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  1. People change and people grow, believe it or not.
  2. The fact that you think so means that you don't understand the situation APB was in at the time. I can speak about this because I saw everything it lead to and I've experienced it first hand. Players were being targeted for harassment because of FairFight bans which had a high probability of being false positive manual bans and weren't deserved in the first place. Players got doxxed, their private pictures leaked and posted all over FFbans, their relatives were harassed, players were DDoSsed and so on and so forth. G1 employees got their share of the pie as well. Some of them were doxxed and they even had death threats sent to them. Just like I wrote to Eviltara, its very easy to be ignorant of targeted harassment online when you have not been targeted yourself. Add to that the fact that the very owners of the game were the ones who set things up that way and let the players tear each other apart for the sake of protecting their fragile egos for years. Most of the people who camped the website on a daily basis and made insane "investigations" on FFbans in an attempt to ruin people's lives because of an APB ban (which is likely false to begin with) were all mentally ill in some shape or form. And do I even need to mention the fact that there were running ads on the ffbans website which were generating revenue for the owners of the website so in reality they were making money off of APB's toxicity and mentally ill playerbase? No, this is the worst thing that has ever happened to APB and it effectively killed the game due to the incredible amounts of toxicity it introduced to it. Everything was based around ffbans and who was banned/how many times. And lets not forget the amount of mentally ill people who cheated and got purposefully caught over and over again just so they can get attention in the community. There have been many names over the years which only became known because they've been on FFbans. Positive or negative attention doesn't matter to these sorts of people, as long as they get any at all. Most of us here hate cheaters more than anything but cheaters don't deserve to be publically doxxed with their home address, phone numbers and their relatives becoming targets because of a ban on a video game. No one does in fact, no matter what they've done simply because it leads to nothing good. It does not fix the problem. The only thing it does is it lets silvers feel better about themselves because daddy G1 manual bans the same group of people over and over again to make you think that the anti-cheat works. APB is a game with a small community and it always has been. There is always bound to be drama and tension between players in such a small community. Giving players such a huge incentive to be infinitely toxic to each other is a recipe for doom for the game. All of this is the reason LO did away FFbans and public bans in general and this is the only way to go with this game. If a player is cheating then they deserve to be punished by having their account permanently suspended and thats that. They don't deserve to have their lives ruined or to be scared of consequences for their relatives over their game ban. If you think that they do then you're simply being immature and a part of the problem.
  3. People who still somehow keep saying that the FairFight era was good have no idea what they're talking about. Its easy to be a silver who'd never even be suspected of cheating (let alone banned) and watch better players get banned publically. You get to feel better about yourself and you live in your own little bubble where you think who everyone who kills you twice in a row is cheating while you can't even hold gold yourself. Granted, there were justified bans but when they would just ban people at random they're bound to eventually catch some real cheaters by accident. But then there were actual blatant ragebots playing for months or years under FF on the same account. Me and many others have known that FairFight didn't work and FF bans were not to be believed for years before LO came around to prove it, due to the fact that most of those bans were manual. A lot of them were repeated bans on players they "suspected" but had no real evidence on (myself included). Its just that you don't truly see it until you get targeted by it yourself. Me and many others were targeted but most people didn't believe us. Now you have the new owners of the game telling you that we were right all along but the little bubble is still too comfortable to leave for a lot of people. Also, you need to realise that just because you don't see the bans publically doesn't mean that they don't happen. Just because you don't see something with your own eyes doesn't mean that its not real. Now you just simply don't have the comfort of feeling good about yourself when you see X player banned who beat you 2 days ago. Lastly, I want to address the whole controversy about people getting their FFbanned accounts back. There is no reason to be mad about that because APB is a F2P game and if people wanted to keep cheating after LO (and a lot of them definitely have come around to cheating again eventually) they can keep making new accounts or buying accounts with R255s on them full of Armas items and we will all still have to deal with those players. Which account they play on or what name they have really makes no difference.
  4. I knew that it would end up like this the moment they announced that we were forced to go back to BE. The short period that we had EAC's client side (not even the server side) was the most playable APB's been in many years. EAC was the one thing that could've at least kept the game going. I saw a certain private stream on a random discord server of a player ragehacking in Baylan on the same day as BE's return. This is the main reason why I've barely streamed the game for the past year. I can't even turn on my stream without every closet lowlife coming out of the woodwork to streamsnipe me (not that they need to try too hard, considering that there is only one single silver district to play on nowadays). The Engine Upgrade will not solve the cheater problem on its own either. Without serious anti-cheat measures, the fate of the game will not change and this has always been the case. It originally lost most of it's leftover players during the FFbans era (2014-2018) with G1's shenanigans and them somehow deciding that its a great idea to make every single ban public, in a game with such a small community where half of it are immature egofiends of some form. We were already down to ~600 average players on EU in May 2018 when LO picked up the pieces. Most of the EU silver district players here should recall what absolute hell it was to play APB towards the end where you'd face multiple full premades of cheaters back to back non-stop. FF was useless and G1 had given up on investigating cheaters completely. Bans seemed very random, most of them were manual (as we now know for a fact), and somehow certain players were able to ragehack for months or even years on end in some cases, somehow the anti-cheat completely ignoring their perfect aim and accuracy but then also re-banning certain people who were either not cheating or wouldn't go as hard even if they were, which still makes no sense however you try to stretch things. A lot of players seemed to think that APB was dying due to lack of content but that is only somewhat true. Most players that still played have largely enjoyed APB for its combat mechanics and the more competitive players would come back for more for years on end, very few of us still today. Bottom line is that the biggest issue has always been cheaters and they have actively been killing the game for half a decade now. You can only hold onto players' dedication to keep the game alive for this long, until there is nothing but aimbots fighting aimbots and you having to deal with it to be able to play APB in any capacity. Anyone would leave at that point. And don't even get me started on weapon balancing which has been completely butchered by LO and whoever thought that making the game unplayable as a solo player was a good idea. You know, at least when we had cheaters during FF we also had decent weapons and cars to outplay cheaters with if we were skilled enough. Now we got that taken away but the cheaters are still here. I used to think that soloing was bad before but, boy, was I in for a treat. APB has become progressively worse and worse for the solo player and catering entirely to premades 100% and that is all due to improper balancing and lack of vision on LO's side. Imagine that for one or another reason you don't have people to play with or maybe you only have one friend who also still plays APB and all you get are full premades of four who play APB all day long, half of them probably having at least one closet cheater in their group at all times. A lot of them running at least one OSMAW/DMR-AV and concs which completely obliterate cars now after the nerf (because somehow they decided to nerf cars but not all anti-vehicle weaponry.) Who would want to even try when you already know that you've lost from the very first second of the mission?
  5. I used to argue the same against the entire idea of getting rid of threat segregation in general. We had a short period where we saw the effects of having none and it was quite detrimental to the population but in the case of NA's current state, which is quite reminiscent of Han, it might be the only option for the time being.
  6. I second this. NA should have had it's threat segregation turned off over a year ago now, at least until the supposed merge with EU happens after the engine upgrade releases. Its only making matters worse for whoever is left still playing on that server.
  7. It does not risk your account otherwise I wouldn't do it myself even, let alone spread it and claim that it is safe to use. That is the whole point of me talking to them about every single file I put out there and use myself, so that no one's account is at stake. Professionals don't usually do that unless its an external kind of thing such as a beginners guide which I've also created for APB and they've officially endorsed it on their official discord server in their APB resources channel. The rest are less sought after and usually only by people who know what they are doing (people who would know where to get configs from instead of the official LO website). My config does not contain any particle removals such as grenade smoke, fire, car explosion particles, muzzle flash particles removal, etc. Those are not allowed by LO. I do not use them and I do not distribute them. And yes, those I consider to be cheating as well.
  8. No. I assume its because they don't want to distribute anything with a player's name on it. What I meant to say was that every type of config and file edit that is available in my public config ZIP file is known to them and approved as okay to use. They know exactly what those do and they are all considered okay until the engine upgrade comes out officially to the live version of APB. If you feel like any of it is cheating then that is your own opinion on the matter. To me it is not impactful enough to make a big difference. Also, if you're scared of it containing a virus, I also include VirusTotal links on my discord server each time I update it. I'm the safest option to get configs for APB (second to LO themselves of course).
  9. I have no knowledge of this and none of the people I've talked to about it do either but it sounds plausible.
  10. Actually, you cannot repack APB's UPK files to be used in APB because they use an encryption which only LO can do. The rainbow conc file is a really old file from some really old APB client which just simply still works due to the encryption being the same. I don't wanna go into detail because we are already scraping the bounds of the forum rules.
  11. Everything included in my public config is approved for usage and distribution by LO themselves. I've asked them about every single thing included with my config ZIP file and have received approval for each. Configs that were disapproved of I have excluded. Mind you, this is only true about my newer config versions, not my original ones from 2017 which are also now outdated and will likely not function properly anymore anyway. I've never seen my entire config being approved on there personally and haven't heard of it before. Regarding the Rainbow Concs/OPGL nade glow, I've been allowed to distribute that too so that wouldn't be a reason for it.
  12. Those are called localization configs and you can grab mine from my twitch channel page. It has exactly what you are looking for. Also if you need more help, DM me on the forums/discord because discussing game mods/configs in threads is against the forum rules.
  13. And vastly overpowered because players using grenade launchers will have no fear from damaging teammates, thus spamming nades even more viciously at the enemy whilst their teammates are also pushing them with no fear of taking damage from said nades. They would become useful because it would become even easier to use explosives than it already is and even more unbalanced for the opp. Suddenly, OPGL will become meta in every premade match up and thats not something you can balance by nerfing grenade launchers because it wouldn't make a difference.
  14. One can dream... EAC was the one single thing that made APB properly playable.
  15. Revert weapon balancing to pre-LO state across the board. Its the only way.
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