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  1. Except Joker lost the helicopter pilot contract to Somatic. After which: It's technically already in the game though? The "Joker M9", referred to in that weapons catalogue image, ended up becoming the "Joker RFP-9" in a similar way that the "Dart Gun" became the "Stabba - TG-8", and the "Stun Gun - NL9-STABBA" became the "Stabba - PIG". The model just received some kind of box thing on the front, and an extended magazine Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see more weapon variants in the game. But I'm not sure an early RFP model is quite the right fit.
  2. Just went to check, and there definitely seems to be something strange going on. On my max rank Enforcer, the Broadwing B101 "Patrol", Veo ES-21 "Colt", and the Vegas G20-03 "T Force" all show a Rank 195 requirement when purchasing inside the Vehicle Editor/Garage. Yet their description lists the correct rank. And even stranger is purchasing them from a contact, in this case Sofia, they all show the correct Rank.
  3. That map can be found unobstructed in the southside "Chapel" area of Asylum, but the one in the image used can be found over in the south-western side in "The Asylum Club"
  4. The Yakuza: Oni Bundle (Account Lifetime) contains clothing found only in the Preset Clothing categories, and Preset Decals. If it is not found there, then please open a ticket with Customer Support. В комплект Yakuza: Oni Bundle (время жизни аккаунта) входит одежда, имеющаяся только в категориях «Предустановленная одежда», и «Предустановленные наклейки». Если его там нет, откройте тикет в службу поддержки. Apologies, I do not speak Russian Извиняюсь я не говорю по русски
  5. Summary: Male Cowboy Boots/Soldier Boots have strange deformation with Baggy Shorts Description: While the Cowboy Boots/Soldier Boots are equipped over the top of Baggy Shorts, the bottoms section of the Baggy Shorts will be distorted in unnappealing ways. Steps to Reproduce: 1. On a male character, change to and delete an outfit slot to ensure baseline 2. Purchase and/or equip a pair of Cowboy Boots/Soldier Boots 3. Purchase and/or equip a pair of Baggy Shorts 4. Select the Cowboy Boots/Soldier Boots 5. Press the "Put the selected clothing item over other clothing" button 5. Observe the Cowboy Boots/Soldier Boots deforming the lower hems of the Baggy Shorts How many times have you recreated this bug: 100% Results: Cowboy Boots/Soldier Boots are distorting the lower sections of the Baggy Shorts in a way that looks like the mesh deformation is incorrectly applied for the shape of the Cowboy Boots/Soldier Boots Expected Results: Cowboy Boots should cause little-to-no deformation of the Baggy Shorts when layered over the top. With either a more form-fitting deformation model, or perhaps replaced with a similar deformation to the Calf-Length Urban Boots Soldier Boots should cause deformation similar to, or copy from, the Death Boots
  6. It's fairly easy to make that outfit as it's mostly black. Depending on what server you're on, you could probably get the non-armas parts easily. From looking at it, they look like: Underwear - Bikini Top (Stu Phoenix Rank 7) Tops - Tank Top (Ty Durrant Rank 7) Bottoms - Combats (Miguel Estebano Rank 2) Footwear - Knee-high Work Boots (Kaspar Danko Rank 6) Jewelry - Dog Tags (Miguel Estebano Rank 2) Belts - Star-buckle Bullet Belt (Cop Role 7) You will have to pay money on the ARMAS Marketplace if you want the other parts, however. What they are and where you can buy just the clothing: Headwear - Headphones Handwear - Fingerless Tactical Glove (L) Handwear - Fingerless Tactical Glove (R) Armor - Tactical Elbowpads or Tactical Elbowpads Armor - Tactical Kneepads or Tactical Elbowpads Armor - Armored Thighpads Webbing - Tactical Harness Webbing - Tactical Pouch, Gasmask (L) Webbing - Handgun Holster Config (R)
  7. For some reason I really like the story progression of this one Despite it's choppy slow motion and bloomy visuals. I also enjoy this one: Mostly for no other reason than how disconnected it is compared to the modern-day product.
  8. It seems to be their intended course of action as they add more of the originally Armas-based weapons onto the Joker Store without creating a new weapon entry for it. At least, that's what I glean based off the responses from posts like this one: Personally, I'm not a huge fan of muddling the weapon naming schemes even more than they already are. Especially since the JG-1140 already states it's a 3-slot by its name. Plus JT implies a Joker Ticket origin.
  9. Summary: Dragon Weapon Skin applied to Joker C9S EX-III JT2 PR1 uses incorrect model Description: Equipping the Joker C9S EX-III JT2 PR1 with the "Dragon" weapon skin will incorrectly show the Joker C9 'Wasp' model Steps to Reproduce: 1. Purchase the Joker C9S EX-III JT2 PR1 from the Joker Store 2. Equip it in your inventory 3. Change the weapon skin from Default to Dragon 4. Observe the weapon now uses the model from the Joker C9 'Wasp' Results: Expected Results: The Joker C9S EX-III JT2 PR1 uses the correct weapon model when the Dragon skin is applied
  10. Having encountered this problem several times as well, I find it is quite an irritating process to fix. In my experience, it seems to rear it's head on outfit slots that see a lot of clothing changes. Stuff like whole outfit redesigns or new/replacement clothes being added. However, here are some ways I had "fixed" the issue on my end: Spamming the "Put the selected clothing item over other clothing." button on each individual clothing piece roughly in this order: Shoes -> Socks -> Pants -> Jackets -> Shirts, then reordering anything from there Unequipping everything but the clothing you want to reorder Lastly deleting the outfit slot, equipping only the Shirt and Pants you want to reorder, then adding everything else from there Hopefully one of those work for you.
  11. Roxl

    Weird symbol behavior

    I'm fairly certain that this property is intended. It's also not limited to any layer-specific position or order. As it only happens on the Gradient Circle, Gradient Sphere, Gradient Cloud, Gradient Square, and Rough Texture primitives, I figured it was to do with the symbol designer either not being able to properly handle Invert Masks for semi-transparent primitives, or making it work wasn't worth the trouble.
  12. Weapon silencers can sometimes be inconsistent with how it handles muzzle flashes. Mostly the hvr series of snipers will seemingly remove the flash entirely, while some other weapons will reduce the size of the flash. Whether or not this muzzle flash behaviour is what you're referring to, here's a list of some weapons that don't change their muzzle flash colour with the Nutcracker skin
  13. Does that also apply to the Pathfinder PR1/2 as well?
  14. Oh nice! Congrats to the other winners as well! Though I do wonder if it's just the Prentiss one that will be added
  15. I had also posted a bug report about this back during halloween. A bit dissappointing that it's still not been fixed since then. The bug also applies to the lesser used Pathfinder PR1/2 weapons
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