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  1. What i mean is that the sinergy between the ltl weapons now is broken due to the nerf.
  2. Pig and stun grenades are the only things that make ltl somewhat be able to compete with lethal weapons,the non lethal "line up" is after all only two guns,now u are forced to use percs. I guess i will have to get used to "perc noob" whispers now.
  3. Now thanks to the nerf u can only play pig with percs becuase now u cant combine it with stabba ccg becuase u need 3 shots + pig shot which in cqc agains jg,oca,pmg means dead
  4. U can remove threat segregation when the game thinks 2 bronzes equal 1 gold. Pop will drop down even more
  5. Hope they nerfed the speed of the coywolf while carrying items/vip becuase it is bullshoot
  6. Ur posts about balancing are so good u should be comedian
  7. idk about threat segregation but rank and threat display is important becuase it is a core element of the game just imagine CSGO or LOL not having ranks,it is neccesaty it makes the game more enjoyable and fun to play
  8. The only reason some people use the cheap cars is becuase the only "advantage" they have are the fact that they are free or cost less,also the fact that the cars cost money to spawn is part of the balance of the game,same reason why explosives ammo is expensive
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    Buena suerte reclutando
  10. U have to also take in account that now u can get the legendaries for free,meaning that no one has to pay for it u can buy them directly from the game not from another player which is another bonus,also winning joker tickets lately has been quite easy,so to me it is quite fair u still gambling but now u have the security that u are gonna get the weapon and how the price is bigger so it is the chance of getting it(5% and not 1%).
  11. I dunno what Matt said but the open beta will be first of asylum and social
  12. Matt Said the open beta will be available before september this year
  13. Knowing how this community and people are in general u should wait, a bugged engine upgrade is only going to cause bad feedback which translate in bad adverstisement
  14. Personally i have experienced the opposite,before BE ping got higher and sometimes reached so high that was unplayable(300+ms) .Now it is not perfect but definitely better
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