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  1. Seems like a fair comprise. I am sure other players might complain if they were able to keep all their items which they bought cheaper than other players on European servers.
  2. Feel like it's bad timing to push this mode out now instead of focusing on releasing the engine update which the community needs more. One of the main reason people don't play this game is due to cheaters and bad performance.
  3. The weapons are even named after the people who won the contests. Why would you deserve this ? It wasn't even created for you.
  4. If nothing goes to plan and you are not able to get the purchase records. Make it an option for them to be able to transfer to Citadel. The people who want to stay in a dead server with all their weapons and no op can stay there while the people who want to move can make the sacrifices to be able to play in a populated server. Or worst case don't do a transfer at all, and maybe in the future the servers would get populated with the engine update.
  5. The thing is NA is irrelevant at this point. It pretty much has the same active population as Innova at the moment which is probably the reason there is no cheaters there. The population on EU has started to dip already and it doesn't help that there has been a increase in cheaters lately. I am not even talking about closet cheaters but full on blatant cheaters who are streaming and advertising their cheats. The way LO is dealing with cheaters is not helping the population at all. I understand that they are focusing on the engine update and if Battleeye doesn't work properly with the current engine it would be nice to have more active GM's who have the power to ban blatant cheaters to help the situation to not let the population get worse than it is already.
  6. There is a reason a lot of players are not playing actively anymore. The game is fine btw
  7. Nekrova is dead. Most Russian players are already on Citadel. I personally think we shouldn't ban them due to the fact that they are the main reason why Citadel is somewhat of an active server atm. There is a lot of Russian players who are cheating but that's probably due to the fact that it's mostly populated by them so there is bound to be more Russian cheaters than from other regions. The game providers just need to focus fixing the anti cheat so that it auto bans the blatant cheaters and have process for banning closet cheaters.
  8. Not sure about NA but EU has quiet a few. I don't usually call out of cheaters but these guys are full blatant and don't give a single fuck.
  9. Any company that doesn't deal with cheaters will have a decline in population. Lets just hope Battleye starts working if not good luck with the game.
  10. Even if that was the case they could write something to let us know.
  11. What's the point in a community manager or the forums if there is no information in regards to how long the game will be down for etc. This is not the first time either. I get this is a new company etc but it would be nice if we could have competent staff who are able to communicate with the community. The current community manager doesn't seem to be doing much from what I have observed.
  12. The game is in the worst state I have ever seen. If anyone thinks otherwise you are delusional. I just hope this engine update is worth it and hopefully they can address the cheater issues and maybe advertise to bring back some population. They are not even banning the blatant cheaters advertising their cheat programs on stream.
  13. @MattScott Can we also ban people who purposely group up with cheaters?
  14. Appreciate the feedback will defo take this in mind.
  15. Lowpass, Prayers,LIF, Duhund, Bombin, Arwos, Swindle, Propanity, Apps, Lumsheden, vintmint, ego, Kempington, Zevious and pscrooge
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