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  1. Old one of course, the current mixed crap that's going on is absolutely god awful and unacceptable. The game was boring as it was before, now it's absolutely dreaful, every mission is against bronzes/silvers and you don't get any value for your time. We need this fixed ASAP. It's dreadful for the bad players, it's dreadful for the good players equally as much just in a different way. There is no plus or upside to the current way things are. On top of that, if you are playing more than 2-man groups, it takes AGES to get opp because silvers don't make up for 3 or 4 high/max golds. It's insane how bad it is. Until we get phasing, this is the worst possible way of having it, for everyone.
  2. So ALL items on armas are now 40% off, not select ones. That's great and all but why is everything 40% off when you are logged out of armas as well (aka Free 2 Play and no premium benefit)? I couldn't find a single item that's 50% off as a premium user. Edit: I forgot that everyone has premium right now so it's fine but it probably shouldn't be appearing when you aren't even logged in and premium status is unobtainable when not logged in (unless that's on purpose).
  3. Yeah, would be great if they could get to it already. It's way past the original supposed date.
  4. Unnecessary N-TEC nerf inbound. Cater to the silvers with ATACs and Remote det. Good on the shotgun changes at least, still a lot better than what we currently have.
  5. Yes there are and some people are even streaming it.
  6. Yup, still doesn't work with either Steam nor e-mail and pw.
  7. It's not about the engine upgrade itself, it's a lot more about the new options that will open up once it does come out and is working properly. Working on the game will be easier and things like phasing will become possible, which in turn will improve matchmaking considerably. Even if the performance remained largely the same, it is still an upgrade long term. A lot of the systems and features that modern day games have now are not even supported on the engine of the current live APB. Expecting a miracle and a massive influx of players is unreasonable, we will surely see a lot of old players come back at least to try it out but the game won't get out of the gutter until it becomes more visually (and mechanically) appealing to new players than what it currently is. When there is a proper tutorial for new players that shows them the mechanics of missions and such. And also when it becomes impossible for them to face max rank veterans in their first 20-30 hours. APB is still known for having one of the best customizations in gaming and I feel like it should capitalize on that, expand as much as the systems allow in the near future as it's been 10 years since we got what we currently have. I think there is potential there if work and effort is put in the right places (aka not riot). We all really need to focus on the nitty gritty things that need work to get the game out of the hole it was left in by the old dev team and not any of the ambitious niche things that won't really do much for the game in it's current state, like the racing district for example or adding mini-games to Social. There will be a time and place for those in the future.
  8. It's quite broken, it has too much range and it's way too easy to kill with it. Ever so slightly worse than N-FAS because you need to time the shots but other than that it's more or less the same lol.
  9. Well, I honestly just forgot to put it in there. The Thumper is also broken, along with every other shotgun in the game currently.
  10. Hopefully never People crying about the N-TEC meanwhile JG, N-FAS, Showstopper, Heavy HVR, AMG, Manic, Volcano etc still exist in the game and are insanely broken. Y i k e s. Also, nerfing the N-TEC won't ever make you a better player, we will switch to Obeya if it becomes too bad and then you will whine about that too. Please stop.
  11. There is nothing "balanced" or "okay" with the thunder's insane range capabilities for a secondary shotgun (which shouldn't even exist to begin with). Or the speed of the base Showstopper. I fail to understand how it can be considered balanced at all. It is literally, the new Yukon. Every silver who had a Yukon before, now has a showstopper. It's absolutely stacked with them on Citadel.
  12. The Showstopper and all of it's variants are so so broken, we don't need you to encourage more silvers to get one and turn gold overnight. Instead, it needs a nerf.
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