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  1. Of course we do. That doesn't change the fact that it gives silvers an easy way to reach gold by just spraying people down with that thing. Good players can fight anything but that doesn't excuse the existence of overpowered loadouts.
  2. Its a laser rifle and it is way too easy to use. Its one of the infamous gold makers of APB.
  3. Yikes. People need to learn to play, man. You can't press 5 all your life. This is only the first step in pushing fake golds down to silver. ATAC needs to go as well as a few others and suddenly the game will become more enjoyable for skilled players. This thread only goes to show how APB players cope with being bad. Its pretty sad ngl.
  4. Going back to an inferior anti-cheat which is easier to bypass and inject through is not really helping that kind of strategy.
  5. Literally all of that and more. I went with matchmaking because thats the biggest gripe for new players but there is so much more.
  6. The difference between EAC and BE is day and night, everyone knew that before it came back because we've already had BE in APB and the situation was just as bad towards the end. This is nothing new, I don't understand why you would say anything like this when the facts are right here and clearly visible. So many old cheaters came back now that EAC is gone, people that were gone from the game for most of EAC's reign and the game was significantly more enjoyable (and easier) to play. Now every second player you meet is a slammer again all of a sudden. Low ranks, max ranks with names you've literally never seen or heard of before (bought accounts) and so on. No one can deny how superior EAC is.
  7. I perfectly predicted that all of this would happen as soon as we heard about EAC's departure. I don't really see any other options on the table either and I expect the game to only plummet down more and more. It doesn't matter how many patches they release or what engine the game goes on, how good it looks or how balanced and competitive it becomes. If the cheater issue is as bad as this, APB won't go anywhere. This is the main issue of the game again, regardless of what people want to think. APB's worst period was during the last months of FairFight when the population was at its all-time lowest (for that time) and it was caused by the blatant misuse of FairFight for manual banning anyone the old devs didn't like and also not banning actual cheaters for years on end. It was the last few months before LO announced their acquisition of G1 and APB. Now we aren't really getting many (if any) false positives because LO aren't malicious and don't seem to abuse it but a lot of actual cheaters are not being banned due to Battleye's inability to detect anything beyond free outdated cheats and some cheats that are just being tested until they become undetected on new throwaway APB accounts. Obviously, this is subpar and definitely useless in a game like APB where cheaters are in the top 3 biggest problems that the game has ever faced. Things are looking pretty dreadful.
  8. The FAR weapons were originally rewarded for playing some of the Christmas events and they are unlocked as leasable guns from contacts. As far as I know they are still available for leasing from contacts on the characters that you've unlocked them on. The JT variants are a part of the Joker Store overhaul which aims to make all Armas weapons available to everyone for free. They didn't scrap the old ones to my knowledge.
  9. It would be nice if they hosted an official DB and had everything there, re-introducing leaderboards and other features again.
  10. Remove all RNG based mechanics from all weapons, make all weapons more accurate across the board. Make it all skill based. Make players who are not in your mission unable to interact with you. Remove all collisions with players who are not in the mission. I am okay with enabling them out of mission because that doesn't matter.
  11. i7 7700k @ 4.6ghz GTX 1080Ti 16GB RAM DDR4 Windows 10 Pro 1920x1080 144hz Overall still not good. FPS still leaves us wanting more especially in a full Asylum district. I ran Ultra settings (at 1920x1080) for the first hour and a half: When nothing is going on - solid 144fps as you'd expect but once the district fills up and especially in fights with many people, fps dips to 80-90 (sometimes even 60-70!) which isn't acceptable for a fast paced shooter. It hinders aiming, reaction time and its overall very unpleasant to look at. Graphically it looks arguably better than Live but I really dislike the lighting and color scheme compared to live. I am generally not a fan of the new look of the game at all, I never was when I saw it first on console and I still am not. I believe that it would've been better had they kept the old look of the game (from current live) as unhindered as the engine could possibly allow for. There are also some texture issues with certain designs on characters, very likely due to some differences in how customization is handled in 2.1. Then I tried a custom potato graphics file for about 20-30min towards the end, just to do a proper comparison: From my experience so far, APB 2.1 runs better with potato graphics than Live with potato graphics so that is some progress. FPS definitely sees an increase while running a custom low graphics file (which keeps characters and cars in-tact of course, none of that clay shennanigans) but I still see it dip to like 90fps in bigger fights, which is again, not really acceptable in modern gaming. In a lot of modern shooter games, you do not need to sacrifice graphics for fps and I usually don't if it isn't needed for some reason (either fps or visibility) or only change certain options for certain individual things. If you take a game like Apex Legends for example, I get solid 145fps non-stop in that game even at max graphics so I wouldn't need to sacrifice graphics for fps there. With APB this isn't the case and almost everyone who cares about playing the game in any competitive manner, will 300% seek ways to gain more fps as most of those players do not care about graphics. What needs to be kept in mind is that this is a competition-oriented shooter and as such performance, fps and removal of any and all input lag comes first above all else, as well as proper visibility. This is why particle removal configs exist for live APB in the first place (which I don't use as I still consider them to be cheating). Removing all particles from APB doesn't only increase your fps significantly across the board but it also gives you 200% better visibility through the gigantic muzzle flashes, intense overexaggerated smoke and fire from grenades and explosions etc. I think all these things need to be toned down significantly so that configs are no longer necessary for the game to be bearable, but thats a topic for another time. I really dislike tracers, I think they are just distracting and add nothing of value to the game itself. I hope that they either become an option or are able to be disabled through a legal config change. My Stream VOD from the 8/1 Beta
  12. All of this seems very good on paper. I'm excited.
  13. Let's hope it goes smoothly, for the sake of the game.
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