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  1. Don't mind me here. I'm just witnessing what kind of a shitshow APB has become. And to think this game had a budget of one hundred fucking million dollars for production, and that investment led to this... man... this is a lovely sight to behold! Where did I put my popcorn though...
  2. HNY-

    This game is hopeless

    Is this thread a spam because others already made thousands of this one before? maybe. I just want to express my disappointment with little Orbit and this whole 2.1 fiasco that they are pulling on the community. For long I believed that Little Orbit buying APB:Reloaded from G1 would make a difference in it's future and may be beneficial for the community. Yet so far all everyone - AND I MEAN EVERYONE - heard was promises. Sure, you did some things good at the beginning. Little bit of weapon/vehicle balancing, Joker Shop/Ticket updates, adding an Anti-DDOS script, getting rid of FF with it's smart banning algorithm, yet when you look at it a bit deeper, you'll realize most of these were basically their duty and not their humble generosity! For over years the community complained about the lag/stutters related to this game and every time someone mentions it you'll go on with "It will be fixed with 2.1"! But more on this later. What I want to talk about right now, is about this whole "Survival in a fucking wild jungle" that mostly newer players suffer from it. The guy opens up the game, watches a cool 1 minute intro from 2010 and thinks "WOW! I WANT TO BE A COP! I WANT TO PEW PEW THOSE CRIMS! VEWWWWWW" or vice versa. He logs into his account, make a character, names it, and then the battle for survival begins! As he first learns how to press that goddamn key on the keyboard which we usually bind it with "K", he will be sent to face his doom against two 255 gold Criminals both using an ATAC Patroller and being the members of the infamous H U S T L E clan while this poor fella only has a bloody STAR. No slots and mods. Possibly no frag grenades as well. There won't be any need to explain what will be the outcome... If this guy really enjoys the first impression of gameplay or graphics (which I heavily doubt) he may go for another round. Next stop is against a level 9 which his rank is T! So far so good, odds of survival are being increased. Though he has a weird name, pewpewpew123. And for some reason he is just spamming the chat in Russian... Meh, whatever. He checks his guns, sees that it's a golden weapon which it's name is "OCA Whisper". Huh, probably a premium gun. No worries, I can manage! But what he doesn't know is that 9/10 that guy is either a smurf or a cheater who basically enjoys ruining the matchma... What am I saying... The matchmaking is already broken OK, I need some help. Opens up chat: - Hi guys, can anyone help me? I'm new + *Gets ignored by the district. No one pays attention to the request* - (Huh, maybe the didn't see it) - Hi guys, can anyone help me? I'm new + We saw it the first time you dumb fuck - (...) + Delete the game dude, delete it before its too late + Ха, нахуй тупой придурок! воткни дуло моего дробовика тебе в задницу, сука + Erdoğan, türkiye'nin görkemli milletini çıplak melekler ve parayla dolu cennete götürecek. Heil Erdoğan Türkiye'nin üçüncü reich'ının kurucusu + kimse bana hakaret etmemeli ya da inancıma karşı çıkmamalı, yoksa o tanrının düşmanı olur - (Yeah... this game is at best hopeless and at worst a legitimate bullshoot. Not my type) - (Exit's the game, following with an uninstallation from steam) Why did I even waste precious disc space on this junk anyways? You think it's way too dramatic? Well either you've turned your district chat off or you're blind. Or maybe so addicted or trying hard in this game that you're not watching what is happening in front of your eyes! But you know what? I can forget all of this. And I mean ALL of it! If you weren't some pretentious bastards! Yeah. That's the perfect description of you. You put laws that you are not willing to enforce. Literally half of silver district is filled with 255 morons who are using macro. People who regularly go there and play with cheats. Streamers who violate EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN RULE IN THE BLOODY TERMS OF FUCKING SERVICE! Macro - Particle Removal - Adding Crosshairs - Removing weapon recoil - Aimlocks, you name it. I even made a bet with someone who was using cheats. For every day he was playing with cheats and not getting banned, he would've get 500k for his main account. I LOST 3.5 MILLION CASH! He streamed it in front of my eyes in a discord server as well. But don't take my word for it. Just look at this video! You can literally find a collection of violation in it. Sure, the video itself was made to be funny or like showcasing pro moves, but when you look at it deeply you'll see in some of these videos, the guys are not playing legit. Some removed their particles, some added crosshairs, some are using macro, some are running way too fast with a clotting agent, etc. Little Orbit, are you that blind? Or just incompetent to enforce the rules YOU made? Or maybe only people who are frustrated and said some random things in the chat will get all the punishments? Don't bother pulling up the 2.1 shenanigan on the community as your excuse. For two years you promised of a better client. How many people are working on copy pasting source codes anyways? 5? 10? 20? pretty sure it's not going to be more than 30. a team of two people can make a full mini-game in 3 days from the scratch! what were you doing during this two years? and when is it going to come out? early 2021? late 2021? 2077??!! because somewhere along the way you're going to see the amount of players will drop from 500 to 200. Just like player base dropped from 2.5k to 480 since 2018. P.S: Pretty sure I'm going to be banned for being racist genuinely can't understand why do you mix up every single thing and conclude it as racism...
  3. Do the cosmetics that we unlocked during this time gets locked? like the pumpkin or the fishnet top?
  4. Of course.... You just accused at least 40 players for cheating. Basically the logic of a bronze is "If i can't kill him, he is cheating!" and that my friend is how you are stayed in bronze. Gj.
  5. I honestly am in shock. The GameMasters are for what? Only announcements? Or moderation as well?! Literally half of Citadel's silver district players dethreated Saturday night so they could partake in the event in bronze district, leading to a massive unbalanced experience. Not to mention it felt like some even made new accounts just to use cheats and ruin the whole thing for others. GMs reaction? "Thank you for your feedback"!!! I don't want a thank you. Non of us want it. The moderation was a total goddamn disaster for Sunday's event. All three of them. P.S: If you don't want to moderate it and just announce that the marker is visible, say it officially before starting the whole event.
  6. "Trading is the only logical way for a player to transfer his money from an account/character to another" Guess I have to repeat this for you over and over again....
  7. Oh jesus christ... Don't tell me this aids is already not OP enough to ruin a 1v1 against Kev3 + OCA + Perc... Seriously. Try improving your shooting skills instead of suggesting to be turned into a very mobile giant.
  8. You don't say, sherlock? Try stockpiling tomatoes and sell them 500$ each(!) and see what does your "Capitalistic" government do to you. You will literally be wanted for scamming and ruining the economy. #WillYouShutUpMan ? (It's a quote from Joe Biden. So dear mods, blame your presidential candidate for having such amazing manners) [TheDealer]: Offer to [TheDealer]: 3.4 [TheDealer]: nty to [TheDealer]: What's yours? [TheDealer]: 3.9 *In my culture, we call your way of argument "ماله کشی - Maale Keshii". It's a pun for Shamelessly lying.* https://imgur.com/7QvL1Jh https://imgur.com/gQzugfY https://imgur.com/Es7TUFO https://imgur.com/mqBWhu2 Pretty sure you can find a lot more examples in EU because of the population! (if you ever decide to switch to it) Yeah, Ursus got only a little nerf and the price dropped from 4.8 to 4 in less than 24 hours. You're telling me the legendary update was "recent" for the market? https://imgur.com/9iHVG4d Apparently you should be the one in favor of this request, not opposing it! This is a problem that is being caused with the 20% tariff of marketplace and made a lot of people to go greedy! Wow. So democratic! Trading is the only logical way for a player to transfer his money from an account/character to another. Bet you didn't think about that now, did you? I only aim to get rid of this problem: https://imgur.com/svbuH6a There is an official marketplace, and then there is this "social-chat-black-market". The official marketplace cannot compete against the latter issue and has lead to the current inflation that APB economy has. That is literally BECAUSE of the tax.
  9. HNY-

    Rank System

    I don't think that is a very good idea. That will just put more expenses on the hands of LO. In my opinion, real cheaters who use external programs ARE getting banned, but with a very high delay. like 6 or 7 hours. But as for firmware cheatings like macro usage, I don't think there will be any software that detects such an issue. You need to report them via support and pray they don't just go with "Hmmmmm... this is just a very good player!" No. some of them are even dumb enough to admit they are using firmware macro and they still get away with it.
  10. There are already those who hold more than 20m at the moment, or have too many legendaries in their inventory that their price is probably even more than that. So in terms of "trying to keep people from becoming too rich in a F2P game" this is a total failure. Everyone will not be rich. In fact it will not only fixes the issues with scamming dealers, but also gives everyone a chance to participate in a fair and competitive trading. Which leads into a reasonable pricing for every item out there. They are called dealers and brokers. And it is in their nature to look for their own interest. They will buy an OCA Nano off of a poor player for 2.9 million and will sell it to another player who is looking for that weapon for 4 million. They stockpile weapons so that they could sell their items easier. How many times you yourself yelled "WTB Nano" and someone whispers you "Hey, 4m"? "3.8", "3.9". I'm not making these up! These are genuine whispers i can potentially get off of such people who are leaving the players no choice but to buy from them because of this. What's the relation to market? well in order that people not lose money, they have no other option but to raise their prices by 25%. Imagine this scenario: Lets think ((Nano's actual price is between 3.4 to 3.5)), there are two possibilities: 1. you try buying one from the market -> 3.4 * 1.25 = 4.25 2. you try buying one from a dealer -> "[TheDealer]: Hey, 3.9!" Yeah. Just like that. No reason needed. You will have no other choice but to buy from that dealer. Or you are persistent and sent mail to a potentially Russian seller in the market, and if you are lucky to receive a reply from him, you will face some random gibberish words you can't understand a single word from. Or you are very very persistent and keep yelling "WTB Nano" for 4 days just to find yourself at least a "reasonable" (Not just cheap) price. "Also in terms of legendary weapons, they should stay high in price. LO already made them less rare by allowing players to use JT to get them and a lot more ways to get them by chance." This is a false statement. The weapons rarity is almost the same as before the Legendary update, with the joker boxes. Otherwise the prices would've dropped down heavily right after this update (But unfortunately can't say the same thing for OCSP Joker lol) btw forgot to talk about this "the usual price [For IR3] these days is ~140k" You sir are misdirecting. You put a troll pricing for your proof. the price for it is 85k in the market which with 20% tariff, the seller will earn 68k. In short, all you did to defend this economical inflation was either to ..."mislead"! or just missing obvious facts in your argument.
  11. Hi. G1 implemented this 20% tax on marketplace's items because they thought it would be a good idea to prevent players from getting too rich. But the aftermath of such action has lead to two things: Overpriced as heck items that not many would like to purchase from it. Removal of competitive marketing which has lead to the appearance of... "Dealers". Weapon dealers mostly that will try buying the gun very cheap and sell it very expensive. since their price is less than the price in marketplace, they will keep on scamming (Yes, I'm calling it a scam since they will sell EVERYTHING overpriced) the players and mostly the new players or those who don't know the pricing of the actual gun/item. That 20% is not being used at all. Like literally! It's like the server just takes that money and then burns it! Like it enjoys watching that amount of cash being burnt So there you have it folks. I'm pretty sure anyone who disagrees is making a heck load of money off of such scam. I meant I meant to say three, donno why my brain told me to write two. Sorry bois!
  12. Sir, I just found out that your point of view towards weapon balancing is "aimless". both literally and figuratively.
  13. to be honest, these changes are really nice in my opinion. some of them are kinda useless on the paper tho. like for example the cobra nerf or the damage nerf for manic. (I understand you mainly were talking towards the complainers of snub nerf and all that, but still felt that i should address these as well)
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