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  1. The day they sold the IP,everything was over for APB
  2. no news is good news if APB had at least 1k players but in this state...
  3. Slowly but steady we are reaching the stable population of 0
  4. The reality of the game is that it sucks,so it is normal for people to complain when something is unfair.
  5. i am sure that having 255 golds cop witness green and bronze players with less that 10 hours ingame is what the og devs inteded it to be
  6. No one is saying APB has the best customization in 2022,it used the be the best customization but not anymore,now it is good but not the best
  7. Wow what an useful criticism,thanks to you now i am a pro
  8. It is not like I have problems with every shield user,but yeah i understand your point, they are not as OP as i thought they were (except epherine injection it takes 25% of ur health not 50%) but this is not a thread about epherine injection,but it can be resume on how versatile this consumable is.To be honest i have learn a lot thanks to this thread that is why i made it in the first place xd,becuase i knew that people countered the shield + medspray i was struggling with against people that are really good at using it.Still i think they are cheesy and annoying becuase consumables in my opinion are mean to be used in a pinch,not in every interaction i have with a person,i feel consumables are in a way how remote detonator users used to play when the mod had no cooldown basically spamming it ,with gets annoying real quick,just increasing the cooldown will be ok for me. The good thing about consumables is that are expensive so it force people to spend some money(veterans) but for newbies/less experienced players they are definitely too expensive but these players dont use them anyway so idk
  9. Shield is not a consumable anymore it is an orange mod I play EU,sounds fun though lol
  10. Ik the problem relies more in the shield + med spray strategy,I just hate it because it is a cheesy strategy Yeah but sometimes there are more than one shield user in the op team,or I run out of grenades,also you can basically spam shield + medspray almost every time you use it.(30s and 45s cooldown)
  11. To begin with shield and med spray weren't mean to be used together,they were both consumables but LO had to change it
  12. We are not playing fortnite,we are playing apb,as an exconsumable(btw remove consumables from the game) the mechanics behind the shield are super dumb and paired with med spray which btw still as broken as always,it allows you to turn the situation around,a situation where you would get killed 100% of the times,now most of the times u make it alive and killing the guy that 85 you.
  13. Just make it so if u havent played more than 1 hour in the last 6 months,u cant type in the forums,problem solved
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