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  1. I definitely prefer the PC version. This one looks like it has way less effort put into it.
  2. It depends on the player involved's skill level and understanding of the game. How well they play together as a team opposed to how much they lean on soloing. It also depends a lot on the spot, the objective, the opposition's weapons and weaknesses etc etc. If you don't need to switch from a versatile weapon because the opp is way below you, then you won't and that's generally fine. It's a bit like saying the FBW is op because top players beat newbies with it.
  3. And get outperformed by players who have the actual weapon for the actual range? EDIT: Just wanna remind you guys how good the FBW and the .45 AP are for killing N-TECs in CQC or even Mid range sometimes due to their mobility.
  4. Nah, the N-TEC is a great versatile weapon but at high/top level, SMGs and Shotguns melt it at CQC, oscar/carbine can shit all over it in mid range and HVR/OBIR/Obeya etc beat it long range. People need to understand that just because a really good N-TEC player can beat casual players who don't know how to play their weapons, it does not make the N-TEC unbalanced. Just because of players who don't know how to aim/position themselves with the weapon they have in their hands and they lack team play. Also, jumpshooting with the N-TEC isn't as good as people think. The only times it works is when you can catch someone by surprise (again talking about high level play). The rest of the time you will get yourself perfectly tracked as most good players known the jump and fall arc in the game which you cannot avoid when jump shooting. On top of that, most players play the N-TEC with IR3 which increases full auto + jump bloom and loss of accuracy significantly so it's a lot of RNG involved as well. No offense to anyone, but if you are struggling with killing an N-TEC in CQC with an OCA (especially with CJ2/3 on it), I don't think weapon balancing is your biggest concern.
  5. As far as the fixes go, I assume that the new engine would make it easier for them to fix those instead of figuring it out on the current code. In terms of consumables, I think they should become proper mods without having to play missions to get more of them, but have a more significant cooldown before you can deploy them again (2-4min). They can still take some nerfing like you suggested, sure. There are two ways to go about low-yields. One is where they still remain a direct upgrade to frag grenades (the one you suggested). OR similarly to what @Glaciers suggested which will still keep frags as a viable option which does not put you at a disadvantage. I think that their blast radius AND/OR damage should be lowered. Although, through all that I believe that grenades in the game IN GENERAL need to be reworked because as it is currently and as it has been for years, grenades are our primary weapon which is nothing other than awful game design. I believe that grenades should have overall less damage (taking CS:GO's grenades for example). And with that, vehicle health should be reduced so that car gameplay does not dominate even harder after that. The grenades will not be fixed by just nerfing yolos, that's for sure. Shotguns are abysmal as they always have been. The fact that they allow you to peek-shoot around corners with taking minimal damage should be made into something that requires skill. Make them less effective, maybe increase their TTK a slight bit more and make them about as forgiving as the CSG is currently (center mass or nothing). They would already be very efficent in a good aimer's hands. The JG needs to be reverted or just nerfed as it currently is BS on way too many levels and we all know what the current NFAS situation is. It requiers heavy nerfing in terms of range as it is not supposed to be so efficent past 5-8m or so. The True Ogre should still be more efficent than the regular NFAS that is accessible to literally everyone (which it currently is not). I agree about the HVR, I think that quickswitching and jumpshooting with it was fine as it is very RNG based. Like I repeat constantly, QS and jumpshooting was NEVER the main issue with the HVR. The damage output and the range it delivers it to is. Those need to be looked at as they are completely game breaking as they have been for years. If LO do not want to have quickswitching and jumpshooting as a thing for the HVR, they should revert it and then change it so that 3PS3 does not affect the HVR. Or better yet, make it so that after applying 3PS3 it lowers to what the default equip time is currently. That will emphasise to new players that the gun is definitely not supposed to be used in CQC (but you could if you manage to pull it off, which would require tremendous skill compared to before). There are a lot of other things that need to be looked at. The OBIR is BS, the PMG's range is BS. The AMG weapons are BS. The Thunder is absolute BS. Explosive weapons should not be as effective as they are. And a bunch of other things. I could write 10x times more than what I've already written on how broken the balancing is currently.
  6. Yeah, always sprint and hold crouch stuff is allowed. It also should remain allowed and useable until they implement those as in-game options in the vanilla game.
  7. You get to keep your old names (by creating new characters with the same names), any account wide packs, weapons, old rewards, etc etc. It's a lot better than starting a new account unless you were mostly Free 2 Play already.
  8. I personally do not think that BR is in APB's spirit but that is looking from the eyes of someone who's played the game for nearly 10 years now. I can't tell for certain whether or not new players will enjoy APB's BR mechanics. (But they most likely will prefer it's combat to many other shooters currently out there). From what I saw from the first stress test and the first real playtest, RIOT is about as good as it can be with the current engine's limitations. The second rendition was definitely better than the first with plenty of improvements across the board. (I've posted my thoughts on that in the respective thread). While I think that RIOT and BR in general should never ever become APB's main "feat", it is also nice to have it as an available game mode (assuming that there are enough players to populate it). I have personally come across a new player, claiming that the main reason they decided to try APB was because they heard about the BR mode that's coming. But as it's not out yet, they decided to hop into the standard missions and they claim they liked it quite a bit. At the end of the day, only time will tell. For now we are all looking forward to seeing what the Engine Upgrade will bring onto the table for both RIOT and the standard game.
  9. I don't mean to derail the thread but just BTW: The main issue with the HVR was never the quickswitching but the range and the damage output. The gun is still broken, it's just boring now.
  10. Or you know, just fix Waterfront so that it's not such a disaster of level design and we can chill there too.
  11. I still haven't received mine either.
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