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  1. That is your estimation (and mine) but it might not be the reality. I don't know exactly how those technical details work.
  2. And that's mostly the problem, many people consider it to be a easy thing to set out and get done while it may require a lot of technical redesign under the hood to allow those things to happen. Everything right now is designed from a concept or idea and going out of that path might need 4-5 steps back into the code to make it start working from there on. Not saying I disagree with the idea however, it would be better for the Jericho server players and APB in general.
  3. Customization on clothing/vehicles, Movement, Shooting, Themes, The chaos the game brings or how much can happen, you never can fully predict an outcome of an engagement even after long periods of game hours.
  4. Only on the GPU side where things are more rapidly changing then any other part of the system.
  5. Names like that only happen due two characters on two different servers being merged into one. This is only the test environment though so it won't stay and unsure how it will be in the future.
  6. This problem is a bit of a two side problem, some people genuinely like the open world and the chaos it produces but it also allows griefers to be effective at annoying you (even more if you stream your game). I've heard suggestions before to have ghost people outside of your mission but for some that ruins the interaction with the world or other players (or a sense of idea that you're not alone in the server) It's gonna be a though one to crack but I am sure with the engine done they come up with a pretty solution to this problem.
  7. I felt my previous post I made here is very relevant to what you've posted here.
  8. I believe it has been said they do want to try and bring back this old classical login menu soundtrack, but that all depends if they can make that work. I am completely okay with something new and fitting as well, as I am not that keen on nostalgia feel towards things. Where it went wrong was basically the previous team did what they could to keep the game afloat which was making armas items and joker box items, may it been good or bad. That lead to the game standing still in time for the vast majority of years while it slowly faded. We desperately need the engine upgrade first for many reasons, as the old dated problematic live client is severely out of date and suffers in using systems available resources as well as the old underneath the hood engine and systems that take care of many of the core components of APB. I truly believe LO can pull it off and make this happen, but it's only 1/5th of what needs to happen before APB is considered "better" then before. Many crucial things like weapon balancing, match-making, out of memory crashing due to newer graphics cards, old bugs like the waypoints disappearing after swapping character or district. It's not a holy grail or revival, but it's a start to an exciting new and modern future for this game.
  9. Don't know yet. Likely already those two compared together are so much better so that's likely to be on the other generation chips as well as these are more architectural changes or benefits.
  10. Roughly 18% faster then 3000 series this is due this line in the article linked below: "The Ryzen 9 5950X compared to the ‘current-gen’ Ryzen 9 3950X is 18% and 12% faster respectively in single and multi-threaded tests." Since APB purely uses single threaded performance it'll be 18% (roughly) faster then previous generation, I am using a 3950x with 4.350 MHz all core overclock and I achieve stable 144 fps in most cases. I truly think intel has to step up one way or another but they hit a roadblock in terms of going down a notch. Sauce: https://videocardz.com/newz/amd-ryzen-9-5950x-and-ryzen-9-5900x-geekbench-5-scores-leak
  11. Nah more like wait hours or skip it with money.
  12. 100% correct. I understand your statement but as the others have also stated, AVX is going away as it's not a meaningful increase in performance and only increase complexity of workload which might lead to more instability. Which is a good trade off if you ask me, the more people we can get in to play the better.
  13. Those are just things to keep you busy or active/engaged. It's like the thing people do with their legs, shaking or jiggling them. Other then that, people will call anyone a "tryhard" which lost it's meaning at this point since it's even thrown at a guy who boots the game up every once a while and plays a casual mission or 5. But with a lot of experience in the game knowing where to attack from or what weapons to use against other weapons. "Oh you beat me? Must be a tryhard."
  14. Thanks for the detailed post, agreed on most points. I'd like to mention two points though: - ACT44 is still a great gun. - RSA is a better gun but the ACT44 outshines it class still. But using the RSA on longer ranges is very nice, better than the ACT44 and you need 1 less bullet.
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