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  1. Yo el torneo lo veo una buena idea aún así es algo a pensar cuando el juego esté en óptimas condiciones y ahora mismo estamos lejos de eso
  2. Remove the fact that u can unlock ur own loadout and it is actually fun to play
  3. Avoid the usual people that are yelling selling legendaries because they will only accept ridiculous trades, still ursus is very good so it is fairly expensive
  4. It could be the easiest AR in the game and it wouldnt matter because u have to perfectly handle it when there are other players with one decade of experience in it that will destroy u if u are not careful meanwhile the opgl u just spam becuase one will hit eventually no matter the ability the user has
  5. With G1 u Colateral damages always exists I also remember G1 sold 1 day and 7 days premium
  6. It is way more difficult to master the ntec than the opgl Main the opgl for a month and u will quite good that doesn't happen with ntec u will need unless a year to be decent
  7. RCooper

    Clan Español

    Buena suerte con el clan
  8. Actually curious to know if g1 sold the cars to another company The games are quite olds btw but i remember them and it made me wonder why are there
  9. Not only appear there also a interfarce in the screen appear like when the horseman or other event starts but i didnt capture it
  10. This is in weapon Prototype A district The event doesnt do anything though
  11. U should give the holiday sweater contest 2019 one day more becuase basically u guys stole one day of his duration
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