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  1. Use advance launcher
  2. Why would the system be updated when Cyrillic are gonna get deleted anyway, it is a waste of resources
  3. Idk why people are saying that only good players get punished by bounty system because reality isn't like that because I have seen/suffered good players finishing his mission in p5/n5 thanks to the good matchmaking and then how the nice people they are even though they are complaining about bounty system all the time they decide to make ur mission be 3 vs 2 making u lose, but even though this happen I don't want it removed because in apb FUN DON'T EQUAL WINNING MISSIONS
  4. Using silver as an insult only makes people hate u and divide the community even more Also the creator of the post is saying basically that his op was cheating Is so hard to be nice to each others?
  5. Loot penalty isn't a thing on apb reloaded
  6. We already know all that all we can do is really wait and hope they do something good LO is way better than G1 but it isn't the dream company everyone thought not even themselves thought things will come out this way I think so yeah, u have to hope or lose it how many already have done
  7. This is a problem if u are high silver playing in silver ditrict when 80% of the teamates(golds) do /abandonmission when they are matched in a mission with u making u have to wait a lot of time to play a decent mission or forcing u to play A LOT of not enjoyable 1 vs 1
  8. Just rank up and get the tommy gun from the contacts
  9. Yo el torneo lo veo una buena idea aún así es algo a pensar cuando el juego esté en óptimas condiciones y ahora mismo estamos lejos de eso
  10. Remove the fact that u can unlock ur own loadout and it is actually fun to play
  11. Avoid the usual people that are yelling selling legendaries because they will only accept ridiculous trades, still ursus is very good so it is fairly expensive
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