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  1. This is probably for the better all things considered. Does this mean that you will finally shift focus and fix the weapon balance?
  2. Memes like this have nothing specifically to do with players "expressing opinions" in-game either about LO/APB or anything in general. A "potty mouth" stands for anyone who is using bad language in any shape or form. In APB, you can get temp banned for racism, sexism, harassment of an individual and so on. Players still do these things because they're used to the old G1 team who would let a lot of these things slide and LO won't so they whine when they get punished for it. I do not know who made this meme that you claim was banned but if someone went through the trouble of making this in the designer I would assume that they have written something a bit too wild in chat and probably got suspended for it. Unless you have confirmation from LO that this symbol is the reason they were banned, you cannot be sure. Detecting an experienced closet cheater is vastly more difficult to confirm for certain to the point of banning the individual, unlike someone just writing something objectively bad in-game which is plain and clear to anyone and can be punished immediately. Of course, there will be a lot more bans for being a "potty mouth" than for cheating. At the end of the day, that problem stems from the fact that APB has no server-side anti-cheat to analyze statistics for every player. These systems are usually automated and they would flag someone suspicious to be checked by the support team. Alternatively, you can submit video evidence from the suspect's POV (for example from a stream or video) to support where you can clearly see weird stuff going on like aimbot/wallhack. Aside from that, they seem to steer clear of banning people for suspected cheating even if its borderline blatant simply because the suspect doesn't cross a certain threshold in what they do and LO staff don't seem to play APB themselves so they cannot tell for certain even if some of us can beyond reasonable doubt. If you can't tell for certain that someone is undeniably cheating, you risk a false ban and that is something the APB playerbase is very sensitive to post-G1. You need to play your own game to be able to support it and update it properly with what it needs but APB is in such a poor state that no one on their team even wants to play it so we're stuck with what we have.
  3. Basically, this. No one asked for it to be applied to EU and instead of letting us know about the technical limitations beforehand, they just went for it straight away. It threw EU into disarray and NA has only somewhat benefitted from it. Lower skill players are now trapped with the higher skilled players/cheaters and they are slowly but surely leaving the game at an even faster rate. This also dooms any new player from ever staying in APB from now on as they are more likely than not, going to get obliterated for a few missions in a row before they uninstall for good. I would advise you to accept that APB is doomed and no significant updates are ever coming to it until we see a working, stable APB client running on Unreal 3.5 (or higher) that looks at least half-decent and runs at 150+ fps on modern hardware. Highly unlikely, but its less than the bare minimum for this game to ever see any increase in population whatsoever, even in the 100s.
  4. https://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/ Just set Aim to All, not Hipfire, because for whatever reason APB Hipfire is a premium feature of the website. Its essentially the same value however.
  5. I'm not holding mine anymore either. Unfortunately, it seems to me that the game is doomed to certain death if this kind of treatment of it continues. No engine and no amount of marketing will save the game if the balancing sucks arse and isn't fun to play. If being good doesn't feel rewarding then no one will bother sticking with a PvP shooter of any kind. Simple as that.
  6. It will probably remain off until they change the entire matchmaking system with the engine upgrade... I assume thats their "plan" at least but considering how long its taking the pop will drop even harder before any of that comes to fruition.
  7. Let me preface this by saying that I do not intend to offend or devalue anyone, not LO, not the SPCT nor the players. This is simply constructive criticism and a reality check which Little Orbit desperately need now more than ever before their game is forced to shut down. Please don't take personal offense by anything I've written here. I cannot speak confidently about lowering or increasing TTK as that'd need extensive testing but I liked most of G1's balancing. I liked having less bloom with the current TTK and I think that most good players were fine with that. And yes, I am talking about the good players who put the most effort and time into learning the game and have the highest winrates and K/D ratios because that is, objectively, what makes a player good at a PvP game. And specifically in APB, due to its low population and high % of cheaters, I'd say that reputation also plays a big role in who should have a say on the matter. As in, that they should be widely recognised as a good player throughout the community (not just simply "popular" or "well known" as a name). And believe me when I say that I mean no offense to lesser players (yes, even if you are low-mid gold) but objectively, the high/top players should have the loudest voices in regards to balancing in every game. I want to stress that you're no less valuable as players but the people who've put the most time and effort in a game will understand it best and will know what needs adjusting better than anyone else. That's just the truth of it. Little Orbit have taken the wrong approach of catering to lesser players however, which inevitably hurts the health of the game in the long term. In fact, we are currently seeing that happen in Apex Legends where Respawn have announced that they will be removing a movement mechanic called "tap-strafing" because it is a high skill ceiling mechanic and requires hundreds of hours to master to be used at its maximum potential. All of that in an attempt to cater to more casual players who would likely spend more money on cosmetics but will not have the time/willingness to sit down and master such a mechanic or skill. This announcement insantly became a sh*tstorm on twitter overnight, becoming their most retweeted tweet of all time and it was 90%+ super negative backlash on the decision. We're seeing the exact same thing happening here, starting from the N-TEC 5 and then looking at other weapons which are being dumbed down more and more in favor of players who cannot/do not want to try to keep up with the highest level. The quality of the gunplay in APB is deteriorating at a rapid pace and the fault lies with management and who is being allowed to make changes to it. I also find it fascinating that its been 3 years of total and utter balancing failure and they've yet to change who is in charge of it or who they take advice from. I am willing to bet that not a single employee of Little Orbit really plays APB and they rely solely on the advice of the people who've won the popularity contest that was the SPCT recruitment when LO restarted the SPCT program again. If you haven't noticed, the majority of the SPCT consists/consisted of people that were talking to Matt the most when he joined the unofficial APB discord server back in the day regardless of how active they are in the game or how qualified they are for the position. Then more people were invited based on just being (mostly) liked in the community and not on actually having something to provide to the game. It seems to me like some of the SPCTs (not all) are only really in it to wave around their badge and feel high and mighty because they've been chosen but they don't actually know what is best for the game. They are in this unique position where their voices matter more than the rest of the playerbase and they are able to shape the game more the way they see fit than what the game actually needs. Again, not everyone in the SPCT is like this, but some of them definitely are. The SPCT needs carefully picked out high/top tier players who would be in charge of balancing and then the rest will be set to different tasks where they are the strongest. And if the fault doesn't actually lie within the SPCT then that's probably even worse because I'm willing to bet that no one that works at LO is exactly an APB enthusiast who's taken it upon themselves to become really good at the game on their private account and then be the one dealing with balancing behind the scenes. Bottom line is that balancing should be mostly reverted to what we had before LO started fiddling with it, except for things like the Yukon firerate fix and HVR damage nerf and it should remain that way until the Engine Upgrade is done, working and released with a proper build.
  8. I supported the removal of threat segregation temporarily and only for Jericho because their silver districts were completely empty and golds couldn't play the game in any capacity. However, according to the post they made about it, the threat segregation ruleset applies to all servers. At that point this change is not worth it because Citadel still has enough players to fill both a silver and a bronze district. We already saw what no threat segregation does when there are enough players, back when there were some server issues and they were forced to turn off threat segregation for a while. We had probably double the population still back then. New and lesser players were getting stomped all day long by better players while said better players were mostly bored out of their mind. All of that combined with excessive matchmaking times just makes it for a dreadful experience for most people. They should've told us that they couldn't change the ruleset for a single world only before going through with it. It simply isn't worth it because the population will now tank even harder and I don't expect it to rise again for anything. It would only be beneficial to NA due to its extremely low population numbers currently, but it is detrimental to Citadel and that trade off isn't worth it. It is worse for the game in the long run.
  9. Cause almost all of them are on EU during peak hours (EU evenings, especially during the weekend). Even the NA cheaters are on EU because there's no one to cheat against on NA anymore unless you like making a new account to play in the bronze district every time you wanna get on APB.
  10. Taking into consideration that APB is a PvP shooter which is played competitively (as in not just purely for "fun", but most commonly with the desire to win), the meta should always be optimized for high/top tier players because those are the players who will always maximize the potential of any weapon (out of the entire playerbase). Lesser players will then have to grind (focus on using) weapons until they learn them and get better and better instead of having kills handed to them for free. There should be no weapons that are too easy while being highly effective and there should be no weapons that have had their skill ceiling artificially lowered. The current state of the N-TEC 5 is a perfect example of artificially lowered skill ceiling (due to its extreme bloom and reliance on RNG), while the current JG is a perfect example of a weapon being far too easy while being, not only extremely effective but in fact, the most effective in the entire pointman category (due to how forgiving it is to missed shots, as well as corner popping). These two examples alone speak volumes about how horrible the current balancing is and thats just scratching the surface. A lot of what they've been doing has been throwing more and more RNG at weapons, trying to fix a problem which cannot be fixed by RNG. We should be moving in the opposite direction instead, making weapons more reliable and skillful and less relying on RNG and luck.
  11. Revert most weapon balancing to pre-LO. Change consumables to mods.
  12. A free to play game with little to no playerbase left, which is in desperate need for some kind of re-launch under a new engine. I think LO can overlook a couple of people who may or may not be upset over it for the sake of making the game better for everyone by making it feasible for themselves to balance it in any way. There are a few changes LO made which I agree with such as the damage nerf on the HVR and the PMG's range capabilities. I also like the current state of the Cobra being fun and the Yukon not being literally broken anymore. However, most other things were better off the way they were at the time. Everything else needed to get buffed to be able to compete with the big players or better yet, get merged with them, instead of slowly killing off everything that is meta one by one. There is the issue of the meta and then there is the issue of weapon popularity where the vast majority of APB players do not necessarily care about the meta (bronze district for example) as they play the game in a more casual way. The same goes for any game. In a game like APB if a weapon looks more appealing to a casual player they are more likely to pick it up. If a weapon is easily accessable to a new player, they are more likely to pick it up. I think that if you put the FAR next to the N-TEC in the contact purchase list, for the same exact price you'd see a lot more FAR players than now over the course of a year. New players would usually prefer swapping to something other than the starter gun and thats where the N-TEC comes in as the next obvious choice, because the FAR is more complicated to obtain even now and new players have no idea about the Joker Store or how to get Joker Tickets. They likely don't even know about the FAR's existence because it isn't in the contact purchase list. People did steer away from the N-TEC back when it was at 2.4 initially but it didn't stay that way long enough for everyone to catch up to the fact that the FAR (a weapon which is way less accessible to people who don't spend money on APB anymore as they'd need to grind to get it permanently for 10K JT, which is A LOT) has become superior and even if they did catch up they didn't have enough time to get it or couldn't be bothered before the N-TEC got slightly buffed again. Many of them went for the Obeya rifle instead and the ones that hadn't were just trying to see if they could make the N-TEC still work somehow. I was one of them until I ended up switching to the FAR after some time. This update has been out for 2-3 days and if it remains this way, I expect people to slowly replace the N-TEC with something else once more, such as the Obeya rifle. But this also doesn't mean that any new players won't go directly for the N-TEC first so the weapon's popularity is unlikely to go down. The meta however will change and it will likely be replaced. Yeah, if PMG suddenly turns out to be better than whatever was done to the OCA it will suddenly be back to nothing but PMG again like it was last time the PMG got buffed but the OCA was nerfed. And this is assuming that people don't start corner camping with JG even more now than before as it is still the top meta pick with or without this patch. There is a difference between preventing yourself from improving and the game's skill ceiling being artificially lowered thus making the outcome of something you do more RNG than before. It will be a dominant pick because it will be popular overall but when the meta settles and someone figures out the current best pick, everyone (who plays meta at least) will gradually change to that instead. It is true that G1 had stagnant balance and while I agree that the meta should evolve I believe that whoever is deciding on what the meta should look like currently doesn't really play the game and doesn't understand what kind of game APB is or what is fun/enjoyable to use in it. And even if they do play then they are not very good the game, not enough to be in charge of balancing at least. I think that it should be mostly brought back to what it was when it worked for most people (pre-LO), even while being stagnant, until such a time comes where someone more competent, who is good at the game, is able to go and make changes to the meta and evolve it instead of killing it off. Preferrably after the engine upgrade is fully released so that we can see weekly changes, instead of having to wait over half a year for a single thing to be adjusted. And why yes, while I agree that the ATAC and FAR should be better in CQC than the N-TEC, I still think that the N-TEC should still be allowed more room to defend itself in CQC and not allow this much RNG to get in the way of that. The whole point of an assault rifle is to be good at everything but not too good at anything and the N-TEC never was too good at anything. At high level it would get absolutely obliterated by any CQC weapon in CQC, Carbine and OSCAR at mid range due to their mobility and any long range weapon at long range. Every weapon of every range could defeat an N-TEC assuming that the skill difference between the two players isn't too vast. Someone who picks a CQC weapon already had A LOT going for them in a CQC situation because their weapon is designed for CQC. It kills faster, its made for hipfire thus more mobility, it doesn't require acrobatics or ADSing or spraying while crouching, etc. It was already balanced well enough where even a lesser player did have more than enough advantage over an N-TEC user but now it is overwhelmingly so. Way too much, to the point where it scarce matters how good the CQC player is at all and that is the problem. Again, it creates an artificial barrier which you cannot fight through skill but you rely 100% on luck even in scenarios where you should win it because you've sat down and you've mastered your weapon.
  13. Make some of them reskins of others that they are already almost identical to, like I suggested in my previous post. We don't need 4-5 different ARs that are almost an N-TEC but are very, very slightly different. There are simply way too many guns to balance while also trying to keep each of them different in some way and the game doesn't need that. What we had during G1 was better for the reasons I stated in my previous post. We had multiple strong weapons in each category and you would see them get used mostly equally. You could only make an argument about the N-TEC 5 being overused (instead of also having the FAR be used along with it) but that was only the case because the N-TEC 5 is free and available very early on from contacts while the FAR used to be an event only weapon and it had a full priced Armas variant. That, paired with the fact that the N-TEC 5 simply looks and sounds way nicer made it the definitive AR, plus it had reskins (of higher quality than the FAR) making it way more appealing overall (I believe this to be objectively true). And regarding the STAR 556, while it is a decent starter gun which you can mostly spray with, it is still the "starter gun" and as such most people would automatically assume that it is relatively bad and will want to immediately swap to something better. I'll also have to remind you that many players do use the ATAC variants as well as the Raptor which are also assault rifles. You mostly see the N-TEC at high levels but lesser players tend to struggle with it so they opt in for something easier to handle such as the ATAC/Raptor or simply not an AR altogether. Close range is currently vastly JG/OCA dominated while long range is mainly DMR/DMR-AV and the occasional Obeya rifle because HVR and OBIR got nerfed. It used to be that CSG, PMG, HVR, Scout, OBIR were just as viable in their respective categories but that is no longer the case. It has been getting more and more stale while unpopular guns aren't really becoming any more popular (yeah, save for the DMR). Instead, some popular weapons are slowly falling out of favor because "well X popular gun is shit now, might as well just use Y popular gun from now on" and I've seen that a lot recently. When you make a weapon worse or a lot worse, people will naturally steer clear of it and look for the next best option. For example, RNG is frustrating and only takes away from the enjoyment, it does not add to it. In the end when everything blooms out to hell people will just cease to have any enjoyment from the game and leave. Shotguns have always been overpowered due to APB being third person but never on the scale of the current JG. The current JG is the top CQC pick for everyone right now. The only people who pick SMGs (almost always OCA nowadays) instead are players who prefer to give up some of that power in favor of more fun gameplay elements like tracking instead of point and clicking (which is subjective for everyone of course). As such I believe that shotguns in general need some kind of rework, like someone had the 3 shots to kill idea which we never really saw being tested out or talked about all that much. There is only so much weapon diversity you can have in a game that isn't played exclusively for fun but instead for some form of competition. You can have 3 maybe 4 different weapons in each category which differ to each other at most and even then there will always be 1 or 2 which are the top picks at highest skill level in their category. And thats why I think that merging some of the weapons will at least make use of their skins while simultaneously make the overall balancing process significantly easier by lowering the amount of factors that need to be taken into account when any change is made to any weapon. I also think that most people who already own a lot of these unique weapons that came from Armas or from the Joker Store will not be particularly mad about it since their purchase would now be more viable than before. You say that gameplay becomes too frustrating when certain weapons are too strong and you are right. I will once again give an example using the N-TEC 5 because it is a good example. What used to be the case was that you could outplay a lesser player who had a CQC weapon with the N-TEC in a CQC situation if you really had mastered it (jumpshooting included). Now with all the spraying (bloom) nerfs to it it is basically being forced to lose out to a CQC weapon even if it is being wielded by a worse player. You are essentially creating an artificial barrier and thus reducing the skill ceiling of the weapon. You can't shoot slower in order to compensate for bloom in close range because CQC weapons have faster TTK anyway even if you're minttk-ing with the N-TEC so you're losing out even harder if you do that. The only option is to chance it and spray while being a sitting duck (pretty low chance of success) because jumpshooting with it has been severely nerfed unless you're hugging the enemy. The N-TEC was never good at pushing a CQC player, especially of similar skill level. If you tried to jumpshoot, you'd get minttk'd in mid air because you're stuck in a falling arch which is always 100% the same and any experienced player can track it perfectly. If you tried to push a corner on foot you'd get minted even faster becuase thats what CQC weapons are designed for. The same thing happens if you pit the N-TEC against a Carbine or an OSCAR, both of those have way more mobility because hipfiring is their strong suit which made them harder to kill at close and mid range for an N-TEC user. Now its even harder because you also have to shoot slower with the N-TEC (due to all the bloom) while also tracking someone who has maximum mobility, while you have little to none yourself, being forced into ADS. So yes, gameplay is indeed very frustrating when certain weapons are too strong in comparison to others, especially when it doesn't have to be the case and it didn't use to be. The same logic applies.
  14. LO has contributed significantly more to a stale meta than G1 ever did though. LO made the JG the single best shotgun and best CQC weapon and thats been the case for nearly 3 years straight now. Under G1 we had the JG, CSG, OCA, OCA Whisper, PMG and all of them were viable depending on playstyle. Now if you're playing at top level you want to pull out a JG and sit on corners which is the most boring CQC gameplay has ever been. The same goes for weapons like the FAR as well which was technically a better N-TEC 5 even before the initial nerf of the 2014 N-TEC 5 but before LO made it accessible for Joker Tickets it was way harder to get your hands on it so everyone naturally went with the classic AK-47 looking gun (not to mention that it looks and sounds much better than both the FAR and STAR) and thus it remained meta for all these years. They ruined long range as well because before you would see the heavy HVR, Scout, OBIR and Obeya rifle in play now its almost exclusively DMR-AV at high level because it is the most efficient after everything else got nerfed to shit and it blows up cars in 3-5 shots because they forgot to nerf AV weaponry accordingly when cars got turned into wet cardboard. I'd say that G1 made a mistake many years ago when they listened to players complaining about them constantly making reskins of weapons and started trying to make unique new weapons instead because we're now stuck with all these other guns which don't really have much of a place in the game yet they all need separate balancing on their own further complicating a matter which LO can scarcely handle already. There need to be bigger, core changes to a lot of those weapons and I'd say that converting a lot of them into reskins of some of the main meta weapons would absolutely be the way to go. For example, why do we have so many assault rifles in the game? You only really need like 3 and the rest should all just be reskins of these 3. Base 3 would be N-TEC 5, FAR and ATAC (this wouldn't apply to legendaries). STAR becomes a FAR reskin, Frenzy becomes an N-TEC reskin. Misery probably shouldn't even be an AR to begin with, I'd make it an Obeya reskin. Even if you want to keep some uniques like the ACES Rifle, you could but you can still cut down significantly on balance issues by merging many weapons that are practically identical but have some super slight differences just for the sake of calling it a different weapon. I would love to have more movement mechanics in APB, this is why I love Apex's movement and gunplay so much. I've been a jumpshooting advocate in APB for years now because it makes the game way more fun and its the kind of mechanics that made this game good to begin with. But LO seems to think otherwise in how they nerf almost all kinds of movement and force you to be a sitting duck with basically every weapon. Instead of going towards fun, arcadey gameplay (which is what APB was always intended to be), we're headed towards boring CS:GO type gameplay where you can't move an inch if you want to hit the broad side of a barn with an AK-47 (N-TEC 5). The more RNG they throw into the mix the more they kill their own game. The only way to salvage this atrocity is to revert everything to pre-LO state and not touch it until the engine upgrade is fully released and even then, get someone who actually understands and plays the game to do these changes. Swallow your pride and your ego and admit that you've failed at your job because your game is on its knees because of shit like this (among other things).
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