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  1. Yes, If you aren't leveling demo, deep impact is vastly better. Its damage and car destruction capabilities are great. The Kickback is alright, but it's not great imo. The multi-shot wind-up really hinders it, and the only thing that makes it usable, is having a 3rd shot to "spray" in somewhere for a kill, because you'll rarely get a 2 shot. I'd be happier if they removed the wind-ups and gave it a .55s "to shoot" timer. But that's because i find the wind-ups to be very, very disruptive
  2. I don't care if it's not a wind-up timer. Wind-up timers are the worst thing on guns because it forces you to be a sitting duck in most cases. While they "may" make sense for OSMAWs (though it's highly disruptive and annoying), they don't belong on opgl's/eols especially. I do enjoy the speed and radius buff on the OSMAW though, and prefer it over the volcano for sure. I just really miss the jump shooting/insta shots. The sound is a bit too loud, i agree. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I keep forgetting that the timer is 5, i keep thinking 4 for some reason. thanks for the mention, i fixed, you don't need to read further. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Random EOL Rant: Look at the EOL's, no-on uses them aside for lols or self punishment (i do enjoy using the conc one because it's the "best" one. .55 wind-up 2. timer but range and damage is good af and a single pistol shot kills with it) Nothing is worse than being forced to fight in a cqc fight, "winding up" for a total of 1.1s (glares at hammer and, just for a another "flight" or "fuse" timer. Oh cool, you're slowed for 1s, with another 2-3s on timers? Cool story, you're dead. OPGL at least lets you switch to pistol to "try" to defend yourself and kill the enemy before you die. Conc EOL is good because after the timer, you switch and fire, with a faster TTK than the OPGL, just slightly. Hammer and kickback? Yeah no they feel horrible to use. Hammer - 15m to explode .55 wind-up 1.5s fuse 5.5m max range - 2.25 full damage 535 max damage 22.5m/s speed TTK - (rough calculation with speed calculated) Either 2.6s sub 15m or 1.8+ passed 15m You rarely kill in 2 shots with it especially passed 15m due to lackluster damage so the ~1.8 is almost a never occurrence with 2 in a mag. Good when it works- if not, you're probably already dead. Kickback - 26-30m? to explode (might be 15m still, it's been a while.) .65 wind-up 2s fuse 6m max range - 2m full damage 575 max damage 22.5m/s speed ttk - 3.3s sub 30?m 2 hits (tends to be 3 though so 3.95 or 4s) or ~3.29s at 30m on contact. Most times it takes 3 hits + so TTK tends to be higher for both of these. more reliable than the hammer, because you have a single extra shot. So you tend to be able to finish enemies off with it, still slow to kill, but not nearly as bad, even if you are a sitting duck for ~2s to fire all 3 shots. You don't often 2 shot alot, but the 3rd shot often finishes the enemy off OGPL is more consistent and reliable imo, and does not force you into poorly designed timers that literally kill you by being a sitting duck doing nothing but waiting to fire while strafing. You can fire, switch to pistol, and finish off an enemy a few seconds later if you both are alive, or you died with opgl. You can sprint after the first shot, and more without being susceptible to dying "as much". They could add the timers to the explosive fuse instead for the EOL, remove the wind-up and up the damage of the hammer slightly, and the EOL's probably STILL be better than what they are, because wind-ups are a mandated death trap.
  3. I agree that the sound should be made louder or more frequent, however I can always hear "thonk" from OPGLS like 80m away so no big deal. I get away from where they are firing, flank with a mid-long range weapon, or corner camp unexpected corners at wierd angles for them to come in at. OGPL windup timer would make it more useless than it already is, especially because it makes you slow af when you fire it at anyone near you to wall-bounce etc. It wouldn't fix "omg i can't rush the hall" issue. The whole point of the OGPL is to flush OUT campers. If you are forced to exit a hall, or a roof, or something until the explosions stop, it's because it's doing EXACTLY what the OPGL was made to do. Look no further than the game's splash-screen text for more info. It litterally says it's there to flush enemies out. True but volcano is still generally superior. Aside from projectile speed, its damage, having and having 2 rockets that deal more damage than an osmaw does to destroy vehicles that are near an enemy, are a massive advantage. They shouldn't nerf guns just because you play on settings that remove key game information. OGPL does suck in cqc, it has a 5 second timer. That's literally 5 seconds "to die" It's when you have a competent user who knows how to wall bounce grenades, and angles that cause issues in cqc. Most times a good opgl user will go pistol in cqc after firing 1 shot off a wall. The downside of the OGPL with a 5s timer still applies. The difference is that you A. Aren't modded right. B. Get distracted and focus only on him and not where that nade went. C. He used his weapon intelligently and there was nothing you could do about it. Most times, it's an issue of all 3. OGPL isnt "mid to long range". It's a "flushing weapon", and can be used within 30m to flush enemies out of areas with a 5s ttk. The EOL's were made specifically for sub 30-50m fights, but even then they are specialized for certain ranges, and suck. The wind-up timer makes EOL's sitting ducks. Look at the hammer. .55 win-up .55 wind-up + 1.5s fuse (the other fuse blows up before the other). That's a 2.6s time to kill sub 15m, worse than the OPGL. But at 15-30m it's .55+flytime+.55+flytime (where flytime is about .6 for that speed) so it still sucks at ~3s+, standing almost completely still, while being shot at with a gun that kills you in .7-1.5s Most explosives suck if you don't have crap graphics to where you can't see what's happening, especially in cqc. They don't need nerfed further.
  4. OPGL has a 4 second explosion timer. It has a 6m blast radius (2m kill radius), and you sprint at 6m/s. You have 3 seconds to figure out where it's going and run. Past 50m it instantly blows up, but you have time enough to look/see minimap/angles and run away from it. While I agree instant osmaw was "unbalanced" to a degree, it's still imo better than it was now , the current timer takes too long imo. Learn to play against OPGL. They aren't as hard as you make it seem, and they have mods to make OPGL almost useless. Or just go one and fight them. If you're better their team will be useless. This is coming from someone who at one point mained opgl, no longer play it very often, and "might" die 1-2x in a round from the OPGL, while still getting 15+ kills in that match. OPGL is sometimes annoying, and makes you use your head, but it's by no means a god tier weapon. 99% of players who use it, are pretty trash with it. I've only met 2 people other than me who I'd consider "top tier" with it, and I think both quit. (and I'm rusty af)
  5. Its more they probably dont have the resources to. Though I thought transferring to costing nothing that was more of a automatic thing, or something they just have to mention to microsoft? Or was it something they have to pay to do? Not sure, but I'm glad someone mentioned in it forums. Hopefully LO mentions something on it, i'd be interested to hear
  6. "OSCAR IS A JOKER CARBINE RESKIN AND FUNCTIONALLY IDENTICAL" dude, this guy had some decent points, but he lacked a billion others that would have been identified with basic game knowledge. "complains about nano" which got nerfed within like a month. C-9 lasted ages, and he completely ignored the f2p broke guns of their times. 2 slotted guns give you the "necessary" mods, 3 gives access to a feel good mod. can i agree its a bit much and guns too expensive? sure, but he ignores that a win nets ~700-2k apbd generally. 21 wins in 10 days is enough to get a 3 slot easily especially because by the time you can get a 3 slot, you're not a "newb" anymore.
  7. To be fair, we voted years ago with old G1 to get no patches and they focus on the upgrade. LO has given us a handful of patches, mostly weapon rebalances, and joker store reworks. But it's kinda nice regardless. I don't think we'll get any major patches until EU. As almost every system added now, must then be recoded/transfered over as well. It saves resources and time to focus on EU and upgrade after. I would love to see some Praetorian vs Prentiss hate
  8. yup never knew about that until now hehe must've grown up in different tech worlds is all
  9. It could be done later on probably, but just adding them as downloadable lets players do it without using resources. Not only that but most games don't "automatically" allow you to delete loading screens, ragdolls, and have a 3rd party "launcher". The only one that I can see them implementing would be autosprint.
  10. You aren't allowed to have any weapon be better than the NTEC. NTEC must be king otherwise plebs will complain. Atac? Nerf, S1NA? Nerf, FAR? Nerf, Better not buff the STAR very much to compete, Obeya? Nerf, nerf, buff, nerf buff, NTEC must be king. (Though obeya is fine as is now lol)
  11. You realize that imgur like 2-3+ years ago used to simply have "codes" listed to the side that you could copy and it would auto-paste right? .-. But thanks for letting me know how to do so now. I like it, is there a way to instead of expanding the area in the blue box when the sidebar is reduced, to instead push the numbers and info over to the left? that way that side is not so... "close" to the scroll bar and is a little more... "condensed" without having to look so far to the right to see the stats?
  12. Yeah Kokoe 3ps3 one. I love it, but I also got the RS2/3 one the extra accuracy feels good.
  13. I completely forgot the FAR got a max bloom nerf, and already had slightly higher max bloom. interesting.
  14. Something like this? https://imgur.com/gallery/V1P3naR God i hate how i can't copy imgur images into the chat anymore because all the imgur options disappeared wtf .-.
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