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  1. The biggest mistake LO ever made was unbanning known cheaters and giving them their main accounts back. I love it when former cheaters come over to the forums to complain about cheaters then get banned themselves. I got nothing against anyone but when the game was active some of these people contributed to the heavy decline in population and people not wanting to give the game a second chance. I can see the DEVS unbanning some of their favourites but at that point I, along with the rest of the population would have lost all hope for the game. PS: Macro is also a form cheating
  2. Now is the time to see if people close to GM's and Devs get unbanned from this ban wave
  3. This is beyond a joke , just shows how much they are disconnected from the community but then again what community? They have pretty much run the game down.
  4. This company is a definition of failure, false promises and taking on projects they are not capable to complete. They killed the population by putting the game on autopilot and now the population is dead and the engine update is dead as well, you can't make this up. At this point you might as well close up the game since the remaining population will not be able to cover the server costs. If they messed up so hard on this, what can you say for the future projects they are working on.
  5. Honestly you don't have to look too far! I didn't believe it either But ye griefing should be dealt with but with how the population is going now, I think it might be time to start thinking about playing a new game !
  6. It is clear they don't care about the game. My advice would be to find a different game, this game has been running for over 10 years and is on it's last legs at the moment.
  7. There are some people making a living out of streaming APB! They should just take collision away from people not in a mission once a mission starts, this would solve all the issues. I think this would too hard for the the current dev team. If people are purposely griefing they should get a permanent ban, I believe there is a streamer who is known within the community that received a permanent ban recently for griefing.
  8. At this point might as well shut the game down. The large minority of players you have remaining are the once that are not able to financially contribute to the upkeep of the game, who would rather spend 15 euros on cheats then help the game out. You have the people that are speed hacking who are still not banned. If you guys are struggling to ban people who are blatantly speed hacking, what confidence, would it give us that you can actually deal with people who are closeting. NA literally has no population, the EU population is slowly dying and is only being kept alive from the Russian/Ukrainian population who are playing on 100ms +. I would be really surprised if the game is making any money at all.
  9. I guess you need a more talented team, I am glad you are taking over to help out which is, all good and well. But it does not give me confidence with the team you have, if a CEO needs to take over to help out. Just makes me think that they are not good enough to work on this game alone, but hopefully you will all prove me wrong and the engine update is amazing. But you need a plan to deal with the blatant cheaters running around now. The pop is on the decline and people are losing faith, with a lot of former legit players choosing to cheat their patootie off. I appreciate the engine update is important, but there is also a major issue at hand which needs to be addressed. You can't just run away and pretend like the game has no issues, you told us battle eye is one of the best anti cheat out there, yet there is more cheaters roaming around than when we had easyanticheat. You gave us a glimpse of a good anti cheat then brought us back to something that failed the game, which is pretty sad.
  10. Yet the population is on a worse decline than it was since G1 owned them. Not saying G1 were any better but let's not pretend LO are saints either. You say Matt has all this knowledge, yet there is nothing to show for it. I'll believe you when something gets released to the public. The EU servers are heading towards the same status as the NA servers, we also have people who are cheating blatantly with speed hacks who are still not banned yet, which is not going to help the population get any better.
  11. He is not taking care of the most important aspect of the game. A good CEO would know how to delegate and tackle the issues at hand, rather than ignoring them and hoping that everyone will come back once the engine is done.
  12. At this point you might as well start cheating. LO don't ban for cheats anymore from the looks of it. If they struggle to ban the blatant cheaters when the game is sub 400 population, what confidence does it give you when the game gains more population. They should've stuck with the anti cheat that worked
  13. Imagine not being able to run a server to cater 400 pop game. The struggle is going to be real if they get a good population, which I doubt will happen with their management of the game where cheaters are running around causing havoc without getting banned.
  14. What experience? I doubt they have the talent pool to make a game like APB from scratch. Have you seen the other type of games they have developed before taking over?
  15. The game is awesome, but the people running it are useless. They are pretty much another G1, when they tried so hard to be something different. We literally have cheaters running around without any repercussion, on top of other former legit players choosing to cheat to compete with the cheaters. This game is a shit show and it doesn't look like LO is trying to fix the problem, but rather rely on a engine update to solve all the issues. Engine update is not gonna solve the cheater issues
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