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  2. Actually curious to know if g1 sold the cars to another company The games are quite olds btw but i remember them and it made me wonder why are there
  3. Not only appear there also a interfarce in the screen appear like when the horseman or other event starts but i didnt capture it
  4. This is in weapon Prototype A district The event doesnt do anything though
  5. U should give the holiday sweater contest 2019 one day more becuase basically u guys stole one day of his duration
  6. Servers are changing so when they finish I supposed something will appear there
  7. Dont forget if there is a big car spawned u cant spawn another one next to it
  8. people who use nfas want ez kills meanwhile the thumper because of being semiautomatic is hard to use so it is obvious why it is unpopular
  9. The thing is that all that others secundaries takes quite some time to be good with them and also have higher ttk while the showstopper requires very low effort to master just like a nfas It is not the same having to land 3 shot that 5 or 6,that without counting how tight the showstopper spread is. The things is that cqc secundaries should be as good as long range secundaries, u cant compare the efectiveness of the showstopper compare to the act44 even with the recent buff
  10. If u are in the unnoficial apb discord,i think the news_feed bot said it when the update comes live I agree in the forums every wednesday should be a post about the patch,it doesnt matter if it is only maintenance hahahaha xd
  11. Np No but that would be nice ,a post in the forums or something in the main page of the forums they dont for obvious reasons xd
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