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  1. Because the population is not big enough.
  2. Solo queue district is a very bad idea but they have to make the matchmaking WAY harsher for premades. Little Orbit has to find the balance between having a good matchmaking and a meager population. The matchmaking of apb they are working right now has to adapt to the current population of apb and also be able to cope with the increase of players in the case of apb becoming popular once again.
  3. "5 minutes"(it is way more time) that are the most important ones becuase most people dont play beyond that. Small things like buffing this "unimportant" car could make a big difference for people during those "5 minutes".
  4. Reading the full post before commenting can be very helpful btw,not just reading the title of the post.
  5. Yeah the cosenza has a slightly better top speed but the calabria is AWD and the cosenza is FWD,also the biggest difference is the torque,look at the graphs of vehicule torque ,the cosenza has 6 peak torque and the calabria has 30. That is a 24 points of difference.For reference at its peak the vegas has 120 torque.The bigger top speed doesnt matter much because the cosenza takes two years to reach top speed,the accelaration of the macchina calabria is way more valuable. When it comes to free to spawn four seaters ,the han veo or the balkan ravan are way better options. The cosenza needs it torque increase so it can compete with the rest of free to spawn cars. The trial is a good option for armas,but for contacts,it is stupid,there is no point in trying something they cant get at that moment,they can trial a nulander pioneer for example but u cant not get one until u are rank 70-80 or something like that and it is 0 slot,it is garbage.A 50% off discount for the first contact vehicle they buy with in-game cash will only help veteran's alts because new players will waste that in a 0 slot cisco or something like that,but the veteran will not buy any cars until he can get a 4 slot pionner or espacio for half of the price. The mommy minivan like u said need to small buff to be level with the rest of the free cars,because unless u buy something from the auction or armas,unlocking the top cars with 1 slot takes a lot of time, u need to be around 150 rank I think for a car like the vegas,pioneer,espacio,etc.
  6. All cars are free to spawn the first time you spawn them in a district. There are some cars that are always free to spawn like the Han veo, machina cosenza and calabria,etc. Others cost 25 like the dolton montane,the broadwing,etc. Other cost 50 like patriot t-25,dolton fresno,etc. And others 100 like the vegas,vegas 4x4,coywolf,etc. The amount of mods slots doesnt matter for the spawn price.A vegas with 0 mod slots costs the same to spawn as one that has 4 mods slots.
  7. hahahaha true, still a buff wouldnt save them of that happening XD True but cars like the macchina cosenza arent mean to be anywhere near the meta.When it comes to the current meta ,there is only one car the coywolf. The other cars that are free to spawn are way much more better than it. I am not talking about it making it as good as a vegas or something like that,just level it up with the rest of free to spawn cars. Like I said the buff should be so it is as good as the han veo for example, another free to spawn car.
  8. The Macchina Cosenza is arguably the worst car in the game,but it is given to new players as a gift.Due to being a gifted car,you would expect it to be better than the Macchina Calabria(the default car) ,but it is clearly a much worse car than the calabria. So yeah buff the macchina cosenza or remove it as a gifted car. I dont have a lot of idea about balancing in general but I think the biggest problem with this car is how little torque it has. The ideal point would be making it as good as the han veo. This will improve a little bit the experience for new players,and it will be helpful for the missions where this car appears.
  9. The short answer to that is not playing the game rn,it is not worth it, if you aren't a gold with a premade ,you are basically cannon fodder. If you are a "fake" gold,a silver or a bronze,golds want to play against you, not with you.
  10. The day they sold the IP,everything was over for APB
  11. no news is good news if APB had at least 1k players but in this state...
  12. Slowly but steady we are reaching the stable population of 0
  13. The reality of the game is that it sucks,so it is normal for people to complain when something is unfair.
  14. i am sure that having 255 golds cop witness green and bronze players with less that 10 hours ingame is what the og devs inteded it to be
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