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  1. This is all amazing and good news. Thank you and the team for all the hard work so far. Looking forward to the future.
  2. Hello gamers, Today I would like to discuss how we could possibly balance the character modifications. Please discuss my suggestions and thoughts on it. if there are good suggestions I will edit my thread accordingly. Spotter https://apbdb.com/items/FnMod_Character_Spotter The mod is basically free wall hack for 8 seconds, you don't know if you have one on you or not you'll have to guess. To rebalance it the idea is to just up the cool down time on it. Maybe at some point during development allow us to see if we're tagged by the spotter mod like the tagger mod so we at least know we can play around it. Currently: Cooldown: 45 secs Duration: 10 secs Rebalance state: Cooldown: 120 secs Duration: 7 secs Blowtorch https://apbdb.com/items/FnMod_Character_Blowtorch Combined with a pioneer or any other car can give you permanent defensive cover, you can really abuse it to car gameplay someone to oblivion without leaving your big hotel once. Currently: Cooldown: 30 secs Duration: 30 secs Rebalance state: Cooldown: 60 secs Duration: 20 secs Radar Jammer https://apbdb.com/items/FnMod_Character_RadarJammer This mod currently is just useless, with tagger and spotter being a thing you cannot block those either. All you do with it is block the radar from not showing you but you're only shown when shooting or seen anyway. Would be cool if this mod could counter Spotters/taggers makes it a bit more useful to use. Or increase the duration timer on it. Currently: Cooldown: 90 secs Duration: 15 secs Rebalance state: Cooldown: 90 secs Duration: 20-30 secs Remote Detonator https://apbdb.com/items/FnMod_Character_RemoteDetonator This mod is pure annoyance and we all know on why we use it or hate it. The low cool down timer is the issue here mainly, other than Explosives 3 being 45% is also very huge but that's another story/mod. Currently: Cooldown: 1 secs Duration: n/a Rebalance state: Cooldown: 60-90 secs Duration: n/a
  3. Back in the older days I used to use .45 a LOT but switching over to FBW for the longest time I can remember now. I am used to the FBW and prefer it over the .45 over the movement it gives you, the .45 pretty much requires you to be very static, precise and fast.
  4. Most posts so far are pretty correct, Garbage Collection is the majority of issues with stutters. You can even compare stats or stutters from the log files using this line: %time% - DevGarbage: 81.180300 ms for realtime GC %time% - DevGarbage: 11.502200 ms for unhashing 31101 unreachable objects As a player you sadly can't do much about it, believe me I have tried. I doubt server hiccups cause client hiccups, it could but I am not saying it is right now. They are pretty rare. I haven't noticed client performance going down either from patch to patch, some days seem worse than others as well. It depends to much on things to reliably say where it's from or what it is caused by.
  5. "EAC is obliviously disabled" Then why don't I ever see speed hacking epicgoat shawcopters ever since it was added? There have been a few cheaters but I have yet to see them longer than a day or a week. If they stay after that you could pretty much assume it's either a good player reroll or a new nickname. Seriously this community is so delusional.
  6. According to the killfeed your teammate died first, then the VIP.
  7. The quiver is a preset item piece, that should be awarded from Love Lost. If you didn't receive the item (not under presets) I would send in a support ticket. The Tommy gun lease is send by mail for 10 days. It being on the contact store was a bug as the event didn't state it would be unlockable. Reaching rank 4 allows you to buy the STAR 556 'Love-Gun' though as that is an unlockable and should still be purchasable for you now.
  8. KyoukiDotExe

    Crashing on Spawn

    Hello, What graphics card are you using? I've heard this before with Nvidia 16xx series GPUs and 20xx series.
  9. KyoukiDotExe

    Launcher error

    Hello there, Check your processes list and see if there is another launcher currently active, if you don't see anything I advise to restart the computer just in case and try again. I've not heard of this one that common yet, but this would make sense to me. Hope to hear if the issue is resolved or not.
  10. KyoukiDotExe

    Installation error

    Try running the `EasyAntiCheat_installer` program as administrator from this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\TPI\EasyAntiCheat
  11. I think he fixed it as he's live after posting. Just hasn't bothered posting a reply.
  12. The /report feature works if you type the name with the quick offense behind the name, example: /report АСМАП cheating /report АСМАП harassment and so on.. Sadly the mission bug seems to be a really annoying thing as it's not a constant issue that you can reproduce 100% of the time. I've never had it, but there are people who swap character once and get it. Seems to be very random. I do know that backup in certain DM missions with nametag seem to have this issue, which is somewhat reproducible. You can avoid the issue a little bit by starting up the game as normal, select one character and play in selected district. Swapping seems to trigger the issue as far as I heard people. You could be a great help if you would be able to figure out a pattern to the bug leading to the mission objectives not being visible. With a 100% reproducible rate.
  13. Carbine, Oscar, Obir, Obeya are all weapons that it doesn't work on as well.
  14. Have you tried it today with the new server changes?
  15. I seem to be able login to the game just fine, could you tell us some more information? Do you get an error or anything else?
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