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  1. KyoukiDotExe

    121Fps cap?

    I got a 165 Hz monitor and one 240 Hz monitor, is it possible to unlock other options as well? I don't see a reason why to cap it since you already upped it anyways.
  2. Would love to hear some thoughts of you on this.
  3. So with all the recent issues regarding DDoS, I happend to stumble upon this video regarding these issues and how Valve is tackling these issues. Valve is releasing their opensource and networking solutions to lower ping and defend against DDoS attacks. And inviting others to join along, maybe this is a good opportunity for APB to finally have a good connection/ping without impacting the game as much. @MattScott, would love to know what your opinion is on this or if this is even something you would consider. Seems like a great opportunity to make it all better, even though I'd assume it would require more devtime.
  4. Exclusivity is bullshoot. Just put it back, regardless of how good or bad it was.
  5. KyoukiDotExe

    SweetFx presets ?

    This tool "injects" into APB, it might trigger BE to a certain degree. On pubg reshade/sweetfx is downright blocked.
  6. KyoukiDotExe

    Accidental Mispurchase

    G1 reverted my mistake in the past, so I am sure LO will too. Just give it some time.
  7. KyoukiDotExe

    Asthetic Advantages

    I think the sound helps. I used to be like CR5 over NTEC but now I actually reverted. Could be just a small placebo thing.
  8. KyoukiDotExe

    The ntec ursus vs atac

    NTEC/Ursus for long/medium range, ATAC for close/medium ranges.
  9. Are you running bloom? And what settings did you actually run ingame? The preset and with the advanced options?
  10. KyoukiDotExe

    Hacker testimonial

    This is so stupid, hes saying that hes convinced with other players having wallhack as well. While it could just be common gamesense at some point or just using the camera to your advantage. "A dark hero born" Are you actually serious? You just became the exact thing you hated yourself just to payback?
  11. KyoukiDotExe

    Dev Blog/Roadmap

    Thank you very much Matt! Looking forward.
  12. KyoukiDotExe


    What I meant by single user is just someone trying to spam the server /w packets. One client, that cannot do enough. You indeed need to instruct a network of bots with clients to properly do these DDoS attacks.
  13. Please do, thats a great idea!
  14. I wouldn't recommend a 970 or better, instead I would go for anything above the 400 series of Nvidia GPU's, and above the AMD Radeon R5/R7/R9 200 Series GPU's. Speed on MHz is also a bit irrelevant towards performance. Any processor with 2 cores and tons of GHz APB will do just fine.