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  1. No, you just rename the file code from unreal engine3 to unreal engine 4 and thats it
  2. the pictures look great only thing that bothers me still is the draw distance of 100m is it possible to increase it in the new engine ?
  3. Hey Matt, and all of the other staff in Little Orbit. You might have heard of him already, but there was a moderator here a long time ago which also made alot of great songs, it'll be great if he'll make some more music for this game. song for refference
  4. This is where the money at atm Just another way to milk this game I doubt Riot will even be fun to grind
  5. When untill around 2015 ive spent 500$ Since then havent spent a dime on this game just not worth it
  6. I guess LO doesnt care that those kits were avialible since the first days of apb
  7. Middle east ? I mean the israeli community did just fine with the game being in the wide spread language called english
  8. My iq just decreased by 10 from just reading this thread
  9. Well tbh i have amd 7 2700x not overclocked and the game works at around 90fps most of the time and at first it works perfectly but as always the longer you play the worse the performance gets
  10. Atleast they do something G1 didnt do anything for 2 years or so
  11. And we could only do this on joker ammo and we had to press some weird key bind to open the ammo tab
  12. +1 should've kept the frenzy as is Edit: let the butthurt silvers begin disliking this comment
  13. Probably a wrong name or different server...
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