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  1. Sure but imagine any influx of new players and they HAVE to run around with awful nicknames because APB is basically like ESO. Every name is taken, literally. It's just bad business practice as it will drive picky players away real quick and on top of that we will see worse and worse and more stupid nicknames by the day. I think it's more than fair, if you haven't touched the game once since 2015.
  2. Flaws

    Cyrillic is a problem

    What are you even talking about? The most "popular" language in a region has zero relevance to any of this. Europe contains many countries with many different languages which means that there is still a language that is used to communicate between people from different countries and that is still English. When you are from Poland and you go to Sweden, without knowing a word of Swedish, you have to speak English because no one will understand your Polish and they are much more likely to understand English (than Polish lol) due to how internationally popular English is. It's the same in my country, all foreigners speak English to natives (like stores, shops, food places, asking for pictures etc) here because they don't speak a word of Bulgarian. Seeing as that is common practice across the world, English is THE international language that is most commonly spoken between people from different countries. It's one of the reasons why English is taught in schools in non-english speaking countries as well, like my own. Neither APB nor Citadel are country specific, therefore the only logical decision is to primarily use English language and if anything is getting restricted, it would be to English language. That's pure common sense. You go on the Internet, play games which have players from all over the world and most of them will not be from your own country and will not speak your native language (unless that's English already). So what do you do? You wait for all those people to learn your country's language so you can communicate with them? That has never been and never will be the case lol. Just because Russian is spoken the most in this region: A) Does not mean that everyone speaks Russian in all of EU. B) Does not mean that everyone is going to learn Russian just because of that sole reason in order to communicate with each other, seeing as we already have English for that very purpose. TL;DR: When dealing with people who are not from your own country and don't speak your country's language, the only logical way to approach is to speak English.
  3. Flaws

    Cyrillic is a problem

    How does that contradict what I wrote? When a Russian wants to talk to a German they generally have to speak in English.
  4. Considering how open to editing localization is in APB, it really isn't that difficult to translate the game. All we need is LO to make sure that: A) They keep the localization as open as it is now (or more open by adding every hardcoded piece of text to the localization files to be edited) after the Engine Upgrade. B) Make it an official thing where you can translate the game and submit it for review and for it to become a part of the official patches. It's so easy that you can do it yourself right now if you so desire, you just need a more advanced text file editor like Notepad++ and just a tiiiiny bit of pseudo-HTML knowledge (to deal with color tags and such) and a lot of time and patience of course.
  5. Flaws

    Cyrillic is a problem

    What I meant to say by "worldwide" is that it is the defining international language that most people use when they don't share mother tongues
  6. If you want to get people to do what you want them to do, you better give them a good reason to do so. In this case, give careless people a reason to care. Give them an incentive to sit and play in those districts over the regular ones by rewarding them with something decent for example. Even if they don't all run OCA/RFP setups, they will be there as test subjects for those who are interested in actually helping the game and using those loadouts. It could be double mission rewards (think of it as a double XP weekend) or Joker Tickets for that matter (considering the Joker Store updates recently, it would be a big incentive). It's not that hard really. And in APB's case, you can't hope the mass majority of people to do anything on good will. All they want is the rewards they can get.
  7. Flaws

    Cyrillic is a problem

    I will just go ahead and quote myself from yesterday from another identical thread here on the forums. I don't like doing so but it feels like people just keep creating multiple similar threads about similar/the same thing and the replies/solutions are largely the same/overlapped: In addition to this thread, I would say that even if they did not want to go with an @ID#1234 system and wanted to keep it as it is but also wanted to go back to strictly english only names, they would 100% need to do a name wipe as suggested in the quote. The current pool of taken nicknames that are most likely to be desired by any player of any nationality vs the pool of currently available nicknames is absolutely god awful and that's an understatement. Either of those decisions would solve the problems that OP is addressing. As neither LO nor G1 are a Russian company, nor was APB made in Russia, they do not have to accept Cyrillic (or anything other than the English alphabet) in their game and I am saying this as someone who comes from a country that uses Cyrillic. On top of that, the most common language worldwide is English so it is common sense for most games to be restricted to English except for any specific region servers/versions of said game that commonly use a different language.
  8. All configs are currently allowed and will not get you banned, this includes the Advanced APB Launcher. I myself use a multitude of must-have config files such as a graphics file originally generated by the Advanced Launcher, always sprint/hold crouch and other minor edits. The game is rendered unplayable for me and many others without some of these crucial fixes as they are either there to improve the game's performance or are simply features that must have existed in the game on release. I assume there will be systems in place to stop you from using edited files after the Engine Upgrade but I don't expect them to ever outright ban players for it.
  9. It has nothing to do with one being 255, there are many high/top tier players who have alts that are all low rank and they still play the same with the only downside being that they do not have access to high rank mods which wouldn't stop anyone from stomping lesser players (in most cases). The problem lies within the skill ranking (threat) system and these things will be addressed after the Engine Upgrade with things like phasing and a rework of that very system. Until then all you can do is sit and wait. Either take on the hardships of playing against better opp or just don't play the game until it is fixed. It's one of the most major issues with the game and LO are fully aware of it and will get it fixed in time, we don't need more of these threads on the forums. We know that new players get destroyed and repulsed from the game (especially when they don't have a veteran to guide them), we know that lesser human beings dethreat to stomp lower skilled players in bronze districts and we are fully aware that the skill gaps in APB resemble the Great Canyon. I have done/am doing everything in my power to help out as many new players as I can with my beginners guide and by whispering new players in-game, directing them to the bronze district and explaining what is what but that is as much as can be done at this state. The matchmaking matter is a broken record in the APB sphere already, about as much as cheaters and other things.
  10. Like I wrote in another similar thread, I will just quote myself from there:
  11. After the little time I was able to spend testing out Prototype A before the districts died completely, I have concluded that the OCA is a bit worse than before (as intended) but the RFP (mostly Fang) is even more abusable now due to the range increase. Even with the RFP becoming 4 BTK, it is still capable of dealing massive damage at really long range (for a secondary) to aid team mates or to finish off already damaged targets. On top of that, the penalty for moving around/dodging with it while aiming down the sights (ADS) is way too little and you can practically go at max firerate at range and still dodge whatever the enemy player is throwing at you. And to top it off, it is still very viable for tagging/finishing off players in close range where ADS is not needed to land most shots as the accuracy has not been touched. That, in combination with any CQC primary weapon, is still very powerful. The RFP is meant to be a secondary weapon and a pistol. It is not supposed to almost shadow a crucial support weapon like the OBIR. A pistol cannot have such effective range, not if you look at balancing and definitely not if you look at any level of realism (as APB is still an urban shooter based in a city on Earth and not a Sci-Fi game with blasters and lasers). As such, I believe that the RFP simply needs a range nerf instead of a TTK nerf + range buff. The range of the weapon is the main issue with it. Just because you added an extra burst (+/-) to the TTK, does not mean that it will not be abusable. In fact, now it will be even more so. And for anyone who thinks that the RFP will become obsolete if it's range gets nerfed below ACT44 and RSA (and that those weapons could become more meta), let me remind you that those weapons feel a lot more "heavy" and slow and are not nearly as good overall. On top of that, they are barely viable in CQC unlike the RFP in any of it's variants. I cannot speak too much about the OCA on Prototype A as I was mostly focusing on the RFP for the little time I had to spend on it. I definitely felt like it was worse and it killed slower (considering that I played it with Reflex Sight 3 and Cooling Jacket 2) but I would need to test it further before I can say whether this is nerfed enough or not. Also, I was unable to test Prototype B at all as the district was completely dead by the time I got home.
  12. Citadel can get up to 85ms that I've seen so far today. It's barely playable.
  13. Nope. I did regret getting banned to an extent, after some time passed but generally I didn't care at the time. However, I've never come to the forums to complain about my own mistakes in an attempt to make myself feel better about it like "hurr durr the game has no numbers". Nowadays I regret my ban/s for completely different reasons, but don't let me hijack this thread by accident.
  14. I love it when people like this guy come to the forums to announce that they got banned, saying that they don't care and that the game is dead while clearly being still in shock of losing their precious account, COMPLETELY in denial that they regret it SO bad deep inside. Yeah, sure, bro. Game is dead now but it has tons of cool stuff coming and it looks like your account won't be around to see it because you were being a spineless cuck in-game
  15. With the Nekrova server being merged into Citadel, I think that this introduces a new problem on the table (that I've considered for a long while now). So how about they allow players to put whatever they want in their character names but they make you have an @name#1234 in-game (that is strictly english only and that you get to pick) that is unique to your account and if anyone wants to refer to anyone else or whisper them, they can do it by using that tag. That way even if they have characters in their name that you cannot even type with your keyboard setup, you can still interact with every player. And they can do it like Discord and let you change your numbers only if you have Premium active or something Also, this will allow new players to actually have a choice in nicknames because with the current taken inactive nicknames it's extremely irritating to try and find a name you might consider wanting and you just can't get because it's taken by someone who played the game once and left forever, locking an amazing nickname to never be used again and completely forgot about APB's existence. Which is why I also think we need a solid nickname wipe, BADLY, because new players will want their nice nicknames and not use numbers to replace letters or put random trashy nicknames for the sake of being able to play APB at all... My older suggestion was to simply namewipe every character/account that was NOT merged after the Obeya/Patriot -> Citadel and Joker/Colby -> Jericho merges. If you have not launched the game once since 2015 then you clearly do not care enough about your nickname. They can send out warning e-mails 30 days prior as well if they feel the need to. If anyone genuinely cares, they will make sure to launch the game just once to keep their nickname. Most people might not think it's a big deal but it actually is pretty relevant to how appealing the game would be to decently sized portion of new players that will come in from games where they could have their nicknames. Just a thought.
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