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  1. if its "that" big of a deal to you, why not suggest making dow and nfas 4stk with the same ttk under these changes? I enjoy the shredder but it's always been sort of like an auto slug shotgun imo so I play it kinda like a rifle. Strife itself has issues facing cqc weapons if if not extremely careful, if it was "that" strong people would have switched to it by now. Making 3stk isnt going to push everyone to run strife.
  2. There's never been a point to play OCA when JG/CSG was meta, and oca vs pmg is fair game. The damage difference only matters when tagged/cleanup, though PMG could use a little harsher CJ2/3 effect. That doesnt make it a "nerf" simply because other guns are better, unless you want to say every gun is nerfed because NTEC exists. xD
  3. part of that is because G1 buffed the alig, then decided crap that was too much, and instead of retuning alig, buffed vehicle life.
  4. all the did to the oca was revert its overbuff to my knowledge, why call it a nerf, it's a fix, because the OCA NEVER needed touched to begin with. mind making prototype district like, fightclubs? It may end up with a lot more information than an empty normal district. I know the G1 had pushed tests live once or twice to change them shortly after (with how the game pop is, pushing tests to fc may be a better measure imo.)
  5. honestly though i prefer the osmaw over volcano, im sure others are the same, so an URSUS is honestly better at that point. I got perm alig as well though so /shrug
  6. I think a lot of people also forget that by rank ~85 you can own/lease an explosive if its not the volcano. If its "that" much of an issue simply set that as the rank requirement to use. But it really shouldn't be.
  7. the br/ru segregation was a good thing, however, with such little pop, and seemingly HALF the districts being BR to even have opposition, sadly it's not feasible anymore. It sucks though having such useless teamates who can't even understand english to coordinate. They don't even listen/know the basic NWSE callouts. The other issue with them is watching them warp and rubberband in front of me. Like cool thanks, great teleport skillz there, glad I died to that bullshoot. I guess the only "good" thing is that half the time they play so bad its a fairly easy win. /shrug
  8. I've had a few times in the past where certain players would use /w then i'd crash lol. But i think G1 might have fixed it with their anticrash stuff.
  9. I used to opgl really well years ago but since I put my sights on leveling weapon roles, i put it aside...
  10. so? it takes 4 seconds to blow up a single opgl grenade, an ntec has 3 seconds to kill you and 1s to move 6m out of radius (aside from 50m+ explode on hit distance) "eventually one will hit" vs "never missing players" You can't compare the average APB player to a handful of players with god tier aim. NTEC is extremely easy, extremely forgiving, and under most circumstances, you have no need to handle it perfectly due to its forgiving nature. It's low skill high reward. OPGL is easy but has extreme downsides that the NTEC doesn't have. 4 second time to kill for example, air time, velocity, angles, and more. OPGL is much more difficult to use than the NTEC and is mid-low skill with medium-low reward, but face any decent player who can dodge nades or put on flack and your opgl playing just got a LOT harder in comparison to the ntec.
  11. I said "to use it right". Ntec tap firing is ez, learning to use angles, rebounding grenades off walls, timing grenades perfectly to 1 hit an enemy just turning a corner, and to take enemies out with 1 opgl shot, now that's difficult.
  12. While true, most in the "skill" category consistently use carbine and ntec, so i'd argue their opinion of skill is arguably moot. OPGL takes a ton of skill to use properly, most will never reach that level of skill. Osmaw takes a bit to hit a car right, and far more than the volcano but against players it takes very little. Skill depends on situation and weapon niche. NTEC is very low skill high reward for example, while Odin is high skill mid/low reward. I'm fine with opgl's aside from EOL's (which noone uses) being perm, we already have perm osmaw varients.
  13. They reworked a lot of vehicles after the ALIG buff to give them increased HP. It inadvertantly made Carpsawns even more annoying. I don't know if they buffed the Pioneer though. Also that grenade issue is one I only get with concussion grenades, something is wonky with their blast. And nobody should be forced to use explosive weapons without a destroy car mission/runners /shrug
  14. Car spawns don't fix the spawn issue though, they make it drastically worse, the spawn system got reworked with spawn choices which "helped" a lot, yes there's still issues, but it's far better than car spawns. Carspawns are like a poorly done stitch job on a massive wound.
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