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  1. While I am more a fan of the Tigers style, I do have a couple of characters that are going for the Praetorian aesthetic. Which does mean that they both get to have a Shadow Strike-esque outfit to go alongside their normal stuff. Her Shadow Strike outfit takes inspiration more from the old Chaos District Shadow Strike contacts rather than just using Templeton's presets. If anyone even still remembers them. Also, if you're going to use the "Defender" Rifleman Config preset, can I please suggest that you at least use one of the larger armored vests. It's just that because of how symbol projections work, using any of the smaller vests/webbings will make the design become misaligned and look incorrect.
  2. Does sound more like a gun game, but yeah Hot Cross Guns was the egg launcher mini-game released back in 2014
  3. Is the chosen one event not this years "Hot Cross Guns 2019"?
  4. While this is all certainly a mishap for Easter, I'm more interested in the fact that there's a human-sized one sitting in Waterfront... Also I'm pretty sure the Chosen One event is supposed to be running as it's an easter-based event as well. Just the whole "no contacts to turn anything in to" is a bit of a challenge.
  5. Map changes would be a pretty welcome addition for some areas. That old forum post had some pretty good suggestions in it. Also there's a couple of vids that give a bit of a view of what the old skatepark looked like. Sadly doesn't quite give a full overview, but it's something.
  6. I figured it was there as set dressing just like the Intel Room behind Teng, the lockup over by Grissom, the interrogation room over by Ty, the storage space behind Danko, the office/apartment entrance by Arlon, and the SPPD Locker Room by Mirri. They all seem to have no actual collision besides sometimes floor collision, some outside wall collision, and of course prop collisions. Each has their own lighting/shadows as well. In the case of that hallway in particular, there's nothing else past the end of that hallway. Almost all the parts you can't see have their faces removed from the model itself. Secondly, the entrance to the Metropolitan Performing Arts Center seems like a pretty reasonable place for the highly respected/feared businesswoman that is Hea Choi. Big names likely visit the center for all kinds of charity and non-charity events that she likely takes part in. The areas that we, the players, get to run around in is pretty much just the food court. Thirdly, Bowse, Whut, and Gruff are all just Tiptoe's brood. Basically they're just her criminal entourage. Doesn't seem like there'd be much to do with them as they're all just tied into Tiptoe's lore. That said, I've no clue if there were bigger plans for any of those spaces, or if there were bigger plans for Financial/Waterfront in general.
  7. Comes from the "APB April Newsletter (APB Reloaded PC)" that seems to have been sent out. I feel like maybe it was sent out a little earlier than what might have been intended as the Chicken Mask/Suit and the Easter Egg Skin haven't been added back on to ARMAS yet.
  8. That's all pretty cool. The ARG was quite an interesting event to be a part of. Though, this bugs me a bit It's not quite the full picture that was pieced together. That's just the cleaned up mirrored image that Zolerox put together. The pieced together one looked more like:
  9. I'm just sitting here trying to figure out A. Partridge/Patridge/Partidge's password now. (You've got to get on top of that Redhill. You should probably know your employee's names) I'd have thought it would have been something based around her cat Clawdia, but I've not had much luck so far.
  10. 1st part says R.I.O.T. Having a bit of trouble deciphering the second part though as it seems to be only 3 lines high. So there's parts missing or jumbled if it's the same graffiti ASCII font as the others Actually it seems the second part is also R.I.O.T just wrapped to 3 lines instead of 6 like the first part.
  11. As far as I can tell, the code probably looks a bit like 6ac20d50-____-4f0f-____-3ec51de745d7 so far. Still lacks two 4 character segments.
  12. He was only recently moved during this ARG when they posted the news story of people dying inside St Medina's Hospital during their treatment of some new sickness. As far as I can tell, they haven't changed anything about the location outside of moving Devil Dog's stuff there
  13. I mean if they wanted to use a new faction, there's already Red Rain and the SPPD who seem to be the Midtown equivalent of Waterfronts Prentiss/Bloodrose and Financials Praetorian/G-King factions. -- On the topic of site updates though, there's quite a bit of interesting stuff. Like what looks like a new weapon skin And what looks like an in-game shot of an employee of the RedHill Institute of Technology There's also a broken page that I think says GO AWAY on it Still trying to figure out what all this stuff is though
  14. Oh cool. More progress. But why's Hector and Riddle sending stuff from Bravo's computer? Also is it A. Patridge or A. Partridge? -Apparently it's all now Patridge
  15. Yup. And I'm really hoping they're only there for promotional purposes and not intended to be Riot related Going to go with a cautiously optimistic approach to this stuff. Especially in regards to how they're trying to handle the lore...
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