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  1. I agree with Exoticz, I really like the first one. I feel throughout all of the videos (less in the first one) that it feels over edited sometimes but I think that's just the style.
  2. Congratulations~ It would be helpful to include images of the winners sweaters so I don't have to sort through the old thread to find them :/.
  3. Would prob be helpful to have your twitch link in your post, lmao... https://www.twitch.tv/murkthemerc
  4. Personally I think this is a great way to get mainstream exposure/free(?) advertising.. being put on the same list as Overwatch, WoW, etc will at least spread awareness—maybe they would even check us out (not that they will see a pretty sight—which could hurt more than help.)
  5. Pretty sure that was the total amount of money invested into RTW, not APB specifically
  6. Hi Matt, do you plan on keeping visible rank icons after removing threat? i.e. recoloring the rank icons to be red / blue? There are a lot of people concerned and there has been no official word yet.
  7. I really like the suggested changes for Radar Jammer & the EMP grenade. I love the adding of new tactical options to the game to make it more diverse.
  8. I know this is still in testing, but I noticed the absence of rank icons like on Xbox & Ps4.. I hope you guys still don't plan on removing them. You can at least remove the threat colors when the time comes and recolor them to red & blue.
  9. Posting photo evidence that the email is being marked as spam (for gmail at least) :
  10. While eliminating visible threat levels, I would hate the removal of rank icons. The current solutions you have implemented have either made the icon the same for the faction (as was in open conflict) , or have removed it entirely (ps4 and xbox one builds) I think it would be a good idea to combine the idea of Open Conflict icon colors with the current ranks so they would now be red or blue instead of the current bronze, silver or gold. (very quick mockup)
  11. Thanks, I actually did cover this in the original post: The API isn't maintained by me, so this isn't something I have direct control over.
  12. Hell yeah, random shit on random weap for maximum fun! Currently, I do have a random loadout generator: http://infinitum.co/ I will extend the functionality so that you can share that build as well as selecting what weapons you own to be randomized :).
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