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  1. i dont know why people try make copy other aspects of other games to apb,i like to play apb because it is unique there arent anything like that not because it is a ripoff of another more popular game
  2. RCooper

    how do i form a new group?

    I dont really understand ur issue if you make a group and it is public and you are the leader I think you can kick them
  3. RCooper


    Lo que yo supongo que estan haciendo es atraer primero a los antiguos jugadores con la mejora de la engine para así aumentar la player base, a parte de hacer el juego más atractivo en todos los sentidos y ya cuando el juego está más estable hacer una campaña para atraer a nuevos jugadores ya que como tú dices el tutorial esta pero debería ser más intuitivo Aún así el matchmaking debía haber sido prioridad maxima en mi opinión ya que hay jugadores que no les importa mucho la mejora de la engine pero que juegan y les parten el culo si mejorarán el matchmaking esto no les pasaría tanto
  4. RCooper

    "Lock" bronze and green players on the green district

    i post this in the wrong section can someone put it the right one? Ty
  5. So my idea is when bronze,green and trainees select district they appear on green district by default becuase rn bronze district is unplayable for them(too many golds and experience players in general ). Also lock wouldnt be the right term because they will be able to others district. I dont know if this idea will be possible because of the population but i think they will able to fill around 20-20 in a server in a good day so maybe it increase with time and they fill a server. I propose this because mostly bronzes i play with in mission ragequit and it is sad that we are losing a lot of players everyday
  6. There are way more big reasons that make apb lose players that the one u post maybe lo should consider but rn there are other many things that need to be fix that are way more important than those
  7. You should have more faith in LO they are all doing all they can the problem is the game is a piece. Also u should read the new posts before doing one because your question has no sense
  8. RCooper

    Toxic Teamates

    People who is toxic will be always toxic doesnt matter rank ,skill or threat.For my experience i have seen toxic in bronze and silver districts ,still fake golds are the worse by far they concetrate all the bad behaviour. Just ignore this players and dont let them ruin your fun.
  9. RCooper

    Car spawners

    The issue I am talking about is there in the old forums but still not fixed , I know that there is other major problems before but are small details which make the game nicer so expect that in the future they solve it. About the car spawners mod I agree it is broken but there are already other topic about so I am not going to talk about it here.
  10. RCooper

    Car spawners

    I refer to the actual car spawner not the mod. When two car spawners are one next to each other and there are already a car spawn in one the other wont work. It happens for example in the gas station next to Wilson LeBoyce.
  11. RCooper

    Lock gold to gold

    I mean rn if the threat stay the same doesn't matter the engine upgrade the game will die There are way more than enough people to full a silver server the problem is that thanks to gold it would be impossible to form a bronze district because there aren't enough new players to play between them
  12. No silver wanna play in silver when all the golds are whispering insults to you for playing there
  13. RCooper

    Han veo taxi wheels

    Hello I would like to know why the players don't have avaliable the wheels han veo taxi is using(black steelies like dolton broadwing ones) and If there aren't any reason make it avaliable in game