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  1. Yeah, let's kill the game with an over-saturated gamemode and kill it with more expensive content.
  2. 4:3 doesn't make anyone better. It's personal preference. This stupid conversation/battle goes about nothing and every game suffers from it. CS:GO had it with pros using 4:3, fortnite because some players won with 4:3 resolutions, it really doesn't make a difference. The steam store has full settings/resolution as selling point.
  3. Could you give this a try? https://mega.nz/#!544gEQJJ!AwB3YA-pdyKizwFQrD77Y2CbyiQWasfkBQ6KY9Bm4ig Place it here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\Engine\Config Then rename BaseEngine.ini (your current one) to backupBaseEngine.ini Then rename TweakedBaseEngine.ini to BaseEngine.ini (switchiro) Let me know.
  4. Only thing I can think of is tweak the various levels of graphics in APBCompat, minimal for gameplay and high for design. Other than that, no options. The game is just old.
  5. If anyone is interested into viewing some detailed information regarding what is loaded on your RAM, you can find "RAMMap" from Sysinternals (Microsoft bought these).
  6. Which I see as the same thing, why is the other one allowed then? It's semi doing the same thing...
  7. The anti cheat works, just not super aggressive. They did tune it bit last time and banned a wave of cheaters/players. But they do not want to ban innocent players, which is totally fair.
  8. Wait wait wait. You're telling me, no fog shader is NOT bannable? It involves the same process. Please elaborate.
  9. Please don't, not every game behaves like ancient game like APB does. Most games understand these settings and it usually doesn't impact anything. Other then the tab says "Compactability".
  10. Sounds troublesome. But also very excited for what it feels/plays/looks like! I'll be waiting patiently (already am since 2011, so can't quit now!) Thank you for your work. @MattScott & the team & of course SPCT for testing.
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