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  1. When untill around 2015 ive spent 500$ Since then havent spent a dime on this game just not worth it
  2. I guess LO doesnt care that those kits were avialible since the first days of apb
  3. Middle east ? I mean the israeli community did just fine with the game being in the wide spread language called english
  4. My iq just decreased by 10 from just reading this thread
  5. Well tbh i have amd 7 2700x not overclocked and the game works at around 90fps most of the time and at first it works perfectly but as always the longer you play the worse the performance gets
  6. Atleast they do something G1 didnt do anything for 2 years or so
  7. And we could only do this on joker ammo and we had to press some weird key bind to open the ammo tab
  8. +1 should've kept the frenzy as is Edit: let the butthurt silvers begin disliking this comment
  9. Probably a wrong name or different server...
  10. each threat color has 10 internal levels that are not shown visually, so in reality we have 40 different threat levels is this why i aleayd get matched agains 4 people as 3 ? or get matched agains 4 silvers
  11. i doubt that it will work bronzes dont know what radar is
  12. there are way too many golds who are not even skilled i consider myself decent at this game im not a tryhard but i have never been silver and never abused the meta but i agree that 4 threats is not enough
  13. So for people to stop whining about weapon balance i found a new way to make people stop whining thats how it goes make golds have -50% hp and deal -25% dmg make silvers deal 10% more dmg to golds (not changed agains silvers and below) make bronzes have 50% more hp and deal 25% dmg to silvers and 50% dmg to golds if a dethreater is detected kick him from the aerver and roll him back to R9 ty
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