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  1. Nev

    Apb Reloaded Summer cup 2018

    When will the tournament take place and when will it end?
  2. All I can say is that there has been some blatants after Battle eye that hasn't been banned yet after there being so many footage of them blatantly cheating for months and after battle eye implementation. Edit: I would post some videos but guess we are not allowed to name & shame.
  3. Everyone was unbanned because LO couldn’t determine who cheated and who didn’t. But the person in question has admitted to cheating in the past.
  4. What reputation? The guy is probably one of the most toxic members in the community and literally insults everyone he plays with and against. He has also been known to attack people personally based on how they look.... Why should anyone respect anyone that’s cheated in the past?
  5. This is the best thing I have heard. For me it doesn’t matter who you are. If someone has cheated in the past they deserved to be banned under the account and name they cheated on. They ruined the gaming experience of so many players and shouldn’t be allowed to keep their name or account. Don’t get me wrong I believe in 2nd chances but not getting unbanned on an account they cheated on. All the white knights here will probably try and defend the former cheaters but they are too stupid to understand that the cheaters are the reason the game lost so many legit players and I doubt these players want to come back seeing former cheaters being unbanned, like everything has been forgiven. I can pm you proof of a lot of players who have admitted to cheating with footages that should stay banned under their main account. @MattScott I also think you should look into creating an official apb discord channel. I don’t think it’s a good idea promoting a discord or having your staff in an discord run by a community member. It might be fine now but there will be issues in the future and you don’t have full control over it. I have been a member of this community since the very beginning and I have seen so many bad decision from G1. I just hope you guys learn from their mistakes and I have a lot of faith in the current CEO and I hope you will do what’s best for the community.
  6. Can't login into the game and keeps giving error code 8
  7. Nev

    [Game] Clan Progression

  8. Nev

    APB = Pay2Win

    I think there is only 1 weapon that can be considered pay 2 win ingame atm.
  9. I don't know how this is going to work out there is still a few cheaters around. Some even caught on stream after battle eye would they be banned from the tournament? Or would this event be after the first ban wave? The EU and NA matches should be separate since it will never be fair for either side.
  10. They will probably update them in a month or two. I wouldn't spend anything until they do since they won't refund the difference once the price changes so it's better to keep your g1c and spend when they change the prices which they will definitely do if they want to make money out of this game. Since most of the current population have all the items already.
  11. I wouldn't spend money until they rework armas. They won't refund the difference for any money spent now.
  12. I have a few legendaries on NA and want to transfer them. LF someone to wants transfer from EU to NA.