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  1. In case of asylum: One out of twenty people forces you to change your entire playstyle and mod setup and makes you vulnerable to the 19 others. One person in your team forces people to play more careful because he wants to dump his grenades into every floor and isn't able to communicate anything because why should he? This weapon has flaws in a specific area that can be discussed. Instead of bashing people you should consider to come up with your own constructive criticism against it or just leave it. There is just toxic bs coming from you everytime someone makes a topic about something. Only thing i agree with are rocket launchers. They are fine and you can see where it comes from and where it's going no matter if fightclub or mission. Hell i even jumped over rockets sometimes and made the rocketman suffer. Really not a big deal. My only little issue is with OPGL.
  2. Old engine which is a not updated beta version, caused by previous owners. The newer engine that LO is working on right now could fix that problem. If you want a fix right now you can message the support under suggestions and tell them how to do it. The amount of money you probably spent during the time of previous owners won't have any impact on what LO is doing. Says me who spent 2k+ € on this game before LO took over.
  3. Without you we wouldn't have pushed our #supportLO mentality so far. You're our rolemodel please don't stop now!
  4. I meant when the game is polished. Fixing cracks is something else but i was just refering to numbers and you have potentially more new players on a game running on a new engine that got polished out than people that "might" return on a game with a horrible old beta engine that makes making new stuff almost impossible. The first one makes people return anyway. So yea, basicaly what i mean.
  5. Praising the cause, blaming those who want to fix it. Classic. Everything you said prior has a point. I also think car handling could need a little upgrade but we have to wait for that and i understand if people can't wait.
  6. No they do what they want to do. Degrading people by badge color is lame by the way and ingame, well if you are not acting like a dork to people and say stuff that gets you cEnSoReD then you are fine, just be nice i guess.
  7. You shouldnt consume too much social media it isn't healthy. As for the status of the engine upgrade just take a look here
  8. That's a good guess considering your very detailed discription of problems.
  9. You primarily want to get new people instead of bringing back old players. New people are more important and once that happens, older players will come back themself. There's no point in making stuff on a unstable engine just to get back a limited amount of people that might leave again if they don't like it.
  10. Understand that if LO adds new stuff while they work on the new engine they also have to convert what's new into the new engine as well and they might create a never ending cycle of adding new and converting new while adding new and converting that new as well pushing the date further away. The reason why they need their time is because 2 former companies screwed up so bad. A new map would devide the small pop that is dense enough to fill all current maps. A new mode might do the same. What you can do here is rotate stuff. Remove one mode/map temporary and add another one but then you have people that prefer one mode or map and stop playing when their favourite one is gone. I didn't know what to do when they removed asylum for beacon once. You also don't know what part of San Paro might blow up if you change one bit of code here or there. The possibilities on this outdated current engine are tiny to almost not there.
  11. Not too weak. If they would have a money issue they wouldnt give us free premium for more than a year. As far as i know money isn't that much of a problem as it seems and they also hired new people for support and a bunch of ppl specialized in UE 3.5. They keep going and wont give up thats what i know.
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