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  1. entertainment? seing a crim with 50,000+$ in goods always feels good as an enf
  2. It would depend on machine, also, LOD changes based on distance from character do cause lag in other games based on pc as well. You may not have, but i used to run on an I3 laptop, and then a gtx 970 with an older amd chip which was a bit better but still lagged and was noticable. (im now on a ryzen 7 and get very little to no lag in apb) LOD was also an option it was suggested to change back when shaders were a thing and you manually changed things in conjunction with using USPStyles launcher and even before it. I had noticed that changing those settings seemed to have an effect on the lag.
  3. I don't believe it was cheats or the like, I assume it was because character customization was almost to the max on them or was the max, and the game loading them in closer quarters lead to it locking up on the machine due to having to load it as certain ranges were hit. Customization as we know, already effects server stability, it was why the decrease from 50 to 40 occurred. It makes sense that such customization loading within a certain range which as we know, become "better looking" at certain ranges (at least in other games, not sure about APB if the same logic applied to apb). This could cause certain machines and to freeze or lock up to load things, within 5-15m or whenever that LOD adjustment occurs. Add in grenades/shooting/lighting as well as the UI being a hog on FPS, you're going to freeze up on a not as great machine. It would happen around these players in and out of mission. But was often worse "in" mission. The only issue with the theory, is that it often happened to the kinds of players who run around in hoodies. So unless the rest of their customization was practically maxed out, I find it somewhat hard to imagine that be the only cause. However I find it the most likely. It was also "consistently" certain players who this occurred with, and not just some one off random experience, and explains why some people I know would say "anytime i get near him I my game freezes up and I die" and it was always *that one*. Also note, at some point, customization values were "doubled" but that's been long fixed. I'm not sure the effect of said doubled values, but at least before then, it may have played a part in the amount of information loaded.
  4. Last i logged in i was able to do wheelies a month or so ago... odd
  5. Yeah... My favorite has always been when you get within 5-10m of a "specific" character in mission, and suddenly your pc wants to crap out and freeze up and you die. I've had a few wierd disconnect issues when im about to win and such, but I was never able to tell.
  6. gameplay never had the issue from ammo box until they added car spawns so noone ran ammo cars + ammo box lol. gameplay is unbalanced from other things
  7. I swear if frags get nerfed.... as for the discussions people are on about, lots has needed done, from fixing spawns, and imo a more interactive cover system. Performance has always been iffy, especially on lower end machines, or some multi-threaded ones. Shield - nerfed because whining kiddies couldn't figure out how to counter an already low hp consumable, destoyable with a conc, or a frag and a few shots, and easily shot over with the right angle, and easily shot under before it drops, killing the person. radar tower - needed fixed no issue there p5n5, gotta listen to the tryhard whiners who hate when they die and then lose because they can't handle the heat gained from farming the enemy team while stretching time thin through the whole match for more kills. I'd rather just have like 6 x)
  8. they had to go back through after the beta and re-import things that were missed or left out because how they interacted with models/lighting were causing issues, By doing so, It'll probably need to re-beta. As there must have been a lot of bugs with the imports to warrant going silent for a week or two, and now hiring a new person to help. One can hope that we get it shortly, but until then...
  9. hide threat, remove seg. suggested it since after gold lock. Also, Anyone from back then knows that the moment hard lock happened, skill of every lower threat lowered to insane levels. The average silver was no better then a green. The barriers protect, but also harm, and prevent anyone lower from getting better (especially w/ no benefit to). it'll be rough af if the barriers are removed, sadly it probably should have been done when there was pop to deal with it....
  10. smgs got nerfed pretty handily range wise... and it still can compete well against smgs in cqc. Especially if you miss a few shots with an smg lol. I mean, i prefered its more "nerfed" variant iteration before this last "buff" to it. However I can't say that before it's "hard nerf" that it was at all close to decent balance. (It was pretty broke strong) It's not broke currently imo, but it's still rather annoying, and its not terrible to use either. You think it's garbage or something?
  11. Joker is annoying, however it's in it's most balanced state it's ever been in currently.... It's just reaaaaally annoying, and difficult to balance right. Because it IS a cqc-mid weapon like the atac, but made for out of mm shooting. I'm surprised you didn't say Oscar because that gets the same complaints about being broken.
  12. There used to be one to crash districts by combining lililililili and other characters and spamming them fast enough. As Xiphos said, Vivox used to have a way as well but that was solely for individuals. Im not sure of other methods, it's been a long time.
  13. There used to be ways to do so, but those who did it were cheaters and have been banned (and I believe methods fixed). Most of the time people who dc'd others prefered to simply DDOS the whole game or crash districts while spamming bible verses...
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