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  1. LOL at several people in this thread casually confessing to cheating / using cheats previously. On the more serious note: Why isn't there a system where, if a player receives a dozen of reports from a dozen of different players in a span of 30-60 minutes or whatever, they get temporarily banned from matchmaking / missions / game / whatever, and GMs get notified to take a look at the case and act upon it.
  2. PvE/AI seems not so far away. There were several ChuckyAIxN characters ( N = 1 through 8 ) standing in line in Social EU, almost all of the same rank/threat, and exactly the same costume with regards to the Chucky the killer's outfit. Or just a mass troll.
  3. Social district on EU servers: There are several ChuckyAIxN characters (N = 1 through standing in line, almost all of the same rank/threat, and exactly the same costume with regards to the Chucky the killer's outfit. PvE stuff already introduced or mass troll?
  4. So, they achieved and did nothing for past month? Not anything worth sharing? A newly rendered sphere or whatever? Great. Yes, stinks on the intentional ghosting and soon-to-bail-out period. Too bad. I pop up here and there, but it's going away.
  5. Not even a simple: "Hey, nothing major been going on, bear with us. Thanks, bye." Something, anything. This feels exactly like the period G1 started ghosting the community.
  6. Well, if you compare the two UI designs, you can see they are the same. Old explanation: https://github.com/McSimp/APBWatcher/issues/1#issuecomment-473826354
  7. Another one? Add it to the pile.
  8. Yup, but let's show Best Gore which has mutilation, suicides, murders, tortures, freak accidents Google indexing FTW. (bit off-topic)
  9. @MattScott Awesome news, there was really no need for multiple, region-based world servers. However, I'm all for region-based district servers. So, will we see those language codes in district names come into play? Like: Missions-Financial-EN 1 Missions-Financial-RU 1 Missions-Waterfront-US 1 etc.
  10. Why even keep that amount of customizable options client-sided? Just burn it into the game, and not in the text files that can be altered.
  11. This apology loop seems to have become a common practice. Why don't you, instead, tell us: "Hey, this and that gonna release in September or whatever month, so we can manage to finish and polish everything". Then, when and if you're done sooner, you release it immediately and everyone is happy. This announcing, testing, scheduling then delaying has no point anymore. My 2 cents.
  12. I'm also really bothered when they mention "Patch Notes" in the title, and then there is only one sentence in the thread that has nothing to do with actual patch notes.
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