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  1. They really should have just halved perc stamina damage and put pig at 800-850 and called it a day. The fact that you can still pig n perc without issue, but it made primary LTL's using pig as a sidearm just that much worse says a lot. TG-8 is much more similar to the OSCP. Least before the OSCP buffs
  2. If you can tell me where I called you a PMG or NTEC user, then you would have had a point, but I neither said you used PMG nor NTEC. You're the one making drama, I simply said that most people prefer lazy easy guns over most other weapons that can be just as good, simply because they don't want to put in the little extra effort. This was NOT a personal attack on you, but an observation on APB's playerbase in general, if you missed the "most" in the post as well, I clearly didn't say "all". You clearly seem to think I have a bone to pick with you for some reason, might I suggest not being so self centered? - See now "that" was a personal "attack".
  3. they still do, not anyone's but your own fault for not using them. The only "crappy" f2p guns are the NFAS, arguably DMR, and LTL, aside from pistols. But most guns take more effort than the NTEC and PMG so people prefer not to use them.
  4. FAR - Considered better than the NTEC by a number of players, but NTEC is still seen as a more viable option at times because more people have one. Overall I think FAR would win, at least until this patch. SNR - Yeah this was dumb Obir - Needed the bolt timer agree Manic - It's used by several, i had used it a bit while leveling pointman. It needed a jump shooting nerf and possibly an accuracy or something nerf (I guess they increased ttk) so i'm not necessarilly opposed to this. It's not very seen because it was part of a pack where it was considered the only decent gun in. Act 44 - Weird change im not in support of it. RSA - Yeah this was still a wierd thing, especially since they seem to have further increased its TTK via fire rate interval change - so it's still going to be like trash tier, but i hope im wrong. It's because the whiney crims and they didn't want to nerf perc stamina damage. They should increase the range to 15-20m and give it 2 shots with a 1.05tts now that they effectively gimped it by every standard.
  5. I've upvoted people i didn't like and downvoted people i liked simply because of the opinion. Mostly though, if they posted something stupid I downvoted. ^,.,^
  6. Game balance was crap even back then, just saying. The only difference is that you had other more broken ARMAS guns (looks at scout and csg) to compensate. Problems against an OCA? Just use a csg, 2-3 hit at 15m with barely any chance to hit the guy. Problems with enemies and cover? Perfect accuracy jump scout. Problems with joker carbine? Just use a carbine NTEC was good all around PMG got buffed? Cool use it only since OCA "sucks now" Use FBW because every other pistol in game sucked (at least now there's FBW, fr0g, and .45, and even that assortment kinda sucks) STAR needed buffed back then, and the only did after they added the FAR. And yes, people did complain NTEC was OP back then, the difference is you had 6-15 people in district chat name call and silence the guy. They didn't rework guns based on the crappy ARMAS guns they added either. In fact a great deal of "NEW" armas weapons were straight up broke. pre-nerf nano, C2, ATAC ring a bell? They did add crappy ones like the Cobr-a, and Thor series later on, but the initial weapons were bonkers. I dont know what game you played back then, but it surely wasn't APB, balance was crap back then, and it had a LOT of useless weapons laying around.
  7. Should have just called them scrub golds who are scared of bronzes with HVR's.
  8. A player has 1000 life total. You "can" use 85 to represent life % damage like 85% life damage, however 850 damage is the actual damage amount.
  9. Been perm gold since 2014, they do it for easier matches, tis all. Though I have several friends who are low gold high silver, who fluctuate a lot with a lot of hours.
  10. Manic was a bit too strong, though i do agree it could have just used an accuracy nerf instead. C2 should have less accuracy, and honestly, it's always been considered worse than the OCA and PMG, so we'll probably see more OCA's than C2's anyways.
  11. Dude, people complain about HVR having 850 life damage, people complain that concs do high life damage, people complain that explosives kill in 1 hit. Nerfing stun grenades which are rarely used is a bad idea, ontop of the fact that at 850 people would still complain about them because it's less than lethal and people hate sitting around waiting to die. Look at the pig, 1 shot 850/900 stamina damage, people complained and it got nerfed because percussions, and instead of nerfing perc stamina damage, they nerfed the pig. Go figure.
  12. Basically you self destruct with a satchelcharge near a vehicle (shoot it or something to kill an enemy and oneself) and spawn with one that's invisible with no guns in hand until you fire to drop it. This started happening with the most recentish update which modified consumables. To reproduce 1. Place satchel charge 2. Shoot it causing suicide near a vehicle within, i dont know 4-6 seconds. 3. Spawn with it in hand invisible, you can hear it beeping, and can move around, it seems to blow prematurely. I'm unsure if it causes self damage or destroys anything. I've reproduced this multiple times in mission, and once out of mission.
  13. They could just "track" inputs in the game to determine macros, but the chances that is happening i think is slim.
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