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  1. Maybe we should do who's the richest irl now???
  2. Seems like you need to reread the forum rules again. If they don't do anything about the game there would hardly be anyone on the forums anyways. I honestly couldn't care about the forum rules if the devs are not actively doing anything to fix the ongoing issues. The shotgun patch has been up for a few weeks they knew the moment they released the patch that they made a mistake. If it was any other company they would've reverted the changes and worked on the balance patch and release it when everything was good to go. Thanks to that the game population is dying again not to mention cheat providers bypassing battleye and a lot of cheaters not being banned even though they have been streaming with cheats for a long time. For someone like us who has played the game for a long time it's easy to deal with cheaters. But for majority of players it's not which is the reason why the game is dying on top of the bad balance patches and servers.
  3. Seems like it's a common thing for them to delete anything that makes the game look bad. Don't really see the point considering the population is pretty dead.
  4. Nev

    merge account

    How about Nekrova to Citadel? Nekrova is pretty much dead.
  5. Not like the recent balance patch helped. But I doubt we will get a decent population until there is a engine update.
  6. They should just revert all the shotgun changes and find a better a solution.
  7. I wonder why the population is so low at peak hours.
  8. Pretty much this. Not sure why this patch was rushed since there was a lot of feedback in regards to the shotgun being overpowered from the OTW servers. The IR change has pretty much just buffed the weapons that they were trying to nerf by making these changes and have nerfed some perfectly balanced weapons instead. I think we need a proper testing team of veteran players who are good/decent at this game to help the Dev team with balancing or at least give input that will be taken into account. Instead of just listening to 1 player due to their following.
  9. Nev

    Baylan A

    The shotgun (JG & CSG) is too easy to use now. There is literally no reason to play any other cqc weapon.
  10. I can vouch for him. Definitely the best designer I have worked with in APB!
  11. Nev

    Apb Reloaded Summer cup 2018

    When will the tournament take place and when will it end?
  12. Everyone was unbanned because LO couldn’t determine who cheated and who didn’t. But the person in question has admitted to cheating in the past.
  13. What reputation? The guy is probably one of the most toxic members in the community and literally insults everyone he plays with and against. He has also been known to attack people personally based on how they look.... Why should anyone respect anyone that’s cheated in the past?