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  1. I already had the Paramilitary Bonus Pack (Enforcer) which includes the thigh rigs but not the spray cans. So the bundle cost less for me because I only had to pay for the spray cans. You can't pick what to buy from a bundle, you can only pay less if you already own some of the pieces in it. Thats the reason that is there.
  2. Because in some cases you can already own some of the items in one of the bundles, say from an Armas pack, and it will let you know how much the remaining items would cost. For example, I already had both thigh rigs on my enforcer but I didn't have the spray cans (because they weren't available for enforcers prior to this) so I only had to pay for the spray cans and it was cheaper.
  3. No offense to the creators but these outfits are just really bad. Not only do they not fit in with APB at all but they also just have no real creativity behind them. Its just a bunch of preset symbols and recolored clothing pieces. I'm not a designer myself but even I can say that these aren't any good and especially not Joker Store tier good. Sorry.
  4. Yup, but such a small change is probably super difficult like everything else and they won't bother doing it.
  5. The situation is really bad, there's no going around that. And I feel like the "its a Beta" excuse doesn't fly anymore considering that you are planning on launching it in this state. Before I get into things I'm just going to make something clear - this build of APB 2.1 (or anything close to it) cannot go on to live servers. First, my PC specs: i7 7700k @ 4.6ghz GTX 1080Ti 16GB DDR4 RAM Windows 10 x64 Pro 1920x1080 144hz I see that some of the issues I have with it have already been outlined by others in this thread like the scuffed audio, especially in cars where the engine (and horn/siren) audio just shifts left and right depending on where the camera is (or on which side you steer towards, I'm not sure which). However, the biggest problems of 2.1 are: Performance - I know you were talking about the "feel" of the game without paying attention to the numbers and the "feel" is awful. You can't get away with low fps in a fast paced PvP shooter, you just can't. And honestly anything below 144fps at all times on a high-end machine like mine is simply unacceptable for 2020 standards (in a game from 2010). I was probably averaging 60-70fps at best and at one point I started moving my camera around my car very rapidly and I dropped to as low as 18fps until I stopped doing it. I don't know what it would take or how long it would take but until FPS gets sorted - APB just won't be going anyplace better than this. There is a desperate need of super low graphic configs, even more so than on live, to make it run only half-bearable (which isn't good enough either). I tested one out and it helped a little but that just won't fly with anyone. Stutters being gone for the most part is good but we already had that in previous betas and it isn't enough. I like that the game itself loads up pretty quickly but I assume thats just because of the engine itself. If it goes to live servers in this state a lot of people will be leaving and probably for good. Lighting - The lighting is really bad because everything is so bright and so dark at the same time, it has no balance. Things that are bright are really bright and the dark parts are just overly dark. I tried putting the brightness up a bit and it just became worse, meanwhile the dark parts were still dark. There is no middle ground or acceptable level of brightness you can have in this. Like others mentioned, some buildings look full bright, some lights are cast really poorly, especially on buildings. Overall, its no good. Color Scheme - I have a real big problem with the color scheme of APB 2.1, ever since I first saw the first iterations of the engine upgrade when console APB first launched. I feel like you've tried to hit that RTW shader feeling with the color scheme in 2.1 but it just doesn't work. The game is so unnecessarily orange, not pleasant to look at and coupled with the bad lighting and you've got yourselves a real mess. What you should do is stick as close as possible to live APB color scheme where other colors than orange exist and it isn't tiring on the eyes. And if all of this gets sorted somehow at some point - only then can we talk about any of the other issues and bugs because all of those are small game compared to the problems listed above. The current APB 2.1 build is basically unplayable to me.
  6. You don't have to be an "elite" player to understand that the N-TEC doesn't need any further nerfs.
  7. If it says N-TEC on it then we gotta nerf it because the silvers said so.
  8. APB is not GTA and it was never meant to be GTA as you can clearly see that the game was created to be a more competitive type PvP shooter with amazing customization and not a sandbox GTA Online type deal. There are many issues that prevent it from becoming truly competitve to 2020 standards, in some aspects due to the original devs at RTW and in others due to G1's carelessness over the years, its now in LO's hands to fix all of that and set APB on its right course. I will keep it simple - if APB were to become more casual it would keep it's underdog status as "poor man's GTA Online" like TONS of newcomers like to label it as. No one wants to play poor man's GTA when you can have real GTA which looks better and already caters to casual players. LO must cash in on APB's unique third person shooter mechanics and build on it to make it competitive. Until recently there wasn't any decent third person shooter you could call competitive but then Rogue Company went into Open Beta which has a bunch of APB's mechanics like shoulder switching and it honestly does it great and its tons of fun, especially if you are already good at APB and you get into that game. On top of that, it does not rely on car gameplay and cheesing/exploiting every bit of old bad game design in order to win because it doesn't have nearly as many as APB does. APB needs to become polished, new player friendly and more balanced for competitive play in order for it to be appealing. Thats not to say that I do not support some of the casual aspects of the game such as community events and activities and such - I really do but when it comes to the actual combat, missions, gameplay part - it really needs to be on a more competitive level with way less RNG involved. I'm not sure whether they will be able to do anything with it considering that we are at an all time low in population. The Engine Upgrade needs to be good on release and they only get 1 shot at it, unfortunately.
  9. Most legendaries are largely useless, you should put your focus more on the bigger picture of what guns are the best for you overall in the entire game. Meta guns usually aren't legendaries but it depends on what type of player you are. If you're casual you can pick whatever but if you're trying to play good then you'll have to stick to things like N-TEC 5, Ursus, OCA, PMG, OSCAR, Obeya CR762, OBIR, Joker SR15 Carbine, HVR 243 (Scout), HVR 762, JG, CSG and Obeya FBW, Colby .45 AP, ACT44 Golden Marksman for secondaries. In the case that you want to play meta its a good opportunity to pick up a permanent 3 slot variant of whatever gun you'd like to use from the Joker Store (assuming you don't want to spend money on the game). Keep in mind that a lot of the guns on Armas (and on the JT store) are reskins of the F2P guns that are unlocked through contacts and roles. For example, you can buy a PDW-57 with 3 open slots for JT if you like the skin more than the original OCA. I would also advise you to do research on the guns you're thinking of buying as they could be reskins of something you don't actually like. You can either refer to my APB guide which has all reskins listed in the Weapon Reskins category, you can ask here or you can look at https://apbdb.com/ and compare stats just to be sure. When it comes to legendaries there are only a handful of decent ones like Ursus, Sitting Duck, Firework Launcher, maybe DOW Thumper? VBR Huntress is fun but its not great. If you want to cheese the game you can get a Volcano, True Ogre, Medusa but those are just cheap easy kills with very low skill ceiling and 0 potential of becoming better at the game. Don't get a Nano, Obeya FBW is much better and its very easy to use once you get the hang of the firerate and the Colby .45 AP is the best pistol in the game if you have the aim and control for it (which most people don't so they play FBW lol).
  10. Just give out reward packages with prizes from previous years and give out some new login reward titles to everyone this year. Don't bother with anything else because the engine upgrade must take full priority and the population is low anyway. Most people have had it with APB until 2.1 releases.
  11. He can't purchase the Cheetah kit on an enforcer character because Armas doesn't let you do that. The only way I could think of is definitely through support still but he'd need to ask them if there's any other way. I recommend just contacting support about this.
  12. How did you obtain the Mikro on your enforcer if you did not purchase the Raptor bundle? I am not seeing any other variants of it available for enforcer on Armas.
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