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  1. Please re-enable matchmaking between crims. Factions are pointless outside of aesthetic.
  2. I don't believe we ever got an official answer as to why this would be impossible/bad for the game. Could you shed some light on this?
  3. I'm smiling at the thought of it having Pioneer health. Really that could give newbs more time to drive for cover, force the pros to use their concs/switch to alig. X)
  4. I agree with the general sentiment that the new matchmaking system does seem overly complicated, though I'm assuming it's easier than enabling cross-faction matches? It used to exist for crim v crim, and it's been requested a few times. I believe it would be better received than phasing and decrease toxicity ingame. It would be a shame if cross-factioning never returns, imo.
  5. have you tried setting it to smaller, then to 1.0 again to see if it fixes it?
  6. We're not all dethreaters, actually. And no one has to try to improve, they can always quit.
  7. Especially with no threat districts, I feel like this is required. Thanks for bringing it up again, op. A couple posts from way back, for more reading. There was a super eloquent post about crossfactioning somewhere, but I couldn't find it. :c If anyone can remember, I think it was posted in social.
  8. I doubt this will affect the population on Jericho by much, my fear is that this will be a severely negative change for Citadel, which of course, contains most of the paying playerbase. You're saying it's necessary so that everyone that wants to can play, but what percentage of bronze/silver players will no longer want to play? You must be counting on some never returning, banking on the golds sticking around instead. How long will they stay, after their 'farm' dries up? At least, it would be nice to hear that the situation/numbers will be monitored closely, and that this will be reverted when it becomes clear that it needs to. Unless... this is our last year, and since golds pay more, we're being fed before final harvest? somewhat more aggressively then I intended, a jericho gold that doesn't play much, but wants to keep playing into the future.
  9. Rivatuner Statistics Server is my favorite for limiting fps. Or If you have a nvidia card, there's a "Max Frame Rate" option in the control panel, but it feel like it gives me input lag.
  10. If you have an agp graphics card? ... I'm so old.
  11. They were under lots of stress ofc. For me usually it's the obvious things I lose sight of first.
  12. Not really a failure, ~50-60 people in districts last I saw.
  13. I've only got my own experience, but I left back then because all the gold districts were empty. I do remember feeling envious of the silver/bronze server count., so maybe the game was better off without gold players period? :c
  14. Losing in APB feels much worse than in other games, but I don't really know why.
  15. Is there a reason this isn't the case already the case? If we let the matchmaker pool from all available players regardless of faction, it seems like it would make the game more balanced. Also feel like it might make the game a friendlier place, because you can team up with people you've fought. It's more casual, imo. Just a thought. It might be a stupid one, I have a lot of those.
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