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  1. People want to blame cheaters, while they did have an impact, the impact the community itself has had on the game is what made it crumble (at least for joker/jericho). Face off in silver district as a new player against half the gold pop and you will see why noone continues to plays this game. You don't get a chance, they don't bother to teach, train, or help you. They won't even take it easy on you. You just sit there and die all day until you leave.
  2. I suggested to add the car that G1 promised but never released. I responded to someone mentioning a broken mod suggestion (Allowing 2 mods of the same color at the same time), and then Uht replied and i commented back. No need to pout.
  3. Don't get me wrong, i own an ntec and do use it on occasion, but i try not to because consistently going 20+ kills a mission can get boring. It's always been a poorly designed weapon that is far too easy to use. Going against 3-4 ntecs on a team is boring, not that it's hard to go against, only that it's consistently cringe worthy. But alas, I will continue to complain about the ntec until it is properly reduced in effectiveness to match the rest of the AR category's effectiveness and "ease" of use. I can complain if i want I can complain if I wish If something is too strong Then complain I will do
  4. 3 slot NTEC you can get from ingame contact at rank ~ 195+, 3 slot guns are also attained via ingame from Role 15 in a weapon catageory. NTEC isnt PTW and honestly i've been stomped while using 3 slotted ntecs against stock.... It's pay to access a weapon earlier, not pay to win. Sadly with the death of fightclub, it has become difficult to level weapon roles.
  5. true, but im more of a mobile player, that accuracy damage nerf hit me reaaaally hard. I'm better off using oblivion (gains accuracy when moving), scout, or dmr over hvr now.
  6. Blood and hitmarkers both times i hit the guy. But appearently it does below like 550 damage a shot per shot while reticule is open. So yes, it sucks. I prefer to play with DMR or Oblivion now X)
  7. I 2 shot someone with it in cqc and didn't kill them because of the new mechanic with it. Yes, it sucks
  8. Honestly though, there's no reason why the Vegas should tank an osmaw shot. Nerf its hp to like 990 and i'd call it fine.
  9. I bought shredder before it got buffed to broken mode, and still use it even after. Maybe if you didn't buy weapons based on how broke and overpowered and needing a nerf they are, you'd be happy. I bought the C2 and ATAC knowing they'd be nerfed despite them not being nerfed for a few months after I bought em. I'm not upset because I knew they needed it. You bought an ingame gun whos stats are subject to change at any time. I bought the shredder, I do feel like it should be buffed slightly a touch after the nerf. But that's because it's taking 5-7 hits to do what it should be doing in 3-4. It feels like it did pre-buff, which wasn't great. But I still use it so /shrug
  10. The server has almost noone on it, and the lag is bad. It doesnt feel like a DDOS, but its definitely server side lag.
  11. We had weapon drops before and it was fine. They removed it cause after a team wipe your team could have the same setup as enemies without ever resupping and having to switch. It let people who had no snipers get a sniper with little effort. Imo it's fine to do so, but could be aggravating at times when that sniper runs in with a picked up oca, gets a few kills and tags, then Snipes em from a corner.
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