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  2. U have to also take in account that now u can get the legendaries for free,meaning that no one has to pay for it u can buy them directly from the game not from another player which is another bonus,also winning joker tickets lately has been quite easy,so to me it is quite fair u still gambling but now u have the security that u are gonna get the weapon and how the price is bigger so it is the chance of getting it(5% and not 1%).
  3. I dunno what Matt said but the open beta will be first of asylum and social
  4. Matt Said the open beta will be available before september this year
  5. Knowing how this community and people are in general u should wait, a bugged engine upgrade is only going to cause bad feedback which translate in bad adverstisement
  6. Personally i have experienced the opposite,before BE ping got higher and sometimes reached so high that was unplayable(300+ms) .Now it is not perfect but definitely better
  7. Name:Hayden Thompson Hayden Thompson has been very curious since he was a kid, born in 1996 in San Paro in a very modest family, son of taxi driver since he was a kid his father will tell him stories related to the craziness San Paro has to offer, from a typical car accident to a heist, San Paro have everything. Due of how dangerous San Paro was, his parents made Hayden normally stay inside,he passed more of the time looking out of the window imagining all the craziness happening in the city and hoping to be able to see some action.What changed the life of Hayden forever was that one day his father brought a camera home,it looked like it was a very expensive camera definitely owned by a profesional cameraman ,his dad said that someone have left the camera in the taxi,his dad said to him that probably someone would call the taxi company to retrieve the camera during the week so that he shouldn’t get too excited,that didn’t stop Hayden from actually using the camera and making some photos and record some videos.At the end of the week the owner of the camera called to recover it which made Hayden very sad but when his father showed up from returning the camera he got a surprise,his father came back with a camera, it wasn’t the same camera as before,it was a older camera but it was still good,his father told him that the owner of the camera give it to him after seeing the photos and videos Hayden has done on his camera saying that he had talent. Hayden got very excited hearing this so he started to take very serious filming and photography,so when he finished school he decided to apply for a job at Nantego News Network where the interviewer result of being the old owner of his camera who recognized the camera ,due to that he got the job,his career in Nantego News Network was succesful due to his curiosity and the fact he was very eager to learn make him one of the best cameraman of Nantego News Network until lately when the life of cameraman was getting very dangerous due to the fights between enforcers and crims reaching a new level of recklessness never seen before,Hayden got a lot of close calls before but what makes him quit was when I what seemed to be a normal day ,while recording one criminal attacked him leaving him as a present the scar he has on his left eye marking him forever.After that he quitted his job, but he wanted still to work in something related to crims and enforcers but more slow paced so when one of his contact offered him a job at the jocker store he couldn’t resist to say yes.
  8. Bug that happens 100% of the time when u try to do it
  9. The cars in question were refurbished and werent armas vehicles. Both the cars were from the ingame mp,and i was able to sell one, the one i was able to sell to contacts had no kit maybe it is that why.
  10. I had 2 cars one i was able to sell it to the contacts the other not why is that?
  11. La cadencia de disparo es siempre la misma, asi que si ,tienes alucinaciones :v
  12. RCooper

    I need help

    Game was in maintenance so u have to update it
  13. RCooper

    Balkan Varzuga

    It was a joke,I was just saying what people always said when i did a suggestion here To answer ur question the varzuga 4x4 should look like this which is the focus rs and be a kit u can put in the normal varzuga
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