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  1. Flaws

    121Fps cap?

    Probably my favorite change from what I've seen. I can't wait.
  2. i7-7700K 4.20ghz GTX 1080Ti EVGA SC2 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000mhz Win10 Pro x64 The game is installed on my SSD: Crucial MX300 525GB Stable 110-121fps most of the time with some stutters here and there which everyone gets. Hoping for fps uncap after the engine upgrade though and maybe higher performance overall. Note: I stream 90% of the time (nvenc) + shadowplay recording in the background at all times.
  3. Oh man, it's been a month since the game was purchased and for some reason it doesn't look like a completely different game within that time frame. Oh man, why aren't they fullfilling my unrealistic expectations? Oh man... BETTER START WHINING ON THE FORUMS RIGHT AWAY
  4. Driving has never been client-sided in APB (at least after Reloaded) and it shouldn't be. GTA have been doing it wrong since GTA IV.
  5. Flaws

    Old Login Main Menu

    +1 Revamped version, but keep the soundtrack the same.
  6. Flaws

    Invite to duel or mission

    +1, /ignore blocks such invites. Should be easy to implement.
  7. Flaws

    Gender Change

    Considering that Matt Scott has talked about being able to transfer characters between servers, I doubt that changing a character's gender would be that much of an issue in the future. After the engine upgrade, at least.
  8. Flaws

    Changes to inventory

    Add a search bar to all sections of the inventory menus, as well as the designers like the clothing and symbol designer. The loadouts would just directly set all components (Primary, Secondary and Grenades, maybe even character mods AND vehicles if we are dreaming big) instead of having to change every single thing manually which takes time and gets in the way of the gameplay flow. Make it so that you can create your preset loadouts and just change them with 1 click. Create a 'Favorites' tab in the weapons inventory, which would be the default tab that opens when you open your inventory on a joker ammo vending machine, you can add or remove weapons from your 'Favorites' tab. And then a secondary 'All' tab which just shows every single weapon that's available to you on the character. Very important: Add a feature that can let you move around items in your inventory up and down, sorting them easier, so you can have the more important stuff on top. Essential for weapons and mods! Either through 'Go up' and 'Go down' buttons (once you've selected the item you want to move) or by making a drag and drop feature which just lets you put them on top or below each other.
  9. I would appreciate a quick 50% off because they will probably take a while before reworking armas anyway.
  10. I remember using this in the early years, didn't think it was still available.
  11. With BattlEye, FairFight and actual GM's roaming the districts, it's about to become a whole lot more difficult to cheat in APB. You will find a lot less public cheats for sale and their price will probably increase because of having to update it constantly to be undetectable by BE, and even if you do find one or just code one yourself, you'll still struggle to get a significant advantage over legit players and remain undetected for a long period of time. You can't get rid of 100% of cheaters, but it's the best solution and I'm grateful that LO picked the BE + FF combo.
  12. You are quite wrong in a lot of those things you said, but instead of starting a pointless argument with a silver, I'll let you see for yourself, once BattlEye is implemented.
  13. I think you should reconsider what you believe in and what you do not. If what I was saying all along wasn't true, there would not be mass unbans on all ff'd accounts waiting to happen right after the implementation of BattlEye. I wonder, how many more people need to confirm that FF was used incorrectly and was abused by GM's for their personal interest, like in mine and other cases How far does it go for people like you?