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  1. Selali

    [PC] Patch 1.19.6

    [PC] Patch 1.19.6 Hello everyone, We are having a patch on Wednesday 8/15/2018. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and will last for 4 hours. The patch includes the new Showstopper 'Thunder' Fixed a bug with the Colby Commander's sound Fixed a bug where certain weapons had the wrong models Consoles will be down for their normal maintenance during this time as well. Thank you all, Selali
  2. Selali

    Marketplace Item Trading

    Hello everyone, This policy change is being implemented to help Customer Service provide quicker turnaround on other more important issues. Currently, we have supported making trades through the Marketplace where players can exchange item-for-item with other players. Historically this system has been done on the honor system. But based on the amount of trouble tickets, Customer Service has seen rampant abuse which is why we are introducing the new trading system. Effective today, support will no longer be taking scam case tickets related to this type of Marketplace trading. We will strive to address all of the scam case tickets currently in the system, but going forward we no longer support this. The Marketplace will now be used to trade items for in-game currency and vice versa. The Trading system can be used to safely exchange guns and other items. Selali
  3. Selali

    [PC] Patch 1.19.6

    [PC] Patch 1.19.6 Hello everyone, We are having a patch on Wednesday 8/9/2018. Maintenance will start at 2 AM UTC and will last for 6 hours. Patch notes: Network code upgrades Friend list Improvements Weapon Balance changes Introduction of Showstopper For more detailed information about what is some of these specific changes you can read about them here: https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2018/07/end-of-july-update.html
  4. Hey everyone, We have recently put up a new patch on OTW which has all the newest weapon updates! We will be patching OTW to include the second round of changes we have made based on community feedback later today and should be up by the time of the stress test. To find out more information about those updates, you can read all about it here: In addition to the weapon updates, we have also updated the networking code. We are going to be preforming a stress test on the OTW server with your guys help on 8.4.2018 starting at 6 PM UTC (11 AM PDT). We need all the help that we can get from the community. To participate, download OTW from here: OTW Download Link. The test will be on Financial 1. Please log onto the server and just play missions as you would normally on your live account. We are trying to max out the District with 100 players on at the same time who are playing normally. We ask that you go through your mails on OTW and equip any customized pieces of gear you have. This will help in our testing. Please do note that this District is not one of the Districts that you are able to test the new weapon changes but all of the help from the community is greatly appreciated! Thank you all and see you on OTW! Selali
  5. Hey everyone, We will be having an extended maintenance 07.31.2018 starting at 9 AM UTC. The maintenance is expected to last 5 hours. Thanks!
  6. Hello, Im here today to address a policy change that we are going to be making regarding symbols on accounts. We give players the ability to make almost anything with our symbol creator but some players in the game are abusing that to make symbols that blatantly against the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct of the game. This is not something that we are going to allow. If symbols displayed on a character or billboards are clearly against the Terms of Service and/or Code of Conduct, we will be removing ALL of the symbols off the account of the offending player. They will receive a warning. If this behavior continues, this will result in account bans, either temporary or permanent in accordance with the offending material. Thank you, Selali
  7. Hey all, Most of you know me as the CSM but I am also the QA lead for all of Little Orbit as well. I just wanted to comment on this thread. All of the staff have accounts that are both low rank accounts and high rank accounts. I personally have a maxed out account that I use for testing and a rank 1 account that I use for testing. You all are right that the QA team on this game should be playing the game from a new player's perspective to see what we can improve on but we should also be playing at the highest level to see what needs to be improved on there too. While we use feedback from players, we also use our own experiences when we play the game to make determinations on what needs to be looked at. Most of the times that the QA team is playing in the game, you wouldnt even know that you are completing missions with them because we keep those accounts anonymous. Every single staff member has played this game on anonymous accounts and continues to do so. I really dont understand where the assumption came from where we dont play along side you as bronze players. Just because we dont tell you that we are doing it, doesnt mean that we arnt doing that. I will say this, of all the people who we have on staff Lixil has probably played the game the most having started many characters from rank 1 on every server.
  8. Hello all, We are taking down OTW access for the next few days. We will post on the forums when OTW is available to be used once again. Thank you! Selali
  9. Selali

    Faceoff with MattScott

    With the second Faceoff completed, we have added some names to the roster! Martinz x 2 Goths Flaws kph Vustra flamframe ExoticZlol ViviViktoriya Goabea Arwo Anqi555 BlitzKitty OGYoss Zoro Jangamanga Fallenclover MLSSNLNJA Congrats to all of the winners! We will be running this event again on Jericho and Citadel over the weekend at various times. Please keep a keen watch out on this thread for all the most up to date Faceoff information!
  10. How to participate: MattScott will be in one of the open conflict districts starting around 2:15 PM PDT on Citadel. Once the event starts he will be threat 5 on the map so it will be easy to spot him, or will it....? You have one goal: to try to land the killing shot on him. He will have heavy armor on and he will be faster so this will not be an easy task. Rewards: The person that completes the goal will be getting 3d glasses with 3 day premium and 100G1C. If you can manage to kill him 3 times during the event, you will be rewarded with even greater prizes! We will be running one of these later today on Jericho but will also be running them through-out the weekend as well. Please keep a watch on this thread to see times posted as we are about to go live running the event.
  11. Selali

    Hotfix 6/29/2018

    Hey everyone, We are going to be bringing down the servers tonight to apply a hotfix to fix the disconnect issues. The hotfix will be for PC only but we will also be doing maintenance on the Console servers as well. The servers will be down for approximately 4 hours. This will be starting at 9 am UTC on 6/29/2018. Thanks! Selali
  12. Hey all, I want to address an issue that we are seeing with support tickets. There are a number of people that have been putting in reports about players with Names or symbols that are in violation of our Terms of Service. We greatly appreciate this. What we found was happening is that those tickets were not all going to the same place. This caused some of the tickets to not be seen in the amount of time we would like. Because of this fact, we have added a new item in the drop down menu when you are submitting a ticket. Next to Customer Issue, there is now an option for Terms of Service Violation. Please use this option when reporting Names or Symbols in game. Thank you! Selali
  13. Selali

    Second Wave of Unbans has gone out!

    The mass unbanning is not a perfect science, this is why we are looking at accounts individually. We are doing everything we can to help players that were banned. I have put out a automated response to all the tickets that is asking for more information about your account so when your ticket gets looked at, we already have all the information that we need to verify the account and then look into reason for your account ban. Also, please do not put in new tickets for you account if you have already put in one. This does not help make things go faster, instead it means we have to take the time to merge tickets together. As long as you reply on the ticket that you received a response on, we will get to your account. None of you are forgotten, it just takes time to do our account investigations. *EDIT* If you reply on your ticket, the 'solved' will change to 'Open' and reopen your ticket. Solved does not mean that the ticket is closed.
  14. Selali

    Second Wave of Unbans has gone out!

    This is not perfect process and we have hundreds, currently sitting at over 600 tickets in our system for accounts that they feel were wrongly banned. It takes time to fully investigate accounts to make sure that the ban that was placed on the account was done correctly. We are not saying that the accounts that were not unbanned in these waves will not be unbanned but we have to decide on each account, one at a time. There will be an auto response put put to those tickets shortly that includes information that we need to locate and verify your account if your account is still banned. This is a time intensive process and we are working as hard and as fast as we can to get to each and every one of your tickets. I really do thank you all for your continued patience.
  15. Hello APB Community, The second wave of unbans has gone out! These unbans include the rest of the bans that were for cheating. Please keep in mind that any account that has been unbanned through this automatic process has had the APB$ and Joker Tickets removed from the account. For any players who were still banned after the first wave of unbans, please try and log onto your accounts to see if you have been unbanned. If that is the case, welcome back to San Paro! If you are not unbanned, please reply to the support ticket that you put in if you already have one in our system. We will be going through and looking at all banned accounts and making determinations on each account individually. If you are still banned and have yet to put in a support ticket, please head to https://support.gamersfirst.com and put in a ticket there. Thank you all for being patient. Selali