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  1. No Idea why a VPN would get you banned... I use nord VPN on other games with no issues... I havent used it too much with APB since i dont play much, but I assume i've been fine. That said, i dont know what a lower latency program is.... and i have no experience with them. Regardless, use at ones own risk. Br's (hue) would use VPNs to play on Joker once they were locked out.
  2. The link from weapon swap to bolt timer, was due to reverse quickswitching on the scout. There has been no change to the TTK of the scout, and the damage was buffed. Do I think the equip time could be lowered slightly? Probably, but do we need reverse-quick switching back? Not really.
  3. District segregation, made Joker pop go from 2-3k to 800-1.5k, in 3 months, and it never recovered. It only went down after that. The issue is that no new content other than a few weapons, and Asylum, was added in almost 10 YEARS. You think that the population is going to stay high, when there's little to no content, no new maps, and no new content in 7-8 years? Gold has always been too easy to get. I alone can carry bronze/silver players into gold, with a handful of tips, and grouping them for like 10-15 missions. The other issue, is that the "pro types" abused the shit out of every bug and glitch to win, and hindered the game drastically with their try hard antics of always needing that win nomatter what, and LO and G1, didn't fix half the glitches EVEN NOW, and the others they fixed years too late. Segregation when it was put in place, put every cheat, tryhard, and hacker into one place, sure, but it also destroyed clans, preventing anyone with any semblance of skill, from grouping and mentoring new players. 3 months after segregation ended, I went into silver, and the silvers and bronzes were stupidly worse than the bronzes/silvers pre-lock, to the point it was just pathetic.. My clan died from Gold lock. 100 pop clan with a max of 20-30 members active at once different days, went to effectively dead with maybe 6 on... in 3 months during gold lock. So no, I will never pretend gold lock or "threat segregation" was or is a good thing. I see the issue with LO/G1 not fixing glitches, broken areas, broken missions, and no new content. However, we the community also shot ourselves in the foot. We said we wanted the engine upgrade, and to put content aside until then. That same engine upgrade won't happen to the degree that it was supposed to and so we got a half upgrade, and no content after 4-8 years of waiting. So yeah... We can blame the golds and segregation, but the pop was never going to last with threat seg in the first place. The biggest issue, is no new content and no good tutorial. 3rd biggest factor is just the community was toxic af and hoping for change that ended up not quite coming. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Popped in for a match yesterday. I got 6-8 kills, maybe 4-6 deaths, 1 gold both sides 2 silvers. Their gold and 1 silver rq. I havent played consistently in years, and the last time i played a mach was months ago, Im not even half as good as I used to and had 2 rqs.... Soooooooo..... yeaaaah people just going to quit over anything this point.
  4. Consumables are fine imo, though I wish they would have been more of a new type of mod at times. Randomly getting them kinda sucks when you like to use a certain one in general
  5. Probably movement? At least regarding... non-glitched animations but honestly, gears had great movement for a TPS
  6. I do? They disappear during missions anyways. Besides its nice to know distances to places imo. Easier if I want to buy a gun.
  7. Pretty sure there were at one point the headlights would be on. However, they never cast any light...
  8. dont get me wrong, it was a bit much, but... considering we have carsurf osmaw/volcano/DMRAV/ALIG teams... insta osmaw isnt too bad... Nothing beats camping in front of one, and insta blowing them up from behind a car, otherwise they can hear you winding up :<
  9. Flash bangs would be atrocious. im glad they aren't in APB. Molotovs could be added, however, it should only do minor damage over time if running over it, and should do enough damage if landing on someone, to do like 40-70% life damage total over 4-6 seconds, with only 1 per resup. And stacked molotovs do nothing to an already flaming player. To prevent running around for 4-7 seconds waiting to die from 2-3 being lobbed on you lol. If set to 40% damage for example, it would be akin to a perc. No big deal, but should do a bit more hard damage imo. That said, damage could be increased if a consumable was added to extinguish flame in an area... could then possibly have it doing more damage as a slight balance to it being able to be removed.
  10. ista osmaw was fine tbh, the sprint shooting and 5 hit fbw along with obir thing, not so much xD (didnt even realize that was a thing with the obir lol)
  11. Pretty much, BUT, they did kinda rewrite and/or update a lot of the code with the upgrades and stuff. So they probably figured out a bunch of stuff by now...
  12. Pretty much. They still haven't fixed several exploits that came with removing pickup animations. They made some harder to do for heavy items, but medium items it's free game to move at sprint speed using them. Any other major exploits have mostly been fixed, or locations removed from having access to, because of how scummy some players are. RIP moonship
  13. Certain missions already are only available through certain contacts. I think there was something a bit back, where people would run specific contacts to avoid certain missions. For example, Teng doesnt give bankroll collection, but TY Durrant does, explosive investigation is from TY but Teng does explosive material. Actually, I didnt realize this, but missions also depend on group size. So you can get certain missions from 2v2 but others are 3/4+. See below for Ty then click missions to see his mission list. It's a little different from Tengs, and all contacts i guess then have something slightly different. https://apbdb.com/contacts/Financial_E4
  14. Faction lore gets funky. Character lore is soooo much better. Praetorians - Corporation owned "security" that amounts to ex military, alcoholics, poor guys looking to make a difference, and business analytics working together. Controls the "riot squad" which is a corporation owned "dispersial unit" for the city. The same corporations that they are protecting are causing a lot of problems for people. As others said "private militia" Prentiss Tigers - Litterally just a bunch of rich kids who want to party on the beach. Except for devil dog, who for whatever reason, is an ex military sniper which just doesn't seem to fit with most of the prentiss crowd it feels. They are more "rich homeboys and high rep people wanting to make a difference and keep the peace". "rich boy militia" Roses and g-kings - Im not familiar with their lore as i rarely paid attention to crim. But it comes off as 2 gangs fighting eachother and the enforcers where none of them are really bright. With one or two of them having rich pretty boy faces whos pulling strings behind the scenes for anarchy. If you want better functioning lore, the emails you get sent are hardly notable of it and are definitely more fun quips than actual lore. The character backgrounds as you unlock which describe the NPCs of the faction tend to be soo much better. Looking at like Justin Tengs or TY Durrants, maybe even Mirri kent for example has great lore for where they are in the faction and what they do. I cant say how good the criminal backgrounds are though. I very much have a preference towards the attitude and demeaner and lore of the Praetorian crowd. Very well said
  15. yeah... it felt like one of the laziest intentionally blundered things. It felt like they just randomly increased recoil or bloom on some things, increased the TTK and called it a day. It was such a confusing thing because half the vets could have adjusted the TTK speed, damage, and bloom recoil, per weapon, better to match that of RTW or a better balance than RTW with an increased TTK average point, within a few days testing than what was given. Like hey, "we want to see you to average weapon TTK's from .7s to 1.25s. and adjust the damage/bloom/recoil to make it similar to RTW". -Community would have hopped onto that and ate it up likely giving the best "RTW TTK" type balance seen in existence just on forum posts alone, with tons of data point thoughts to work with xD
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