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  1. I definitely prefer Frosi for that job.
  2. Because that is what Updates are for, not maints.
  3. Player count doesnt matter right now but it does after LO is done with the engine and did their ad campagne. If they cant hold the playerbase then we can assume all the wild stuff but right now it says nothing.
  4. Damn that sounds rough. But i guess you reported those guys afterwards ye?
  5. Little Orbit is working on the engine upgrade. LO hired new people.
  6. The support is not responsible for the things your internet provider does. Tradelock is caused by that for various reasons. One of them is that if your account somehow logs in from another location it assumes that you might got hacked and the people won't be able to send stuff around. It sucks and i know from my own experience that support can't do much since this system was implemented by the former owners of APB and that you just cant deactivate it right now. Since i dont use VPN i just had to wait 3 days but in your case Little Orbit can't do anything about what your country or internet provider does.
  7. No it won't be deleted. But yea, support can do what they can do there is no one here that could really help you with that, i am sorry.
  8. How would you save apb? Tell me the plan.
  9. How about we don't listen to people with certain threat colors or people with certain amount of playtime but people with comon sense when we talk about balance?
  10. I'm still with you and i look forward to those changes. Keep doing your best guys
  11. Legit thought i had as well. It can be a big frustration factor and encourages teamkilling/griefing. But i also think it's better to punish the people abusing that rather that castrating the system itself. It would also lead to rush tactics or in case of fightclub it would definitely change the way people play. Imagine people sticking together now and zerg rush through asylum. I prefer how it is right now.
  12. I mean if it really is how you discribed it you can complain about it. Imagine reporting something racist and getting slammed but from what i see, and that's not including you, most people that claim getting suspended for something never choosed their words wisely and straight up insulted people or moderators or posted stuff with a lot of insults/swears in them.
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