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  1. Imagine the forums not being suitable for any community created content because of this kind of attitude > @Voerman I am actually not the only one thinking like that and yes i said i try to avoid the forums* as good as i can for certain things. That doesnt mean that i have no rights to suggest things to go different so me and others could use it more. I don't understand what your problem is. And if you dont care about people that's not my problem. But at this point you should better shut down the forums and create a better place. Sorry, not everyone is a cool edgy kid that goes full ironic and passiv aggressive 24/7 towards everyone.
  2. @Pufty To be honest: I wouldnt mind more moderation and a closer look on what people post and how they treat each other. You can surely say that you don't like any of those costumes but you can do that without making anyone feel like shit. And there are definitely people that have contributed nothing to this contest in any way. You can say that standards should be a little higher next time and suggest improvement. You can always do such things without upsetting people.
  3. Not going to disagree with that only thing is that Matt is the CEO of this company not only having APB in his pocket alone. I don't wanna leave it like that so best thing that can be done is to directly adress this miserable state. I am not the only one thinking the forums aren't a good place but it must be taken to the people responsible or make them aware.
  4. I 100% agree with Pufty here. Also, winners were chosen. What people forget here are that there are actual humans sitting there reading through all this shit and i can imagine that they feel really upset right now. This forum became a place of negativity and makes me avoid it as good as i can while others are farming their post counters with content that have zero value nor contribute to anything. Consequences would be to only use it for announcement purposes rather than actual tool for community projects and interaction as sad as it is and i hope that Little Orbit will keep working with those who are really interested in creating a nice community environment. Because, as @Pufty stuff like this makes it harder for LO to approach us if the reaction they get is THIS.
  5. Wrong. Completely wrong. I said they will become invisible and this will preserve the living city. Means they will be invisible and no harm for you under certain circumstances. I don't know where i was unclear. @KnifuWaifu I don't worry about that this will happen tbh. You only have a few cool kids that think ignore list is a button to make uncool people disappear. Ignoring people for griefing and making it impossible would be a very good thing in theory because you can pick out single individuals or even groups and erase them completely. Sure you have to get griefed once by them to figure out what their intention is but after that they will be no harm. Much better than castrating APB. Yes there are crashes that happen during a mission, collosions with other people but that has to be expected in APB.
  6. Make it so /ignore makes the people you put on your blocklist invisible when they're out of mission. Living city still living and griefermen get thanos snapped by a single command.
  7. Yea, a lot of detail is getting lost. I also have an outfit that was well designed by Ace. When i turn away from light you see almost nothing and when i turn into the light with it, it just looks very weird. I just wish more people would've played the beta and i believe doing this during the halloween event wasnt really good. I was in there more than on live and after yesterday it only had like 20 people in.
  8. Summary: My characters face looks like a toad Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: My characters body costumization looks weird, like it was set back to some kind of default when i go into the clothing kiosk and changed something Steps to Reproduce: Go into a clothing designer you can also see your characters hairstyle in default, after you change something on it or switch outfit the hairstyle becomes normal, character still looking how it should. After you leave the kiosk and your character updates, the face looks very weird everytime E: That can also happen when you switch districts + Can also occur when switching outfits on mailbox/ammo machine Reproduceability: 100% Results: Character doesn't look how it should and it's always the same look that overwrites your costumization Expected Results: My characters costumization shouldn't have changed at all. Summary: Tattoos disappear after leaving body costum kiosk (Also happens on live APB btw) Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: When i tried recreating something from my live character and was done and bought the changes, i left the kiosk and 1 or 2 symbols were missed and i had to do them again. They sometimes disappear again but if you figure it out they can stay and there will be no further issue if you dont change the specific tattoo symbols Steps to Reproduce: I think it has to do something with the area you place it on and overlapping tattoos. Trying to figure that out might be easy since that definitely happens. i just don't know what the chance is but so far when i was doing certain body tattoo stuff it happened on live and on beta as well Reproduceability: I dont wanna say 100% but i wanna say yes, it definitely can be reproduced Results: Tattoos missing after you bought the changes and left the kiosk Expected Results: They shouldnt disappear. Summary: Weird camera angle in cars on the passenger seat Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: If you go into a cars passengers side and pull mouse up so you look upwards it happens that your camera angle is inside the car, the car itself is invisible during that Steps to Reproduce: Just go into a cars passenger seat Reproduceability: 100% Results: Camera angle inside the car Expected Results: Camera angle should be the same 3rd person view like driver has Summary: Car upgrades can't be seen when sitting in a car Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: When you sit in a car and point at another car you can not see what mods are on the car, like the info you get when you hover over it. It is possible when being outside a car but not when youre sitting in one. Steps to Reproduce: Get in a car and aim at another players car. Reproduceability: 100% Results: No information about the car can be seen Expected Results: You should be able to see the information which mods it has and what music is playing and what else information you get when you aim at a car Summary: Stutters during loading screen Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: The loading screens are stuttering and feels like the program isnt responding for a couple of seconds before it keeps loading again. Steps to Reproduce: Switch district Reproduceability: 100% Results: The loading screen and the sound are stuttering Expected Results: The loading screen animation and sound shouldnt stutter because the program is not responding for a couple of seconds Summary: Crashes during loading screen Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: Sometimes it can happen that my game throws me out during loading screens when i switch districts. It doesnt matter what district it is. Steps to Reproduce: Switch district Reproduceability: ~8-10%? i dont know Results: Getting thrown out of the game with a crash report Expected Results: You should be able to switch districts without flying out of the game with a crash report Summary: Buying consumables shows a window that shows me i am about to buy consumables (duh) Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: When i buy consumables it shows me a window that i am about to buy consumable ... if i klick the box "Dont show this again" and buy another bunch von consumables this window pops up again eventhough i said i dont wanna have it shown again Steps to Reproduce: Just buy consumables or any other item Reproduceability: 100% Results: Window pops up again and instead of just filling stuff up by clicking i have to confirm a window i dont wanna have everytime eventhough i told the game to not show it again Expected Results: I klick the box "Don't show me this again." and then the window should never pop up again Just a little sidenote about lighting: It feels like dark colors are too dark and bright colors are too bright. I was trying around with settings but i always got the same result Live APB Beta 2.1 APB Light from lamps looks too bright. When i was standing infront of light caused by fire it looked very good. This is my first beta experience btw. Social and Asylum work very well from performance standpoint. Financial is "okay" its not that bad. But it sill needs much improvement. Waterfront on the otherhand is meh, it needs a lot of work. All in all i'd say there is a long way to go. Performance can be definitely improved but i was suprised how good it works on asylum and social. And lightning needs further adjustments.
  9. I know what you mean and in that case i agree to 90% that it should be mostly viewed by people who are highly skilled with certain/all weapons but we are talking about OPGL. No other normal weapon, not even most explosives have the capabilities that OPGL has or issues that this weapon brings. E: It also requires said person to be honest with their view. Protecting a weapon from treatment just because they love it so much is no valuable feedback then.
  10. Ignore the red circle i had to download it from somewhere but this is the best way to not even avoid snipers but also taking them out. Same goes for the inner yard. Find a way around, have environment awareness and snipers aren't that much of an issue. Some of them dont even expect you from NOT running across the yard where no cover is. OPGL is easier at that spot with the green circles. You just blast some nades into those little houses and kill everyone in there and those who spawned and can't just run out because there's explosions everywhere nor they have real cover inside of them. There are good ways to still outsmoke that area if people decide to camp there.
  11. Since there is no dislike button anymore, so i can show my disgust for your ignorant post, i gonna use this post here to disagree with your statement. I better be a low tier gold than someone flexing with his almost 250k kills degrading a lot of people and claiming they should be left behind or kicked out of conversations. I'd rather say, that mindsets like yours have no place in such conversations (there wasnt anything valuable from your side anyway besides protecting your precious nuke stick) nor it has place in the community and should never set foot here. Just think before you post bs. Wow, that's actually better than just disliking.
  12. I like how people use that argument of OPGL fitting in asylum because it was meant to rush out masses of players because it just shows why it should be disabled in asylum at all. You have masses in asylum. You have hiding rooms. You have bottleneck areas. A lot of them. OPGL is just over the top mobile artillery that is fatal and just too good in that area because this map is built on a lot of close range areas. On the other hand you as a player have grenades. Percs for quick 1v1's, frag grenades, concs which also work in smoking out certain areas. Low yields as well. I also mentioned the EOL series. They are fine because they don't have the capacity to kill 5~6 people at once just because they have to think about how to rush that spot where constant heavy artillery fire is coming from.
  13. At the end none of us two decide alone and the community as a whole shows where the preferences are.
  14. @ReaperTheButcher Just a small reminder that Asylum was made for close range weapons such as SMGs and Shotguns but also has aspects where mid-long has a chance. But not for mobile heavy artillery in closed rooms with lots of ammo capacity, mobility and less predictability for both team mates and opponents forcing them to stay back A LOT especially at bottleneck areas. If you would've read my larger posts you wouldn't say that my standpoint is as dull as a smooth rock. Otherwise i could just go with "blah blah blah this is what a total OPGL fanboy would say your argument is invalid." Think about it.
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