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  1. Hello! I present to you: Bri, and Victor: BRI V1: BRI V0 (Can't Change Order, but this is my preferred): BRI (Joker Distribution Infiltration [Lore]) : Joker Infiltration (Alternate Tops) : Biography/History (Long): VICTOR "SENTINEL" Biography / History:
  2. This is the first thing that came to mind after looking at the rewards. Glad someone else mentioned it
  3. Thank you for the feedback! I also created a blank screen for you since you wanted one: https://imgur.com/a/j4a1lSb Yeah, it would be easy for anyone that has a character already. I would just plop them in and make an aesthetic paint trail behind them. Unfortunately I can't draw, so this is the only way it could happen x). Thank You!
  4. Hi! Yes, this is 100% free. Credits are not required. Also that's awesome! Thank you for the showcase, I'm glad it's working out for you. Super cool to see it in action . Thank you for the suggestion~ I will definitely take note of that.
  5. Good Afternoon, I have created a pack of resources useful to both new and seasoned APB:R streamers. These resources will allow you to upgrade or spice up your stream graphics without sacrificing quality. My goal was to support unique combinations of resources so no two streams would feel the same. With 270 Panels, 120 Screens, and 180 Overlay files, every stream using these resources will look and feel different. Preview (Imgur Album) Download (Google Drive .Zip) What's Included? Contact Panels: - About Me - Games - Setup - Specs - Gear - Schedule - Commands - Rules - Characters - Socials - FAQ Other Panels: - APB:Reloaded - APB:Reloaded 2.1 Beta - Discord - Donate - Instagram - Spotify - Support - Twitter - YouTube Screens: - BRB - Offline - Starting Soon - Starting Soon™ Overlays: - Camera + 4:3 Aspect Ratio + 16:9 Aspect Ratio - Stream Labels + Latest Donation + Latest Follower + Latest Subscriber + Recent Donation +Recent Follower +Recent Subscriber + Top Donation If you have any feedback or ideas for expansions please leave a comment below! Sincerely, blank
  6. Done, surprised to see it had 7 likes by the time I got to it.
  7. Nice job, definitely sounds like something I'd hear in a mix. The sounds feel professional and polished.
  8. That is an interesting idea. I think for guns, in addition to a gun model preview, it would be interesting to ultimately see your selected character holding/shooting the gun as this holds more importance from an aesthetic point of view. (this game is 3rd person after all) Also, if something like this were implemented it may be possible to rip the models and textures from the browser. It seems Little Orbit is not totally against this as they made anti-cheat modifications to allow Ninja Ripper so Jenz could continue with their group photo project. This is probably the biggest concern that would prevent an implementation of something like this.
  9. BIank

    Disable things

    Keep in mind this game is for Mature Audiences (18+ in most countries). If it's not considered hate speech or nudity below the belt (more specifically genitalia) it most likely won't get removed and is not against TOS.
  10. I do think this would be super cool; I also wish some hairstyles looked better when wearing headwear..
  11. I was super excited to hear this when he said it live. At the end of the day even if they cannot technically port over the map and models, they should be able to use the map design itself and reuse some of their assets to bake it up.
  12. I do like all of these suggestions In regards to #3, in the 2.1 beta stream yesterday Matt did say they were working on improving the inventory/mail system so something better may be in the works. The solution to #5 is just playing a lot and buying more mods. Although, if you have a lot of guns to slot it may take a lot of money.. A better idea would be to make modifications unlockables instead of being actual items, that way you can slot your guns however you want once you unlock the mod. I do not know how possible this is from an economic point of view as there have already been millions spent by players on mods. They would need to create some sort of trade in system (trade in a mod for a permanent unlock if you do not meet the requirements), or buyback mods at half price if they implemented this change to compensate players.
  13. I did not expect the video to start like that but I am pleasantly surprised. I loved some of the improved detail on outfits and how crisp they looked in the designer. Definitely interested in hearing more information about how naming will be handled. Also when Matt said he would've released a public version of the Beta yesterday I almost died lmao. I am also very happy to hear about the acknowledgement of the Midtown project— it's obvious a ton of work has been put into it and I think that LO can gain so much if it's feasible to implement technically. If it gets to that point it would save a lot of development time and would be a crazy addition to the game. It's free real estate :^).
  14. The giveaway is now closed~ Thank you all for your participation and amazing designs on the site! I've enjoyed seeing everyone's creativity and I am excited for the future. Winners will be announced tomorrow afternoon and contacted with their codes. EDIT: Winners Contacted and codes distributed. Thank you everyone for your participation! Will announce winners in the discord.
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