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  1. https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=64&subcatID=67&productId=2675 https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=126&subcatID=251&productId=6404 Some of the prices between armas and the joker store dont match in some items ,when the joker store was 100% f2p it was understandable but now that joker tickets cost money ,this can even be consider a "scam". For example this police light cost in armas is 99 g1c (let's ignore the sale going on right now), and 100 g1c equals 500 jt, that means that the joker store price is 7 times higher Guns in the other hand cost the same so it doesnt matter where u buy them(unless there is a sale),so yeah it would be nice to see prices to be the same across the board. *Ignore the 28k in the lightbar cost, now it only cost 3500 jt becuase the photo is old*
  2. Increased matchmaking times , game dies and boring games affects everyone not only golds. All this happened because golds played in silver district and not in gold district.U reap what u sow,the problem is that u are affecting everyone else too
  3. APB is a game with progression that means that all the cars cant be meta ,some cars have to be worst than others. Driving in APB is just like using a gun ,it requires skill, but most people now use the "atac of cars" aka the coywolf
  4. If u are a bad player u are gonna play an inmense amount of 1 vs 1,u can play easily 2 1 vs 1 in a row becuase people spam abandon mission constantly(they are the most boring thing ever),second is the real gold premades that own u like crazy and if u are unlucky u can get them in 2 or 3 missions in a row which mean an hour basically getting farmed,and if ur team somehow manages to fight back they just call backup so they can make the mission unbalanced again and farm u.Truth is also u get balanced missions from time to time ,basically the no threat districts are ur average silver district. The difference is now that the majority of dethreaters dont play and the ones that do,they dont dethreat they just afk when there is a hard mission,but that doesnt matter becuase the real golds do the job of stomping newbies and bad players much better than dethreaters. Now for golds getting 20+ kills every mission is the norm, and for ur average silver player finishing with a positive score is a miracle.
  5. Based on how the game is going every decision LO has done until now has been a success ,RIOT being the prime example, when the game is in the same exact state every "patch" ,people complaints are always the same becuase nothing gets done.
  6. Bronzes in silver district aint even rare ,but jericho has been dead so long that is normal that u have forgotten it
  7. not having threat segregation means that new players/bronzes/real silvers have to face real gold players that are worse that max ranks silvers and dethreaters in every way, they will tryhard no matter ur threat and farm u if they can and also if they can they will troll u(blowtorching,teamkilling ,etc) Just watch fightclub leaderboards to know how fun is gonna be for the silvers/bronzes the fact that there is not threat segregation
  8. Most of the people that grief are streamers,then get surprised and mad when they are streaming and get griefed APB players logic sometimes...
  9. Do that and that only (bronze) district populated would die in a matter of days,basically becuase bronze/silvers would get owned every mission and they will ragequit and golds would stop playing eventually becuase the op is too ez,u just have to go to the silver district of Citadel and see how "healthy" is the relationship between threats.
  10. I like how cars handle( besides coywolf) becuase driving the top tiers cars is actually a challenge and a skill u have to learn overtime
  11. Idk i thought this two based on the fact that the crown victoria is outdated, the firehawk kit looks like a dodge charger ,so i think a car that represents modern america cop car is the explorer ,and the civic type r becuase it is a high perform FWD car which there isnt any on APB ,it isnt anything like the han veo becuse it is like comparing a stock corolla with a type r.It would be a interesting car because top speed in APB dont even reach 100km/h so i could perfectely be a top tier car. I dont think they would add a supercar(ferrari,lambo,mclaren,etc) because it would make the rest of the cars look bad becuase they are normal cars and also most of them were designed long time ago so the difference of design between this new car and the others would contrast a lot,but LO still want the game to look modern,so adding cars that are modern and most people like and know like the explorer or the civic are good options.
  12. New car is probably gonna be this thing or this one
  13. With the new configs released by LO ,I have tried always sprinting and hold to crouch,i can see why always sprinting is better but with hold to crouch i am having difficulties.Why is hold to crouch better than toggle on/off crouch besides personal preference? Also it doesnt help hold to crouch bugs sometimes and it keeps me crouching even though i am not pushing the key,so LO should look at the bugs this option has.
  14. It will be nice if the gun games were more apart from each other in time
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