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  1. Also the markers only appear after a player has first mugged a bunny/chicken. So players have to keep a keen eye out for them at the start of the round while driving around Typical this takes a minute, but as long as no one mugs a chicken/bunny, no markers will appear on the map
  2. It increases or decreases in proportion to the amount of other players in the district. So say in a district of just 4 people, the chosen one will notice getting hit by an hvr much more than say in a district of 15 people
  3. This is a no uwu zone. Just for that, I'm adding a new option
  4. hey if it wasn't for recycling these forums would be long dead
  5. Might as well start calling these weekly polls now... If you've played apb for a solid few hours, you would have noticed majority of the playerbase using the same handful of cars, while others get next to no usage With that said, what's your opinion on vehicles currently? This includes their health, as well as the physics concerning them and their handling The best way for LO to make changes that will be accepted is to voice our opinions in an easy analysable manner, so let's put our initial opinions out in the open for them
  6. Nani. I do remember inputting my email if I ain't mistaken. Oh well
  7. A) this is an overall population issue, not just Citadel B) go visit Jericho for a truly concerning population
  8. Citadel is in trouble? Last I checked, it even had a second financial filling up, and that was within the last 3/4 days
  9. @CookiePuss you seem to have a habit of not minding things that get nerfed in the end :^) Love you
  10. Oh boy another one of these threads. See you all in the next one in a few weeks
  11. I'll throw in a free legendary if you want
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