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  1. ^ This. Its very cringe that all these people are doing it in fc all day long so blindly and they don't realise why it doesn't work for them like it works for others.
  2. Yes, precisely and thats a huge concern regarding every other game which has a less-intrusive anti-cheat. Client side anti-cheat alone simply doesn't cut it in shooters in present day, you need a high quality server side anti-cheat which scans how players play the game in real time as well and also dedicated human personnel that monitor players on a daily basis, even on weekends because thats when some of the cheaters play most actively. Cheats such as silent aim, no recoil scripts/macros, speedhack, 0ms delay triggerbot should all be detected within an hour (or a day at best) due to how unnatural they are in comparison to any legitimate player's gameplay. Smooth aim and wallhack would likely take longer to detect which is understandable as they can be set up and used in a way where its "mostly" legit-looking.
  3. I wouldn't say it is exactly EAC's fault but there are some cheat coders out there who really know their stuff and they manage to inject even through EAC/BE without much issue. Not only in APB but also in other games such as Fortnite which uses EAC as well. I do not know whether this info is correct or not but as far as I know some of the people that sometimes code for APB (in their spare time) also make working cheats for Valorant which has the most intrusive anti-cheat on the market with its kernel access. If they can make that work then whats EAC/BE going to do to stop them in an old game such as APB on such an old and well explored engine? I fear that even going to Unreal 3.5 or even 4 isn't going to make a significant difference on those who really want to cheat at all costs. Let's just hope that this isn't going to be a downgrade in anti-cheats because it would be detrimental.
  4. Whatever it takes to clean out the little remaining trash that manages to circumvent EAC and closet cheat, I'm on board.
  5. Its in my config which you can obtain from my twitch channel. I will private message you which file it is and the line you need to change because its against the forum rules to talk about configs and APB mods in public threads.
  6. APB itself overall is very RNG and weapons are no exception. The game feels like it has a competitive base but then there are so many "features" that trip over any competitiveness. From weapon spread (bloom) being so big on most weapons (especially since LO's terrible weapon changes, cough N-TEC cough) down to simple things such as jumping on certain objects/walls/fences that are too high for a proper jump but too low to be inaccessible through a simple jump so you jump repeatedly to get on top and its 50/50 whether it will work or not. And then let's not forget the fact that to this day players outside of your mission can still collide into you with their cars and block/grief objectives. That is somehow STILL not fixed even though it is a relatively simple fix. Much simpler in comparison to an engine upgrade. Then the fact that the game is heavily one-sided towards defending and especially so in certain spots in both Financial and Waterfront that are completely out in the open with 0 cover or just simply straight broken ("German fortress" in Financial; Michael Simeone balcony in Waterfront etc). The spawn system which lets players that you've literally just killed, respawn in line of sight and in range (within 100m) of you or the objective and open fire directly which makes you lose the mission entirely only due to that alone. Also, car glitching and losing important fights due to that alone. The list goes on and on, I can write pages upon pages about the amount of problems this game has and why it isn't competitive in its current form even though it's base is competitive. Unfortunately, the only skill based side to the game is team play and reducing RNG as much as possible by playing it strictly as a team. For example, teams only ever stick to 2v1ing, 3v1ing players due to the fact that 1v1s are actually RNG in APB, more so than in any other shooter that is at least semi-competitive+. The biggest reason for those being RNG is exactly due to how weapons work in APB, where first-shot accuracy doesn't actually matter as much as it does in a shooter with headshots in it (save for snipers and the like). I actually agree with OP that weapons should be further buffed and made more accurate across the board (thus minimizing RNG and maximizing skill) instead of nerfing the only already balanced weapons in the game just because they are meta and are fun to play (cough N-TEC cough). And the fact that LO somehow think that the weapon balancing changes they've done so far have improved the game and not made the meta extremely stale, the game extremely boring and repulsive to even think about launching (because its literally nothing but JG, PMG, nades and car gameplay) would sound more like a joke to anyone who's actually aware of how the game is played and has decent+ skill in it, than an actual statement. The current weapon balancing is the worst I've seen in my 10 years of APB and even when some things were broken (which lots of them still are), at least most weapons were also strong and powerful and didn't cater to people that can't aim. You could actually counter it and have fun with the game and now its simply: Pick this weapon (PMG/JG) to be able to even have a chance at beating the opp that has that exact same weapon (PMG/JG) because everything else you can opt to use against it is basically a paintball gun. Sit in your car all day long, position it in a way you can glitch inside quickly when you are tagged, prenade every fight, resupply nades every chance you get and so on. It is undoubtedly the most dreadfully boring and restricting meta we've ever seen in the history of APB. It makes me and many others not even want to play missions in it's current state due to the horrific weapon balance situation alone thanks to LO's changes and utterly wrong focus. We went from having more diverse options of loadouts to just 1-2 exact presets that are forced down our throats if we want to compete. And if you wanna argue that this is somehow better for lesser players, casuals and newbies it actually isn't because they don't know what weapons to pick that are efficient anymore. Most weapons that you could get as a newbie or F2P had their strengths and their weaknesses so most starter options worked. Not so much anymore, is it? N-TEC is way more accessible than the FAR and now the FAR dominates the AR category by being better or at least as good as pre-nerf N-TEC 5. But the FAR is an ARMAS, Joker Store (10k JT) or rare event exclusive weapon AKA way less accessible and visible to any newbie.
  7. I saw this last night and I'm not entirely on board based on what it sounds like and looks like in other games shown on the Anzu website. I fear that it will ruin APB's lore/world to an extent, as it will most likely replace many of its fictional companies/adverts which takes away from a game's world (unless its some racing game of course). I'm not even educated much on the APB lore and I still feel that way. But it is a "revenue that doesn’t come from the gamer’s pockets" so thats a good thing. I am curious to see how they go about doing this.
  8. It is character bound and it gives you all 4 kits on the character so even if you are a crim but you have obtained a Jericho through Armas, it would be available for that Jericho too and vice versa for enforcers with Bishadas. That's how it works with the Pioneer kits and obviously the Vegas ones.
  9. That's what they SHOULD do with almost all of their changes so far save for 2-3 such as the Yukon and COBR-A. Everything else has been a disaster.
  10. Nah, it never really was that great. It might be nice for killing silvers and low golds but against decent players it will struggle, especially if they play PMG or even current OCA. Let alone a shotgun. The PMG has insane mid-range capabilities which the Aces rifle comes nowhere near and its much easier to use overall.
  11. JG is shotgun king but inconsistent. CSG is too unforgiving to pick over the JG. PMG is SMG king. OCA is a direct downgrade to PMG. (aka completely useless) Bad balancing all around.
  12. Even if, that kind of weapon combo shouldn't be in the game to begin with. It is game breaking as its the fastest TTK in the game. The fact that its possible at all is a problem.
  13. Gun testing in a special prototype test district or in the normal live game doesn't change the feedback players would give. It all depends on who is doing the testing, what their APB skill level is, what their knowledge is about the game and how biased they might be. So "testing" and this "data" are broad terms that, if tested by the incorrect crowd would lead to incorrect "data" that is being used for rebalancing. In the case of the N-TEC, most of the people who've already made their decision that N-TEC is OP in CQC will likely not change their stance and will end up giving the same data regardless of what they tested and if they even went to do a test of any kind. What we are talking about is factual experience that we have had for the years and years of the N-TEC being the way it was and being used in the live game against tons of different players with different tactics, playstyles and loadouts. We are not biased against it and if any weapon is truly in need of a nerf, we would gladly have it nerfed, even if it were the N-TEC. On top of that, I don't recall the community ever being asked to test the pre-nerf N-TEC to form any opinions prior to it receiving any changes. We were given an already butchered N-TEC that no one liked in a prototype district, they put the N-TEC on hold for a few months and then gave us another test for a slightly less butchered N-TEC and within a week or two they put it in the live game. Testing changes for a weapon does not really shed light on the current state of said weapon. But again, I don't think it would've ever made it to the drawing board if it weren't for the masses of people complaining about it. I believe in the 1st or 2nd Q&A, Matt Scott specifically mentioned that they've heard that the "N-TEC is a big one". As in, tons of complaints from people getting smacked by it. I never heard any high skill players complaining about it personally over my years and I would know about it. I rest my case as this thread is derailing.
  14. Huh? Sorry, what data? Do you mean the endless complaining of ATAC and Remote Detonator mainers? That's not data. If you genuinely think that N-TEC dominated CQC that means that a) You've not used N-TEC much at all and b) You are a terrible CQC player. If you pit two equally skilled silvers one with N-TEC and one with OCA in a CQC battle, the OCA player will win every time. This example is exactly the same for trainee vs trainee and god tier player vs god tier player. Do you understand why this is? It's because the OCA (and basically every CQC weapon) was designed to be used in CQC and it dominates the CQC category and every CQC arena compared to any weapon from any other category. In even simpler terms: it is significantly easier to get a kill in CQC with a CQC weapon than it is with any other category. However, if you are unable to use that weapon correctly due to your lower skill level, you will fail and lose in situations where you shouldn't. Which means that the only reason the N-TEC "dominated" CQC was for one sole reason, that reason being the massive difference in player skill level. So when you pit a good player (N-TEC) vs a noob (OCA) in a CQC fight, the good player will win around half the time or slightly more due to their vastly higher skill level. Furthermore, if you swap them and pit good player (OCA) vs a noob (N-TEC) in a CQC fight, the good player will dominate not half the times, but 10/10 times due to not only having vastly superior skill but also having the adequate weapon CQC for the fight. Therefore the N-TEC did not need changes. This "data" is completely and utterly false. At this point I am beginning to question whether or not some of you are trolling on here because this is as simple as 2+2. Now let me explain why the ATAC needs a nerf because apparently that's also beyond people here. ATAC is an Assault Rifle, yet it requires much much less effort to get kills with than the average Assault Rifle in APB. If a weapon requires little effort to achieve what other weapons in the same category require multiple times that effort to achieve the same result = it needs a nerf. It needs some kind of downside. And the ATAC needs some kind of downside as it can laserbeam people in full auto at 40-50m with some RNG luck (I've posted gifs as proof of this somewhere before) and if not, it can still deal significant damage at that range. As such it needs a nerf to its bloom so that it can still do these things but through tap firing/bursting depending on the range which adds significantly more effort and skill required to achieve these things.
  15. Basically, the whole reason the N-TEC was so complained about was the skill gap and players who are better playing it good enough to outskill silvers who can't hit the broad side of a barn with an OCA in CQC. In that situation, of course you'll get destroyed in CQC by a high tier player. Also, let's not forget that there are still people in the game and on the forums who claim that the N-TEC wasn't nerfed enough which is absolutely bizarre. The gun is in ruins and people still complain because they keep getting outplayed by it by better players. It's hilarious just as much as it is tragic (for the game mainly). More and more people will eventually leave (myself included at some point) if the weapon balance retains this trajectory and the game simply won't gain that many long-term players because there are games with much more fun gunplay than current APB has to offer.
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