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  1. An important detail is that before this logo was not on the site. They considered it necessary to add this logo.
  2. Hey there. It’s time for really important news! [NO] On http://apb.com/ appeared Unit Game logo! I decided to use the image search, and found this: https://www.groupsystems.com/ https://twitter.com/ThinkTankEngage Also, the name of the logo-image on apb.com is... As if it was downloaded from the logostock. UPD: «3f95f3" looks like it's a HEX color. 2 options: 1. Unit Game - This is a "Group Systems". 2. Unit Game don't exist, and they put someone else’s logo on their site.
  3. If the servers shut down, this means a lack of funding. Most likely, the development progress will also be reduced. (Now one person will work on the game, not two. LUL) You will never see FE again. Just accept it. Everything is so bad that even Matt said "However we are still very early into development, so there isn't a timeline I can provide yet". @MattScott The community proposed to close FE 6 months ago
  4. So... Deja vu. The next step will be a budget cut for APB and then a full sale of APB. // If this mobile APB be release, it will be terrible, and will further damage the reputation of this game.
  5. @MattScottIt would be nice to officially sum up this year. Was it all planned, or did something not go according to plan? How many people are working on APB?
  6. Today, exactly year, as Little Orbit announced the purchase of Gamersfirst. I suggest everyone to re-read the open letter, published on May 10, 2018. I do not want to say that LO is good or bad. I don't know. It is too early to draw conclusions. However: Do you think Little Orbit has done a decent amount of work this year? Did you expect more progress this year? What do you like and dislike Little Orbit?
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