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  1. Selali

    [ARMAS] Just a small product issue.

    Thanks for pointing that out. Should be fixed.
  2. Selali

    Gamersfirst website maintenance

    The website is now back up and available to be used again. Thank you all for your patience.
  3. Selali

    Gamersfirst website maintenance

    Hello All, The update is taking longer than expected. The site will be down for a little longer and I will update this post when the site is back up. Thanks
  4. Ill chime in here as well. For me, the ability to test is about how fast I can get back in after finding something broken. The load times on 3.5 noticeably shorter. At the very best, I can go from the Launcher to in a district, in about the same time it takes to get fully logged in on the current live build.
  5. Selali

    False ban wave?

    Hello all, Please remember that talking about support actions taken against your account publicly is against our Terms of Service. If you feel like your account has been falsely banned, please contact support and you can have the conversation there with one of our staff. Please do not contact support on behalf of others and please provide the full details related to your account to help to expedite the process. Thank you. Selali
  6. Selali

    [PC] Patch 1.19.7 (1075)

    Hello everyone! A new patch is going up onto the Live servers for PC. This patch will be happening on Monday 1/21/2019. Patch will start at 9 AM UTC and will last for 4 hours. This patch will fix the Alienware Promotional car so that you can correctly apply mods to the vehicle.
  7. Selali

    Alienware car issues

    Hello everyone, We will be doing a hotfix tonight at our normal patch time of 9 AM UTC to fix the issue with not being able to mod the Alienware Promotional car. Thank you all for being patient while we fixed this.
  8. Yes, this is currently a known bug. We are working on a fix for it.
  9. Selali

    Slay Bells Client Crash

    Hey everyone, We have patched out a fix for the issue. Servers should be up now! Selali
  10. Selali

    Slay Bells Client Crash

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to update you all on the process. We now know what is happening and are close to a fix. This fix is going to take some time to be tested. Once that is done, we will post another update. As always, thank you for your continued patience while we fix this issue. Selali
  11. Selali

    Slay Bells Client Crash

    Hey Everyone, Due to a bug we are seeing a large number of client crashes. We are working on a fix for that issue. Until the time that we have a fix, we are going to be taking the servers down. Thank you all for your understanding in this. Selali
  12. Steam auto log-ins currently do not work with 2FA but you are still able to manually log into your account, through Steam, and still have access to all the Steam functions, including the overlay. We will be investigating the issue and see if its possible to get it working.
  13. Selali

    [PC] Patch Notes 1.19.7 (1061)

    The reason that the known issue exists is due to the fact that we did catch it. The problem with QA, and software development in general, is that sometimes fixing something has a side effect of breaking other things. Our QA team found the issue but because there was a simple workaround, we decided to not delay the patch. It will be fixed in the next patch that we do, along with another issue that Im currently adding.
  14. Selali

    OTW Test 12/11/18

    Hey everyone, We are going to start after a short delay. We are just testing a fix right now and should be ready to go, if the fix works around 11:15a PT. Thank you.
  15. Selali

    OTW Test 12/11/18

    We have run into a error on the server and will be looking into a fix for it. I will update this thread as we get more information. Thank you for your patience.