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  1. I am silver sometimes im gold. Sorry but not my fault if i play on a low end pc Merged. my video about the config btw : apb reloaded - low config 2022 - YouTube
  2. I DID IT I CREATED MY OWN CONFIG : https://www.mediafire.com/file/deswzvu4g6bsmfa/apb_low_config_v.1.rar/file i will make a video about later..
  3. yeaaaa hard like baylan the texture of the contenair look like full hd Merged. i will try this rn tysm Merged. HEY so i tested and the config have cool low poly car but everything look textured. Clearly visible in Baylan. i really want the container look like big cube colored..
  4. hey guys im a looking for this low end config APBCompat.ini. Everythings low.. wall, roof, vehicule, and low poly char etc.. ; I saw a loot of people with this config but they all say "private" if annyone have it can you send a mediafire link or mega, pastebin, Github.. just this config. thx sorry for my bad english exemple of the config im a looking for ( even better with low poly char )
  5. somethings like top 10 APB clan reward for all the recrue something like 1 - 500 JT per month 2 - 200 JT per month 3 - 100 JT per month 4 - 50 JT per month but reward like oscar 3 slot its unfair for me :') . I mean everyone can be able to have a reward with the value of 1 mil. sorry for my bad english im french.
  6. A game of 2010 run well without gpu Just need a i7 or i5
  7. I was on APB and I customized my character in full white outfit, but the hair was really ugly. So I wanted to know if it was possible to do 2 different hair color of hair or a skunk hair style.
  8. im playing with an gtx 550ti and its good but i should buy an gt 1030 ? looks better
  9. Is it possible to play apb reloaded on a low-end PC? for example a classic desktop : intel core i3 3220m, no gpu. its would be possible?
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