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  1. I had also posted a bug report about this back during halloween. A bit dissappointing that it's still not been fixed since then. The bug also applies to the lesser used Pathfinder PR1/2 weapons
  2. One ugly holiday sweater with too much Prentiss theming and not enough crazy elves Name: ROXL Server: Jericho
  3. Pretty nice. Only got #2-4 part wrong. Though that's probably because I like Seung's bloodrose origin story more then Jeung's.
  4. That seems to be the intended design for the kit ARMAS promo image with no driver side vent ARMAS solo car image with no driver side vent ARMAS solo car image with passenger side vent Artist Renders:
  5. Kind of, yes. From what I can remember, it can only be combined with the Shotgunner Vest Config from the "High Roller" clothing pack. If I were able to connect to anything I'd give a more concise answer. -Edit- Yes. The only other chest config that it can be worn with is the 'Shotgunner Vest Config' found in the 'Enforcer High Roller Clothing Bonus Pack'/'Enforcer High Roller Bundle'
  6. There is the Armored Bonus Pack (Enforcer) and the later added Armored Bonus Pack (Criminal) which both contain only the "Combat Gear: Armored" clothing set. They have no direct connection to the Impact Bonus Pack (Criminal) and the later added Impact Bonus Pack (Enforcer), containing only the "Combat Gear: Impact". Did you purchase the Impact Bonus Pack (Enforcer) and the "Impact" clothing has not shown up? If that is the case, you may have to contact support Or is it that you purchased the Armored Bonus Pack (Enforcer) and have not received the "Impact" clothing? If that is the case then, as far as I know, that's intentional.
  7. As far as I'm aware, the Armored Bonus Pack acts the same way as the most of the other faction packs. Some clothing items are only purchasable for one faction. Although most of the configs seems to be delivered to both sides now... However, in the case of the Amored Bonus Pack, you'd have to purchase the Impact Bonus Pack (Enforcer) if you wanted the criminal clothing equivalent. Can't say much about the Vigilum/Libero configs though as they seem to have the last remaining "faction-locked" chest/leg configs.
  8. If you're referring to the Spray Cans Leg Config (L/R), then you have to wear one of the thigh webbings/armor first. These can be: - Thigh Rig (L/R) (Requires a belt) - Tactical Holster Pad (L/R) (Requires a belt) - Armored Thigh Pads Each of these can be obtained either through one of various ARMAS products, or you can use the "Street Krew Holster Pad (R)" preset from Gumball.
  9. When the new halloween skin, "Occult-Demoness" is applied to either the OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' series or the Pathfinder (not LR or SD) series of guns, the model will not appear. In Inventory: Of all the different weapons I was able to check, it seems to only appear on these: OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' PR1 OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' PR2 OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' RT1 Pathfinder PR1 Pathfinder PR2 In-game images:
  10. Roxl

    Showstopper look

    That Showstopper was bought from ARMAS Not that it makes any difference as the one from the Joker Store look and functions exactly the same
  11. Roxl

    Showstopper look

    That isn't max graphic quality nor is that what the showstopper looks like by default. It seems like you've got some lowered texture resolution Standard (Left) and Chrome (Right)
  12. The new Katana, Fire Axe, and Shotgun harnesses are backpacks instead of webbings, so they can be equipped to more things than the webbings can. However, the clothing editor will display a message in the bottom right corner when one piece of clothing will replace another. And generally the torso holsters and backpacks can't be worn with jackets/coats. If it's really too much to check something beforehand, here's a general list of what can't be worn with each Female Midriff Web Holster + Shoulder Knife Harness: Double Gun Holster (Back): Backpacks (Currently including all 3 harnesses): Male Double Shoulder Holster + Knife Shoulder Holster: Webbing Vest: Backpacks (Currently including all 3 harnesses): The hoodie is a regular top while the death jacket is a coat
  13. It looks like a female knife holster trying to deform around a male hoodie. I feel like it would look nicer if they'd used either the male Double Shoulder Hoslter or male Knife Shoulder Holster as a base instead of trying to repurpose the female version
  14. Well, I'm still not a fan of the gameplay style overall, this "Season 0" did seem to play a bit better than the OTW test. Instead of constantly spawning in the middle of a firefight, I now spawn in with about 2-3 deadly zones to traverse before getting to a safe zone. Not particularly optimal, but better than OTW. On the main gameplay side of things, I haven't much to add that hasn't already been said. Biggest problems I had on the gameplay side is the rather intrusive UI, rather strange spawn locations, and slow standing gain. Though standing might just be because it takes ages to start a match up on Jericho. And my undecidedness on the backstory has not changed since the OTW test. There's far too many unsolved questions, and missing details on both the Red Hill Institute of Technology and Lawrence Holland. Still not quite sold on the map changes too. I think it's creative the way that some destructible fortifications have been made, but there are still floating objects, broken textures, and odd collisions that still need to be fixed up. And lastly, I still want to suggest that if this Red Hill Institute of Technology are going to hang around for as long a time as it sounds; their icons used for contacts should be redesigned in the style of current contact organization icons. So the white/grey outlined style. Even just something simple like the mock-up on the right. Simply because their red and blue icon sticks out like a sore thumb in comparison.
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