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  1. What happens to daily activities? I hope they ll get removed otherwise it wouldnt make any sense ;o
  2. You could do this to APB aswell, as there are 2 achievements that could have only been completed in 2015.
  3. Weapon roles should be able to be farmed on RIOT aswell as on fightclubs and normal missions. That might even attract people's attention. You can't really abuse this thing, as a match lasts around 15-20 mins and a decent player, who has alot of experience gets 10-15ish kills. Maybe this change would help at the population RIOT has.
  4. I would rather vote with the first option, because the population is low and the mode is broken.
  5. same :(( Getting better fps on win7, thats the reason we use it!
  6. Go to: C:\Users\YOUR PC USERNAME\AppData\Local\BattlEye and delete the file named apb. Afterwards launch apb with the launcher, first repair and then launch the game. I hope this fix will work.
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