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Halloween Mayhem: Backstory Blitz (Lore) Submissions

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Welcome to Halloween Mayhem!


This thread is strictly for Backstory Blitz category submissions.


For information on the contest such as prizes, click here.


This category is all about your character and their backstory.

You will be submitting a Halloween themed original character design & outfit, as well as a small blurb containing your character’s backstory.

How do they fit onto the streets of San Paro? If they’re not from San Paro, what is their story?


Whether you’re a Blood Rose looking for your next victim, or a detective trying to solve a case, this is your time to shine.


As body modifications can't be included in the clothing presets that make it to the JT Store, we ask that you make clothing your main focus.


Please place design emphasis on your character’s clothing.


Please submit one post per outfit.



Reply to this thread with pictures of your character. (front and back)

Include your in-game character name and server for each submission.

Include a small blurb describing your character’s origins. (extra points for APB lore)



The outfit must be made by you.

Winning entries must have everything equipped on their characters to export properly. Please make sure you keep your designs, and leave them on if possible after submission.

Please do not use any copyrighted material except from APB or it’s lore. Outfits containing copyrighted material cannot be added to the JT store.

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Kinda pains me that no one else submitted in this category. Thought I'd chime in so it's not entirely empty! (Just, you know, filled by a subpar entry :^) )



The Abington Towers Mental Asylum has always been a hellhole. The contemporary San Parite may recognize it as "that one island with a ruined hospital where all the Crims and scene kids go to rave". However, the place has a very long and tragic history, one which a lot of people would rather forget... but if you were unfortunate enough to have seen it firsthand, the misery of the Asylum will have burned into your retinas. One such person was an employee under the name of Oliver Osbourne.


Those more acquainted with the Asylum's history will recall the tragic incident that resulted in its ultimate closure: a mishandling of warfare equipment led to a large-scale chain of explosions, which ended up killing several patients and personnel of Abington Towers. As soon as the tragedy started, sending body parts flying, leaving fragmented corpses behind, no one could look away — especially not Oliver, one of the few doctors stationed in the institute who actually cared about their patients. Some of those men and women killed in the explosions, they were meant to be under Oliver's care. Some of them had hopes of successfully reintegrating into society, though no one can be quite sure if that was them or their mental conditioning doing the talking. Their mental state didn't matter then, though. In these circumstances, why would it? They were all dying from blood loss — or if they were "lucky" enough, already dead and past their misery.


As Oliver stood by the window, looking outward on the Dantesque imagery before his eyes, he felt like he had personally failed these people. He had spent so much time working with them. Each one of them was a unique human being, with their own story to tell. They all could have had a bright future ahead of them... and all of it was extinguished in a stupid accident. Perhaps Oliver could have done something to prevent it. Perhaps he could have convinced the management to employ more suitable patients or employees to carry the munitions. He should have been there with those people. He should have run to the exit and towards the wharf, hopefully saving at least one of them from bleeding out. But instead, he stood motionless, staring in disbelief at what had just transpired. Was it because he was mortified at the casualties? Or was it because he was horrified at the sight of one of his patients lying on the ground, missing a leg and crying in pain?


Between him and the massacre stood the retina of his eye. The sight had been burned into his mind. It would never leave. Things like those never do.


In the havoc resulting from the tragedy, no one could quite find their bearings. In a grim coincidence, it turned out that the casualties included most of the patients assigned to doctor Oliver Osbourne — who himself had also mysteriously vanished. Those who survived the events through whatever circumstances, whether it was because of swift medical aid or simple luck in hiding from the explosions, have experienced severe mental trauma. However, all of the inhabitants of the Asylum, even those not present at the wharf, cited a constant feeling of unease after the event — as if they were being stalked or constantly observed by someone. Some of them spoke of having outright seen a strange figure with a giant eyeball for a head looking at them from a distance, often from places normally considered impossible to reach.


These confessions quickly spread beyond Asylum walls into the mainland San Paro and gave birth to the myth of the Oculus: a supernatural being whose head is a giant eyeball. In the most famous version of the urban legend, he is Oliver Osbourne himself, who refused eternal rest and chose to return to San Paro as penance for his inaction and inability to prevent what had happened all those years ago in Abington Towers. He chose the role of a harbinger of bad fate, staring at those who have the power to change it, as allegedly, beyond all else the Oculus hates passive onlookers. If you see injustice happening in any shape or form, don't just stand there. Act upon it. Do something. Take initiative. You are wrong if you think no one will see you just turning a blind eye and moving on — because a certain eye definitely won't go blind for you.


No one is quite sure what happened to Oliver Osbourne after the wartime supply incident in Abington Towers, and his transformation into the Oculus has become a part of San Paro's street lore; an urban legend of sorts, or a prank especially prominent around Halloween, when trick-or-treaters repurpose headpieces of their costumes into giant eyes. Many people don't think the origin story of the Oculus is anything but a scary tale meant to educate the San Parian youth on morals and discourage them from going to parties in the Asylum — but even the most skeptic ones sometimes joke about feeling watched...




Like I've hinted at in the main thread, this is mostly a resubmission of what I've already created in the past, with some minor tweaks here and there. This rendition of the Oculus screams "edgy", as you may be able to tell by the increased amount of veins on the... head... eye?... the, uh... yeah... and the red iris instead of a blue one (though I still do have the "blue iris, less veins" version too). The backstory also saw minor tweaks (and the name isn't a terrible in-your-face pun anymore).


I wasn't sure if supernatural entries were alright, but I assumed they are since we do have Trick and Treat in the game, so yeah, I thought I'd come up with another "urban legend"-type character. The character's "meant" to be called as he is called in the backstory - the Oculus - but if trademarks get in the way, a rebrand is always possible. Y'know, something like Ocular, Watcher, Seeing Eye, Surveyor, anything goes I think.


One fun thing I've noticed is that somehow (by sheer accident; I was not going for that effect) I've managed to place the pupil of the symbol in the exact spot where the Dog-Ear's scope goes in the aiming animation.


Character name is Martinz, server is Citadel (EU).


So yeah, that's my submission in this category!


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Back in the day the Havalynd 3k3 gang was a group of criminals that delivered drugs from Waterfront to Financial. One member of the gang was Corvi. Her Dad was the leader of the gang.

Corvi was born in a little family in the Havalynd District of Financial. Growing up she was into creating Art of  Candy's and making them look alive. Towards her Dad. He totally dislike that his daughter went into street art and creating figures out of pop stickles. While her mother was selling urban clothes of certain street art creators. She found maybe a little market for her daughter.


While her dream was to create kids animations her Dad pulled her constantly into working as an drugs courier. But the dad never gave her any optimism or compliments for what she provided as a good job. While waiting for the Drugs to be loaded. Corvi was drawing in her notebook new characters for sustaining her drawing potential. In the meantime her mom was creating the clothes that would fit what Corvi wanted to pull off if she ever made it into Breakwater Animations.


On a certain day in the shop of Corvi's mom a gentlemen entered the store. He was talking about the characters created on the clothing that Corvi's mom was selling in the shop. The gentlemen showed a card that he was from Breakwater animations. And he would like to create a show out of the art that was printed on the clothing. He was looking for a new animation show for the Halloween festivities. And the green with purple characters felt like a good fit for that show. He asked the mom to deliver his card to the creator of these characters. When Corvi came back from a job she had to do for her dad her mom gave her the information that a gentlemen came and wanted to talk to her about her characters on Halloween evening. Corvi's dad was furious and planned another job for her on the same day she needed to go to that interview.


Unfocused on the job Corvi constantly thinks about her interview How she would like to see what will happen to her characters on the screen. while she is unfocused cops already saw what was going on and called backup. Sadly enough Corvi who was on the lookout for the cops saw Cop cars starting the drive to the facility. Calling her dad that he had to go or he would get caught by the cops. sadly enough Corvi's dad did not Respond. Still waiting from the top of the warehouse Corvi took an lmg and started shooting to the cops. To keep them at bay. But sadly enough the cops were already storming the warehouse.
Corvi saw that her dad was already taken into custody. A friend of her dad who ran to the top of the warehouse told Corvi to run away as fast as possible. He would cover her in the meantime. Even with so much cops around Corvi actually manage to get rid of the cops easily. While doing that she got furious that her dad got captured. The only thing she wanted to hear from him was "good job".


The time for the interview for her brand was actually close by so she directly went to the interview to make her brand possible so she could get her dad out of the prison. When she entered breakwater animations she saw that her characters were already being played on the TV. The gentlemen who contacted her mom said they were getting good watch numbers on the show. But Corvi just went wild from frustration.  having seen her dad taking to prison and seeing that her animation was stolen from her. She pulled for her gun and shot the gentlemen trough the head. After the gun shot everyone went into a panic. while Corvi just gently carved a candy figure in the death body of the gentlemen. After that she left the scene undetected by any other person.


Now she focuses only on what her dad thought her and wears the outfit her mom created for her with her brand on it. Still waiting for the one sentence she want her dad to say to her.

But every time Breakwater animations streams the animation on television on Halloween evening. a murder will be done with a carved candy on the belly of the victim.



Corvi - Citadel

probebly not a super backstory but tried to twist a bit at the end of the story with the halloween favor. hope its good enough.

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"As in Jack-o'-lantern, yes. Ha ha. It wasn't funny the first hundred times."


Things can get quite stressful when you're trying to run a farm dedicated entirely to the growth and sale of pumpkins. Especially when the only buyers you can find live in a town full of unhinged lunatics.
It also does not help that when the Halloween season arrives, all the pumpkins suddenly vanish alongside your brothers.


Sure, they usually turn up a few weeks later, carrying large bags full of cash and muttering something about selling it to the souls of the damned. But surely it wouldn't hurt if they'd at least include him in their schemes every once in a while.


However, this year is going to be different. Jack's got a plan. If they're not going to invite him, then he'll just have to carve his own path through San Paro this holiday season.


Maybe he'll even get to sell a few pumpkins while he's here.





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Piper Lockhart.


Piper Lockhart never lived a 'normal' life. Her parents were military spouses, and her being an only child in San Paro led her to fend for herself.
In the rare times her parents came home, they always brought little pieces of interesting military grade items for her to play with.
Infatuated, over time she became familiar with the military lifestyle, reading articles, tinkering with mil-spec artillery, researching the latest technology.
That willingness to learn and her fierce attitude held power. If trouble was around, she would find it. Or would it find her?
Either way, this caused her life to always be on tilt. She found her calling in San Paro after running into Luke Waskawi.
Waskawi bumped into Lockhart at the same notorious facility for picking up all types of contraband from drugs and tech, to weaponry and automotives.
He approached Lockhart with caution, trying not to ask too many questions and keep the peace. She was looking for a FLIR camera and parts to a radar scanner.
A brief conversation went down and they exchanged details. They would talk again in a more private setting, and in a less formal manner.
Waskawi eventually introduced Lockhart to Wilde, a popular name at the front of Joker Distributions. A match made in heaven.
The chat would inevitably bring in Lockhart, doing work with Waskawi and Wilde and slowly but surely working up the trust and forming a powerful alliance.
Military background, a little bit of insanity, street smarts and presumably a constant flow of adrenaline - whatever the case was, she had it.
So much so that whatever needed to be done from Waskawi, she was on it. Smarter, faster, and more precise than any other.
Lockhart could build a sniper rifle from scratch, evade cops at all costs, pick and drop off supplies to the warehouse.

If you needed one person by your side to do the job, and do it right - Piper was the one.

That is why she emerged at the top of the villainous throne.

I previously used this submission for the Joker Store contest, however I feel it still holds fitting for the Halloween contest.

In game name: irldevil


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