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  1. I don't think that we need more threads questioning LO about the EU at this point. I am on the basis of "it comes when it comes" and I think that that's the healthiest mindset on the topic.
  2. Flaws

    out of memory ....

    One of the many possible causes for that error is having literally no free space on the drive where APB is installed.
  3. Good news, however a bit of fair criticism: Please make sure that everything is properly planned out and ready to go before you do anything crazy in the future to avoid unacceptable incidents like this one. Sure, we can play 24/7 but at what cost? Everything else is horrible without threat segragation. The matchmaking is horrific and new players are quitting the game faster than ever due to getting completely destroyed by veterans and they have nowhere else to go and no choice but to keep fighting 10-year veterans over and over. The veterans on the other hand are sick and tired of playing against teams of trainees and bronzes all day long and they have nowhere to escape that either so they are likely to quit too (because contrary to popular opinion, good players actually do hate playing against new players and there is no fun in stomping them). We absolutely need threat segragation back up at least until phasing is introduced. The way it was after the incident and until now is the worst APB's matchmaking has ever been.
  4. I personally hate events too but 12 deaths was one of the very few things I enjoyed during holiday APB. Snowballs isn't that bad as it can be satisfying to get kills but 12 deaths is more fun (save for the volcano stage).
  5. It's not a droprate. Loyalty rewards are purely based on how much G1C you spend which is the real money currency in APB. When you spend X amount, you get certain weapons and every X amount G1C you get boxes and 15-day premium codes as well (which are bound to your account). The drop rate of the things that drop from those boxes is a different thing altogether though.
  6. Citadel and Jericho are still two different world servers, it's just that Citadel is hosted on server machines in New York but they are not combined or anything. They are still separate.
  7. Old one of course, the current mixed crap that's going on is absolutely god awful and unacceptable. The game was boring as it was before, now it's absolutely dreaful, every mission is against bronzes/silvers and you don't get any value for your time. We need this fixed ASAP. It's dreadful for the bad players, it's dreadful for the good players equally as much just in a different way. There is no plus or upside to the current way things are. On top of that, if you are playing more than 2-man groups, it takes AGES to get opp because silvers don't make up for 3 or 4 high/max golds. It's insane how bad it is. Until we get phasing, this is the worst possible way of having it, for everyone.
  8. So ALL items on armas are now 40% off, not select ones. That's great and all but why is everything 40% off when you are logged out of armas as well (aka Free 2 Play and no premium benefit)? I couldn't find a single item that's 50% off as a premium user. Edit: I forgot that everyone has premium right now so it's fine but it probably shouldn't be appearing when you aren't even logged in and premium status is unobtainable when not logged in (unless that's on purpose).
  9. Yeah, would be great if they could get to it already. It's way past the original supposed date.
  10. Unnecessary N-TEC nerf inbound. Cater to the silvers with ATACs and Remote det. Good on the shotgun changes at least, still a lot better than what we currently have.
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