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  1. Sorry i dont know all those thingies but is this blinding?
  2. When new clothes???? its verry limited chose for girls! and i don't think need engine update just to make new clothes! I am here 1 year now and not seen anything new in this game =(
  3. Yes please bring back those silver , gold districts. Then goldies can play in gold district without silvers and bronzes
  4. Hi when you log in in to your account press on My Account near Support then press Account settings and in new window there is button on right side top Get G1 credits. Sorry for my english
  5. I turned off and on still same =)) i try reinstal game then =)
  6. 1 file download failed Binaries\APB.exe:StatusDownload
  7. Hello i loged off like 2 hours ago and now started game but game client now dowloading update that is 27,66Mb when finish download START/UPDATING button becomes ERROR sorry for my english =))) Is there really are update or my game client is broken?
  8. I think soon this game will play only golds silvers and bronzes usually quit mission in middle when they see they just wasting time in mission Some friends already quit game.............. =(
  9. Not sure this is weird or normal but i post this anyway =p
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