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  1. Aka, cutting budget on the game, and APB on pc is on life support now.
  2. Title says it all. make some interesting events and not those lame sale "events" that nobody really cares about
  3. i just want some trench coats with some basic physics, even GunZ had them...
  4. This is the least of the problems for new coming players, this game is way outdated in alot of aspects the biggest ticket which was customization is not that special anymore, and graphically its really outdated (which is a big deal for a lot of people). LO is doing some good work now, but its way too late. They preferred working on a flop NFT game and abandon apb for another crucial year, and the train only gets farther and farther.
  5. You might be right about that, im not 100% since i didnt really play apb since LO took over, but im pretty sure you can buy permanently weapons with JT now? If so then what i said is pretty valid. yes it might take you ALOT of time to get these weapons, but it is still possible and you dont have to pit a cent into the game, especially now that everyone has premium.
  6. you just cut the grind and pay to get it, its still a f2p weapon.
  7. I dont understand how people still think that apb is p2w, even though they can try out all of the armas weapons, and see that they are all just gimmicky junk weapons that dont perform well at all.
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