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  1. U can't have all in this world, also if they "fix" driving because a lot of people complain about it will be lose either way
  2. I think with riot Little Orbit is just trying to get young audience to the game because pretty much all the players are 18+ besides ramdom bronze guys that mostly ragequit the game so that is why riot is coming to solve that problem,they launch riot and no publicity to figure it now and advertise it along with the new engine update i think. Exclusives only make people mad but in the end how u said if u are loyal but u suck in the end u dont care that much about it. In my personal opinion apb should be focusing in give a RP vibe to the game more than a BR but idk really what it is better to bring back to live APB
  3. Yeah also this event(the 10 am one ) coincide with the gopnikery which is bad
  4. They should buff the Cisco bishada and the v20 to be slightly worse than the 4x4 and the morai and kurai and Fresno to the level of the t-25 Leave the starters cars as they are
  5. U should applicate this video to u stop doing shitty posts and comments in the forums.
  6. Here u have it https://apbdb.com/roles/Holiday_Easter_EggsCollected_2018_PC/
  7. That would be your case I have seen twitch streamers using it perfectly at that range. Atac is a meta weapon only avaliable by p2p. How I said just compare it to the Tommy gun stats to see what I am talking about
  8. Yeah it is true but this is a game not a work you come here to have fun not to get max rank The game is not noob friendly at all and doesn't matter how strong your will is if any mission you do finish 1-1-14 or something like that u will finish quitting The upgrade engine is important but if the population quit decreasing more when it will come out it will be played by few people that why I think matchmaking should be addressed now
  9. That would be the ideal solution still LO hasn't done anything about matchmaking and we are losing new players everyday, new players how u have said it make ramdoms things so put them together and they will figure out while having fun not that when u don't know what is going on(people whispering, getting killed) they get stressed and rage quit in the bronze/silver server
  10. Atac have a range of 50 m stock so it can compete with the ntec, in long range it is worse than ntec but it is way better in close range than ntec, also just compare the stats of the atac to the stats of the colby m-1922 to see that is op
  11. I wouldn't make the difference too much bronze already rage quit the game a lot and they never come back this would make them a opportunity to enjoy the game also it would be more gentle with new players
  12. I have literally same problem still that is not the point of this post, I did this post to try and save the new players coming in, that problem won't be possible to solve while we have the treat system we have and a population grow
  13. Because most of the players are from here, Russians keep citadel alive without them we would be like jericho
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