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  1. Did you know that the servers struggled for years under 50v50 and that making it 40v40 was something they asked the community and spct about and was told to lower it if it helps with server stability? guess not. yes, it decreased the instability, but didnt get rid of it. Server customization was listed as one of the things G1 said put a lot of stress on the servers, and various people have tested it, and found that it is true, which is why lower servers/districts with less customization lag less.
  2. probably, but even 2 years ago, G1 tried different servers and they all had issues to an extent, so i'm not sure. Maybe the fact that its older and not as optimized could be the issue
  3. Servers won't be able to handle much anyways because they have to handle everyones customizations at once. Hitreg is best when there is less customization. Maybe tell everyone to stop being so customized.
  4. Nope, it's not as long as there is a way around it, aka right next to it by 15m to the right.
  5. I mean, i've never seen any other game give that much visual advantage to people with more monitors. I personally would say that having more monitors or stretching the screen = advantage over general players as you can see around walls without having to be as close to them as normal. I don't feel it's necessary, but i don't see why it's possible to gain such an advantage either. It isn't as big of a deal in other games, but in APB, seeing around that wall that you aren't near, is a pretty big advantage.
  6. It actually does, especially if running 2-3 monitors, it doesn't stay the same resolution, people with more monitors actually see more on screen then those with 1 screen. (instead of seeing like 5m behind their character they can see like 10-15m behind, and can use that to rotate around walls similar to this...)
  7. yes, worst purchases? Most of the off meta weapons like the odin/swarm/isbs, weapons are junk, and aren't usable in most cases. Ive gotten 4.3k hours+ on APB probably closer to 5k hours. So i dunno if it wasn't worth spending as much as I did. But it's still bothersome to see how much i did spend.
  8. The ones i know think those glitches and exploits are perfectly acceptable and don't want them fixed, and/or constantly abuse them. But then again, we probably have completely different views on "whos the top 1%" as you said, and what constitutes exploiting tactics. If you could find those who know how to abuse the stuff, and want them fixed, great, but like I said, most of the ones i knew/know, thought qsing was fine, jump shooting was balanced, and other exploits are free game and openly said that such things shouldn't be changed because it would cause gameplay to feel crappy. (I solo que, and only have problems facing like... 10-15 players so, and they are generally the ones that acted like that :X) NFAS is rather strong now, and alig has always been around but meh. Every gun has a niche in APB, the problem is that they made the guns function "differently", without making them effective. Look at the Odin series, great cqc weapons, but far too long of a ttk, which is also a problem for that harbinger set smg (imo). Cobra (dunno if it got buffed the last set of balance patches, severely needed its ttk to be .7/.75 and its bloom reduced.) The base standard for cqc weapons ttk's is ~.7 (aside from nfas), but they made a lot of cqc weapons that function as semi midrange, with even higher ttks than that .78-.8, yet every midrange gun also has a ~ ttk of .7-75 so they can't compete very well if at all(especially when you look at differences in recovery and bloom). Not every gun is going to be viable, that's fine, but you can still get them to be a decent pick rather than an absolute gimp especially when spending 10-25 bucks for one. The problem is that after c-2, atac and the ptw stuff, all the other weapons they made ended up being drastically underpowered.
  9. Oh i agree, its in a bad spot and needs reworked. But what i meant about TTK was that due to the low ttk in apb, increasing it via hb even for an upside doesn't do anything, because it's upside doesn't make it on par to other red mods. As well as increasing apb's ttk feels horrible when .7 ttk is about on par, making it .78+ is difficult to justify for more close -mid range weapons. I enjoy Apex as well, and it's ttk is high (sometimes annoyingly so though imo due to it taking almost 2 mags to take someone out at times depending on weapon) I'm fine with a higher ttk on APB, but the mod's problem is that it does so but not every gun across the board gets a ttk increase.
  10. I'd probably say its not used because it decreases damage, and that causes more hits to kill. Increasing ttk (we all know that feels horrible) is also why the IR3 rework didn't work, because the ttk's became too high to be effective. Even though it is one bullet, it matters a LOT in combat.
  11. When did they buff the rfp to 40m range? I thought it was 30m, 37 with IR3.
  12. I suggest that low yield grenades be unlockable through the grenade role progression rather than rank progression (195+). This is because we have a grenade rank for unlocking grenades, and it makes no sense not to progress it to get the grenades in-game. It would also allow for lower ranks to have access to low yields. Aside from Stun grenades unlockable through the Less than Lethal rank, and frags which are given at the start from the tutorial, every grenade in the game comes from the grenade role. I don't see why Low Yields should be the exception.
  13. i mean, i think today was the first time in like... a year or so i faced a group of 4 premade, and they didnt use spotter so... and the last time i saw spotter was fightclub yesterday, but not in mission districts for months
  14. I mean, it may be a direct advantage in case of orange mod usage, but there's ammo resupply, and changing stations every like... almost 150m to 250m apart in some areas, and you can choose spawn points, meaning you can almost always spawn on one. Not to mention there's ammo in vehicles, and unbenownst to yall, yellow mods, which can also be put into vehicle trunks for ammo resupplies. The only time it actually matters is probably in the usage of nitro. Those saying spotter, i've never seen spotter used much, if at all and firework launcher works just as well if not better. /shrugs The reason it hasnt been changed, is because it isn't something needing to be complained about. It's not stupid opaf ptw, and its very minor in comparison to actual gamebreaking stuff, like the yukon/jumpscout/c9 was. If they level it to be equal across the board that's fine, but it's not something i'm going to complain about.
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