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  1. I spend loads of times in missions I know i'm not going to win, i'm only rank 150ish so i have a LONG way to go but i just don't get why people have to become so upset when they lose. If you really do care about this game and want to play it, then don't bring down others when you're not doing as well. We all know for a fact we've been DESTROYED by a team and it felt bad, but once the tables turn, oh buy is it a rush. This is my first post because I genuinely do love this game and the people in it, even though i play solo constantly (if anybody feels like playing hit me up), i love driving by other players i've fought, toot my horn at them nicely and even give them a /wave to show that i'm not a triggered gamer and actually want enjoyment, sometimes it's fun to go back in forth in kills with a really good player, especially if you know they too just want to enjoy themself and in game with this much customisation people truly do express themselves so thank you guys for just chilling n killing time
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