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  1. There's lots of things i'd like to see and kind of trying to create ingame like this crop top Or those free hanging trouser straps What i'd like to see are texture adjustments for clothes as well. Also for already existing clothes, like matte or glossy/shiny surfaces. I have some armor pieces look glossy but i'd like to have them with a matte surface where certain symbols just look better.
  2. Female harem pants are love. I like them a lot. But i'd say Skate High-Tops are shoes i am using in most of my outfits.
  3. They reset at 5 AM CET on a Tuesday. Did that for some weeks now and camped them one week at the exact same time.
  4. I don't know. When i report people they disappear depending on what they did. Went from people telling others to end their lifes, to hackerman and people selling ingame money/items for real $$$, or people running around in outfits with nazi symbolism. So they definitely do enforce their rules you just have to report people with solid evidence. Just saying "This guy did this and that please get him the bän my bröther" won't do anything. But ay, that's just my experience. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. @SelaliDeath themes are a part of this game and people actually enjoy them and want their themes to be heard. Wouldn't it be better to add something that lowers their volume so they can still be heard? Something like a quiet-mode for themes would be much better than just globaly mute all themes, make them less valuable and punish a lot of people because some dorks decide its funny to earrape people and actually hurt some.
  6. This is why i dont sell symbols, i rather put them on something and sell that something. If it's cars or clothings, that doesnt matter.
  7. Still getting error code 8. I made it to the character selection but from there on i was booted out and had to login again
  8. It looks like this. I already had that in several games and it can be very annoying.
  9. I know that people dethreated to play with friends who are low ranked or not good enough for silver district. I used to do that 4~5 years ago because i had lots of friends there. We also dethreated in a own group of friends. It's not as bad as people going into solo missions and play bad ruining the fun for people who seriously play but today i think it is a dumb thing anyway. As a high rank/max rank you don't belong on a district with beginners. Also, you're just as good as the people you play against and of course if you stay on bronze district 23/7 on purpose you'll be on the same skill level as others playing there. So if you wanna get gud, get together with gud people and get your cheeks clopped til you figure out and stand your ground there. LO knows about that match making problem but what about a ranked locked district system? T~100 is bronze, 101~194 is silver and 195~255 Gold district. Not sure how that would affect the player population on each of those districts but i've seen that in another game and it worked pretty well.
  10. Who's making those symbols @Sakebee? I like them.
  11. Today when AncientMew was in social it turned out to be an issue when someone started to spam around to sell his 600k EOL. Mew and other people told him to use /yell and he went silent after a while but he wasn't really aware of bothering people even when a GM was around. This is what i mean when i say it's not an issue that can just be ignored if everyone looks away. There was also someone asking for a slow mode of 10 seconds for a while. Not sure if that could be a thing in future when a GM is around answering questions... not for 10 seconds. That might be a little bit too long.
  12. atm it is/was worse than yesterday. That's just 2 people right here but there were more spamming in /s that is less of an issue since it just annoys people in close area. Tried to answer some people and had to double post myself too so they can see it
  13. I am actually talking about the /d channel. My Chat is seperated into /district /help /yell /group and /clan so it is well balanced. And for the /ignore issue, there are a lot of people with full ignore lists and the more people just get ignored the more people you have who would do the same -> more people double/triple posting that have to be ignored -> You not being able to /ignore them all. And if that ends in ignoring hundrets of players i don't think it should stay like that. I also know that engine update > all and i know how important that is right now but i also want to know if a better regulation of the chat could be considered afterwards.
  14. As title says. I opened a suggestion about that one year ago and nothing changed. -> If they get told to stop they act rude or don't even understand you and keep doing this. They also don't give a damn if theres a conversation going on or a GM is around like i've seen recently. They're posting even more to get noticed since there's traffic in the chat. Others get encouraged by this behavior to do the same and we get more people doing this. I am not the only one bothered by this, maybe the most triggered if i see it when i'm online and i know a lot more with full block lists complaining about them. Suggestions went from giving them a trade channel, banning WTS/WTT/WTB/or any other word that implies trade from /d so they move to /yell where trade should belong to or/and putting a time limit of posting. I'd like to know what people think today and if there would be a good solution for this or if this is a case for after-engine-update time. For me /d is a chat section that should be for social interaction, conversations or helping people and not to get spammed by traders 24/7 with double/triple posts every 20-30 seconds. Today i still believe just /ignore isn't a solution. You just let the marketplace screamer scream in public and just put in your ear plugs yet he's still screaming and others might join him because it seems to be effective. Some might join him because they really wanna sell their stuff and doesn't deserve to get blocked by everyone. There's also a limit on the blocklist and i'd keep those places for people who really want to annoy and make me angry. These people just need a place where they can do this without bothering others and a little limitation like slow mode or something similiar. If i want to buy something i take a look at the seperated tab i created for trades. That is /yell atm and people use it but a lot of them come over to /district and do it there as well. So what about a /trade? That's what i had to say about it, what do you guys think?
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