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  1. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    anyone have FFA RnD 3 ?

    Which was shortly followed by bans Are those accounts still banned to this day?
  2. You say that but do you know that even with the trade system in place people are still getting scammed to this day
  3. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    CD`s between throwing nades

    As if anyone follows that
  4. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    Idea to hold us over until Engine update

    Your name triggers me on a level too deep
  5. True but the difference is in apb it's up to chance which end stage you get, and on top of that, it's part of the missions we've come to play everyday. Meanwhile in battlefield you have the freedom to choose which mode you play, as they're separate ...now I feel like I'm hating on apb. That aside I guess what I'm trying to say is that apb had a roster of cards on the table, but instead of spreading them out playing them individually, it decided to stack some of them on top of each other, creating the illusion of reduced cards
  6. The engine upgrade will bring some players back (whether they stay is a different issue) but it won't revive apb. The reason for this isn't the gunplay, although it may be a contributing factor, but rather the lack of content there is Sure there's other factors like matchmaking, server latency, gun balance, etc, but these are factors that some can be addressed with relative ease. If you fixed a few of them, you're still left with the core issue of content Take for example missions. All missions are currently is a set number of attack/defend stages wrapped up by one of six different end stages, of which a few overlap into each other: Team Deathmatch, Tug of War Team Deathmatch, VIP, Capture the Item, Control Points & King of the Hill. In other words it's the same format over and over I know people hate it when others start taking other games and comparing them to apb, but it's a clear way to convey a point. Take Battlefield for example. It may be another shooter but it manages to keep things fresh with its variety of modes available Two of its modes available are conquest and rush, which play differently to each other. One mode is centered around holding more capture points than the other team to drain their team lives to 0 first before they do to you. Killing also drains the tickets. The other mode is centered around one team defending 2 objectives per base while the other team, who have a limited number of lives, has to destroy all these objectives Edit addition: I guess what I'm trying to say is that apb had a roster of cards on the table, but instead of spreading them out playing them individually, it decided to stack some of them on top of each other, creating the illusion of reduced cards. It needs more stacked cards on the table TL;DR - the engine upgrade won't save apb, but for different reasons, before spewing bs
  7. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    Revert the CSG.

    if I recall correctly, the pellet change was done to combat the at times poor connectivity/latency of the servers. it was something along those lines. someone confirm please
  8. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    anyone have FFA RnD 3 ?

    the gun is overrated. Just use a regular OBIR. Does the exact same job basically
  9. What's the reason for it? Edit: Nvm, emergency maintenance
  10. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    Just curious about something

    It might be on their To Do list once they push the engine upgrade out. Probably the reason why we didn't get a new Valentine's Day event despite the last two holiday events having new additions They missed their initial goal of the end of 2018 (or I think it was that. Someone correct me) to have the engine upgrade on OTW for the public to test, so they're probably cracking down on it, putting aside new events, weapon balance, etc to get it out as soon as possible (Q1 2014 anyone?) Don't quote me on that tho
  11. What do you mean, people can equip two primaries by using the Fang RFP. Doubt much would change with 2 Fangs
  12. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    Is there any new V-Day event rewards?

    That happened 4 days ago. I don't think it's happening again
  13. The shredder should have spread similar to the Showstopper. Range was what it was advertised for. Ah but we don't want a repeat of 30m shredders
  14. I was just mentioning it to keep in mind. Do you have a suggested rework in mind?
  15. You don't want to make it a straight upgrade over the normal Northwest Mounties (no-one may use them but they do exist. I'll remember you Mountie, dw)