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  1. So I was just browsing the forums going further and further back, reading different threads and the likes when I landed here. Instantly I was reminded of today's play session where I was just firing the RFP to get a feel for it when I noticed that for one of the shots despite the gun visually firing, the ammo count did not decrease at all. So I tried firing it a few more times to reproduce the same outcome and I was successful a few times in doing so What I want to ask is @MattScott will the engine upgrade to 3.5 potentially fix this bug/issue?
  2. Are we going to receive a word or two from LO on these changes any time soon?
  3. Meant to be as in you've decided it should be or meant to be as in the rules explicitly state it?
  4. If only there was a way to disable district chat if it's really bothering you wait...
  5. Rank has absolutely nothing to do with skill. All it is really is a indication of play time. I'm rank 255 and quite frankly, I'm a bad player
  6. @Beastie are you still in charge of weapon balance? If so, could we get a word on the reasoning behind the RFP changes
  7. I dunno how things were done but I believe they said that if clothing/symbols were over the limit we have in Citadel/Jericho it wouldn't be brought over (unless no clothing or symbols at all were brought over, in which case that sucks) I'm not saying your clothing does that but it's something to bare in mind, then again I could be remembering things that weren't even said
  8. So after I test it and reach a conclusion that matches my preemptive conclusion, should I post here what I think in a constructive critique manner?
  9. Skitty please, we're all well acquainted with the current RFP and how it is. There's no way in hell within 65m or less that the test RFP most of the times will perform worst than live RFP. Come on man
  10. There's sounding bad on paper and then there's a downright terrible idea through and through. The shotgun changes for me at least sounds like a bizarre idea on paper but it's one I'm waiting to test before reaching an actual conclusion. This on the other hand is a terrible idea no matter how you look at it, and I've seen a video of the test RFP which further backs this up The number one complaint about the RFP is how it's effective at range, and what happens? They buff it's range (for whatever reason). Doesn't really need testing to see how that'll turn out
  11. To sum up the OCA changes: -it fires slower -it recovers accuracy at a worse rate now -it's max bloom (or shot modifier cap) is now higher, so a bit longer to return to starting accuracy
  12. So there are changes which sound bad on paper and then there are changes which are cases of "abort! we've gone too far Jim" This is next level, we talking trying to set up a colony on the sun
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