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  1. Do you even read? No every time you buy a legendary for 7 days for 2500 JT you have a 5% chance to get one perm. Nothing stacks. If you fill the bar it'll give you the weapon 100%.
  2. Disclaimer: those numbers are pure speculation from my part. I don't know how far that works on their end or what they see or know. This is what is my estimation or speculation entirely.
  3. Personally believe in that the Corona situation which gave us a spike in population is now slowly becoming better for most people. (at least in Europe) so Citadel drops in players. For the activity on the forums, I used to not post for quite some time and found a lot of topics not to be relevant to read. Dropping EAC was a choice they had to make which couldn't be done otherwise, else they would. But I disagree in that people see 60%+ as a cheater while the real numbers are in the low 5-10%.
  4. The C2 no mods / base model is pretty good at CQC but sucks to further beyond that range. Trouble Maker can be used effectively beyond this range and do well on CQC. Whisper is about the same as the trouble maker's field of effectiveness but shoots much quicker. All 3 guns are pretty good but have their own strength and weaknesses, it's up to you to fully utilize or understand how the weapon is suppose to be used.
  5. They haven't "failed", the engine runs and it runs well to a point where it maintained stability, at one point we had 160 players online. This is good. The issues that arise came from multiple and lots and lots of people trying to login and then having the world server issues, it is something to be worked on and this is why testing is good and crucial. This issue never came up when we were testing with the public BETA testers group. The reason for quietness can be read pretty well by the statement made on the new engine upgrade post here: Anyway, it's a project of large magnitude and requires a lot of work and time. It'll come when it's ready.
  6. What he said down below is regarding Legendaries, not normal weapons from armas or the JT store. This is for legendaries. On topic, I've once bought 2x 25000 JT, one time I got nothing. And the second purchase gave me 3 medusa's. I can stand behind Ketog's post:
  7. It's a really hit or miss with these services, sometimes your route or ping is better, sometimes it's worse. Nobody can predict what your route or path will be to the server that's entirely decided by the systems. Try it out if there is a trial period, but I highly doubt it. Note: saw your signature. I approve.
  8. When you redeem the reward from the JMB it's 365 days, but the unlock is for perm. You get the mail message from the 365 lease period because even if you delete that one and get a perm unlock one you'll still receive that e-mail. The unlock won't expire. You can buy the vehicle in social from the Garage, after you redeemed it: As you can see the one won from the JMB is 365 days but the one I purchased is perm and won't expire. If you had designs on the car the 365 days one then yeah you have to carry that over to the unlockable one.
  9. In a free to play title (and even paid ones) it'll never be able to reach 0. In every game there will be combat against cheaters, unfortunately. It's a always cat and mouse game that never ends.
  10. I don't understand that people realize that the actual final number of people actually cheating were (still is, probably) in a low digit amount. Personally think a lot of people are delusional in thinking someone else is cheating or might be cheating who is a completely normal player. Even low ranks can be normal people too or older people/experienced people on a new char/account since they miss the sense of progression. But as Matt stated here:
  11. Carbine for learning to tapfire on target, OCA for tracking the target. Force yourself to be a active aimer (always move, preaim corners) instead of a 'walk into my crosshair pls' type.
  12. Most legendaries either have 1 or 2 weapon skins already applied to them, you're unable as others pointed out to put a custom one on them unfortunately. The only skinnable gun which is rare to obtain (and is not a legendary) is the FFA 5.56 R&D III, which is basically a obir reskinned with slightly less zoom (fov 55 zoom instead of 40).
  13. I've basically deleted the ones not being worthwhile and swapped them out with tradable ones instead if need be. This way I have storage space again that I can use to get more guns. But that's about it what we can do with them...
  14. Set it to 16x16 lodbias 4 and equip camo pants. The quality will be reduced.
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