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  1. rip i missed this round
  2. true, though i dont have one simply because i've really only done missions and spent most of that time trading lower legendaries for better ones.
  3. dunno, if the server side ones will work the way i think it will but they'll be able to identify macros fairly easily, i dunno if emotes or /abandonmission ones will get picked up, but firing ones and such probably will.
  4. it's just trash because it's rather inaccurate, it could be buffed slightly again, but it'd have to be careful about how much.
  5. i think you forget that LO just said they're going to be banning all macros with BE...
  6. If we're being honest I also calculated the difference in shots between the STAR and FAR and the FAR doesn't gain a "bonus" shot over the STAR until the Star is on it's 14th bullet where the FAR is on it's 15th. (The .70 vs .75 ttk at 1.75 (14 star shots v 15 FAR). I'm well aware that the FAR if firing at "exact same time" fires faster (which doesn't actually happen realistically). I'm well aware of the differences, as i've played both extensively along with the NTEC, its either placebo, or that the .7 TTK, faster reload, smaller mag, and 0.05 accuracy modifier on the FAR just makes it feel a billion times better. STAR should actually be more accurate spraying in cqc in mm due to smaller bloom. I'm going to go with placebo, that is unless the 0.05 matters "that much" for ttk and accuracy. And if you want to argue hunting sight, its still only a .3 vs .35 to the marksman modifier. Realistically, you should be doing almost just as good with the STAR as you would the FAR. So if you aren't pulling almost the exact same numbers, then you're probably not playing it right.
  7. NTEC's tap fire is faster than the FAR's, though the difference will be somewhat slight depending on range, and if the NTEC user knows how to tap fire accurately. (NTEC TAP fire for perfect accuracy is .19s intervals, i sadly cannot test the FAR's through macro anymore due to the recent LO changes with BE and not wanting to risk my account.) Though I'd assume the FAR's is going to be similar or slower. The STAR has the same recovery as the FAR, but it should have a slightly lower per shot cap, so while it's slightly less accurate than the FAR base accuracy wise, i think it blooms less than the FAR overall. Also note that the FAR only has .05 more accuracy in marksman mode. So you could just as easily use the STAR to almost the same usage. Does this include the STAR now? Or are we going to pretend that like 90% of the FAR's stats "aren't" identical to the star?
  8. So here's a question, why is it bad that the FAR is so called "better" than the NTEC now that the NTEC got a cqc nerf? Far was imo more balanced than the NTEC was, as it was a hybrid between STAR and the NTEC (despite heavily having the same stats as the STAR). NTEC can burst fire/tap for those kills in cqc, granted it's slower and generally using a pistol may be more smart, you know, because weapons have weaknesses and you have to accommodate for such weaknesses with a gameplay change. This does NOT however, reduce the NTEC's midrange capabilities over the FAR, and many still prefer the NTEC over the FAR. We can argue that FAR is superior, yet actual gameplay shows that while there has been an increase in FAR usage, it is still much less than the amount of NTEC's in game. It also hasn't increased the amount of STAR's which have pretty similar stats aside from that ttk, accuracy, and mag size, which if you wanted a weapon that operated similar to the far in cqc effectiveness it would be the "easiest" replacement. Yet we havn't seen that ingame either. If anything, the NTEC could have a partial "reversion" and still be balanced, however seeing as there's not a ton of people flocking to other weapons than the NTEC and only a slight change in other weapon usage at least on Jericho. I'd be hard pressed to believe that NTEC is very much "worse" than the FAR.
  9. a .5TTK difference isn't a massive difference btw, yes FAR has the same TTK as ntec, it also has the same TTK as the OCA and ATAC, are you going to leave ATAC out of the equation when it sprays better than the FAR with the same TTK? FAR also doesn't have the same midrange TTK as the NTEC because its slower recovery. It's called a trade-off. I'll stop replying to forum posts when people stop posting.
  10. If we're talking "solely" mid-rage. Obeya and FAR (by extension possibly star). Obir is still strong when used right as well. If we're talking "versatility" and ease of use, Obeya and FAR, Star will have slightly more effort put into it, and same with OBIR. If we're talking CQC effectiveness as a primary without pistol switching, it would be ATAC, FAR/STAR, Obeya, Obir. Yes, i havn't listed other Rifles such as the Misery (simply because i'm not really familiar with it currently) NTEC isn't trash tier, and it's still considered one of the if not the best midrange weapons. Otherwise you wouldn't be seeing it so much, and people wouldn't be suggesting it still to new players. So to the nay sayers who are salty because CQC capabilities got hit, CQC doesn't effect midrange effectiveness. Now, if you want a to use something better in cqc, there are those options, otherwise full midrange would be NTEC/OBEYA/OBIR. Star has almost identical stats to the FAR, aside from the accuracy, bloom modifier (recovery is the same), and ammo. It does the exact same kind of spray as the FAR in cqc. Because midrange guns cover cqc-mid (0~65m) to cqc-long (0-90m), and because most midrange guns such as obeya and obir are effective at LONG range as well as mid. A FAR for example would lose to an obeya at 65-80m (Or at least should if the user isn't bad or lacking cover)
  11. Thomas Martinez - Age 26 A delivery driver for Ragner's on Silver Street. Living in Fortune Apartments leaves little money to spare for food and savings. So when he's not busy dropping off and picking up goods for Ragner's, he's hitting up the G-Kings for some extra cash on the side. He grew up poor, watching the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. He's no stranger to getting dirty, with a track record starting when he was 14 years old. In and out of juvie, and mediocre in all things school wise at Border High, there was no way up through college, not without money. He knows his Momma would disapprove, but he wasn't about to side with the filthy rich snobs from school in the Prentiss Tigers, and the military industrial complex that Justin Teng controls. Which stomp out small business through back doors and bribing the city's legislation. The G-Kings promised change, one that allows a struggling person to get by, and he took them up on it.
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