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  1. They were under lots of stress ofc. For me usually it's the obvious things I lose sight of first.
  2. Not really a failure, ~50-60 people in districts last I saw.
  3. I've only got my own experience, but I left back then because all the gold districts were empty. I do remember feeling envious of the silver/bronze server count., so maybe the game was better off without gold players period? :c
  4. Losing in APB feels much worse than in other games, but I don't really know why.
  5. Is there a reason this isn't the case already the case? If we let the matchmaker pool from all available players regardless of faction, it seems like it would make the game more balanced. Also feel like it might make the game a friendlier place, because you can team up with people you've fought. It's more casual, imo. Just a thought. It might be a stupid one, I have a lot of those.
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