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  1. Any information about changing Anticheat?
  2. FF + reports + GMs analyzing flagged results ;o
  3. 1 question... Have u played the game recently on silver district? Every mission u get an aimbotter which isnt even holding it back. The free color triggerbot advertised on youtube and the cheap cheats advertised on twitch are just making it worse. We shouldn't be suggesting any unban, but a banwave would be great to get rid of all these braindead first time cheaters... Idk how these public cheats aren't detected by BattlEye. #getEngineUpdateOutAndSubscribeBackToEAC or #APBDiesForReal ;o
  4. Servers have been really laggy since the emergency maintance. High packet loss, high ping, players warping ... LO what was that maintance for if it made it worse ?
  5. Never mind. Close this post, i can't stand this SPCT. Sorry to say that, but your ego is too high and u arent helpful at all!
  6. There u go, do u believe me now? https://imgur.com/XLeXdnA
  7. Still makes me wonder why i need to pay again for them ;o ? In addition to those 99G1Cs.
  8. 1. I got these items on all my characters from armas for 99g1c. 2. I don't think this clothing designer buying tab contains joker ticket items (which u havent bought before from joker store), only the ones u can buy for apb$ or u own from armas (repurchasing for 0$).
  9. Screenshot speaks for itself. In Clothing Designer, items bought from armas shouldn't cost JTs...
  10. What happens to daily activities? I hope they ll get removed otherwise it wouldnt make any sense ;o
  11. You could do this to APB aswell, as there are 2 achievements that could have only been completed in 2015.
  12. Weapon roles should be able to be farmed on RIOT aswell as on fightclubs and normal missions. That might even attract people's attention. You can't really abuse this thing, as a match lasts around 15-20 mins and a decent player, who has alot of experience gets 10-15ish kills. Maybe this change would help at the population RIOT has.
  13. I would rather vote with the first option, because the population is low and the mode is broken.
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