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  1. Flaws

    Racing Districts

    Yes, I understand that and I think it has potential to be cool if they add racing district only type rewards like new car kits that can only be obtained from there. My only "issue" with it is that car mechanics in APB aren't really race friendly.
  2. Flaws

    Nhvr nerf.

    That just sounds like a way to kill the weapon in favor of any of the other free to play long range options since they wouldn't be restricted like that. There are too many advantages to any of the others over what you are suggesting for the HVR. For example an OBIR which can still quickswitch just fine with only a 3PS3 on it. But yeah, if you want to make it lot less popular then sure. The only real upside it would have is the higher damage at extreme ranges which would almost never be enough to keep the gun in the meta imo.
  3. Flaws

    Nhvr nerf.

    Yes, but that doesn't excuse the amount of damage it deals in 1 simple point and click at that insane range where you are unreachable. There are more balanced weapons out there that can cover you from long range like I already mentioned. It doesn't take much skill or anything at all in fact, to point and click to basically secure a free kill for any of your team mates. Besides, you'd probably be silver and living in the bronze district if you play with a shotgun and a CQC secondary, especially one like the NFA. (and yes, I am taking on your example since I guess that's something that you or someone you know would do.) Because those types of weapon mechanics are frustrating if anything and don't belong in a game that wants to be competitive (at some point in the future). You don't see the AWP in CS:GO dealing less damage in CQC or even the railgun in Quake? Things must be consistent. While I agree that the spawn system is one of APB's biggest banes, I still don't think that that would really help the HVR situation. It's not necessary to get killed and to spawn 90m in LoS behind a player to be an effectively annoying HVR user who points and clicks once to win for free. There's a reason why there's a joke about silvers and bronzes (mainly new players) being extremely dangerous with HVR. It takes no skill/experience/knowledge about the game to be effective with it. Level design is something that needs to be looked at heavily for both FIN and WF regardless of weapon balancing in the future, there's no doubt about it. But I still think that the HVR will find a way to be annoyingly effective with no real skill required behind it. Again, for both of you, I must remind you that the heavy HVR is not allowed in arranged matches which is where high/top tier players get together and play by a ruleset that makes the matches fair and no cheese is allowed. That should tell you something on it's own.
  4. Flaws

    Nhvr nerf.

    First and foremost, the main problem with the heavy HVR wasn't even quickswitching. It was annoying but it's only a part of the bigger problem with it. The biggest issue is the damage output you can do at up to 100m range with it while using distance as a powerful cover from enemy fire with MOST weapons (not all). I personally think it breaks missions completely when you have an HVR sitting 80m out behind cover while tagging everyone for a bigger portion of their total health. I believe that the Scout is a more balanced choice, could give it slightly more damage/range or something else. If you want a more flexible long range weapon you can pick up an OBIR or an Obeya rifle, but the heavy HVR is just game breaking as it gives way too much of an advantage to the team that utilizes one. Regarding the changes, I personally dislike random weapon mechanics that make no sense or are OVERLY unrealistic (not saying that APB is supposed to be realistic, don't get me wrong). Sadly, APB has had some of those for years. In terms of the HVR's case, while I can say that it was pretty fun jumpshooting in CQC with it, from a competitive standpoint, the HVR is a no-go even in it's current state (which is why it's forbidden in arranged match rulesets) due to how annoyingly overpowered it can be at range. However, removing weapons from the game completely is not likely to ever happen for a few reasons that should be obvious. So maybe further tweaking will be required.
  5. Slow sensitivity is usually preferred/recommended by shooter game professionals at world tournament level like in CS:GO for example. The reason for that is because slow sensitivity allows for more precise aiming & tracking, where your crosshair doesn't move all over the target from slight movements, but is instead more precise. It also tends to negate panicking mid-combat a lot because it's easier to take back control of your aim due to it being slower. It is indeed personal preference of course, but slow sens is known to be more efficent. It's usually good to find a sweet spot between a slow enough sens where you can track enemies efficently in but also be able to do a 180° spin in one quick, swift motion in case someone is backstabbing you. Extremes (too slow/too fast) are never good. The best way is to play around with it the next time you play APB and find one that you like. It's a lot about experimenting and the same goes for marksmanship sens. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that due to slow sens requiring more space to move around the mouse, you should consider getting a large, quality mouse pad if you don't already have one, so you can move your aim freely. Just so you know, it's good to have a large mousepad, but it's also going to be necessary to do mouse resets. That is basically the motion of lifting your mouse from the pad and moving it back to the center due to you "running out" of mouse pad and that is okay. No one really plays with low sens without resetting their mouse while playing. And those will start happening on their own as you practice the game with your new sensitivity, they happen subconciously while you focus on the game so no need to worry about that. The faster and smoother your hands get at doing these motions - the better and more consistent aim you will achieve.
  6. Yes, fix it with the next patch please. It's about time.
  7. Flaws

    Racing Districts

    Racing in APB is boring imo. There are much betters games for that kind of thing.
  8. I suggested a while ago that they rename the game and brand it as "All Points Bulletin" and get rid of the "Reloaded". This includes Steam and everywhere else. IF there is a rename, it should stick to the original root name.
  9. No. The Yukon is still useable if you have okay aim. The only reason it was so "good" before is because it was bugged.
  10. I like this idea best. It balances things out. It won't make the butcher skin a lot more common considering the amount of people who won the event more than 5 times through out the weeks and wasted chances for the rest of the server. And the people who really want the Autumn Assault skin but couldn't due to performance, time etc can still get it and such events can be handled better in the future. This is as fair as it gets imo. Besides, many of us were hyped for the Butcher Skin since this even was even talked about originally. P.S: Also, make both the Butcher and the Autumn Assault account bound rewards!
  11. I vote yes, as I've been saying this since the 2nd or 3rd day of the event, even though I've won the event 3 times on 3 different characters. There way too many factors that made it annoying and unplayable, even after the 20v20 districts cap, the areas were still buggy and made no sense. P.S: Shouldn't have written "Yes. The event was flawed. There was no way for me to win." since some of us won it and we still think it should just be given out to everyone.
  12. Flaws

    Cross-faction vehicle kits.

    This kit for enforcers. And account wide Pioneer option. Thanks in advance, LO.
  13. Having a good enough PC to run the game smoothly (smoother than 50-60+FPS stable) and having decent latency to the server (less than 120ms is playable, beyond that you will suffer for it the higher it is. So no, 315ms is unplayable by any standards) are two of the most important things in every shooter game, not only APB. Especially fast paced ones like APB though. Higher refresh rate monitors (144hz+) are the standard for 2018 gaming as well, so that's not something you should neglect either. As long as you also have the PC components to keep the FPS high enough in the games you play.
  14. No, I was referring to cheaters who've already won and keep playing the following days just to troll everyone else.
  15. While I do agree that the event is not friendly towards lower tier players, I have to tell you that even at the highest tier, it's completely luck based (unless someone is being naughty of course). It's just not well thought out for it to be skill based like it's been previous years with the Christmas Gun Games which were actually fun and completely skill based.