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  1. Yeah phasing will be the only things that can fix this mess or the game will die
  2. I love how everyone makes it like it is everyones error but not themselves ,the games is DEAD becuase playing it is not fun,golds playing in silver have the same fault at silvers playing in bronze,new players that are actually good at the game would hit silver and face 255 golds(they dont use the advance tab) as a bronze would face 255 silvers,and if u are high silver and go silver is the same u will get destroyed by the golds and quit the game same as bronzes in bronze district.
  3. Las armas pasaran a ser inutiles como el nhvr por ejemplo
  4. wangan midnight I personally like old rwd jdm cars
  5. I think it is a good idea XD
  6. What it is fun about RIOT it is the how ramdom the mode is,but having the ability to buy your loadout still TOO powerful,spawn more weapons when the trucks appear,dont make people spawn far away from the last stage because people like to camp and kill in the border of the zone
  7. The problem is that thanks to golds there is no intermediate server in apb so people has to decide between getting rekt or rekt others
  8. Yeah it is time they add a proprer rwd car to drift they should the gtr not the gts version
  9. When big popa aka Matt Scott said it is ready to do it
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