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  1. The issue with riot imo is the fact that it attempts to force a new mode into a map not designed with said mode in mind. The components of riot are fine for the most part, it's just that financial was not designed with something like riot in consideration. As OP said, "the map feels empty and desolate"
  2. So while apb is having a fit right now, I'll just put this out here in a fashionably late manner With the new update, a new anti-cheat is being rolled out, EAC. Whether it works or not, time will tell. With the old anti-cheat, battleye, people complained about how it wasn't doing its job properly and so on One solution I saw proposed for this was to give Game Moderators the ability to temporarily ban a suspected player until further investigation. What do you think of this? I can already see the outcome of this, but might as well
  3. So you want us to listen to a guy who said BR would save apb from dying, yet along comes riot, and he denies it being a br/think it's a bad addition (which btw if you haven't figured it out, one way or another, it's basically a br)? Yeah, pass
  4. First of all, I would like to thank you for giving this game another chance and all that your company has done thus far for apb in the year and a bit you have taken over (even if some of the choices were questionable) I commend you for sticking with the community this long with how we can be at times. APB would be deeper in the grave if not for you With the type of feedback riot has gotten from the community (or at least those who use the forums), I hope you don't lose the determination to try out new things with apb. It doesn't hurt to try to be innovative The community has been lied to for years now about the engine upgrade with G1, and now that a new company has taken over and has promised to deliver it, some of us might have gotten a bit impatient and annoyed with having to wait a bit longer, affecting one's ability to give critical feedback (then again, critical feedback might have actually been given. Who knows) With that lip service out of the way, the failed launch of riot this Wednesday can only be described as botched and complete disaster. I hope it has brought to light how abysmal the current engine is, and that after riot is released, the engine upgrade is the highest priority. Most of the updates prior have broken one thing or another I understand you wanting to give us new content in the meantime while we wait for the engine upgrade to retain the playerbase/keep those who still remain entertained, but if every forthcoming update in the future before the engine upgrade is going to be a repeat of this Wednesday, please focus primarily on the engine upgrade after riot Sure it will suck that we won't have new content for a while, (and some of us might even complain despite what we said in the riot feedback of how the engine upgrade should have come first), but once the engine upgrade is out, you can start focusing on pumping out update after update with limited/no fears of something critical breaking I'm sure at some points I sounded like a dumbass, but I hope the core point got across: with the first launch attempt of riot being a disaster, prioritize the engine upgrade once riot goes live TL;DR - thanks for everything so far, don't lose hope. After the failed launch of riot this week, I hope the urgency of the engine upgrade has been emphasized
  5. "Spam - irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc" I don't know about that one chief
  6. What do you think of the gun sounds/audio apb currently has. Do you love them? Hate them? The best way for LO to make changes that will be accepted is to voice our opinions in an easy analysable manner, so let's put our initial opinions out in the open for them
  7. Delet this before I delet you
  8. This week's poll will be short and simple: what type of clothing would you like to see next? A multiple choice poll The best way for LO to make changes that will be accepted is to voice our opinions in an easy analysable manner, so let's put our initial opinions out in the open for them
  9. You didn't invite me for the moment you reached rank 100. REEEEEEEEEEEEE
  10. Someone say .45 AP? You know what I think of it? [REDACTED] .45 :^)
  11. Glad someone enjoys them The only issue is coming up with topics for the polls each week The week I didn't do a poll in "consideration" of the Riot test stress was really because I didn't have a topic at hand
  12. 4th option then? Edit: actually it wouldn't fit in with the question asked. Nvm
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