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  1. My (very) short zipper crop top. :;3 Because getting that tattoo'd on is helluva pain.
  2. How about requesting stricter rules and work out what should be done instead of telling the CEO of a company to do GM work.
  3. Let's never make them remove OOM collision and just behave.
  4. Was it disrupting you trying to progress on bronze district? Have you seen anyone complaining about gungames disrupting their APB experience? Think it's just you blatantly trying to find a reason to talk bad about this. People even requested gungames so please stop implying that this is bothering people so hard.
  5. No but that's them listening to people that requested gungames. I was one of them. Hi. Thanks for organizing one @Gindian
  6. Was nice to watch and interesting. Just wanted to drop that here. I always like history lessons about this game, how about you?
  7. You guys all know it better how about you make a crowdfund to buy APB of Little Orbit. I would start by donating you guys a dollar.
  8. Can't wait to ask if APB is down on discord again
  9. You are the first person i've met who is against the old login screen. I feel like i've just found a unicorn ... Old login screen yes please That death window ... meh, let me toggle it at least but sure why not.
  10. I definitely prefer Frosi for that job.
  11. Because that is what Updates are for, not maints.
  12. Player count doesnt matter right now but it does after LO is done with the engine and did their ad campagne. If they cant hold the playerbase then we can assume all the wild stuff but right now it says nothing.
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