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  1. Found this handsome guy earlier today @Sakebee I should just rethink where to aim before i take screenshots
  2. Will there be any change to make it go faster? I have the feeling that every person i report has enough time to prepare for a ban til that account gets banned. I know that's easy to say but i'm just worried
  3. Does someone else has the same problem? Since the last server downtime i have a ping of around 90ms and packet loss. Before that, when Citadel was back on EU servers again it was at 30 ~ 60ms. Now my ping can bounce up to 150+ ms sometimes.
  4. I really hope that because having new players among more pros that help them is better to leave them alone with dethreaters that just wanna farm them. We really need a lot more stuff ingame to support new players.
  5. Thanks Matt. Thanks for the work you guys did, thanks @Lixil to keep us up to date and for having nice chats with us on Discord, but most important thanks for being so honest with us.
  6. Just asking, okay bud? The rest was nice explaination and i thank you for that.
  7. Can't we just find out who and where these Ddos guys are? Is there rly no wae? I know it is far from easy but i just wanna know if possible.
  8. I wasn't online this week to tell if servers atm are really that shit but finding a good solution takes more than just the bit of time you have on your birthday. You can also use the website support. If i have problems ingame the first thing i check is server stability. Then i check if my internet just sucks otherwise i try to find any other fault like bugs and stuff and go to the support with that if nothing helps. Game isn't ded just because it does not work for a day. LO also didn't kill it.
  9. San Paro is chaos. San Paro is riot. This is part of San Paro and the reason why i am Enforcer. To take another truck and crash down their cute little blockade. Take action or find another way around and yes, that also pisses me off but not something i'd report. Griefing is when someone out of mission would block one of my objectives or actively chases me during mission or interupt me in my battles. Some randos blocking a rando street aren't a huge business.
  10. JunoSuzuki


    Definitely. Everyday i see stuff like this in the district chat which could be posted into the /yell chat. It wouldn't even be that annoying if there'd be a limitation for the same message. Here are more from 2 different guys
  11. JunoSuzuki


    I try to be a bit social sometimes. Enjoying conversations with people but then ... Merge This is another pearl i found at the same time. E: Same person
  12. I had exactly the same idea and i like how you presented it. You also added more to that to underline your idea. I would really like to see it in the way you showed us.
  13. JunoSuzuki


    Ladies and Gentlemen... and criminals My suggestion today is about the district chat and how it is abused by spamming everything multiple times and at some point over a long time which is annoying. Some people say "Just ignore it and block them" but in my opinion that is not something /ignore was made for. If someone constantly insults and harasses me, it is a reason to make use of this function since it's just me who is affected. District spammers can be /ignore'd too but this is, as i said, a solution for you. Someone else who didn't block fast enough will have their chat spammed away and it looks just shit. (That was just a tiny part of todays district spam, also another topic: Name and shame) Spammers can be a problem for everyone not just for yourself - And this is why we should have a limitation in chat. Question is what would be the best solution? That should happen without punishing normal people. And is it enough to do that for district chat? I mean i don't care about /yell chat but sometimes i take a look for some offers. As i said, everyone should have an advantage from that idea. Simple would be to limit the chat. You can't post the same message within 30 seconds or 1 minute. This would have the disadvantage of just doing this: - I SELL ONION ICE CREAM FOR 50$ WHISPER ME-0 - I SELL ONION ICE CREAM FOR 50$ WHISPER ME-1 - I SELL ONION ICE CREAM FOR 50$ WHISPER ME-2 - I SELL ONION ICE CREAM FOR 50$ WHISPER ME-3 I saw gold sellers doing that in another game but they solved it with making them unable to post similiar lines. I am not sure how that works tbh and what kind of filters are used within game chats but could this be a thing that would help APB or is there a better idea? Besides ignoring it... in my opinion this is a behavior that shouldn't be ignored. Those people get away with that too easy. It also takes away a little bit of work LO supporter have with spam reports. I know some people report this but with a spam filter that wouldn't be necessary. Before i finish this here the question again: Do we need a filter for district chat, for all chats or no filter at all? Lemme know in the poll. best regards Juno Zaziki ... damn! ... Suzuki
  14. Criminals also have that they can just pick every car that is on the streets. Enforcers have to wait until a criminal gets into an NPC car and leaves it somewhere if they are not taking their own cars. It needs a revamp definitely. While criminals can make a lot of money on their own enfs just can camp at laundry doing literaly nothing and wait if someone comes along.
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