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  1. Kinda true, at one point I memorized the typical tactics and timing to get places for gold players, and would always be ready to ambush/flank an enemy. Often got called a hacker, but they didn't realize how obvious their strats were. Always funny because you'd get that one bronze or silver with an hvr that just "wtf why are you *there*" and other golds would just call hacker after dying to him. Like no, he just isn't playing the typical way and wrecked your patootie. Not really true, some hackusators are full of it, or do get it wrong at times. However, others even if they do hackusate, tend to do so more cautiously and get it right. I've called out plenty of old cheaters/cheat clans who got the ban hammer. I'll admit i might not have always been 100% correct, but if 80 or 90% of those you thought cheated got banned. Well... You're still pretty accurate, even if you aren't always right.
  2. I kinda missed the point as well. It's not hard to get the DMR to bloom using CJ3, which to make it bloom to the 1.7, means to fire faster than .8s intervals.... People make use of carbines with CJ3 as well, and it's a noticeable difference.... are we going to pretend that it's not possible to notice the effects of CJ on a weapon or something? I use CJ on DMR, but enjoy HB on a star. I'm just a wierdo.
  3. it's AV though so you dont need as much accuracy, and if you fire basically at the same ROF as a normal DMR the bloom isn't an issue. I did PR1 just because it was cheaper, but i've often used CJ3 on a normal DMR anyways, so its a non-issue to have it on the AV. Saying from experience i'd rather have bought the PR2 Wrong actually 4.0 bloom per shot is how much bloom occurs from each shot. If you fire at the same rate, the bloom per shot doesn't change, and it recovers at the same rate. CJ3 increases the "max bloom" which makes it so that you can fully bloom to 1.7 rather than 1.0 when firing at the fastest rate. If you fire a shot at .8s to a 1.6ttk on both weapons, bloom will be recovered at the same rate of 1.2, and thus will be just as accurate. If you fire faster, then it's possible for you to start going over the recovery rate, and have excess bloom. CJ3 benefits, in that you can fire *faster* with albeit more max bloom. meaning that you can then go up to the "1.7" max bloom after a few shots at max rate of fire rather than having perfect accuracy while shooting at TTK. It however doesn't change recovery delay, nor does it change the per shot modifier, which would actually effect the bloom between shots if fired at the normal 1.6 ttk rather than the 1.49. Firing at Max ttk for both guns 1.49 vs 1.6 - PR2 Starts to Bloom Firing at 1.6 TTK at .8 interval for both guns - Same recovery and accuracy
  4. I mean, i was thinking color depth. I'm aware you can't force a 32 bit to be 64 bit application etc. They both run on different architecture and stuff. I was throwing out ideas that i'd heard before. Such as underclocking and USPStyles Launcher may helping. I might even suggest using "debug mode" if it's a nvidia, dunno why but when I play Apex legends, it 100% crashes if I don't have it in that mode. No clue why but it's harmless to try imo. Otherwise it's just unfixable until the upgrade, which you know, is kinda RIP.
  5. Pretty much, however I think I remember people mentioning underclocking, or advanced launcher may help. But it is an issue with the engine and game itself being in a different 32/64 bit. Is there a way to run the video card in a lower bit/color resolution? I almost wonder if that would work but im no techy and the last time I saw that kinda stuff was like, windows 98.... >.>
  6. I really need to log in to see if this is true or if its a bunch of bs lol. It's been a while since I've played, but it's been over a year since I've seen anyone questionable....
  7. I was not aware of that "switch off". I know that they had "test" districts where they had shut off threat in them, however I was never aware that they had "shut it off" for any amount of time until now. I normally keep to forums, even if I don't play as much, so I'm surprised I missed something like that. You mean the anti-cheat isn't enough? It's not like there's a lot of cheaters either, let's at least be honest here, the majority of cheaters, especially the "well known" ones, and the old cheat clans have kinda "moved on" already. I think the last time I saw an actual cheater other than someone abusing the medium item exploit, was someone having seeming perfect location awareness but mediocre aim, and that was over a year ago lol.
  8. You mean "put back to normal" after gold lock? Gold lock caused half the pop (1000 to 500) to leave in 3 months on Joker. Then it went to 400 and hovered before fluctuating and then dropping to what we have now over the next few years. With hard lock, you had silvers and bronzes who used to be "decent" I wouldn't say "great" but they at least could get a kill or two, or hit you with an hvr and give you a bad day, have their skills drop to like, brain dead levels of "inability" and I have literally no better way to say it. It helped "protect" them sure which is great, however, it worsened dethreating, worsened overall skill level, and made the disparity between the skill levels even worse.
  9. My favorite is when carbine and oscar players used to desync real bad while spamming direction changes, and you'd fire right on them and their hitbox wouldn't be where their character was. I ended up firing off their character, sometimes ahead of, or behind, and hit them, but i had to aim off their model at times just to kill them. Remember when you could split your character camera from your character model? fun stuff, if i remember correctly you could "climb ladders" and stuff I believe and go into alleys, but your body was otherwise stuck.
  10. I really disagree with the idea of removing HS's accuracy gain. It makes no sense to have a scope and the weapon "not" be more accurate. Improved rifling i though would have been good increasing the TTK, which it did exactly what it needed to when it had been reworked, but it created wierd bloom recovery sitations, and made people salty because they couldn't cqc an ntec as good while being a god at ranged battles. CJ can stay, in general it only lets 1 bullet downstream faster for the ttk, and in multiple comparisons, only mildy alters the ttk. By the time a weapon sprays 2x what it could kill (16 shots with oca) it would have fired 18 in comparison to the normal 16. The issue with it has always been that they had lowered a number of weapon's TTK's to below .70, and then buffed them with accuracy buffs. Making CJ3 oca and others really obnoxious. Removing Bandolier makes no sense. Also, it doesnt effect mag size, it gives you more ammo. You're thinking extended mag, which removing also makes no sense. If you're salty because people out spray you, they have an obnoxiously slow reload speed. The issue is people don't know how to counter it. I love EM3 on a star, it lets me kill 4-5 players in a single mag. I see no issue with it because i hate reloading, and ontop of that, it's gotten me killed a handful of times because the reload time. It's really give or take. I think such movement would be garbage in apb. They removed the jump fire from most weapons already thank god). It was toxic af when you could easily jump fire, especially with say the scout snipers, because the cover system in this game is trash. It doesn't actually protect you half the time, you still get shot from behind it due to hitboxes being "over" it. They had fixed some of it by raising some cover and lowering the hitbox, however it's still an issue. While such things sound cool. They'd have to rework the entire ttk system to compensate, and then it would be even worse. Whiners already got the strife and HVR damage nerfed, and those are the 2 highest ttk weapons for their classes. I really wish they worked on clan systems, but it isn't something they added
  11. CQC weapons were viable and felt good before they buffed them, then nerfed them, then buffed them, then nerfed them. You don't have to "revert" all guns just to fix that issue. They didn't need to initially buff the OCA after making CJ effect it, because it was still heavily used and a great gun. It didn't need "buffed" and it didn't need to be altered again afterwords what 2 times after that. PMG was always iffy, was unusable before initial buff, but has been only had minor nerfs until the recent pass. Which im not sure how it handles now. It's been problematic at a wierd place between cqc and mid-range and doing a bit too good at both in comparison to other cqc weapons. Especially without the need to go into mm. Shotguns were broken back then, so I'd rather not go back to that. However, shotguns will forever be a hassle to balance properly. They did have some decent balance at one point, however they've always had a few that were either overpowered, or under powered since, and they've never entirely as a class been well balanced.
  12. I had this and one fix I had was a new mouse, but it was a mechanical failure. However, if this is caused by sprinting, or auto sprint, that's a different issue as that's caused the issue before due to movement overtaking aiming. I've also had a third issue where when i'm scoping sometimes, especially with snipers.I'll hold mm in and it'll go in and out of MM like 3x before going back into mm or out of and having to retry. Try "repairing" or re-installing the game. It "may" help fix it. Only thing I noticed when it did this was my mouse wasn't registering my mm in APB very well, but would for other games. So holding MM in APB would flit in and out depending on pressure. If anything, try setting the marksman mode to toggle, rather than hold. It may be a bandaid fix.
  13. entertainment? seing a crim with 50,000+$ in goods always feels good as an enf
  14. It would depend on machine, also, LOD changes based on distance from character do cause lag in other games based on pc as well. You may not have, but i used to run on an I3 laptop, and then a gtx 970 with an older amd chip which was a bit better but still lagged and was noticable. (im now on a ryzen 7 and get very little to no lag in apb) LOD was also an option it was suggested to change back when shaders were a thing and you manually changed things in conjunction with using USPStyles launcher and even before it. I had noticed that changing those settings seemed to have an effect on the lag.
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