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  1. Glad some of you got it to work, hope others also will end up finding a resolution. Let us know at least.
  2. This error appears to be random and kicks a bunch (or not) people at times. Most of the time I heard about it from people the issue only happened once or twice to them and then it disappeared. I've never been affected by this one for some weird reason. I assume this doesn't have anything to do with your local machine and sounds more like on the server-side.
  3. I've had one other player contact me about this issue, we tried some usual steps as reinstalling BE from the binaries folder but that didn't work using the two batch files. So what we ended up doing was uninstall BattlEye with the batch file in Binaries\BattlEye (run as admin!) and then reinstall APB, upon starting up or wanting to start up APB the launcher should install BattlEye.
  4. This is probably the best technical assumption. In truth I don't think anyone knows the true answers but servers do perform better when there is less pop overall. 40-40 is even already daunting it seems for both the clients as well as the server and it's likely because of outdated code.
  5. https://www.gamersfirst.com/account/ Supposedly the fix for this is to login to the main site and disable tokenize and enable it again. Then top right account if it doesn't properly redirect you to the page under "Two-factor authentication"
  6. Yes, it works as intended but if there is a 3D load and the GPU stays in idle clock speeds then there is something wrong with either the application or driver. Explosives are just hefty on the single core/thread performance where it hiccups the game just like the current 60secs Garbage Collection Dump hiccup.
  7. No person in life ever did something good at first try. It's a on-going progress.
  8. Something seems to be wrong that doesn't give the GPU the impression that it needs to allocate resources and thus up the clock speed. I can't exactly give you a 1 stop solution as it could be a variation of issues with accompanied solutions.
  9. GPU Boost does this for you on the nvidia cards, well within spec or limits. Keep in mind though that APB doesn't do a lot of tasks on the GPU, APB's performance favours CPU more then anything. You can't force an application to do something it's not designed to do.
  10. Change in Nvidia Control Panel under "Manage 3D Settings -> Program Settings -> APB: All Points Bulletin" the Power Management mode to Prefer max performance. Sounds like it is stuck in running in idle mode.
  11. That's just classic Garbage Collection (every 60secs) or this game being old that was never designed to go over 120fps. I am on a 3950x + 1080 Ti and I don't see a constant 144fps either unless it's very specific spots or with barely any people around. This is purely by how the game is designed for back in the day and it's age. Seeing you're also on a 3900x which isn't a very amazing IPC compared to the new gen 5900x for example. APB Benefits a lot from Instructions Per Clock performance numbers. GHz on the CPU can also help in making APB render the frames faster and more frequent.
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