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  1. The time that it takes for support to respond to tickets is tracked on a weekly basis in this forum thread. Please head to the last post for the most up to date information about the wait times for support tickets. Thank you, Selali
  2. This was an intended design choice, to have weapons that have silencers to not have the muzzle flash. I agree that there are weapons that the muzzle flash doesnt work as well on, single shot and slower firing weapons are on that list. We wanted to do something that was different than just a color swap on the muzzle flash knowing that there were some weapons that it would not work as well on. For instance? We can look at fixing anything that is actually broken with the muzzle flashes.
  3. Hello everyone, We are currently aware that the holiday rewards did not unlock after this patch correctly. Since this is the case, we will have to award these manually which will take some more time but we are working on getting those items out to everyone who earned them during the event, as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. Selali
  4. Since we have not had EU servers in EU up until recently, there has not been a lot of testing done on the 2017 shotgun stats that are in the Prototype district currently or the other changes that have been made. Once the current balance has been tested, we can make adjustments and go from there.
  5. Hello everyone, All servers should be up and available. Thank you, Selali
  6. Hello everyone, We are going to delay this one hour till 9 AM UTC. Thanks, Selali
  7. Hey everyone, Just posting an update. We have fixes for the issues and are testing the fixes now. We are aiming to deploy a new patch at 9 AM UTC but are aiming to have it finished before that time and patch it out earlier. Thank you, Selali
  8. Hey everyone, Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. This should be fixed now. We have merged all the threads that were about this same topic into this thread. Thank you, Selali
  9. Districts are back up and available again.
  10. Hey everyone, We are aware of the issues with the districts, mostly on EU but some of the NA districts are also missing. We are working to solve this issue. Thank you all for your patience. Selali
  11. The change to no threat segregation is a temporary thing till we get all the district servers in the correct places. The districts still have the normal matchmaking in place, they don't use the Open Conflict systems. There is no plans to unban players who were banned for dethreating at this time.
  12. Hello everyone, A new patch is going up onto the Live servers for PC. This patch will be happening on Wednesday 12/11/2019. Patch will start at 9 AM UTC and will last for up to 8 hours. Consoles (Both XboxOne and PS4) will also have a smaller maintenance during this time. Patch Notes: We have fixed the bug which previously kept us from being able to release the Blood Moon Preset bundle. This bundle will be available on ARMAS starting on December 11th. CHANGES/FIXES Fixed a bug where the OCA-SD and Whisper variants didn’t have the correct stats after our OCA balance changes. Reverted the Showstopper’s stats to previously live stats after the incorrect stats got pushed to live districts. Fixed a bug related to the unreleased Blood Moon Presets.
  13. The problem was that the change to the damage was pushed to live but the change to the scaling damage per projectile is still there so its actually much weaker in non-prototype districts than it is in the test districts. It will be fixed in the next build to go live.
  14. Hey everyone, We are dropping the price of the Old Glory in ARMAS to 1999 G1C for Character Lifetime and 2399 G1C for Account Lifetime. Anyone who has already purchased this item, in the last 2 days, will be refunded the difference. Support is already aware of who has purchased the item and is already in the process of doing the refunds. This price drop is to bring the weapon closer in line to the price balance that was done to ARMAS previously. Thank you! Selali
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