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  1. Not bad, glad to see the Tommy get love after 6 years
  2. The thing is, the RNG cannon in CQC is what made it both fun and risky to use in cqc. You get into situations where shooting that RNG shot or 2, was more thrilling/fun because you knew you'd be damned if you switched to pistol due to equip time so firing that hail mary was the better chance. Now you're forced to switch to pistol and it just doesn't feel as good, and it doesn't level the role at all being forced to switch like that. While I can agree, snipers aren't very effective in CQC the RNG was a good thing. If anything I think a lot of players would agree on would be buffing the base damage so it doesn't feel so bad in cqc if you're going to keep the ramp. Make it like 550 damage or something, so if you get 2 point blank shots off in cqc it doesn't feel atrocious to die because you had to hit a *third* shot against a shotgun/oca/ntec spray. While still limiting qsing. The whole problem in the first place was qsing, which is why the changes occurred. But being forced to fire 3 pistol shots and switch is plenty enough of a ttk increase to prevent it in some cases, and punish them for not staying pistol in others, while still letting people fire 2 shots off in cqc if they want to do so. Qsing was broken, and always was. There shouldn't even be an argument about that. I've won matches where it was 4 snipers 3hvrs and a scout (they qsed) vs my team and I went qs hvr and dominated them because I was better at it. It was broken beyond belief and it's the ONLY reason why the HVR was nerfed so heavily. It shouldn't make a comeback and the nerf isn't redundant. The extra bullet increases the TTK of the QS. Before, qsing was really fast especially when macroed (and yes people macro'd it), increasing the amount of shots needed before hand, artificially increases the chances the enemy can kill you while equipping the sniper.
  3. he's upset at the overall changes, from the jumpshooting on AR's to NTEC's, to PMGs etc. Back then you'd of had to litterally re-buff everything from the star on, and re-nerf ntec and hvr. That's excluding the numerous changes to the carbine to get it to a fairly balanced state.
  4. He litterally just copy pasta'd it from another thread and made a forum post about it. I find it funny when people think that weapons 4 years ago "were more balanced" than weapons today. Like, what kind of made up farce they living in.
  5. To be fair, nothing really needs nerfed at this point aside from an OCA revert and better tweaking shotguns. Just saying
  6. The odin series was more like they wanted something unique, during that time they were making the BEE, ODIN series, and Bloody Mary set. They were openly testing different fun concepts for weapons, regardless of how good or balanced they were. Honestly I have no issue with half of those, HVR accuracy will always bug me, the DMR isnt a reverse ramp, its a ramp up as range happens and not a bad concept imo since it niches it to further ranges while still being useful closer without buffing its ROF to be too much, nor changing accuracy where it didn't need it. Bolt timers with no bolts were added for a reason, they should have made uncancelable animations/fire sequences, but the bolt timers were the best way to do so with the coding so i can't really fault them for that. Sadly they had to do some work around balancing, to make necessary changes, and while for some of the gimmicks I do agree were unwarrented (HVR), a number of them were useful to add benefit to weapons that would otherwise be too powerful or underpowered. I agree they should try to do better than using gimmicks, but sometimes, things like damage ramp and bolt timers aren't bad for giving an additional niche or preventing reverse qsing.
  7. My favorite is when firing on the red misses and you have to aim off them with a white reticule to hit them.
  8. The gimmicks aren't there to keep it balanced, aside from one or two that have a sort of "gimmick/feature" to increase bloom/recoil exponentially, weapons only have gimmics for fun or flavor, like the BEE series fires the 2nd shot in a predetermined direction, Odin series change the recoil/reload speed. Tommygun and stuff were mostly bad balance decisions that never got fixed. The only "gimmicks" people complain about was the initial NTEC rework, the tommygun increased recoil thing, and bullshark...
  9. Oh i agree, but they still feel underpowered. I use the increased accuracy one because "sniping" people at 30m or so is fun after a short spray, but a lower TTK would make them feel somewhat more useful. They feel terrible to use against any cqc to cqc-mid weapon. If we want underpowered guns to not just be a meme, they have to not feel so atrocious to use when against other weapons in the same class.
  10. the problem with the odin series is the ttk, their function is fine and unique. The ttk is really harsh for a gun with such high stk though. Far is still good, Sina honestly needed "Some" nerf, csg was dumpstered for years. Why would they nerf aces? Its still fairly trash lol. LO has made some unnecessary changes, like buffing oca after nerfing PMG, when OCA would have been fine as is and nerfing the rfp hard rather than just the range. RP state balance was pretty trash, just saying The only difference is that "meta" guns weren't nerfed. Current state shotguns are meh, and oca buff is eh, but i have little qualm about most else.
  11. i use wps to sometimes mark enemy locations and where to place a sniper for the team. They can be useful to convey info. Though self wps are eh
  12. Non issue imo, you can turn them on at any times. If you want to blame anyone, blame the ones making and using the ear splitting or annoying themes. I've been temped to delete my music folder just because, but opted not to, and just remove my theme instead at times.
  13. Honestly, if APB had a bigger pop, the "test districts" could have been so much better for testing some things. It's not like half the options for weapon testing even then were done properly. People can throw out all the stat changes they can, and LO or G1 would have taken it "over the top" then said "welp it didnt work as planned". Remember the RTW/high ttk districts? The ones G1 intentionally seemed to have botched? yeah, it feels that way often.
  14. Sorry, I didn't realize this was CSGO. My bullets stay within my reticule, I don't know what issue you guys are having. Oh I agree, they should buff more of the non meta guns to be more useful, i'd love the ODIN series to be better for example.
  15. Because every single player has a completely different idea for proper weapon balance. Half the "players" would revert all NTEC changes and leave it as 2012-2014, leave PMG as either 2012 or 2015, and let jump scout exist. You're talking about a community that is EXTREMELY biased when it comes to weapon balance and changes, to what they "enjoyed" for easy kills. Good luck on half the players doing better,
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