-90m/s and run someone over? Car push and break those missions? Rework explosives to fire faster because you just broke something? Yeah no lol. We don't need any more vegas speed monsters running around lol. But i do agree on fixing handling or doing something cool with the camera. Movement mechanics would be cool - depending - on what they are. Headshots? Forever broken, in APB, and can be dumb AF in most other games no thanks lol. You're asking to add headshots in a game where you can hit the -head hitbox- while the enemy is crouched behind 85% of cover that exists, without actually seeing the head. They're some of the dumbest things in most FPS games, especially due to where they place their cameras to shoot back. -see tip of head but no gun- -headshots you- wtf? No need to have that but to a worse degree in APB, unless they increase the size of every cover and railing by like 5 inches, and THEN, they are going to have to increase the jump height as well. lol
  6. They changed things years ago so you can't get to that super low detail by altering UPK files. I'm not sure how to go about it anymore or if possible in .inis. I'm not sure, are you still allowed to alter the .ini file that USP style does but to a further degree? Or are you only allowed to use the configs given... I remember doing a lot of things by lowering things manually beyond what USP originally did, but that was years ago and i'm not sure the stipends anymore. Muzzle flash removal is permitted, and it's in the config link shared by cookie. It's the removal of the explosions and other effects that are still not permitted. (I blame the halloween event fog ) I doubt no fog is permitted if it effects the event but it's probably different?... otherwise they just banned shader changes then let the primary issue that caused it get off scotch free... I loved shaders that made the game look more vibrant, i still miss them (even though I understand "why" they were removed, i.e. borderland shaders/halloween no fog)
  7. Spawn waves are nice, but they sadly do provide that issue.
  8. If I don't include (ex)banned players or those who abuse glitches/exploits or vegas ramp areas that haven't been "out of bounds'd" yet? No one really rings a bell in regards to the "skilled" category. Can't call someone skilled if they're exploiting, and stuff. If I include names in the "difficult" category, it'd probably be PVE, sheitingduck/dogfish group (whoever that was 4 years ago or so), but really almost no other names come to mind since it's been a few years since I was active, and those are the only names I really remember that I can say that i don't believe have had any "ban" issues, and consistently are tough to handle/win against.
  9. i don't notice any changes leme see. Last changes were in 2020, where they increased the max bloom tp 1.65, reduced ammo by 8, and jump modifier. But that was 2 years ago, and people were crying for its nerf even after that. So unless APBDB missed changes, it hasn't been touched since. Or did they add a "special effect" to it? I noticed nothing in game.... Did they add that to all AR's? Even then it's kinda irrelevant depending on how long that change was done. You sure it was G1 and not LO?
  10. Was the FAR actually nerfed??? I know the "Cobra" got a TTK buff/bloom rework. The FAR statistically is a "slightly more accurate STAR", the COBRA is a different beast entirely and nothing functions like it anymore, it used to be like a joker carbine but high ttk. NTEC is meant to be tap fired or burst fired, and can be tap fired with perfect accuracy at TTK of like 1.27s. Burst fire is pretty good as well with a similar TTK (maybe faster?)
  11. Oh you mean the financials lil island building? Yeah theres ways up but you have to jump the vents if that's where you're talking. You can snipe it from the mall or the other side. There's no blatant ladders there. There's 2 ways up but they're close on the same side of the building, split, so one can be used to get up and flank, or run across the pipes to the other one.
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