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    Todesklinge today: Todesklinge almost a year ago: See you all in another 11 months for another one of Todesklinge's "remove Clotting Agent and concussion (or "concurssion") grenades" posts! Realistically, the only things on showcase here aren't any balance flaws in the game, but you insisting on a specific playstyle and wanting the rest of the game to be changed to suit your specific playstyle more.
  2. Emphasis mine. In true fence-sitter fashion, I will now put myself inbetween two sides of an argument and garner the sympathy of neither of them :^) I feel like the N-TEC 5 being the untouchable golden child of the meta (a sentiment common among the replies here) is a problem, but nerfing it specifically instead of buffing other guns surrounding it in the respective class (the approach adapted in these changes) is not the right solution. If other assault rifles underperform compared to the N-TEC 5, they should be put up closer to it... but it is valid to discuss whether we should even be treating the N-TEC 5 like this cornerstone that we can't touch and merely mend everything around it. My way of looking at things is that the STAR 556 should be the baseline, given that it is the starting gun for everyone; N-TEC's place should be as an alternative which sacrifices consistent accuracy for higher DPS/damage output — but this discussion would reach far beyond the scope of this thread. Bold move, I'll have to admit. We can already see the outcry in this thread about how this "punishes higher skilled players", but I think the real issue here is whether anyone should have had the ability to shut down approach routes through resupplied grenade spam in the first place. This alteration should hopefully harm this tactic of spamming nades to prevent entry through some pathways. The resupply delay change alone doesn't alter anything about the grenades themselves... ...but this change does seem to be mixing some things up. I see the logic here, I absolutely do, and to some degree I agree with it. The regular frag grenade has been consistently the most versatile and most reliable in terms of damage output... but right now its max damage radius is just 25 centimeters higher than that of the concussion grenade. That proximity of their stats to each other sounds mildly concerning. The total radius, however, stays the same, so it should still be as good at spreading damage over an area as always...? I don't have a strong opinion right now. It seems like a good change on paper. I guess we'll have to see how it works out. _________ About the Med Spray change, I think it goes without saying that I like it. As for the rest of the changes — yeah I guess. I don't have a strong opinion on those in particular, and the justifications seem mostly alright/agreeable/reasonable (the most appropriate term here is up to personal preference).
  3. Yes, that is normal. Little Orbit have been giving the playerbase free Premium status over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rest assured it's not a bug — you really do have Premium at the moment
  4. YouTube links should automatically embed upon pasting them into the reply field. Kinda odd it didn't happen for you there. As much as I don't want to be another brick in the wall there... that old login screen theme really was something, huh? I much prefer it over the current BWOOOOOM we get upon starting the game up. I'm in a weird spot about Farfletched's theme for APB — I don't think it's bad in terms of quality (and in some ways I think it fits the gritty "urban warfare" atmosphere of this setting), but... I guess the grandiose opening has lost its grandeur to me. My earliest memories in APB consist of being overly proud of my laughably basic-looking outfit and being happy about finally getting my hands on a no-slot Charge Cisco for my character. Then, when I switched to launching the game through Steam and not through the GamersFirst Launcher, my first Steam character had his outfit be based on Ness from EarthBound for no other reason than "I could". I think I even got a Joker Carbine lease out of "joining" APB as a Steam player. Hell, over the years I've made friends in this game. I'm still engaged in the community, I still post in Discord servers dedicated to it, I got to meet so many people through it — and if the interaction was more amicable than smacktalk during the matches, chances are I'm still familiar with those people. It's kinda weird, actually, to think about how I'm still in this game, almost a decade later. Sure, we've fallen on hard times, that much is self-evident, but as for myself, I'm staying here until the bitter end (not that I hope it ever comes to that). I believe that if we are to turn APB around, we've got a lot of work to do — and I mean all of us. Beyond Little Orbit making sure the mechanical foundation of APB works properly, we as a community will have to try to bring in new players by generating talk about the game, creating content that'll people get to see, helping new players find their way around San Paro and the game's mechanics... all that stuff. also, bring back old login screen theme :^)
  5. I can see where you're coming from with this idea... but you're not putting forward anything substantial, so it's kinda difficult to gauge what exactly you're suggesting. Just a few example questions off the top of my head: Would this equipment be considered a character mod, a deployable, or something to replace one of the weapons? Would it have any cooldowns between individual uses? Other than offering faster movement than just sprinting, how would it interact with the environment? How would a player using one of those "deployable vehicles" go about doing things such as opening doors, interacting with fences, or getting into cars?
  6. Considering LO had only purchased APB in 2018, I don't understand why you're blaming Little Orbit specifically for not delivering on something that was promised about over half a decade ago, by different leadership, long before they had any say in the game's development.
  7. I would consider this sentence here the key part in all of this. The best treatment we could have hoped for from GamersFirst before Little Orbit was the cold shoulder - and that was if they didn't opt for radio silence altogether instead. Though obviously things are far from perfect right now, I would take the current state of things over pre-LO G1 any day of the week.
  8. Wait, we had an election for a Spokesman for the Whole Community? I don't remember voting for you — or appointing you to speak on my behalf.
  9. Kill-steak? Clearly this is a teaser/hint that we'll be getting a piece of steak as a throwable Half-Brick reskin once the Engine Upgrade drops! :^) Thanks for organizing a bit of something inbetween the 2.1 development!
  10. That would make sense, but I don't think missions are tied to map areas (as in, On the Fence only being able to be started and take place within a specific neighborhood); this would mean that learning one mission would still require the knowledge of all possible objective spawnpoints, not just a specific set of them that is correct every single time. Feel free to correct me on that one if I'm wrong. Either way, this only proves OP right on the assumption that some people with thousands of hours in the game (a small subset of veterans) will have individual spots memorized. The method of resolving this issue is adding more possible map items for mission interactions, not changing mission names and descriptions as OP suggested.
  11. Here's a fun piece of information: saying something is a fact more often than not makes people more suspicious of what you're saying. No. Knowing the objectives in a mission does not give you the knowledge of where the objectives will actually be located in advance. This should be fairly obvious from just playing the game. IIRC mathematically speaking, it's 25 missions for Crims and 25 for Enforcers. Considering that each contact already has a pool of missions they can give out, with those 25 missions appended to various contacts, it's a given that you may not see all of these missions right away. Remixed and reevaluated? Decent idea, actually. I think there are some missions in the game which could use an overhaul. Renamed? There's no real change this would bring about — and given the existence of localization configs which directly display mission objectives (because mission descriptions are replaced by just the objective list), the "issue" would still be there. Hell, if memory serves me right, LO has expressed interest of integrating "simplified" interface elements like those localization configs. Targeting specific groups within the playerbase is a great way of alienating support of your ideas. Not to mention, all groups and skill levels should be taken into account. Not just lower threat players, not just highest threat players — we either listen to everyone who speaks up, or we don't listen to anyone at all. Disagreement is not automatically toxicity. Saying that you're "speaking the truth" doesn't automatically make your words the undeniable truth or anything like that.
  12. I can see inspiration here from some of the Call of Duty games which have had character perks that allowed the player to substitute their secondary with a primary, with (if I remember correctly) only a part of the second primary's ammo capacity. The way I see APB's gameplay loop work, a primary is your main "role" in the team, while a secondary is a weapon that lets you cover up the niches your primary underperforms in. If you are interested in a secondary OBIR, the RFP-9 is your best bet (though that's a bit of a stretch). If your primary is a shotgun, you can make yourself a bit more viable at long ranges with an ACT 44. Honorable mention is the FBW, which does just fine at all ranges sans long, where it will flat out lose to the likes of the N-HVR. APB is not supposed to be a game where you turn yourself into a one man army. You take specific primary weapons with the knowledge that you will not be 100% effective at certain ranges, leaving you to rely on other members of your team. Even if we were to consider adding such a character mod to the game, I don't think the penalties you proposed are deep enough to offset the sheer power the player gets from having two primary options at their disposal. Plus, which colour would it even occupy? Blue or green? It's nice to see people still come up with ideas for this game, but about this one... I respectfully disagree.
  13. No, most people disagree with you because your approach to balancing has historically included ideas such as making the N-HVR a one-hit-kill, making changes based on calculations which only account for individual cases and ruin the balance of things outside of those individual cases, straight up complete removal of a specific type of grenades (conveniently, the ones you don't use) or nerfing OCA Nano because you can't land your shots against it with a 'Bloody Mary'. This topic that you're trying to discuss in this forum thread, we've gone over this already, almost literally a year ago - hell, I had already made the exact same points back then... you simply refused to acknowledge them. I hate to be breaking it to you, but changes are not made by pestering people with the same flawed logic over and over until they relent and give in.
  14. Just out of curiosity - do you ever consider the possibility that if everyone around you keeps disagreeing with you, it's not everyone around you who's wrong? I've lost count of how many threads you've created about this specific topic, and every single time people tell you that no, Clotting Agent is not overpowered - it's you who's gimping themself by opting to use Kevlar Implants 3. Once again, from the top (not that I expect you to actually take any of this into consideration; if several threads later you're still holding the same opinion, you won't change it no matter how much time someone spends on explaining this to you): CA3 is meta for a reason - its health regen delay decrease lets the user dive back into combat earlier than if they were to sit for the default 8 seconds before their health starts regenerating. The actual delay takes more time, but sometimes regenerating just a small part of the lost health allows the player to resume combat. KI3 is out of the meta because it's a decrease to player speed in a game largely based around mobility. Its health benefit is not meant to let you tank three SHAW mags - it's meant to be a slight edge for specific situations. You get slightly more health, but the cost of it is that you move slower to the point where other players could literally run circles around you. I'd risk saying that it's Kevlar that's underpowered, not Clotting Agent that's overpowered. Have you considered evaluating why you keep losing fights to other players? Have you ever considered that it's not other people's equipment that is at fault, but your playstyle? You're describing to us that you can't kill people with a single shotgun pump and a percussion grenade anymore, which really only makes me think that you expect to be some sort of an unstoppable force capable of just moving forward and effortlessly killing everyone while they deal scratch damage - in which case I can only recommend that you play a singleplayer FPS game with an invincibility cheat. Those are more adjusted to letting players stomp enemies.
  15. Upgrading the engine that APB runs on will allow LO to add more content to the game in the future. The engine upgrade serves partially to allow for adding more content to the game instead of slapping more meatballs on the spaghetti code that is APB. No, because the codebase is a mess and the engine upgrade is meant to fix that, among other things. Four, if you count this made up quote.
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