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  1. My bug is how do I get the siren model? I have the sounds and whatnot but there's only "Mirage Hot Response" for top lights which is locked and the only front light option is locked too. I'm max cop role and don't see kits on the market. Did they not test this at all even after so many years of it being waited on lmao
  2. Tiz here. I hate gaming in general now but I still check this forum a few times a year to continue seeing how this game goes. We are forever lost in the spaghetti code and bad marketing. Best wishes to you brother
  3. Welcome aboard friend and happy days in San Payroll
  4. Aye. Best wishes to Lixil and hopes that stuff works out for whoever steps up to be the new CM.
  5. Very nice and thank you very much. Can only go up from here
  6. State of the game is gonna a lot better when Low Yields are finished being tweaked, thank you. Hopefully we can take a look at The Harbinger soon and give that a few tweaks. Pew pew pew. There's a SnaaAAakke in mah BOOT yeeehaw
  7. https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_PR3_CountryGent_FC/ RS3 doesn't do much (if anything) on shotguns. TAS20 is a CSG reskin so what if the mods on the Rocker Bundle TAS were changed to the 3-point sling 3 and Mag Pull 2 the Country Gent has? OR. Maybe just give it IR3 so that it's the same as the Joker Store TAS20. This gun is also on the Joker Store with the same model but the mod is IR3 instead. The presence of RS3 is just weird to me. Doesn't hurt the gun, but doesn't help it any either. No point to RS3's existence on the gun. As of now it's only there as a testament to how little the previous developer understood their own game.
  8. Hello I have Mag Pull 3 on my EOL Hammer and it is very cool to use, I feel like The Terminator but with a GL06 instead of an Agrotech of Tanberia .44 But the game thinks that the gun needs to reload even though it doesn't because the number "1" is the intended ammo loaded. (Stock clip 2 vs clip of 1 due to Mag Pull.) The flashing text and audible beeping from the reload notifications are annoying and make my ears hurt. Please fix so I can blow bad people up for mugging pedestrians of their 8 SPiN Phones and not feel sad on the side of my head. Thank you and Blessings of Akatosh upon ye
  9. Hope we can get The Harbinger tweaked sometime soon too
  10. 1 slot FAR, all you need. Slap mob sling on it and you have short-med covered and a sick lookin gat to blast them foo's with
  11. Hasn't worked properly for me for a long time. If in the team list everyone has a question mark next to their voice icon, I have to go into audio options and use the test microphone feature and speak into my microphone until I can hear my own voice, then it'll remove the question marks and actually connect me to voice. Very weird fix but if you have the same issue as me then it works for the time being
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