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  1. Always makes me giggle when eurobads assume they are dealing with Americans.
  2. It has been nearly a decade since I last played, but I think the vitriol isn’t nearly as present as it used to be. Probably the result of the lack of players and how this game’s death has never been so close due to said lack of players. It feels like nothing really matters anymore, so why develop or maintain an ego when it might be all over tomorrow? My recent experience is limited to half a dozen missions, but I have yet to encounter cheaters (though I’m sure some are still out there), tryhards that could match the Japanese opp on Colby West or even disagreeable players. There are still hackusations in chat, though I’ve played against the players who had been targeted, and really didn’t have a problem against them despite not playing anything other than FF14 for the past 9 years. Regarding the engine upgrade, there’s no way anyone here actually believes it is gonna come out. Just look at the average joined date of forum members. Finding someone who’s been a member for less than 2 years is nearly impossible and most have been here since 2015 or even further back. We’ve all seen the empty promises and if the people managing the game previously didn’t succeed after all these years, what makes you think the new management can do it with even fewer resources? Money would have been better spent nurturing this game’s community, but the big hand is about to bury the twelve. I wish there were organized Bayland sessions on the weekend or something. Here's a banger straight from the vault for Colby players.
  3. The answer is obviously no because it is nearly 2023 and the Colby NA-West subforum is still nowhere to be found.
  4. I got unbanned despite a 1500$ chargeback. Idk why they wouldn't unban anyone else.
  5. Don't give me that BS. I want my japanese opp again.
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