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  1. to be fair, that has a lot to do with people not helping newbies but stomping them consistently in silver xD
  2. A hard counter completely prevents you from being able to use the gun. No OCA doesn't do that to ntec. Oca users barely bother me when using ntec. That's probably not the same as others, however my playstyle is more of a reactive "hide behind cover and ambush the defender" rather than "push in and get ambushed" type style. Which is likely why the oca doesn't bother me (I don't try to run facefirst into other players). NFAS counters almost everything in cqc due to its stupid amount of strength atm. But saying that the OCA is just as strong as one is sub10m is lol. Shaw does make you a sitting duck. That does not prevent its kill potential at times, however it makes it extremely weak in several key situations and more difficult to use against the players who know how to play around the shaw's weaknesses (mobility IS one of them). "kill potential" =/= mobility, I don't quite understand why you think they are the same thing. I've gotten rank 15 LMG primarily from the shaw, and a little bit of the AMG. I prefer AMG simply because you have more mobility with it. (btw all my roles are 15 except rifleman which is max so I do actually know a few things about weapon handling and weaknesses lol it's why I change gameplay styles depending on the gun I use)
  3. I don't know about you, but using det, kev, and medusa is fair. Teamkilling isnt though, buuuut i do it consistently at times
  4. okay, i wasnt sure about that, I always wondered about spawn cycles though. They do feel broke AF sometimes. I've killed someone and see em spawn in a few seconds, leaving me like wtf Pretty much. I know the respawns about the same but you also sit around doing nothing for 6 seconds before then
  5. can you imagine all the crying about it? Getting stunned already takes you out of the game, and to my knowledge causes longer spawns. Unless they rework the spawn system as needed...
  6. dear god, that's hilarious. It's a shame you cannot do that anymore easily. All vehicles now have a big mod header when you hover over them (unless someones driving it?), it's a real shame.
  7. true.... but we're also talking one of the highest ttk weapons in the game where if you get hit, you're dead anyways from a single shot xD
  8. oh no, hes talking about actually stopping people from sprinting into you after getting hit with a strife. He's not talking about making the strife stun. Would be an interesting bonus to it's high ttk, but it might be too strong unless tuned right. (plus it's pistol switch is slow af so stunning would be difficult if you werent in a team anyways)
  9. ". Simple, efficient, and rewarded actually trying to win." uh, it had to do with that section. The system got changed because of it being easily exploitable and abusable and encouraged bad and unfair gameplay. The old team had mentioned in a post that it averaged threat around ~50 matches this was not a blog post, but an actual comment in a forum post. You're threat "always" changes, and it has to have a baseline to go by and read the statistical average from. Where do you think the CV stat baselines are and how it determines if it increased enough to threat up to silver from bronze You can't have CV determine threat with certain CV baselines, and not have the average "cv/point gain/loss" over X time (well... you can but that's not how the system works). The X time is the average over X missions. It's not simply "score high get cv, score low lose cv". (That's a gross oversimplification of the system) It's "score high/score low to change the overall "average" CV enough that was netted over x amount of missions". Your "cv" IS an average. Otherwise it would be piss easy to dethreat over a small number of missions by scoring really low. The average is the average of how well you did over like 50 missions, which is why it can take days to dethreat.
  10. you're right, they should have just fixed the ntec correctly the first time, instead of attempting to psuedo fix it.
  11. Which system you talking about? 2013 G1 system was win/loss ratio (Revo and them literally stated this). How would you know win/loss ratio was different? We aren't talking RTW leaderboards are we? The G1 system up until they changed it to the current point system was win/loss ratio. It was averaged around ~50 matches. What standing are you talking about? You mean the threat level between you and your opp? How's that have to do with just directly wins and losses? If it was simply wins and losses, standing between your opp and you wouldn't have an effect :X The current system is a point system. Even if you lose a match in this current system, you can still gain threat, and if you win a match, you can still lose threat. Simply because of how the system works with points, as you want to do better point wise than the lower 50% to gain threat. However winning gives more points than losing so it's easier to lose threat if losing than winning. Until you realized how trashy it was for every person to run, glitch items into walls, and exploit everything to get there. Districts were always full on both sides because we had more pop and there was no threat seg. Even at the initial threat seg, gold was pretty full as was silver, simply because of pop levels. Yes, I love my taxi broadwing unless you're talking about hex, ive never seen his/her car.
  12. uh, like i said, win loss ratio. You win a lot, threat goes up, lose a lot threat goes down threat level was averaged around a 50 match basis. The current system likely follows a similar 50 game system as well to determine threat. It's also why it can take days to dethreat depending on how many missions and how well/bad you do. If you won a majority of your matches and ranked at a certain "ratio" you were a higher threat, than losing a bunch. Litterally "winners go up losers go down". Only difference is i'm speaking of the algorithm behind.
  13. threat system used to be based off of w/l ratio and had top 10%, it was changed to top 20% and then changed to the current point system
  14. The old team had discussed this before on the forums before LO. Only certain guns can stun, regardless of stamina damage some guns will NEVER stun. If they could you'd see guns that do highish stamina damage stunning after shooting someone with a pig or ccg, but they dont. (aside from DMR because its coded to be able to) Guns like the CCG, NL9, NANO, and DMR are coded/have a modifier that is not visible and is not stamina damage or health damage which lets it stun. JG cannot stun because it isn't coded to be able to, its not a glitch or a bug, its actually a feature that most guns have ingame except a small few. think of it like this: Health Damage: 250 Stamina damage: 150 Hard Damage: 60 Can Stun: No/Yes tdlr: Stamina damage determines how much stamina damage is done. But it doesn't determine if a weapon can stun because the ability to stun is not dependent upon stamina damage.
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