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  1. KyoukiDotExe

    Hacker testimonial

    This is so stupid, hes saying that hes convinced with other players having wallhack as well. While it could just be common gamesense at some point or just using the camera to your advantage. "A dark hero born" Are you actually serious? You just became the exact thing you hated yourself just to payback?
  2. KyoukiDotExe

    Dev Blog/Roadmap

    Thank you very much Matt! Looking forward.
  3. KyoukiDotExe


    What I meant by single user is just someone trying to spam the server /w packets. One client, that cannot do enough. You indeed need to instruct a network of bots with clients to properly do these DDoS attacks.
  4. Please do, thats a great idea!
  5. I wouldn't recommend a 970 or better, instead I would go for anything above the 400 series of Nvidia GPU's, and above the AMD Radeon R5/R7/R9 200 Series GPU's. Speed on MHz is also a bit irrelevant towards performance. Any processor with 2 cores and tons of GHz APB will do just fine.
  6. KyoukiDotExe


    Thanks for the information, but I am aware of what it is. I work in IT and leaning towards getting into the IT Security branch to learn more. Might I add that there are new methods which just involve some exploit or security vulnerabilities that allows to send more packets than normally to crash/ddos servers. There are lots of ways to DDoS as of lately, that what I meant with my post. It's very difficult to cover them all without impacting the game's experience.
  7. KyoukiDotExe

    Drop FPS

    Sadly, you can not disable it entirely. I would not recommend going over 120, the drawbacks are simply not worth it.
  8. KyoukiDotExe

    Dear MattScott <3

    I would like to smash some things said there: - Defragging a "folder" isn't possible and should NOT be done on a SSD. - I would suggest Particle space area above "7813" (to be sure set it to 8000), else you won't see the fires on the cars and die without seeing it. Rest of the suggestions is fine.
  9. KyoukiDotExe

    Need Your Answer about this please!

    No they are not bannable.
  10. No but processor speed helps and two cores 1 for OS 1 for the game is enough still. As long as the MHz is fast.
  11. KyoukiDotExe

    Second Wave of Unbans has gone out!

    Thank you very much for the hard work.
  12. APB loves processors so my suggestion would be atleast any i5 of last generations.
  13. KyoukiDotExe

    No SweetFX support?

    BattlEye will block Reshade/SweetFX. It could be used to activate cheats using the overlay.
  14. KyoukiDotExe

    Lag/Stutter Issue

    Try this: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/1463-drop-fps/?tab=comments#comment-20503