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  1. Cool and all but are there any new weapon test changes? What's happening with it?
  2. You have been given an answer yet you reject it? Are you looking for someone to say something you agree with, even if it's not the truth?
  3. It was about time a thread like this popped up
  4. This poll is on the M-1922/Tommy gun The best way for LO to make changes that will be accepted is to voice our opinions in an easy analysable manner, so let's put our initial opinions out in the open for them
  5. Wasn't it just the nfas and Ogre that was being made into a 4 stk? Nothing is happening to the shredder or dow afaik
  6. Who's ready to see what gets accepted for the ntec this Tuesday? I know I am I need me a good laugh
  7. He said "hopefully", quote for quote. Don't get your hopes up See you all next year for the beta
  8. Don't have any ideas for the poll this time so I'll just make it on the ongoing test changes
  9. Off in the distance, the Norseman series can be heard crying
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