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  1. Car spawns don't fix the spawn issue though, they make it drastically worse, the spawn system got reworked with spawn choices which "helped" a lot, yes there's still issues, but it's far better than car spawns. Carspawns are like a poorly done stitch job on a massive wound.
  2. september 3rd 2015, coulda just went to the youtoob channel and looked at upload date
  3. I would love for better normal spawns, mobile spawns are nice sometimes, but when combined with spawn waves have ended up being somewhat bleh. Add into other things like tking causing people to spawn into them faster than a normal death and spawning in it 400-800m away it gets wonky and not in a good way. I'm actually fine with mobile radar, aside from G1/LO breaking it over and over again, I've always enjoyed it for defense, and for offense its nice with muffler to drive past for positions. It's great for those uses, but I really dislike it when people use it to hunt people who just spawned and ran inside to not be seen only to get hunted down by a premade group looking for cheezy kills. I'd rather keep radar in the game since it does have uses to help uncoordinated teams better.
  4. Today I had an enemy spawn in a car spawn while 5m from it (yet again, it happens consistently to have enemies spawn within the ~30m radius), and I noticed with my radar tower, that it wasn't picking enemies up near it, but instead picked up my enemies who were ~120m from it (I had it parked near an old obj about 200m from the one I was at, and enemies in between were getting picked up by it). Or we could... just get rid of carspawners...
  5. I was wondering why it went from "usable" to "oh god I can't kill anything even with 2 extra shots"
  6. okay so here's the thing as well. IF you don't want the same opp, you have to WAIT a few minutes before readying up again generally. I always do this because if I don't I end up facing PVE, "bad losers", and Put's groups every other match (and facing any of them is legit cancer). Quickest easy way for cash was always fight club unless you're a crim with "threat seg" inputed so that there's empty servers (lol). As for gold communication, you're right, a number of golds (and sometimes myself) will be in a group and be using discord to communicate, VOIP doesn't generally work, and most people have always used TS/Discord/Raidcall to make up for that fact. Most silvers havnt joined a clan or are trying to start their own again, and its rough.
  7. I see them even with seg, soooo good luck lol
  8. See there's the difference, I simply just play, i don't play to curbstomp bronzes, so I play more laid back and have fun, even die intentionally doing funny stuff during those missions. If they have golds, i'll focus killing the gold and run around in circles around the bronze cause I can lol. I never liked segregation because it decreased opp pool drastically, which got worse recently. People say seg is good, but omit the fact that gold lock litterally killed 50% of the games pop over 3 months even current "seg" with silver is questionable due to population and only have 1 district. You can at least change districts now. I'd say most of my matches aren't against bronzes, and I solo que generally, though I do get them here and there, I no longer see them getting Tk'd to death to get kicked which is a good thing. Silvers and bronzes won't always have fun, especially now that they have to realize "oh shit, I have to aim and use better tactics now". Hell, I have yet to see most of these people even communicate in /t with directions of enemies, and that's a MASSIVE part of actually doing "anything".
  9. No seg IS better, HOWEVER, there should be some sort of rank lock for "new accounts" (not new characters) to help newbies. Roughly Rank 50-85 would be fine.
  10. the forum post said friday 12am utc which according to google would have been yesterday at 7pm est, so im confused as to why it's down today.
  11. I've been trying to login for the last few minutes, it used to let me get to the character screen, but wouldnt let me on Jericho. I managed to get onto EU? I think it was once, but it won't even let me on since with Error Code 9. I can't find anything saying maintenance at this time....
  12. It's good but not great since the change. I love mine, but i'd say test it before you buy.
  13. Dead lordeh, That's awesome! However i'm sad that it had to be done.
  14. Well, i know it'll make it more inconsistent but to what extent? For example, Cobr-a has a shot modifier cap of 4.0, is that 2.6 going to really matter "that" much for the ntec? Most people already burst or tap fire the ntec, so having a max bloom change is an extremely "niche" change, which I feel doesn't touch on the primary issue with the ntec. However, at this point I suppose I should be happy that "anything" is happening to the ntec. Bloom recovery reduction to 4.0 would probably be one of the best "nerfs" to happen to the ntec. Smaller mag effectively does nothing, and overdamage barely matters anymore because you can't use HB on it though it would also be welcome for ranged engagements. They could tinker with the damage drop after 50m a little bit to assist with its domination in that niche instead and it would also be fine. it's not that they can't see it, its that they don't care
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