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  1. Appreciate the feedback will defo take this in mind.
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  3. Nev

    New SPCT team

    I think the whole point was about you guys being active in a community channel and making decision based on that. The channel has a paedophile and people who have sexually harassed girls in this game with ranks. Maybe you should just focus on the channels you guys can manage and avoid having a presence in random communities. Would also be nice to have a good community manager who actually knows how to communicate with it's members and how to keep boundaries. Offtopic: Why is it that you endorse that specific discord channel on your forums compared to other community channels out there? Seems like a bad idea to endorse something you have no control over, Not to mention that no successful company does this for obvious reasons. But if you had a competent community manager I wouldn't have to tell you this.
  4. Really appreciate the input, This is something I will defo take in mind whenever I do a 2nd one.
  5. Nev

    New SPCT team

    The whole official discord thing is something I suggested before when there was the whole issue going on about Lixil and her many mistakes she has made since becoming the community manager. It makes no sense for a company to promote a discord channel run by some random guy and actively take part in it and make important decision based on that discord. I am sure there is a lot of people who never joined that discord solely due to the fact that it's not run by the company and just some random guy. Why would a company promote a discord channel which they can't control? I am happy that people are willing to help out the game and the future will tell if their input will bring good changes and better patches in the future.
  6. Nev

    New SPCT team

    Not that this is relevant to anyone that has been selected to SPCT. @MattScott Clearly stated that if there is proof of someone cheating in the past they would get rebanned,In a previous post. The whole clean state was just because they couldn’t confirm who got banned for cheating and who didn’t. But he did state that he would ban players where there was obvious proof, Though there has been no signs of him upholding his word on that though. But congrats again to Kemp, Frosi, Elanih, Rooq, and Shakespade really good choices.
  7. Nev

    New SPCT team

    Good luck to them. 5 good choices the rest don’t make sense. Hopefully we will see some improvements with patches and overall game. At current state it’s pretty terrible and not worth playing with all the ongoing issues.
  8. Not sure if this is the right location to post this. This is my first attempt at a montage might not the best looking one one. Looking for some feedback and views on it and how to improve if I decide to make a 2nd one in the future.
  9. 1.There has been many posts that have been taken down of obvious speedhackers and cheaters being posted under the whole name and shame rule. But those people in the video are still cheating? For me that looks like they are ignoring the issues. Since they have clearly seen the videos and not done anything about the players in my eyes that's ignoring the issue. 2. Your right there has always been cheaters in every PVP game don't think anyone is disagreeing. But nothing has been happening. I am sure a high percentage of APB twitch viewers have seen cheaters live streaming and advertising their hacks without getting banned since the implementation of battle eye. If they can't even ban blatant hackers how can we expect them to do anything about triggerbotters? Don't get me wrong content is really important for this game but what's more important is customer support and dealing with cheaters since if they don't deal with both there won't be a population.
  10. Your point of view is from a dead server. If you play EU you will see speed hackers on a constant basis. Don't get me wrong I am not saying the company is useless. I am happy that they are taking on APB and making changes and working on adding content. But they need to address the cheating if they don't we will have another Jericho situation. With Fair fight at least the blatant cheaters were getting banned with battle eye that's not happening. I am sure there has not even been a ban with battle eye and if there was it's probably between 1-10 bans. If a guy can speedhack and cheat while streaming since the implementation of battle eye without getting banned I doubt many others have been either. In regards to support tickets, That's something the company needs to address. Most companies respond within 2-3 days max, if you over 70k pending tickets as a company you need to address how to go through them quickly or hire more people. If you a wait time of 3-4 months then people will start to have a negative view of the company and would not even try the game based on that.
  11. There is 2 problems with that. 1. Support takes 3-4 months to respond. 2. People have been cheating since Battle Eye and not banned yet even with streaming their hacks. No anti cheat is 100% but this is 100% useless and I don't even think it's being used properly. I want them to at least ban obvious cheaters who are speed hacking and those who are streaming with hacks on. How hard can that be? The founder of one of the biggest cheat providers for APB is still streaming with triggerbot/speedhack on his main account since Battle Eye. If they don't do anything to get rid of these people, it's just going to invite more people to cheat and they will. Not even going to respond.
  12. Jericho is a dead server. Doubt people would want to cheat there anyways. On EU there is a large amount of Russians using triggerbots. There wasn't that many in the beginning of battle eye but as of recently there has been a lot more people using them to a point it's not even fun to play the game anymore among other issues the game has, Which could also be the reason for the decline in population. I understand not being able to deal with cheats that have just recently been published but there are people who have been cheating since the implementation of battle eye and even streaming with hacks on and not banned? I mean the least they could do is ban obvious speed hackers / people who stream with hacks on. At the moment it just feels like they are just expecting players just to deal with it. It would be nice for them to just acknowledge the issue and maybe tell us if they are working on something to fix the issue since battle eye don't seem to do anything on the current engine at least and if they don't do anything soon the game population will decline lower than it already is.
  13. This is one of the reasons I stopped playing missions. I mean it's easy to counter cheaters but why should I be facing trigger botters who have been cheating for months, It's not fair for players. It doesn't feel like the company is doing anything to ban cheaters at all. One of the bigger cheat providers is still running around on his main account where he has been cheating since the implementation of Battleye. The worst thing is that he has been streaming with the cheats and he is still not banned like wtf? I am all for gathering data to ban the right people but not banning obvious cheaters who are speed hacking and showcasing their cheat on stream is just stupid and it feels like the game providers doesn't care at all. For the moderators suggesting us to send evidence to support there is literally no point, If it takes around 3-4 months for them to respond. Normal game companies respond to tickets within 48 hours.
  14. Nev

    Updates on APB development progress

    I would say the odds are not stacked against you :). Doubt any good player got picked for testing anyways, Probably just people who are active on the forum a lot.
  15. Nev

    Updates on APB development progress

    Long time ago and yes