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  1. I personally welcome the reversal of Improved Rifling. The way it was tweaked has killed off many weapons in a way (not only the preset-modded ones). I think this is a good step (back?) in the right direction. P.S: Please don't reverse the N-HVR nerf. Or the Yukon nerf, especially not the Yukon nerf lol
  2. Flaws

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Phasing would be one of the best things to ever happen to APB, especially if the full plan with a single World works out. It would solve many issues, certainly. And I'm certain that new players would have a much more playable experience then so it's bound to attract more of those.
  3. Flaws

    Dear Little Orbit

    THIS @ShadowXS Stop effing complaining about getting conveniences. If you don't like the feature, don't use it. I didn't even read through your whole post because I know exactly what I'm going to see. Endless, pointless complaining and nothing useful to say.
  4. Some of the APB players seem to have a really hard time understanding how difficult it is to work on the game currently. You already have a new anti-cheat, a trading system, a whole bunch of bug fixes that you come accross as you play (if you've paid enough attention over the years), some new useful features in-game and on armas. We have a much more promising halloween event coming up than ever in the history of APB, we have consistent, regular updates from the devs on the forums and in the blog spot, talking about the process of moving the game to UE3.5 and an idea of how close it is to being completed. And I'm not even mentioning the rebalancing of the HVR and Yukon, which were the most important ones in terms of immediate weapon rebalancing. I'm not sure what else OP wants for 5 months of LO having this spaghetti code game. I'm even surprised they've done this much already. Can we stop with the pointless threads now?
  5. The epidemic event actually sounds like something fresh and fun for APB. Definitely looking forward to this year's event.
  6. out of curiosity, what gun would you say takes skill to use? I too would like to know this... if the ntec is easy, what gun is hard? Exactly my point towards everyone else in this thread. My mind is not changed, the N-TEC does not require nerfing and some of you just aren't very good at this game. I rest my case, as I've already wasted too much time on this. I hope LO makes the right decision. (I hate how buggy the forums and quoting are.)
  7. There's no doubt the N-TEC is better than the STAR, but why nerf a fine balanced N-TEC when you can buff the STAR and give it a reason to be used by some riflers? The discussion wasn't about the N-TEC vs STAR, it's about the N-TEC allegedly being stronger than OCA, PMG, shotguns, carbine, OSCAR etc (which it really really isn't, not in their optimal range, definitely not)
  8. You're kidding, right?....N-tec is one of the most overused weapons in the game, EVERYONE can use it, which is why it needs to be nerfed, it's just like the PMG, and OCA, it doesn't take skill, quit kidding yourself. N-tec recoil is/was non existent, it NEEDED to be nerfed BIG TIME Saying that the N-TEC recoil is non-existant when you have weapons like the Carbine, OSCAR, OCA, OBIR etc is just laughable at best. Also, just because "everyone can use it" (even though using it has literally nothing to do with mastering it) doesn't make it overpowered in any way. Everyone can use shotguns because they are incredibly easy. Everyone can spray an OCA, everyone can spam a carbine etc. As a final note, I'd like to remind you that the vast majority of silvers/low golds are using weapons like Medusa, True Ogre, Volcano, Raptor variants, HVRs, PMGs. They use Nano and Yukon as a secondary etc etc. I don't see low tier players using N-TECs that often AT ALL. And from my experience with talking to lower tier players, they claim that the "N-TEC sucks"; "too much recoil"; "I can't control it". If the N-TEC really was such an overpowered weapon that EVERYONE can use, no one would be buying the ATAC, spending money on JMBs to get a Medusa. No one would sit 100m away with a volcano spamming the objective etc etc. I'm wondering, really, who is this "EVERYONE" that you speak of?
  9. Like it was already stated, there isn't much of a reason for the numbers to grow right now. The engine upgrade is REQUIRED for new content, optimizations and the matchmaking to work correctly. As long as the population doesn't hit 0 before all major updates have been released with some new content (which is probably when LO will give APB some advertisement), it should be fine imo. Also, we still do need to address the fact that the game is incredibly confusing and unfriendly to new players if they don't have a friend who is already playing for a while, to teach them the ropes. Without a solid tutorial system, there won't be many new players staying when they get thrown around by max rank veterans. You can't blame them for not staying either. I have 3 real life friends who tried the game a few months back and they all said that they'd play it more after the engine upgrade.
  10. Flaws

    Strife Sales

    Juggernaut Pack, Revelations Pack, Key to the City/World all include each item permanently account wide.
  11. Consumables should be turned into proper character mods. There is no point in having them as consumables as it does not add anything to the game. Turn them into unlimited mods with a cooldown. Although, I do agree that currency should be transferrable between characters on the same account (APB$ and Joker Tickets).
  12. Flaws

    Drop Gamersfirst

    I agree and I also think it would be better to see this game being marketed as "All Points Bulletin" again on Steam and everywhere else. Get rid of the "Reloaded" part and write out the full name of the game.
  13. Who explained it? Any high tier player who ever said that the N-TEC is overpowered? I highly doubt that. You being delusional has nothing to do with me, other than that it pisses me off when devs listen to people like you on the forums instead of high tier players.
  14. The mere fact that you pasted a picture of your fellow silvers downvoting my post shows you've run out of arguments. You aren't bringing anything to the table with this post here, just hollow statements how it's "overpowered", yet there's little to no elaboration behind what you are saying Also, I've not brought up anything that is irrelevant. I talked about weapon balancing and how people subconciously become delusional about weapons being overpowered just because they don't know/aren't capable of facing them. You started talking about completely different things in desperate attempts to defend your empty point.
  15. The "you're bad" argument is correct for the majority of the forum warriors. (No offense to anyone, but it seems that I need to make that clear.) You can play N-TEC all day long but when you have to attack a CQC area and the opp has 1-2+ CQC weapons, you go CQC as well. You don't stay N-TEC because you'll die most of the time. Every good player knows that. Same for long range. Stop trying to apply your personal experience of getting smashed by good N-TECs in CQC to what the reality of the situation is. But yeah, good job on not being able to hold your horse and just having to bring up irrelevant crap to a discussion that has nothing to do with that. Very mature.