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  1. G1 said no shaders, they didn't (to my knowledge) say no configs and even then people still used them.
  2. They never mentioned anything in patch notes about being rolled back. People like RespectThis who have been calling for its reversion for years would have made "THANK GOD" posts all over forums if it had been. It was something from G1 era 2014, it had been the "2nd" NTEC "rework" that occurred, after they nerfed HB on the NTEC, one that a number of people had complained about for years. I had no issue with it, but it was quite the topic of many discussions over the years. If it was removed, it might be something they did so backend/glitch wise/accidentally. We know already how fixing a car spawn made 3 others disappear already lol! Touching some weapon stats could have easily messed it up. Out of marksman does act like what your vid did. In marksman "seems" to have the extra bloom effect (maybe that's the difference? Similar to how S1NA has less recoil in mm than out of mm or similar special weapon effects). However, it seems to have been reduced from how it was before unless it's my eyes playing tricks on me (some of them seemed really smooth and didn't jump in bloom like it used to, then others seemed to have jumped). I wonder if it's that much less pronounced now due to the reversion of the max bloom size, from 2.4 to 2.1. It still seems to be there from the 3-6 shot though, but i barely noticed it compared to how heavily distorted it had been before. I would have thought LO would have mentioned it or someone commented on it if they removed it, plus APBDB mentioning it. Hence my confusion. I do thank you for the test and effort on the topic though.
  3. Game moderation... in APB? You INSANE?! A lot of it comes down to image. Report a nazi symbol or other "offensive symbol" or some racist language, they can be banned pretty quickly. Report someone for griefing, glitching, or exploiting? Lol good luck ever getting that ban. That's at least my experience.
  4. 2 shot: Scout, HVR DMR 3 shot: ISBR, DMR, Anubis, Obir 4 Shot: ISSB. Oblivion 5 Shot: Obeya, NTEC, STAR, FAR, Misery? 6 Shot: NSSW, STIC? + Anything that has a 50m+ range Excluding pistols, and thats from the top of my head.
  5. I still haven't been able to get certain achievements because I missed the holiday #### ones...
  6. Wow thanks for the large reply, i was not expecting that at all. Okay that makes more sense. I figured it was something akin to that, however I did .8/5 for shots to kill, which is why it was off a little bit, lack of foresight hehe. The layout with the parenthesis makes more sense like that. I was trying to input it all into the pc calculator as one, i should have grabbed some paper too. I redid the math on my end and i got .35 for 7 shots, which would line up, as it gains only .05 per shot and that gets multiplied by the bullets. So that fixed the math and proved like you said that it doesn't hit max bloom unlike what I suggested. Thanks! That's what I thought. NTEC bloom has an altered bloom though, the stats for it in ABPDB don't align. (it blooms a lot on 2nd, and even more on 3rd shot) as G1's change to it a few years back. So sadly it's not a straight graph, unlike something like the star, the formula works until max bloom is hit though, which is good to know, and is about 6/7 bullets for the star from experience. Guess it was a process issue, I tried to use the brackets as psuedo parenthesis in the calculator app. Thanks for narrowing it down. It also makes more sense because In my head i was also like "wait, by this it should be going up by .1 per with recovery but... ?!?! then my brain decided to shut down" Thanks, I figured i'd do the math because I was bored, and you mentioned "you can do the math if you'd like" it to the other guy in another comment or something, I figured why not it'd help prove the point, and if anyone needs extra information on pistols stats, this could be used to do so.... x) It's the only logical conclusion both from my experience and statistics. I'm actually kinda happy we both had a little math freakout haha (your happiness rubbed off on me, i don't know how to feel about that.)
  7. https://imgur.com/gallery/ZY0HwNe Here's the test, i used the size of the vent for the circle so resolution doesn't matter, as the vent will remain the same size "ingame" regardless of the resolution's depiction of it, so it's roughly "the same" size, regardless of the camera angle/size and how it looks. Top one is FBW, fired max fire rate (free spinning mouse wheel). The one on the right was 15 shots, the one on the left was 30. The second is nano 13 each (because i have the faster reload one). Nano recoil was easier to control, and FBW did bloom. Though it does appear that the FBW is less accurate, it could be just a case of zoom, statistics will prove whether the FBW or the NANO is more accurate, as shown below. I will say gameplay wise you'd be stupid to full auto an fbw without being sub 10m anyways out of its 30m range. Most people kill you in under 10 fbw shots, or stop firing after a few shots, sprint up, then fire again recovering its bloom in no time. I also decided to chime in with stats. Hopefully @LilyRain if you could be so kind, can you check the math on one or two of these make sure i did this right, since I've never actually calculated these before. I'll use this for reference. » Accuracy Radius at 10m + {[Per Shot Modifier-((Fire Interval - Recovery Delay) * Recovery Per Second))] * Number of Shots} » 19 cm + {[0.2 - ((0.2s - 0.1s)*(1/s))]*6} = 19 cm + 0.6 = 19.6 cm" for reference Thanks lily for this above calc, however it seems more useful to calculating the bullet before it hits "max bloom" rather than the max bloom size, which is easier to calculate as shown below. .45 max bloom accuracy MM Mode - standing still @10m: 20cm x 0.75 = 15+1.5 shot cap = 16.5cm at 10m max 20 cm x 0.75 = 15 + {[0.5 - ((0.2s - 0.050s)*(3/s))]*4} = 15.2. Without calculating recovery it would hit max bloom on the 4th shot out of MM - still @10m out of mm: 20cm + 1.5 = 21.5cm Walking out of mm @10m: 20cm + (20cm x 0.2 walk mod (1.2 for reference)) = 24+1.5 shot cap = 25.5 while walking. Walking in MM mode. - (It seems that it doesn't matter if the walking mod is applied before or after zoom modifier) @10m: 20 x .75 = 15 + (15 x .2) + 1.5 = 19.5cm @10m: 20 + (20 x .2) = 24 x .75 = 18 + 1.5 = 19.5cm FBW max bloom accuracy: MM Mode - Standing still @10m: 19cm x .9 = 17.1 + 1.5 = 18.6cm 19 cm + {[0.2 - ((0.2s - 0.1s)*(1/s))]*6} = 19 cm + 0.6 = 19.6 cm Maybe i did this wrong but max should still be 18.6, is the reason you added the .6 because the -.6 on the calculator? If so then... For reference - @10M 19cm x .9 = 17.1 +(0.2 - ((0.2s - 0.1s)*(1/s))*3) = 17.27 *4 = 16.9+.2 = 17.1 @10M 19cm x .9 = 17.1 +(0.2 - ((0.2s - 0.1s)*(1/s))*5) = 16.8 Even at 15 shots im getting 15.8+1.3 = 17.1.... Im confused .-. haaaaalp Fixed and explained better in lily's comment below out of MM - Still FBW (15 Shots) » 19 cm + 1.5 = 20.5 Walking out of MM @10m: 19cm + (19.2 x .2) + 1.5 = 24.3 Walking in MM @10m: 19cm x .9 = 17.1 + (17.1 x .20) + 1.5 = 22.02 Nano max bloom accuracy: MM Mode @10m: 24 x .8 + 0 = 19.2 cm Out of MM - still @10m: 24 cm + 0 = 24 cm Walking out of MM @10m: 24cm + (24 x .2) + 0 = 28.8 Walking in MM @10m: 24cm x 0.8 = 19.2 + (19.2 x .2) + 0 = 23.04 In conclusion (ignoring my math failure) it appears that the nano is less accurate than the FBW and .45 overall. I did not include run speeds as that only effects the first bullet "as you fire" while running. It's why the 1st shot of the .45 often misses, its not an accurate representation of bloom/accuracy in game aside from that "first shot". Also note that due to recovery, weapons seem to never fire "on" max bloom" unless the recovery delay is slower than the ROF. So weapons will be somewhat "more accurate" while firing than their "max bloom" indicates, even if it's a .1cm accuracy difference due to recovery.
  8. I really appreciate the time you went through to do this Lily. It had confirmed some of my own thoughts on the nano and weapons showing that the nano was worse off in higher tier/competitive settings than other pistols (not that actually using one couldn't confirm it because it's easy to know when its the weapon and not the player, but you know, stats are nice). Regardless of what people claimed about it doing "just fine". Do you mean like the Beacon events? which had like... full auto explosives and stuff? I honestly don't know if any of those were added to the DB or not but that's not an "actual" balanced weapon in the game more of a trolly polly annoying/fun thing they did.
  9. You don't need to pretend that the FBW isnt S tier lol. OCA nano might make "B" tier if lucky. Yay low recoil! Now hit more shots and have a much higher equip speed. Most people would pick an FBW over a nano any day, if nano was that good you'd of seen everyone using them like pre-nano nerf. Now it's just something that's "useful" for stunning, if you don't like clicking, and is more of a novelty item. FBW is still more reliable and better to use in most situations.
  10. Everyone asked for the FBW to be the starter and brought up good arguements for it. I don't know why they didnt do the same for NTEC, however i doubt it would have helped new players that much. Star is much easier to handle than the NTEC.
  11. I can easily answer some of these. So hitboxes and bullets are wierd in this game, especially with angles. All it takes is the gun to peak from the corner to shoot from it, however to hit an enemy on a corner, you can't just aim "6inches from the corner" and expect to hit them. This always causes bullets to end up hitting the corner or "center mass" instead. I don't know why, it just feels like bullets almost magnet to the corner/center mass instead of straight when the crosshair is red. So if If you've played with sniper, you'll notice that if you fire on the "red" depending on whether they are crouched behind cover, or a wall, it will NEVER hit them, but if you aim "off" the red with a white reticule it can. This might be because your coming up to the a corner on your right, "aiming over" your right shoulder. I'd have to test but coming up to a corner with the camera on the opposite shoulder could help. So a good tip i can give you, is that if someone is hardcore corner peaking like that, aim further off the corner "off" their body. You might not have a red reticule, however the shot "can" still hit them. However, this purely depends on how close they are to the corner. If they're like almost a foot out inches, you probably dont need to, if they're like 3 inches and can barely see them at all, absolutely. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Run would be corner to corner, or using as much cover as possible. When I run, i go from nearest cover to cover "for the proper angle" that the enemy is at/going to. So if they are high ground and you're by a wall and it provides cover, but the area you're going to doesn't, follow close to the wall, then pop over to the next closest cover. Pick cover that enemies might not expect you to be at immediately as well if they are pushing you. You can easily ambush an enemy who thinks you're off bad, if they miss the grenades on the push because they think you're further or closer than you are it can help a lot as well. A lot of times it relies on timing, using grenades to "hold them off" for a moment and firing at the right times. It's mostly a mindgame for retreating. Everyone moves 6m/s, if you know where enemies are on the minimap by having the minimap distances memorized, you know "how long" it'll take for enemies to get where, and for you to get certain places. This helps a lot with timing and positioning. However if the enemy has a good sense of this, they will also know you may not have just crossed that fence and are just before it by a corner, for example. Since it goes both ways. I always take a fight when the enemy is "almost upon me" for ambushes, or at least "1-2 seconds" from cover with no cover. That way they are in the open, can't easily run back, and can only A. Die, B. Fire and still probably die. Positioning is everything, especially with a sniper. Whether its flanking from a highway 80m away or climbing up ladders that aren't generally used, or ones that are always watched. I like to use muffler mod with no respawn for this reason. It gives enemies no knowledge of where i'm coming from, and it makes it easy to set up a push/flank without enemies knowing, especially if your team starts pushing on the other side. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A number of weapons do that, its something to ignore. You generally want to go by the count of your clicks. I like to go by hitmarkers as well as sound and taps, but 2/3 are unreliable. I don't play medic, best to do would be forgo trying that, and just play support/backup. If you see a teamate hitting an enemy or setting up, you can play decoy, or assist once he pops out/just before to give them a better chance, or follow up if they fail. Snipers require a lot of cover in between shots, or range. Best bet is to stay 70+m away unless you have cover, at which point you have to learn how to abuse it to get shots off without getting killed while they push, picking good locations to pick off flankers/harass them, and know when to move to ambush a would be pusher. If you're in CQC it's just better to use a pistol at that point unless you're scout trickshotting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I aim about center mass/by the chest or stomach. Generally i'd say aim at stomach area is a good place to aim, this is because you can easily adjust for crouchers/still hit them if they crouch, and if they jump, you can still hit them as well. Maybe you shouldn't take advice from me though, i'm just a scrub
  12. "2 shots more to kill" "far less used than fbw" "slightly higher ttk" "only really useful as an ltl sidearm" "vastly slower equip time" I go "oh fuck" when someone pulls out a .45 or FBW, someone pulls out a nano? They're probably already dead. FBW .35 equip time, nano .8. There's no reason to use nano aside from LTL. It's equip time is atrocious. The tradeoff between the two is vast, and FBW is still far easier, more reliable, and more forgiving, it has a faster equip, more damage, lower TTK and is entirely free and the starter pistol. Cool nano is more accurate, it's a shame that you're probably dead by the time you can pull it out. .45s is still 2-3 bullets for most guns. Every "full auto" pistol is bad in comparison to the semi auto ones.
  13. Odd, but okay. I thought they were identical, however i still think a mini nano buff wouldn't do any harm.
  14. I'm pretty sure they did lower the capabilities of the systems to make it harder to ban/flag people for cheating. Supposedly Matt Scott had triggered the "ban" on the old system during testing, which alleged that the system's ban system was too strict when they bought the game. They switched systems then came back to BE, so i'm sure they're using the same or similar system to what they had after changing G1's settings. Also, i'm pretty sure that they don't autoban anymore either, so it's all flag, then manual ban.
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