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  1. Yes, we absolutely need the old menu music back with an HD version of the old menu. I believe Matt Scott did talk about the old login screen somewhere (might've been on the Kemp Q&A) and he said that he wants to bring it back. I'm hyped for that.
  2. Yeah, they don't. But they should.
  3. Flaws

    Remove spotter and car tower thingy

    Yep. Only change we need here is to make it so that you are informed that you've been spotted and that already balances things out just fine.
  4. Flaws

    option to pause premium

    Realistically I fully support converting premium time to time spent logged into the game and playing BUT that will definitely lower revenue coming from premium purchases directly and I doubt they'd want to go for such a change. That's a better option than being able to pause premium. Being able to pause and unpause at will is way too abuseable. For example if you only need premium to design, you can buy 30 days for an entire year and be able to design (that's also relative but you get the point). I think that changing it to time spent logged in is a good enough balance.
  5. Flaws

    Armas Weapon Resend Button

  6. Not sure about going Alpha/Beta with it but I definitely think that renaming it to "All Points Bulletin" everywhere would be a great move. I've mentioned that idea multiple times and it seems to be well received among the community. We don't need the "Reloaded" part, they should trash it entirely imo. Back to the roots :')
  7. No thanks. All the mentally sick people on FFBans would literally go after innocent players to try and ruin their real and/or Internet life just because they got smacked in a game and most of you know this is no exaggeration. One of the best things that LO did was get rid of FFBans. It killed off a considerable portion of the toxicity in the community and you can no longer become relevant by cheating your patootie off like a mongoloid. Edit: Also, don't confuse the FFBans website with the FairFight anti-cheat. FFBans =/= FairFight.
  8. Butcher skin for the winners. Don't @ me.
  9. Edit: The giveaway has now concluded with 30+ themes given away to the participants. I appreciate everyone who participated and/or watched the giveaways on my stream during the 3 days. Thank you all! And of course, special thanks to the theme creators who made this giveaway possible: Arwo, Esgobar, Boofu, bombin and a couple others ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings! I will be hosting another theme giveaway next weekend (Citadel Only!) We will be giving away a whole bunch of exclusive themes made by some of the top theme creators in the community such as Arwoss, Esgobar and Boofu. Some of the themes are brand new and have not yet been released to the public. I've decided to do it properly this time and host it later in the evening to make sure that most people will be home from school and work and will have a chance to enter as well as added some rules to counter people trying to abuse the giveaway system. It is still unclear exactly how many per day we will give, but we have 20+ themes in stock. The giveaway will be done through Nightbot's giveaway system like last time. Ruleset: 1. You must have an R150+ character on Citadel, as this is a Citadel only giveaway. 2. You must be a follower of the stream for at least 2 weeks. 3. Your twitch account must be older than 2 months. 4. Behave like a normal human being in chat. 5. One person can only win up to two themes per day to keep things fair in case someone's luck is too insane. I will be following the ruleset strictly this time, so keep that in mind. The giveaway will be held on my stream @ twitch.tv/Flvws from Friday 18th January, 2019 and ending on Sunday 20th January, 2019 starting at 9PM GMT+2 / 21:00 GMT+2. Make sure to FOLLOW and turn on notifications if you are interested! You can also join my Discord Server for more details so you don't miss out on anything. (Recommended) Here is one of the new themes you can win:
  10. But.. but... Butcher Skin for winneeeeersssssss
  11. The giveaway is now over. Here is the winners list: Winners of the giveaway: 19th - Aimzique 20th - Bershama 21st - HardStyler3 22nd - Mikarity 23rd - SweetToothiwe Thanks to everyone who showed up, participated and watched my streams! Another giveaway might be on it's way after New Year ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Original Post: Hello, everyone. Over the next 5 days (19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd December) I will be doing a giveaway on my stream of an exclusive theme made by Esgobar on Citadel called "the ballad of tony hitreg". This will be the only way to obtain it and never again after this. I will be giving away 5 copies for free to 5 winners during my streams (1 per day). Make sure to follow my stream @ twitch.tv/Flvws and enable notifications on your phone to make sure that you don't miss it, if you are interested. We will be using Nightbot for the giveaway and I will show it on stream to be as transparent as possible. The streams will likely start at around 18:00 - 19:00 GMT+2 and I will run them once we reach closer to 50+ viewers so that we can get as many people in as possible. For more information make sure to join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/MeMDVmj Take a listen to the theme:
  12. Flaws

    Theme Creators

    Arwo and esgobar and some others from Kempington's theme scene in recent months.
  13. The problem is that even if you use Steam (and have it's own 2FA enabled) it won't stop anyone who has somehow acquired your GamersFirst Account Details to just login in-game without needing your Steam account at all. They are not related in any way. The GamersFirst 2FA MUST work with and without Steam login. Like, this is an absolute MUST.
  14. I seriously hope you guys plan to make 2FA work with Steam login. A big portion, if not most of APB players use Steam to log into APB. Pls fix.