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  1. Yes. That’s exactly what I mean in the first place. It will sure attract players from other shooting games!
  2. I wish LO can make real Zombies in the streets of SP, I.e: pedestrians that actually attack players. anyone thinks the same?
  3. If you are 1. new and want to fully experience the fun of the game. 2. Enforcer 3. NA server 4. PC version of the game private message me.
  4. Armas Marketplace is down too! I just wanted to make a purchase.....
  5. I tried both NA and EU server. No response from the server when trying to connect. And you get stuck with the loading screen. Yes. It’s been like this for almost five hours now and still going on.
  6. Most of my points are covered by other’s threads. I would like to add only one more suggestion. 4. What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could? It would make the gaming experience more interesting if the corpse of the eliminated players can stay where they are and not disappear so that existing players can use them as a hint to find the rest players hiding nearby. This can also accelerate the game process, making hiding more difficult.
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