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  1. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    New Downside Suggestion For Improved Rifling

    There's a couple of reason why I went "looking at stats on a piece of paper". One of them primarily being what a mod says it does and what it actually does not matching up. Descriptions in this game have a habit of skipping over information or being misleading. My second reason was simply I didn't know what CJ actually affected. Looking at the description of CJ ("slightly/moderately/substantially worsens minimum accuracy"), and comparing it to the old IR description ("Increases maximum reticle bloom slightly/moderately/substantially"), I was under the impression they did different things to each other. The question was what CJ affected. So I went to the database to find out, only to learn they affect the same thing, at different magnitudes The reason I asked @TheDogCatcher if they were sure CJ affects bloom per shot is because I have a suspicious they A) made the same mistake I did thinking CJ and IR do different things based on their descriptions, or B) they mistook how fast guns with CJ reach max bloom as increased bloom per shot, which I can see how one would. Of course my suspicion could be wrong, but I just wanted to confirm
  2. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    officially the best car in the game

    Fruitful discussion. Glad we reached an agreement
  3. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    New Downside Suggestion For Improved Rifling

    I went and checked on both apb databases (the old one and the up to date one, V2) to see the effects of CJ on a random gun, and in both cases they affected the shot modifier cap (or max bloom). I even tested IR on the old database in case I had mixed something up but that also affected shot modifier cap. Are you sure CJ affects bloom per shot?
  4. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    New Downside Suggestion For Improved Rifling

    CJ downside is max bloom. I'm suggesting bloom per shot. The old downside was max bloom (which didn't work well)
  5. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    The New Engine and G1

    Is that tracers I see? Are my eyes not deceiving me?
  6. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    New Downside Suggestion For Improved Rifling

    Well I tried being nice with you but if this is the path you want to take, fine by me. I will come at you with my full force to the best of my ability and knowledge. Bloom per shot does not affect the max bloom at all. I dunno where you got this idea from but it's wrong. All bloom does is affect how quickly you lose accuracy, until you reach the bloom cap, at which point you can't get any more inaccurate. Bloom cap is the maximum a gun can be inaccurate. Got that? I hope so The reason I suggested what I did is because the old downside of IR affected bloom cap, which is completely pointless. If you've used an assault rifle at range, which I doubt with you being busy engaging in adulterous activities with your beloved hvr, you would know you never reach max bloom. Like ever. So I suggested to make the new downside of IR affect something that you would be able to notice: bloom (per shot modifier). This is something that chages with every shot, an actual downside This all make sense?
  7. Is it possible to get said designers to join in the conversation? Being the messenger and not the one making the changes, it must be rather hard justifying the changes they make as it's not a change you thought of. If they join in, it might help the conversation, with them knowing why they did the changes and all Like when beastie joined in the shotgun changes
  8. Bloom cap (or shot modifier cap) Ftfy Tbh, the old downside was pointless because it affects the max bloom, which if you're using a gun at range, you will never hit
  9. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    New Downside Suggestion For Improved Rifling

    My lord, I believe I suggested this if I'm not mistaken Or am I missing something my lord?
  10. I hope IR doesn't stay in this straight upgrade state for long i.e. Shredder buff long
  11. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    New Downside Suggestion For Improved Rifling

    Oops. Brain fart
  12. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    New Downside Suggestion For Improved Rifling

    Nani. I thought recoil WAS bloom. I have much to learn
  13. Now that IR is going back to its old state, the question stands what shall be it's new downside (at least until LO announce the new IR). A fair share of the community did not like the fire rate downside (and the equip rate of it also proves this). So clearly touching fire rate is a no-go. That's when I saw an idea in the thread announcing the IR revert: recoil I pondered over this potential idea, when heavy barrel came to mind. HB is less accuracy lost (or less bloom per shot) at the cost of weapon damage, as we all know it. Why bring this up you ask? If we simplify it down, HB essentially gives you a more accurae gun that deals less damage over range. This reminded me of IR with its more damage over range With this, I came to a conclusion: why not just make IR a polar opposite HB? It doesn't touch fire rate at all. So here is my suggestion (along with the tl;dr):- tl;dr - make the new downside of IR more more bloom per shot Edit: recoil and bloom aren't the same apparently. Mb
  14. My lord, I'm surprised you didn't request for the hvr to be reverted. They reverted one thing you hated after all
  15. We're already at this stage. Just don't forget to add the CR762 to that list