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  1. Have the same issue. The game is pretty much unplayable for me after the last 2 patches.
  2. Been stuttering a lot since the last patch. The game is pretty much unplayable atm for me atleast.
  3. A lot of interesting people complaining about cheaters, How things change huh :D. But ye seen a few more cheaters lately than usual, not very smart once but cheaters nonetheless.
  4. I am sure a lot of people feel the same way which is why the population is dead. Little Orbit has added a lot of features such as the market trading system which is useful but nothing major or noteworthy to address the decline in population and interest of the game. I mean they can't even keep up with their own targets atm and have the slowest support system in the game industry at the moment.
  5. It probably has the worst support staff compared to other games out there. The waiting time is usually around 1-3 months.
  6. I feel like they introduced more. Do you even play the game? But don't get me wrong I am glad they took over they are better than G1, I just don't want them to turn into another G1 and there is a lot of stuff they have to work on or else they will be there in no time.
  7. Honestly LO feels like G1 in the beginning. Bringing a lot of hope and promises, sure they have done some good stuff like the trading system but they have introduced a lot of bugs and really bad balance updates that have driven players away. Worst thing is the fact they are giving us random eta dates and not releasing anything on dates they promise. The fact they also unbanned all the previously banned cheaters is not screaming for anyone to come back to the game. There is also the fact that some staff members from LO are promoting their friends to positions within the company. It will definitely turn into old G1 where there was corrupt gm's and a lot of staff favours for certain players. I think this company needs to restructure the people that work for them starting with Lixil, I want to have a proper community manager that is communicating with us rather than someone that's barely here and spends more time on a community discord where maybe only 10% or less of the player base is active.
  8. Better than nothing and pretty sure it's the best you can do with no purchase records. Better than letting the server rot away with no population.
  9. Hope you guys sort out the issues next week, pretty unfortunate.
  10. I really hope it works, Hopefully won't be a disappointment like battleye.
  11. I think you have it spot on. This is the biggest issue we had with g1 and it's being repeated again. No one in their right mind would believe anything this company says until they can keep up with their deadlines or have a proper support system in place for the active population which is less than 1k. How can a game struggle with tickets when the population is so low, imagine if this game had a decent population the support would be non existant.
  12. They haven't really done much at all. There is a lot of work being done in the background but the community hasn't seen much progress of it. What they have done: Trade System ( Only positive thing I can think off until I see a engine update) Riot Mode ( A mode no one asked for ) Really bad balance update ( A lot of players left because of this ) they went ahead with the update going against the feedback received from the test servers. Unbanned a lot of cheaters who continue to cheat. ( After Battleye, I kinda understand the unbanning process in regards to fairfight.) Support system is even worse than when G1 owned the game takes them 3-5 months to answer tickets when 98% of gaming companies answer support tickets within 48 hours. ( another reason for decline in population) Hired a community a manager who doesn't really contribute much to the community we get more community related updates from Matt Scott. Favourtism of several community members feels like this would eventually lead to the old situation we had with G1. So I can definitely see why there is a huge decline in population. I just hope they implement the engine update properly without messing up.
  13. Probably no chance. The game is dying. The most active server has an active pop of 600-700 during peak. You are better off finding a different game or keep playing on EU.
  14. They don't know how to set their priorities. Maybe they need to rethink about the staff they have hired. Since they have taken over they have made a lot of poor decisions from balancing to favoritism of certain groups of individuals and created a mode nobody asked for, Not to mention unbanning cheaters banned after battle eye. You mean several hours? What company takes 3 days to fix a major server issues where half of the active population can't login.
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