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  1. Prefer that one thousand times over people going afk just becuase we cant win they are too good/they are hackers etc
  2. That is what i ask myself when i see half the kits in the game Most cars need his sound reworked all sound like a fake blow off valve in a rc car
  3. https://giphy.com/gifs/confused-nick-young-lkdH8FmImcGoylv3t3 Wdm The mini knife is the best part of the katana
  4. U can see when the servers go online in gamerfirst.com/apb/patch-notes
  5. They could but surely they arent,still that doesnt matter becuase the game shouldnt match up supossed new players against max ranks gold .
  6. If u are the bronze/trainee all the missions are like that,no wonders the game have no new players.
  7. An average player will take months almost a year just to win 10k joker tickets Becuase the gold tier in fc is quite hard/time consuming of achieve The joker store was necessary because it removed completely the p2w stigma apb had. That is way is funny u had people complaining about people only using ntec not everyone have so much money to spend(irl money or apb $) Still in my opinion jt have to be quite the grind but not as much as it is for an average player rn
  8. RCooper

    Remove refurbishing

    idk really either xd ,i just dont like the fact that my money get stolen for nothing
  9. RCooper

    Remove refurbishing

    I think it shouldn't be any money sink anywhere, it is pointless because unless u are a designer makes making a profit by trading quite difficult
  10. RCooper

    Remove refurbishing

    It is, to be able to trade an item just have to refurbish it doesn't matter if u are gonna use trade or marketplace There is no point on left reburfishing in game because it is stupid it has no reason to exist, because it doesn't regulate/help anything because the most valuable items in game aka legendaries don't have it
  11. Yeah it would be nice if they said it even if it is only manteinance
  12. RCooper

    Remove refurbishing

    It could stay just make it free for all items
  13. RCooper

    Remove refurbishing

    Yeah I think it is stupid some items have it(car, clothes) or other not (mods, legendaries... ) and also make having profit difficult when u guys have already the tax in the marketplace.
  14. Here u got my entry WARNING Potato quality
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