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  1. A tryhard is something you call a player when they are better than you and beat the **** out of you in-game. It's basically an excuse people use, nothing else to it. As far as cheap players come, those are just noobs, not tryhards. N-FAS, ATAC, Remote Detonator, Percs, Showstopper, Ogre, AMG, Explosive weapons, etc etc. If you really are "tryharding" then you are expected to not need easy weapons with low skill ceilings to perform half-decent at the game and that's what those people do. The usual "tryhard" uses only the most meta weapons currently.
  2. Glock as a reskin of FBW please.
  3. Care to elaborate? I have the nicknames I want without the need of a name wipe. But I know how it feels to go on a game you are new to where all names are taken like ESO or SWTOR for example, or even WoW Retail. Finding a nickname can take twice as long as making the actual character so I am looking out for new players.
  4. Oh yeah, I am sure that there will be a market for that. There are certain nicknames that some APB kids would kill for. Figuratively (or not).
  5. I don't see how you're going to prevent abuse unless you apply some really weird and strict rules. Everyone is free to create new accounts and new characters as it is a Free2Play game and nothing should prevent that. However way you restrict it, a lot of innocent old/new players will get hit one way or another by it. You can't restrict certain accounts from using those newly freed names based on some criteria since everyone should have access to the new name pool. You can't restrict the amount of characters/accounts a player can have/make for a bunch of reasons. You can't limit those names to renames only either because that kills 70% of the reason you are doing this, which is, new players having good nickname choices available. You most certainly can't go around banning people because they make new characters/accounts and don't play them, that's absolutely off the table. You could put a cap on how many characters an account can make per day/week/month that use names from the freed up names pool but that's really questionable in itself and people with many accounts won't be stopped anyway as a F2P account has 2 character slots by default. Restrictions or not, one thing is absolutely certain - name wiping is an absolute must, a lot of people might hoard a lot of good names but it will be nothing in comparison to how bad that situation is currently after years of people taking nicknames and leaving the game for good. It will absolutely be an improvement with or without hoarders. Besides, no amount of hoarders can really take up THAT many nicknames as it takes time to create an email and then an account and is bothersome and you'd really need to dedicate a lot of time to come up with names to save and not that many are as dedicated. Most people just want up to 4-5 names at best and that's even a stretch.
  6. Thank you! We desperately need changes to all shotguns across the game.
  7. Won't replacing IR3 with HS3 on Fang render the standard RFP superior due to less accuracy loss while hipfiring in CQC? Thought about replacing it with like IR1 or 2 instead? I agree that it's bad design to give it IR3 but it also shouldn't have to necessarily fall out of relevancy like most nerfed weapons do in APB when the next best thing suddenly outshines them.
  8. That's why it's an assault rifle, that's how assault rifles work They are supposed to be usable at most ranges to an extent, just like the N-TEC is. It doesn't excel, but it's good enough to hold it's ground from close range until a certain long range distance, it's that way in every game. The same way as assault rifles get outgunned by weapons that excel at thier respective range in every other game too. It's the choice of the players whether they want to cover a specific range or they want a more versatile choice that requires more effort over covering a single range effectively with less effort. The N-TEC is solo friendly but if you roll 4 N-TECs in a team, you won't get far, not against another team of the same skill level anyway. They could have OCAs/Shotguns, marksmanship weapons, snipers and all of those are capable of outgunning the N-TEC if they are decent players.
  9. Because that's the sole reason why anyone whines about the N-TEC. That example goes for almost every weapon, not just the OCA. Everything can shred the N-TEC at it's respective range, the N-TEC is versatile but never excels at anything more than it should. If you lose to an N-TEC where you shouldn't, that's your fault, not the weapon balancing's. It's very simple but somehow hard to understand for people who blindly screech that the N-TEC is overpowered and needs nerfing.
  10. Because they listen to bad players and cater to them for some reason, which is why we also have incredbily overpowered shotguns right now (as if they weren't overpowered enough originally). It doesn't have anything to do with the New Glory. The N-TEC is balanced just fine but since it's quite good when a good player masters it and utilizes it against a noob, it suddenly becomes "overpowered". We've seen this before in APB. I wish we could see a skill based APB in the future, not further casualising it from how bad it already is. It's kinda hard to get the truth about the N-TEC across without hurting someone's feelings in the process on the forums, but the truth is the truth. Nerfing every weapon that you can't face won't solve the skill gap issue for you. Neither does being able to tap fire silvers away on your own with the N-TEC mean that that's all there is to the weapon. A competitive game isn't supposed to cater to the casual players, but to the high/top tier players and lower skilled players need to strive to become better, that's the whole point. Like I said before, if you are dying to an N-TEC in close quarters while using an OCA, over and over then that's your fault and yours alone. That's just one example but examples are infinite in this regard. Edit: It is amusing to see short-sighted people on these forums who don't realise that even if the N-TEC gets nerfed, high skill players will pick up the next weapon on the line and they will demolish about as much as they did prior to the N-TEC nerf
  11. Probably because to most players the N-TEC starts and ends with "tap fire hurr durr" which is wrong. That is the main reason you get slaughtered by high tier players who play N-TEC against you and these pointless weapon changes are the result. No offense to anyone, it's just what my years of experience are telling me. Also, how can you say that the N-TEC has big spamability when we are talking about the OSCAR which doesn't even lose accuracy with IR3 on it...?
  12. Because the N-TEC has more potential at range, not because the OSCAR is "harder". OSCAR really isn't hard at all, there is a lot more that goes into the N-TEC over the OSCAR.
  13. Wrong. The OSCAR is one of the easiest weapons in the game to use. It requires little to no aim skill as it is point and click, it has basically no recoil to it, there is no accuracy loss, it has incredible range once you put IR3 on it (which gives it no downside) and you never have to aim down the sights even at like 50m which gives it insane mobility. Compare all of that to the N-TEC, which has more potential at range, less potential at CQC and mid-range as you have to aim down the sights and use cover to play it efficently and it requires you to control your aim more than any other weapon in the game.
  14. This. In the cases with a lot of the meta weapons is just the massive difference in skill level, not the weapons being overpowered or "too good". High tier players will demolish lesser players with anything at the end of the day. Crying for a nerf won't solve the skill difference issue for any of them.
  15. I went and played around with the N-TEC on both prototypes, shooting at a wall of course because both districts were 0-0 but with changes like these, that's all it took to see they are big no-nos. Prototype "B" is a massive no-no, outright forget about it. Reducing the firerate on N-TEC would kill it just like back when you changed Improved Rifling and everyone went to the CR762 for the time being because it already has bigger range and it fires faster with Cooling Jacket on it. I also fail to see how lowering the ammo capacity is going to change anything significantly. I am very against ammo changes on any gun in general. I main N-TEC 5, sure. However, I can use any other weapon in the game equally as good and I can switch (before anyone comes to my reply with that invalid argument). The N-TEC 5 is one of the very few weapons that actually require learning to be mastered, I talk to new players constantly who stray from the N-TEC because they find it challenging to use. This is the reason why I've picked to main it, because it requires a lot more than just focusing on one thing, it combines all the meaningful mechanics of the game (recoil control, fire rate control, aim tracking targets instead of point and click, using cover in a smart way, knowing when to push and when not to, etc) into one versatile gun, yet even when you do master it, it still will not outperform any of the other weapons in their ranges. SMGs and Shotguns beat it 9/10 times in close quarters, Carbine and OSCAR can destroy it in mid-range unless it is played smart from cover and I won't even mention how long range weapons rip it at actual long range. Also, jump shooting is not an effective enough strategy to deserve a nerf, considering that it is only good if you can take someone by surprise meanwhile the rest of the time you will be stuck in a jump-fall pattern which is always exactly the same and easy to counter as long as you have a monitor and mouse. On top of that fact add the fact that the N-TEC is an RNG fest the moment you lift off the ground so you are at an even bigger disadvantage. Nerfing that is unnecessary. How about, instead of penalizing good players who know how to play APB, we start penalizing all the players who abuse weapons like the AMG, the True Ogre mains, the explosive weapon mains, Showstopper users, remote detonator users and so on and actually make the game skillful and fun instead of outright killing all weapons that require skill and learning and overall lowering the skill ceiling of the entire game? The same people who are most likely the reason we are even getting an N-TEC nerf to begin with Reducing the game down to W + Left Mouse Button will be APB's undoing, especially if it wants to be any kind of competitive in the future. You should really stop listening to people who don't understand the game well enough to know how to balance it. This is the reason we have been stuck with broken shotguns for so long, the weapons that take as little skill as clicking the recycle bin icon on your desktop are now the most rewarding in APB, as if they weren't rewarding enough before.
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