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  1. The catcher is there to "catch" the error message and forward it to the LO/G1 servers? *Don't quote me on that* Empty file method works wonders.
  2. Yeah it's really strange, only some of my APB friends do have the same issue. Absolutely not all of them, I can't really reproduce it a 100%.
  3. Hello, Since 2 versions ago I have been starting weird Alt-Tab crashs, where the previous version's like two ago didn't had these issues. I pressed Alt-Tab then it went fine, got later back into the game and alt tabbed again then it crashed. The logging says not much: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/G8qKhzMpCb/ Error that occurs: I am playing in fullscreen exclusive mode, and I have enabled "full screen optimizations" on the executable. Don't know if it is relevant.
  4. One of the finest balanced weapons I would say.
  5. Pretty much 85% of the things we do manually in the config files should be added into the game if possible. No reason to hide it otherwise. =]
  6. Try this: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/1463-drop-fps/?tab=comments#comment-20503
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