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  1. I wonder how many people realise that since LO viewed it as a bug, they most likely won't revert it. They may change how the gun plays, but it won't go back to its G1 state To each their own I guess
  2. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    will be there a sales for christmas

    Even G1 never did 80% and we all know how they operated. Max they did was 60% (there may have been one item at 70% but that Black Friday sale rotation thing they tried to do worked for like 4 hours and then broke)
  3. Key part: "I came across the Yukon bug~" Now one of the definitions of bug: "an error in a computer program or system" And that final extra mile, the definition of error: "a mistake" dunno about you, buuuuuut...
  4. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    Racing Districts

    I know a certain someone who would prefer Snow Paro first I summon you forth, certain someone
  5. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    N-tec Anarchy

    I thought you use the hvr...oh wait they nerfed it. Nevermind, carry on
  6. Then it becomes a Mountie with better hipfire. Not really worth of the "legendary" title it currently
  7. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    FFA 5.56 R&D III?

    5 degrees less zoom, otherwise the exact same gun = better
  8. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    Holiday Events 2018

    doesn't hurt to ask ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    Holiday Events 2018

    Would it be possible to have new/different guns for the 12 levels in 12 Deaths of Christmas? They've been the same for a while now and it wouldn't hurt to change it up a bit
  10. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    Lock gold to gold

    G1 tried this once, the community cried, G1 reverted the change (and this was with a higher population) Been there, done that. No thank you, we don't need a repeat
  11. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    FFA 5.56 R&D III?

    The gun is overrated anyway
  12. Weeb TheEpicGuyV2

    Christmas sales yeeeaaaay

    It's 25% you nerd. No spread wrong information plz