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  1. Today I would like to present to you all my opinion on the current situation revolving around the gun balance we have right now. I'll get straight to the point: LO should redefine & reaffirm weapons and the roles they are intended to fulfil. Start from scratch essentially. "But why?" you ask? I shall now explain. APB has been running for a really long time now as we all know, during which ownership has changed hands 2 times (I will not be including Unit Games as they are irrelevant to this discussion). Realtimes Worlds, GamersFirst & Little Orbit each had a vision for APB that they would strive towards while running the game. As each new company would acquire APB, they would bring along their own unique ideology with which they would tweak the game accordingly. The issue with this is that ideologies from previous companies are still in place and when you add a new ideology on top of them, you inevitably will get a clash of ideologies. Think of it akin to a 3-layered cake. You make the bottom layer on day X, the middle layer a week from then, the top layer 2 month later from day X and the filling/icing/toppings etc 3 days from day X. When you put them all together you will get an end product that can be recognised as a cake but if you were to taste it, odds are it would taste awful (yes no one would make a cake like this but it's to help portray the concept). We can observe one instance of ideologies colliding within gun balance. RTW's vision of the game was slow paced with guns taking around a second to kill someone. G1's vision of the game was more fast paced, reducing the TTK to below a second and in some rare instances close to half a second. Finally, LO's vision for guns is still being established so it's not quite clear yet as to what they envision. If you were to examine the guns in-game closely, you would see elements of G1's and RTW's visions lingering about. Starting gun balance over from scratch would eliminate ideologies and visions clashing with one another in this department. Think back to the multi-layer cake analogy. As stated before, preparing the different parts of the cake on completely different dates will lead to an end product that is unsatisfying to consume, however if you were to prepare and assemble the cake on the same day, you would get an end product pleasant to eat. In starting gun balance over again, LO gain the freedom to lay out their ideology without interference from older ideologies. They don’t have to worry about the possibility of balancing the next gun the community deems op in an never ending cycle, thus ultimately leading to an unenjoyable game. But most importantly, they can go about gun balance with all the cards laid out on the table from the start. They can clearly define what gun does what in respect to guns in its own category as well as in relation to other categories. They don’t need to go around finding niches to fill in and tweaking exisiting guns worrying whether the changes they do makes a gun encroach on another gun’s territory or even into an entirely different category. LO can paint on a brand-new canvas and fill it up with their own art instead of trying to edit a painting finished by a different artist. Of course, starting from scratch has its own issues. The amount of time required to review every gun and decide on stats for them would be significant, there’s a chance we’ll end up right where we started meaning everything would have been in vain, the changes could be so drastic that we would have to learn how to play with guns again, and the list could go on and on. By no means is it a perfect solution and not everyone would agree with it. I'm sure other more optimal solutions exist which I haven't considered, but personally I feel if we wish to see gun balance and weapon diversity one day, it is one of the better options available on the table. At the end of the day LO decides what happens. I'm just another player voicing my opinion which in my eyes looks suitable. That’s all I have to say on the matter. Hopefully it was easy to understand, I hope you enjoyed reading my viewpoint on gun balance and have a nice day. TL;DR – LO should start gun balance from scratch, I have cake on my mind
  2. I dunno chief, last I played radar tower commonly didn't work. Dunno if that's still the case now
  3. So how long do you thing our new CM is gonna perform their role before they realise we're a hopeless bunch and desert us?
  4. You do realise this affects holding down M1, which if you're reaching the shot modifier cap, you're using the gun wrong chief
  5. Wouldn't be the first time we've seen it Improved rifling reducing fire rate anyone?
  6. As this will be the last biweekly poll for indefinite, I'll end things on a simple question: was this year a good year for APB? The best way for LO to make changes that will be accepted is to voice our opinions in an easy analysable manner, so let's put our initial opinions out in the open for them Thank you all who participated in these polls and happy holidays to everyone
  7. So what's the situation on the skin? Last I heard it was broken on secondaries so the handing out of tier 2 codes were halted until it was fixed Has the skin been fixed yet? Please don't tell me you forgot about it
  8. This week's poll is on the Christmas event 12 Deaths of Christmas For those who forget what 12 Deaths of Christmas is, you start out with a predetermined weapon and you need to get a certain number of points before you progress to the next weapon (and then you keep doing the process again until you reach the last weapon). The last weapon is a snowball The best way for LO to make changes that will be accepted is to voice our opinions in an easy analysable manner, so let's put our initial opinions out in the open for them Edit: fourth option available
  9. I'm genuinely surprised this thread has been insightful for the most part instead of comments one might except So the community can be nice. The more you know
  10. For this poll, pretend the game got to a state where weapon balance is as good as it can get. What would you like the next new weapon to be? (Not a reskin, but a unique weapon) [You might notice LTL isn't an option, but it is a feature locked behind a faction. As such, it will not be included] The best way for LO to make changes that will be accepted is to voice our opinions in an easy analysable manner, so let's put our initial opinions out in the open for them
  11. Where's the true neutral? You gotta have a middle ground
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