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  1. Telling someone to "off themselves" is the equivalent of bullying in high school and telling a kid to commit suicide. No surprise you got banned. While killing people in video games is one thing, telling the player themselves to die is another. Best learn the difference.
  2. got tired of being trade locked because i dont play frequently. Tried to set this up, got an error saying that it failed even on refresh. Deleted the token, went back manually to site to find out that it actually worked and that i cant do this because i no longer have the token for it. xD What a morning.
  3. I used shaw without MB for years.... Just learn to burst fire .-.
  4. Deseg isnt the issue Mack, considering that threat lock literally killed 50-60% of the game population on just Joker server alone in 3 months....
  5. That makes so much sense, I didnt realize it got reworked a few times. Though tbh the 80% never stopped me form spamming the "F" out of it to begin with. Also makes sense as to why i was like, odd, i thought i moved faster with this before... after getting on after a long break!
  6. Hehe i still think they havent bothered with it because it's a lost cause. Yeah, it was self made, but it did take some in part from other suggestions even if I did alter them somewhat in some ways. It did receive some praise, but I remember a LOT of hate from the "upper golds" regarding it. I will say that I have no issues with the current buffs/changes in this patch. STAR is more CQC now along with the FAR, and can jump shoot better from the sounds of it (haven't tested in game), giving them an edge against the NTEC in cqc where they should have it. The .45 nerf if its now 30/35m range is fine i think. It makes sense and due to 5 hit KO and low TTK, would be almost impossible to balance appropriately without modifying mag size AND damage (and possibly range) to fit it into a more define niche. Changing the range seems like the best bet to allow it to remain in cqc-early mid, while letting the ACT and RSA have the longer ranges and not changing it's current 5 shot and ttk capabilities. As for the epiphrene, TBH I thought it removed like 60-80% life not 25% so I'm surprised as all hell that they changed it to -40% from -20. I swear I remember getting 1 shot by a scout while using it before, or maybe i'm just forgetful/stupid. xD Also, That thread i'm like 90% sure is lost in whatever hell they left it when they did all the forum upgrades. I couldn't find it even if I wanted to. It's why it's no longer linked in my profile "signature" below. It's officially "gone", and I didn't save it anywhere to be able to replicate it. I remember it taking hours to make though. I probably could compile another list if i wanted to. Though the main focus would probably be buffing/reworking less used armas guns, than touching the normal ones like the star/far/ntec/hvrs/etc. (I've just been busy with college again, and very little time outside of it and work to play games. Been on others mostly when I am, but I do keep a tab on forums)
  7. Man i missed that event it looked interesting, damn
  8. True, but Aces also sucks because unlike the OCA and PMG, its 1 kill per mag, vs up to 3-4 per mag. It's not used because of money and viability. Ursus I hate facing, but obeya does make more sense, Ursus is just better than the current NTEC because its like the prenerf ntec.
  9. To be fair, scoped has better stand still accuracy, and a 5m longer range base than the NTEC. It's just rare for people to fire it standing still lol. Stats havent changed too much. What you mean about the nerfs tho? And yeah I remember something about announced nerfs ages ago, but forget what they were for the scoped NTEC. I remember thinking they were unnecesarry at the time.
  10. No, people wanted them to be different and it was placebo. The CR-5 is an NTEC Reskin. The Scoped Ntec vs Ntec are different. https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_AssaultRifle_CR5_Joker https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Stock_Slot3_Militant_FC
  11. Honestly did they remove it? Or have you not played solo? I cant even remember the last time i had that popup
  12. #12 Let players sprint and jump with medium items. It's not like people don't exploit the shit out of the removed animation anyways. (the fact it's remained as is for so long astounds me) #13. Re-add trollface emoji to forums
  13. 50v50, silver district, nuff said. Gold lock was a mistake but I agree that's just sad, buuut not much can be done about it. It'll be fixed with matchmaking update hopefully
  14. I disagree with someof this, but agree with other parts, but there's just so much to go through lol. I'll simply touch on a few. I think orange mods are fine, no changes needed, no need to rework satchel, i'd be fine with creating a new thing for blowing open doors similar to your idea though. 3PS3 +1 - Really it doesn't make sense at all. Slower movement when weapon swapping seems fine enough. IR3 +1 - TBH i liked the slower firerate thing, but it was a bit bonkers on some guns (NSSW perfect accuracy FTW), and others like the LCR it kinda just made it worse because It already has perfect accuracy and a high af ttk. I do agree that it was fine, but the issue I noticed is that no-one wanted to not use it for the range benefit so they complained. There's not a lot of red mods to use on assault rifles... CJ kinda just makes them suck, no-one dares HB because the damage decrease (which is roughly equivalent to using the IR3 variant) and IR is the only -other- option. If they did change IR3 back, I'd think a somewhat different mod needs made or adjustments to HB should be done. NTEC nerf - +1 pretty much, even after it's "atroucious nerfs and gimmicks" as people call it hit the gun, it's still top tier. Ironically FAR was considered OP for a time, which made no sense because NTEC was never changed, and the far has almost identical stats to STAR (other than ttk, reload, and .5 difference to accuracy). So I feel even a slight dial back wouldn't be bad. I'd probably hit it's ttk though... Make the star at .7 and the NTEC at .75, see how that feels. NTECs a mid-long range weapon, it should not have the CQC TTK of one. Firework launcher - Nah HVR - +1, it feels so bad to use now, especially after the damage nerf lol. Accuracy tied to it just feels horrendous, oh jeeze 3x shot in cqc, he still lived *eyeroll* No really just fix the damn thing already.
  15. Well, I knew that had to do with customization already (some players and only them would lag you out in mission even when you have a decent computer just by being near them. You'd suspect hacking if it weren't for realizing theres no such hacks. It leaves customization as being the only culprit, and if its cacheing then i guess it makes sense. Especially since an empty district runs better than a full district in gold vs a bronze district with low ranks/little customization.
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