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  1. Its a really funny video =D I tried to play with 8 balls, more fun than nades
  2. Short video from 2021.03.25
  3. Short video from yesterday
  4. I couple times dead from nothing just walked on bridge and dead and one time dead near that big ship in waterfront.
  5. I am really bad player but i like S-AS PDW
  6. Just imagine how new players feels in missions like this.... On my friend list is like 10 newbies that played this game max 2 days =D actualy makes me really laught if someone call me noob after missions like this in bronze well this time no one called me noob atleast
  7. No new players or they just quit after 1 day playing because in bronze district missions are like vs gold players!
  8. Meow i waited to but looks like time for sleep
  9. Yeap its fun when u unlock alot things in game =p
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