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  1. Hey all, I want to address an issue that we are seeing with support tickets. There are a number of people that have been putting in reports about players with Names or symbols that are in violation of our Terms of Service. We greatly appreciate this. What we found was happening is that those tickets were not all going to the same place. This caused some of the tickets to not be seen in the amount of time we would like. Because of this fact, we have added a new item in the drop down menu when you are submitting a ticket. Next to Customer Issue, there is now an option for Terms of Service Violation. Please use this option when reporting Names or Symbols in game. Thank you! Selali
  2. Selali

    Second Wave of Unbans has gone out!

    The mass unbanning is not a perfect science, this is why we are looking at accounts individually. We are doing everything we can to help players that were banned. I have put out a automated response to all the tickets that is asking for more information about your account so when your ticket gets looked at, we already have all the information that we need to verify the account and then look into reason for your account ban. Also, please do not put in new tickets for you account if you have already put in one. This does not help make things go faster, instead it means we have to take the time to merge tickets together. As long as you reply on the ticket that you received a response on, we will get to your account. None of you are forgotten, it just takes time to do our account investigations. *EDIT* If you reply on your ticket, the 'solved' will change to 'Open' and reopen your ticket. Solved does not mean that the ticket is closed.
  3. Selali

    Second Wave of Unbans has gone out!

    This is not perfect process and we have hundreds, currently sitting at over 600 tickets in our system for accounts that they feel were wrongly banned. It takes time to fully investigate accounts to make sure that the ban that was placed on the account was done correctly. We are not saying that the accounts that were not unbanned in these waves will not be unbanned but we have to decide on each account, one at a time. There will be an auto response put put to those tickets shortly that includes information that we need to locate and verify your account if your account is still banned. This is a time intensive process and we are working as hard and as fast as we can to get to each and every one of your tickets. I really do thank you all for your continued patience.
  4. Hello APB Community, The second wave of unbans has gone out! These unbans include the rest of the bans that were for cheating. Please keep in mind that any account that has been unbanned through this automatic process has had the APB$ and Joker Tickets removed from the account. For any players who were still banned after the first wave of unbans, please try and log onto your accounts to see if you have been unbanned. If that is the case, welcome back to San Paro! If you are not unbanned, please reply to the support ticket that you put in if you already have one in our system. We will be going through and looking at all banned accounts and making determinations on each account individually. If you are still banned and have yet to put in a support ticket, please head to https://support.gamersfirst.com and put in a ticket there. Thank you all for being patient. Selali
  5. Selali

    Second wave of unbans

    Hello APB community, Tonight, we will be coming down for a patch. During that patch we will be wiping the APB$ and Joker Tickets from the accounts that we intend to unban. The unban process is going to happen tomorrow, but it will be later in the day. We will be announcing on the forums after it has been done. This should hit the remainder of accounts that were banned for cheating. If you have already put in a ticket for your unban, please wait until the announcement has gone out about the auto unbanning process being finished. If at that time you are still banned, please do not put in a new ticket but reply to your old ticket so that we know we still need to look into your account. I will also be sending out a mass response to all the tickets we have currently open for accounts that have been banned. This response will include a list of questions that we need answered in order to help find and verify your account. If you have already included that information in your ticket, just replying to let us know that you are still in need of help will be enough. For the others, including the answers to the questions will help us to be able to help you faster. Thank you all, Selali
  6. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism, in fact we welcome it. While you are right in feeling like tickets take a long time to be answered, we are still working towards making the responses better. We have done mass responses specific to banned tickets and when we do the second wave of unbans, it will happen again. We will be responding to over 500 tickets that are currently open asking for us to review their ban. Most of the accounts that were banned for cheating will find their accounts unblocked and will not have to respond to the ticket. For the rest of you who are still unbanned, all you need to do is respond to the ticket and let us know you are still banned and it will reopen the ticket for review. For the copy paste responses outside of the banned tickets, we are taking steps to correct this issue and keep it from happening in the future. When it comes to the post from Matt, let me clarify. While we will be doing training with all of our Customer Service staff, not all of them have been doing copy paste responses. It is possible to feel pride for how the team is doing even while not everyone is perfect. We are taking the necessary steps to correct mistakes that have happened since we took over. I ask for your patience and understanding as we strive to improve our Customer Setvice.
  7. Selali

    Account Unbanning

    This is actually not the case. We are still planning on doing a second wave of unbans. We do not currently have an ETA on when we will be doing this second wave but please just be patient. We have not forgotten about you guys.
  8. Selali

    Steam Exclusive Content

    Hello APB players, Steam users are currently able to receive promotion codes from a Steam campaign that was run back in 2011. This is due to a issue on Steam's side this campaign is now able to be seen again. The codes are all expired and will not impact your account at all. We are working with Steam to resolve the issue. Thank you all for your patience as we get this resolved. Selali
  9. Hey guys and gals, Just wanted to let you know we might be starting a little bit later today. We are having some internet issues. We will be on as soon as those issues are resolved. Thanks!!
  10. Selali

    Lost all money earned after ban

    Hey all, Thanks for reporting this. This was our mistake. We did reset a few accounts back to 0. We are in the process of correcting this issue right now and any account that had this happen to it will have all of the currency restored to the account. Thank you all for being understanding. Selali
  11. Selali

    Account Unbanning

    Hello APB community, Today we unbanned thousands of accounts that were done by Fair Fight and a few other very specific types of bans. We are going to be doing a second wave of unbans in the near future. We knew that not all accounts that were banned for cheating were going to be hit by this first wave of unbans. These mass unbans, since they hit thousands of accounts, take time to preform and so we split them up into more than one wave. Please be patient till we do the second wave. Thank you all for being understanding. Selali
  12. Selali

    Disappearing Tickets

    Thanks for your patience, we have resolved this issue.
  13. Selali

    Disappearing Tickets

    Hey APB and Fallen Earth communities, We are currently experiencing a problem with the portal on Zendesk. We are looking into the fact that you are, now, no longer able to see the status of your ticket. Please understand that your tickets are not lost and have not been closed, you have just lost the ability to see them. We are actively investigating this issue and will be updating this thread to let you know the progress with this issue as we learn more information. Please bear with us as we try and fix this problem. Selali
  14. I just wanted to jump in here and comment about this. We are not doing unbanning for any account that was banned for cheating. We are reviewing accounts that were banned for other reasons so, yes, there are a few accounts that are being unbanned. Even if they say that they were banned for cheating and now have their account back, it is not true. We are still following this post: Selali
  15. Selali

    Support? Hello?

    I do apologize for us not being able to get to tickets faster. My team is still in the process of learning all the new tools that we have to use to investigate all of the different issues that arise in support tickets. We will get faster at this process, please just bear with us for the short term. We really are looking forward to helping you all out. We did have a lot of tickets that came in over the weekend so it might take a little bit of time to get all caught up. I have announced that we are not going to be working on Banned account tickets till we patch out Battleye. To read more about this please head here: I do appreciate all of your patience in waiting for your tickets to get responded to. Selali