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  1. Pretty sure this is incorrect or false. As someone who messed with files long and still do, if there was a scenario where anything would've triggered - I would've been the first person to disappear in that, since I have been doing a lot of testing.
  2. Video evidence can assist, not determine.
  3. Mostly text-file modifications are still deemed OK-todo. So .ini file changes related to game configuration can still be changed. No files under: Can be modified anymore as these will be enforced and checked if they are. Advanced launcher modifies files located in: And primarily the APBCompat.ini - the first bucket or Minimal preset in-game. ReShade is a post-processing overlay, that does not interfere with any of these things.
  4. This is a known bug and is being looked in to.
  5. How is it effort for you or "wasting time" to quickly write /report <name> cheating? "No I don't play the game, pressing WASD is too much work" kinda vibe.
  6. I don't work for Little Orbit and EOS / EAC, I am in a voluntary role as San Paro City Tester. Not GM, nor Moderation however they handle these things, I do not know and don't want to mix myself in to. The fact we gotten EAC is meant that (i'd assume) they do something with it. Not just let it collect dust, would've spend energy and time elsewhere (I would imagine) if this was the plan. I cannot say; I don't do anything special with APB; I just know that from moderating another video game that uses EAC that reports do actually really help and people report there very well to keep the game clear. But it'll be a forever cat-and-mouse type of game. In that other game (NOT APB) we also adore footage as it can always help out add to the file of evidence/collection of data. Godmode doesn't exist. Health is server-sided, this cannot be modified or locked or frozen. This works extremely different from singleplayer (clientsided) games. In 90% of cases Game companies themselves do not do anything with anticheating and hire or rent a service like EAC (free for Unreal Engine-based games) or BattlEye, or FairFight or many other similar SaaS solutions. At the end of the day, for suspected players please use: /report <name> cheating
  7. As someone who nerd-enough about this as well as doing voluntary work (NDA) for another game with EasyAntiCheat to do moderation / handle tickets / sanctions on EAC and/or what Epic calls "EOS" (Epic Online Services) to deal with players. I can 100% confirm that: /report has 100% a working and real functional of importance in APB Reloaded today. Repeating old known misinformation whilst not being valid anymore today, is just as incorrect as repeating or spreading false or misinformation today. Always re-validate if the landscape changes, which in this case it has as we switched BattlEye to EasyAntiCheat or EOS.
  8. Or inability to understand the total picture to justify your posts?
  9. Smoke is not removed by configuration files. You can reduce the smoke particles behind grenades, it does not remove explosive smokes. Outlines are shader modifications these are definitely not within ToS. I specified specifically, text-file (or ini) modifications. "High contrast particles" which I assume you mean the purple trial/rainbow trial particle effects are also file-replacements of protected files. "Configs" by (this community) definition are packs of configuration modifications, which may or may not include file/shader/and other not-allowed modifications outside of text based. "Legal modification" is what I define as within Terms of Service, aka the changes to file in text format.
  10. Hi there, if anyone has more questions, please reach out to me on Discord instead. You can find me in the Little Orbit discord or by tag: Kyouki#1337 We also learned that Nvidia's (AMD antilag) may cause problems with fps drops and stutter in the game. Double check and see what works for your system best.
  11. KyoukiDotExe

    Unable to update

    Hey, I uploaded the client here for induvial files and whole download, maybe you can try that. It's 1.30 (newest from today update) freshly. https://mega.nz/folder/wckSVCjL#5wNwd_PNL0kCsX5qSg1zGw
  12. To be perfectly clear: You can't modify an application from 64 bits to a 32 bits one if the code is based on 32 bits. (as a user) What he means is the colour depth of the application, 16 bit colour, 32 bit colour. Different from code architecture being made on 32 bits.
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