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  1. .ini files as well as localization files for any language (.int, .ger, etc) are not only officially fully approved for editing by Little Orbit but also are not even being looked at by EAC or any other anti-cheat or system within the game. The only files EAC looks at are .upk files and those do not exist anywhere in my public config as of me writing this post.
  2. Care to at least elaborate exactly which part of the config you put in your game? I bet I and many others have been using it for months with no issues.
  3. EAC has delivered at least a handful of questionable bans over the past 4-5 months among many bans that made perfect sense. How exactly did you come to the conclusion that it was a config that caused the ban and also why my config but not others' who distribute the exact same or similar files? Please provide at least a shred of evidence of this claim. As it currently stands, it is baseless.
  4. This is complete misinformation for several reasons but I'll address some of them here: 1. If anyone bothered to read through the literal first two sentences in the config's github documentation, you would know that every single file in the config is vetted and approved by multiple LO staffers before it makes it to the public. If anything in it ever became bannable it would be removed immediately and I would address it on my discord and on the github page as well as on my stream. 2. You cannot get banned for configs in APB, even for upk edits such as the black sky config which is "technically" not allowed and is something I am NOT distributing in my files publicly. Also, if my config were to become bannable then every other config would become bannable as well because it uses a lot of similar/same files as other config makers. 3. Little Orbit has no reason to ban anyone for configs because they've already demonstrated multiple times that they are able to simply block files they don't want us to tamper with and even when you do, it simply gives you a client mismatch and a kick back to the login screen. It will never ban you for anything like that because they realise that configs are needed to play the game properly at this stage. And no, I'm not banned. I literally played last night. I've simply been short on time due to work and real life and haven't had time to stream in the past few days. Please fact-check before spreading blatant misinformation.
  5. I own a Logitech Superlight Wireless mouse for years and I've been using MSI Afterburner (with RTSS running as well in the background) every single time I open APB to show my FPS in-game since the 64bit update. I haven't had any issues with either of those, using them simultaneously with APB. Sounds like more made up excuses for why someone got caught cheating, similar to people trying to say they were banned for configs or even for overclocking their monitor's refresh rate.
  6. Marketing and the rest of it aside, as cool as a CSG with an open slot may sound initially - its actually pretty useless due to the existence of the other CSG variants that are available 365 days in the year on Armas: Colby CSG 'Country Gent' - 3 Point Sling 3 & Magazine Pull 2 (almost identical to Mag Pull 3 on a shotgun) and is half the price, its even discounted further with this sale (1,199 G1C) Colby CSG-20 RT1 - Magazine Pull 3, skinnable and cheaper than the 1-slot (1,599 G1C) Colby CSG-20 PR1 - IR3 is useless on a CSG (contrary to what some might want to tell you) as it already has 15m effective range which is more than you'll ever need but say you find some use for it, its skinnable and cheaper (1,199 G1C) Colby CSG-20 'Speed-Dater' - Tagger & Magazine Pull 2; granted its not available all the time but only on Valentines, this and the Country-Gent are the best CSG variants in the game and the only ones really worth having right now and it is cheaper than the Mk2 if I'm not mistaken. The Colby CSG-20 Mk2 is a near-useless weapon, both for those who own a CSG variant already and those who don't. This serves no purpose to anyone who doesn't just want a "limited time", unacceptably overpriced weapon, which they probably already own a better variant of. If we're talking purely bang for your buck value here, this is a bad deal. Additionally, Cooling Jacket does not work on shotguns, it hasn't worked on shotguns in many, many years so don't go thinking you'll be putting CJ3 on it - it makes the CSG even more inconsistent and unusable than it already is. Reflex Sight does nothing for Shotguns either. There simply isn't any mod to put in that slot that could justify buying this gun, especially with the pricing of it. My pro tip for anyone who wants to buy a CSG now - either buy a Country-Gent and call it a day or wait until February for the Speed-Dater. These are the two best CSGs in the game and will remain so until we get a 2-slot or something better. Their single downside is that they're not skinnable but if you care about skins then buy an RT1 instead as its cheaper and Mag Pull is the most important Shotgun mod anyway. Also, 15m
  7. If I'm not wrong they're specifically only asking about new clothing items in this thread, not other types of features or content so I'll stick to clothing talk here. You should first focus on allowing items to be worn alongside others where there is little to no real conflict such as some shirts with hoodies, some masks and many others. Some players managed to mod the game to allow for that before it got patched and tons and tons of amazing item combinations were revealed to be possible with 0 clipping but were just simply disallowed from being worn together for no apparent reason. Definitely start with that first, it will already broaden design potential a lot. In terms of new items, there is a forum thread from 2018 which contains an extensive list of clothing items the community wants. APB is an old game from a different era and as such most of the clothing pieces in it are rather outdated in relation to current fashion trends. The items and themes we would want to see in APB in the long term are far too many to simply list in a single post but I'll start with a theme I've wanted to see in APB for many years and that's Techwear clothing with more visible belts and straps. Some quick examples [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]. This is one of the many fashion trends that would actually fit perfectly with APB's urban cops vs robbers aesthetic if the game would release today instead of back when it did. In terms of singular items some I can think at the top of my head are a mouth mask (similar to the surgical masks we wore during COVID) and a neck gaiter. Difference to the desert scarf and ski mask is that this type is tight around the face so it can be worn under hoods and any other clothing item but also covers the entirety of the neck without covering the forehead and hiding hair. Perhaps have two versions of it, one covering only the neck and one covering the neck + lower part of the face + nose like in the image.
  8. I haven't had time to test it extensively and I have not used any tools to track exact fps values so I'll just give some rough numbers. I'm averaging 230-250fps while driving around Financial, depending on whats going on in the area and the amount of other players present. In completely empty areas it would go up to 320+ fps while in very stacked places where lots of people are blowing stuff up, shooting and such it would drop to 150-170fps average. The boost in fps is significant across the board. Aside from things already reported in the thread I do not believe I have come across any other bugs and issues with the build. I saw people reporting that they were still getting RTX crashes but I have not had that happen after playing a few missions and driving around a bunch. The performance/fps hits the game takes should be looked at if possible. Restarting the game every time you swap district or alt-tab a bunch of times shouldn't really be a requirement. Last but not least, getting rid of the garbage collection stutters, if at all possible, should be one of the top priorities before this hits live servers. Additionally I would argue that if LO could create some kind of built-in benchmark that has several scenes of fights happening in different areas of each district where you can test different builds/hardware in the exact same in-game environments would be very beneficial to getting some concrete numbers. Vanilla/stock maximum graphics preset, native res 1920x1080, 280hz i9 12900k (stock clocks) RTX 3080Ti 32GB RAM 3600MHz Windows 10 and APB installed on an M.2 SSD
  9. Having mouse wheel up or down as your weapon switch keybind (or one of them) is hugely useful as it allows you to entirely cancel the grenade throwing animation and delay timer: - Using the mouse wheel to swap weapons after throwing a grenade allows you to immediately throw a second grenade, whereas using a keyboard key will have a longer delay before you can throw a second grenade (first two clips). - Using the mouse wheel to swap weapons lets you cancel the long grenade throw animation and begin firing your weapon immediately upon the grenade leaving your hand (last two clips).
  10. You can reload any gun while entering from the driver seat as well if you time it correctly (watch the ammo counter top right): The trick is to press your car enter key (F by default) when you are slightly further away from the door and then immediately hitting your weapon reload key (R by default) so that your character starts reloading as they are walking to the door. This is very useful for saving time and getting away from situations quicker, having your gun prepared to fire as soon as you exit the car the next time.
  11. Nadehopping which allows you to cook a grenade while retaining full sprint speed by timing your jumps perfectly before the movement penalty of the fall kicks in as I've demonstrated in this video: Most reliable way of doing this is by binding your jump to mousewheel up/down and spamming it as you're about to touch the ground or using a macro. Useful for surprise nading someone, especially useful in DM/TDM and any other final stage where everyone sees each other through walls. Can be done infinitely if timed right, can be done forward, backward and sideways. Can be done on uneven surfaces as long as you hit the timing.
  12. This is probably for the better all things considered. Does this mean that you will finally shift focus and fix the weapon balance?
  13. Memes like this have nothing specifically to do with players "expressing opinions" in-game either about LO/APB or anything in general. A "potty mouth" stands for anyone who is using bad language in any shape or form. In APB, you can get temp banned for racism, sexism, harassment of an individual and so on. Players still do these things because they're used to the old G1 team who would let a lot of these things slide and LO won't so they whine when they get punished for it. I do not know who made this meme that you claim was banned but if someone went through the trouble of making this in the designer I would assume that they have written something a bit too wild in chat and probably got suspended for it. Unless you have confirmation from LO that this symbol is the reason they were banned, you cannot be sure. Detecting an experienced closet cheater is vastly more difficult to confirm for certain to the point of banning the individual, unlike someone just writing something objectively bad in-game which is plain and clear to anyone and can be punished immediately. Of course, there will be a lot more bans for being a "potty mouth" than for cheating. At the end of the day, that problem stems from the fact that APB has no server-side anti-cheat to analyze statistics for every player. These systems are usually automated and they would flag someone suspicious to be checked by the support team. Alternatively, you can submit video evidence from the suspect's POV (for example from a stream or video) to support where you can clearly see weird stuff going on like aimbot/wallhack. Aside from that, they seem to steer clear of banning people for suspected cheating even if its borderline blatant simply because the suspect doesn't cross a certain threshold in what they do and LO staff don't seem to play APB themselves so they cannot tell for certain even if some of us can beyond reasonable doubt. If you can't tell for certain that someone is undeniably cheating, you risk a false ban and that is something the APB playerbase is very sensitive to post-G1. You need to play your own game to be able to support it and update it properly with what it needs but APB is in such a poor state that no one on their team even wants to play it so we're stuck with what we have.
  14. Basically, this. No one asked for it to be applied to EU and instead of letting us know about the technical limitations beforehand, they just went for it straight away. It threw EU into disarray and NA has only somewhat benefitted from it. Lower skill players are now trapped with the higher skilled players/cheaters and they are slowly but surely leaving the game at an even faster rate. This also dooms any new player from ever staying in APB from now on as they are more likely than not, going to get obliterated for a few missions in a row before they uninstall for good. I would advise you to accept that APB is doomed and no significant updates are ever coming to it until we see a working, stable APB client running on Unreal 3.5 (or higher) that looks at least half-decent and runs at 150+ fps on modern hardware. Highly unlikely, but its less than the bare minimum for this game to ever see any increase in population whatsoever, even in the 100s.
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