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  1. Selali

    [PC] Patch 1.19.7 (1019)

    Hello everyone, We are having a patch on Friday 9/21/2018. The patch will start at 9 AM UTC/2 AM PDT and will last for 4 hours. Patch Notes: - Fixed an issue where bullets were able to unintentionally pass through certain solid objects.
  2. Selali

    Support Tickets

    We have a large number of tickets and we are a small team handling each and every ticket. This means that it does take some time to get to each and every ticket in the system. Some types of tickets take longer to get answered due to the nature of the type of ticket. Not every supporter is able to answer every type of ticket but we do work the tickets, as best as we can, in the order they are received. Contacting us directly takes us away from working on tickets to answer forum or DMs. This is counterproductive. Your tickets are not lost, were not marked as spam and will be answered. We have made changes to the forms on the website to gather more information from customers to help speed up the ability for us to answer but that is specifically for new tickets and we are working towards those. Policy changes are coming that will also help us handle tickets in a more timely fashion. Please just be patient with me and my team as we work through the large number of tickets that already exist. Thank you, Selali
  3. Thank you for the report. This bug was fixed earlier today with a server hotfix.
  4. Yea, I just wanted to chime in here with my apologies as well. This was my fault. I understood incorrectly where we would be running the event and gave out bad information that lead to all of this. Im glad we will be able to rerun the event tomorrow and be able to play with the bulk of you who were unable to get into the district on OTW. I know that these kind of things are bound to happen from time to time but just wanted to add in my own personal apology. Thank you all for being understanding. Selali
  5. Just as clarification, this event is going to be happening on OTW, not on Live. The OTW server is NA and thats why it was said for Jericho. I apologize for any misunderstanding.
  6. Selali

    Customer Support Website Maintenance

    Hello everyone, Thank you for your patience. The Customer Support website is back up and tickets should be able to be submitted again. Selali
  7. Selali

    Customer Support Website Maintenance

    Hello everyone, We will be taking the support website down again today to preform maintenance again to resolve some issues related to not being able to correctly submit tickets. There is currently no ETA as to when this will be resolved. Selali
  8. Selali

    Customer Support Website Maintenance

    Hello everyone, Thank you for your patience as we made some changes to the forums that you use to submit tickets. These improvements will help us gather more information from you when you fill out your ticket in an effort to increase the speed in which we are able to resolve your issues. The Customer Support website is back up and available to be used again. Selali
  9. Hey everyone, We will be doing some maintenance on the Customer Support website on 9/6/2018 from 5pm UTC. The website will be down for 9 hours while we also do some upgrades. We will be making it easier for customers to be able to get support the needed information that is specific to each kind of ticket in an effort to improve the response time of tickets. Thank you, Selali
  10. Selali

    [PC] Patch 1.19.6 (1011)

    Hello everyone, We are having a patch on Thursday 8/30/2018. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and will last for 6 hours. This patch will include the following changes: · We've replaced Open Conflict districts with Weapon Prototype districts. These are special districts where weapons behave differently, allowing you to try out possible future weapon changes before they take effect in the regular districts. There are two districts, Prototype A and Prototype B, each with their own different set of weapon changes. Weapon prototype districts require you to have a character with at least rank 50 to enter them. All players are PVP unlocked at all times to help facilitate the testing of these balance changes. Please try your favorite weapons in both to see how they compare and let us know your feedback on the forums! · Adding 'Beard Hunter' and 'Beard Master' titles. These titles are for the players who participated in the Faceoff event. The titles will be sent to the appropriate characters in the days following the patch. · Corrected a hitbox issue while performing a Sabotage action. Thanks all, Selali
  11. Selali

    Marketplace Item Trading

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to clarify something that has been a frequent question on the forums and to our GMs lately. If you decide to continue to participate in this system and end up getting scammed for your items, you can still put in a support ticket designed to report the players who were involved. Scamming a player is still against the Terms of Service and will be treated as a ToS violation. We, as support, will be unable to return any scammed items or currency back to the character however. Selali
  12. Selali

    How do I cancel my subscription?

    Hello Ryms, If you head over to https://www.gamersfirst.com/fallenearth/ and go ahead and log in. Then once you have logged in, click Profile in the top left of the page. From there you can go to Manage Subscriptions and cancel your subscription from there. Please let me know if you encounter any problem along the way. Selali
  13. Selali

    [PC] Patch 1.19.6 *UPDATED*

    [PC] Patch 1.19.6 *UPDATED* Hello everyone, We are having a patch on Wednesday 8/15/2018. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and will last for 4 hours. The patch includes the new Showstopper 'Thunder' Changes to the /who command to only show Friends, Clanmates, Characters in group and Characters sharing the same location Balance changes to Shotguns Fixed a bug with the Colby Commander's sound Fixed a bug where certain weapons had the wrong models Consoles will be down for their normal maintenance during this time as well. Thank you all, Selali
  14. Selali

    Marketplace Item Trading

    Hello everyone, This policy change is being implemented to help Customer Service provide quicker turnaround on other more important issues. Currently, we have supported making trades through the Marketplace where players can exchange item-for-item with other players. Historically this system has been done on the honor system. But based on the amount of trouble tickets, Customer Service has seen rampant abuse which is why we are introducing the new trading system. Effective today, support will no longer be taking scam case tickets related to this type of Marketplace trading. We will strive to address all of the scam case tickets currently in the system, but going forward we no longer support this. The Marketplace will now be used to trade items for in-game currency and vice versa. The Trading system can be used to safely exchange guns and other items. Selali
  15. Selali

    [PC] Patch 1.19.6

    [PC] Patch 1.19.6 Hello everyone, We are having a patch on Wednesday 8/9/2018. Maintenance will start at 2 AM UTC and will last for 6 hours. Patch notes: Network code upgrades Friend list Improvements Weapon Balance changes Introduction of Showstopper For more detailed information about what is some of these specific changes you can read about them here: https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2018/07/end-of-july-update.html