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  1. Idk what Riot are u playing but it gives standing for the contact in Riot The gamemode is in general very buggy
  2. Yeah that is true still with the FBW the chances are practically 0 with the nano they have a opportunity
  3. I would like to see a new player spamming the fbw like a guy that have doing it for 5 years,u have to put a automatic pistol to start.
  4. if u wanna make RIOT friendly to new players make the OCA Nano 'Assassin' or a secondary like that the starter weapon
  5. Idk what they thinking publishing RIOT before the engine upgrade,RIOT should be the bait to attract the new players that will stay because the idea of apb and his customization is so good,the problem is the game is such a mess right now that it would be definitely the death of APB. And if the starter weapon still being the FBW in riot ,the mode wont last populated more than a week.
  6. They shouldnt be really doing adding content to the game with the engine it has now. The server downtime extension only proves it more
  7. Since your point view you shouldn't be playing in bronze either u are a r255 playing with a 3 slot ntec reskin, u are stomping them as every fake gold
  8. That score is becuase he got called in the end of the mission and he got rekt. For a person that play both in silver and bronze,i would say even the difference between silvers can be very big ,if u remove golds from bronze that people would quit the game because the feel like a bronze feels in bronze district right now,also apb dethreaters are toxic in general,the real solution is improve the matchmaking in missions to make misssions more fair and hide the threat or do something that wanna make people play in silver/gold district rather than bronze
  9. I expect the ntec compact don't be as broken as the showstopper
  10. RCooper

    I can't log in

    Yep game is broken i have same error on eu too
  11. Yep the problem with that guy is that he was clearly cheating,it wasnt because of the bad connection It is a fact that the anti-cheat needs to improve
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