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  1. Summary: All front plate textures on the new Sungnyemun Mirage are misaligned Description: The front number plate textures on the new Sungnyemun Mirage S-24 are all misaligned and are cut off on the bottom and left areas Steps to Reproduce: 1. Customise the Sungnyemun Mirage S-24 2. Go to the Plate customisation 3. Angle camera to the front of Vehicle 4. Change plate to any option from 9/12 to 12/12 for easy visual clarification How many times have you recreated this bug: 100% Results: The left and bottom sides of the number plate textures are cut off from the plate and aren't displayed correctly. This applies to all plate variations, but is most noticeable on plates 9, 10, 11, and 12 Expected Results: The plate texture should properly display within the boundaries of the front number plate model like all other vehicles with front plates
  2. Clothing huh? I'd like to see a bunch of the unreleased stuff get touched up and finally make their way out in properly customisable form Things like: Glossy Do-rag Glossy T Alice Band - Male Fingerless Gauntlet (L) + Female Version Fingerless Gauntlet (R) + Female Version Gauntlet (L) + Female Version Gauntlet (R) + Female Version [ Safety Goggles (Neck) + Female Version Safety Goggles (Head) + Female Version Webbing Vest + Female Version Webbing Vest (Holster) + Female Version Police Badge (Neck) + Female Version Prentiss Tigers Badge (Neck) - M Prentiss Tigers Badge (Neck) - F Then maybe some more generic streetwear/punk themed clothing alongside some more swat themed clothing Neck-worn headsets, more general body/face piercings, lighter half-face mask, different finger rings
  3. Here's to a productive 2023 then I hope! Also I'm sure you're already aware, but the new contacts already have their voice over, subtitles, and non-email lore done. I just hope you don't double up on an unnecessary workload Though I'll be interested to see what kind of changes these plans will bring, so good luck to the team
  4. Best of luck to the team then. Hopefully this way ends up with better results
  5. I'm guessing you're referring to the "Occult - Demoness" weapon skin that was released as a reward for Halloween 2019, and purchasable on ARMAS during the Halloween season. The promotional image: Inventory preview: In-game preview: There are no flashy effects or major weapon changes associated with this skin. With the exception of the OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' apparently.
  6. I'm guessing you're referring to the difference between the Combats and the Tactical Trousers, which can also be bought on ARMAS From what I can tell, the male Tactical Trousers do not have the ability to wear any belts outside of the larger, loose belt category (Bullet Hip Belt, Crossed Belts, Utility Belt, Wide Studded Belt) It does not seem likely that the Tactical Trousers will have any belts created specifically for it at this time, or in the near future. If you want to wear a belt with it, I would recommend either one of the loose belts listed above, or one of the webbing belts (Army Belt, or Tactical Belt) Females can wear normal belts with them, though they will look strange
  7. Roxl

    Enforcer Only Vehicles

    For the firehawk kit, also remember to change: - Wing Mirrors -> Firehawk W. Mirrors Police Ed. - Front Bumpers -> Firehawk Front B. Police Ed. to something else as well as setting: - Top Enforcer Lights - Front Enforcer Lights - Siren Flash Pattern - Siren Audio to None Sometimes the faction lock doesn't seem to update automatically, but renaming the item will force it to update.
  8. Jack Character: DOMINIKWOLFRAM Server: JERICHO
  9. Previously owned "Born Dead" outfit. Recommend clean before use. Character: UndeadGuy Server: Citadel
  10. Second hand "Tiger's Training" Outfit. Worn once. Character: UndeadGuy Server: Citadel
  11. I give you San Paro's worst superhero/vigilante Goggle Man Part man, part goggles. Character: ROXL Server: JERICHO
  12. As strange, or annoying, as it might seem, it does appear to be an intentional change based off the information found on their blogpost. The items that are still listed as free are likely due to them not yet being purchasable from the Joker Store While it would be nice for the ARMAS bought items to not have the low price costs, it doesn't seem like there's a clean or elegant solution for it. Though it would be nice if the prices were balanced a bit more around their respective clothing types. Looking at you $500 Tops & Bottoms
  13. They were all made in, and are screenshots from, the current engine
  14. I dunno about perfect faces, but here's some I've worked on over the years
  15. Gets better each time I see it. Good work! 1. Regardless of what state it ends up in, there'd still be quite a bit of work to implement something like this in-game. However, I'd think it'd still be worth the effort to work on, even if it's just to show off 2. I still play a bit every now and then but exploring map changes, or a new map in this case, would bring me back real quick. 3. Due to APB's nature, I'd have a hard time seeing a map as big as this as anything besides a mission district. Though that would require placing and balancing of both mission objective points and gameplay elements. Though perhaps blocks could be cornered off and playtested in a sort of mock fight club styled district. Might be an interesting challenge
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