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  1. I rather have them being transparent then being whatever the silent never-saying previous owners were. If we have to do assumptions it just makes things worse and a lot of misinformation will float which is still a problem to this day.
  2. Advanced Launcher has been allowed by LO: (which directly changes TEXT based files) Macro's however are 3rd party tool assisted, they are not allowed. Why do we use configs? Performance. Stutters might be decreased and framerates (not much) might be increased or improved when we lower the graphics. We're essentially making the game easier to run by reducing the quality.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! Glad it helped.
  4. Please refer back to my post, I specifically stated "constant and consistent frame rate of 128 fps or above". On systems that can generate 144fps but not with a lot of consistency will not produce the sliding. This is further amplified with the less players in the district and or specific location you are located in. I've performed tests on i9 9900K @ 5.2 GHz (a very modern processor with a lot of Instructions Per Clock where APB benefits from) as well as on a Ryzen 3950X (my own system processor) - rarely does the GPU matter in APB's case, it mostly does the resolution of the game and some other minor aspects. Gaining FPS in APB is *mostly* based on the processor's IPC performance and frequency speed. Having 144 fps but at a inconsistent frame rate (+frametime) results in the bug not appearing meaning it only happens if you get 144.3 FPS ~all the time. Getting 144.0, 144.3, 144.9, 144.5 doesn't seem to trigger the bug. Hope this informed you a little further in the technical details or observations.
  5. Unfortunately you'll have to use 128 fps to completely stop it from happening (in my experience). I tried every possible value from 129 to 144 and it kept on happening, the higher just seemed to slide for longer durations.
  6. Hello, The sliding "bug" appears due having a constant and consistent frame rate of 128 fps or above. This is not network lag. This is your client rendering the game within those two variables (both are needed to start sliding), the only solution for you to fix this is to either cap your frame rate using Nvidia control panel or the use of external frame rate tools like Rivatuner statistics server (bundled with MSi afterburner) to 128 fps or lower. I have performed many tests as to why this bug happens and how to prevent this but I did hear others needed different frame rates to make it stop happening, I don't think this is true and my statement on 128 fps seems to apply to most systems. This is different from network "lag", network lag is when you're rubber banding where you get pushed back or forth depending on where the server saw you last time and is likely the cause of ddos/network attacks or server performance problems. There is a lot that goes into wither or not a server is being ddosed or not and that is hard to see for us players unless we get very high latency, lots of packet loss, or server tick rate going up - this goes for everyone in the district. If only you are experiencing these problems then the problem is likely your route towards the server or the ISPs networking infrastructure. Hope I informed you a little bit in how or why this is how it works, unfortunately the cause of the bug is probably very deep engine level coding. Example of the sliding (on the APB open beta this time, but the same thing applies to Live client.) It doesn't, it's the same method RTSS uses.
  7. Interesting, I do as well but I only gotten it 1/10000 times. Good info to have if that is the case.
  8. Merry Christmas and happy holidays dude. Thanks for these posts! Awesome to see.
  9. KyoukiDotExe

    constant crashing

    This is caused by a config / line missing in a file, please repair your game and don't apply your config should work.
  10. I see you made a post in SakeBee's announcement. Keep in mind they run on NA times so they aren't working yet and the 21st didn't start for them yet (time of writing), give them time. Patience.
  11. You can capture the new IP or address within seconds of just logging in. Only if you add sea's of proxies it might be hidden away or the malicious player will attack something that might not be the final point where the server is affected. Even that would still reveal where it goes to, unless it's proxied away far and deep. (very costly)
  12. Yes should be up to date and behave like the first beta where things were being migrated (hardcopy from Live to the beta database), I assume. They disabled it to work on other network issue(s) and problems that rose up. (assumption) I cannot speak for them entirely; but this is purely my assumption of how they would go.
  13. This is so cool, thanks for showing this! Love to see more.
  14. Really sucks people are doing this criminal felony against a video game, it does not seem worth it to me.
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