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  1. A lot of these threads are just beating dead horses at this point but in short - EAC definitely. APB has not had a more playable period than during the EAC period in its entire history as it had the all time lowest amount of cheaters across the board. And keep in mind that it was just EAC's client side alone. We never even got to utilize the server side which would have probably cleaned up 99.9% of the game. Every other anti-cheat that we've had on APB has been a royal disappointment as they just don't cut it. Nowadays we have even more rage hackers running around for months on end and nothing is being done about it even with tons of reports with proof (some of them even streaming the game/uploading fragmovies on YouTube), meanwhile BE itself doesn't catch it since its all private cheats, lots of macros and triggerbots which also don't get caught by BE for the most part. It genuinely is reminiscent of the FF days in terms of freedom for cheaters. And yes, I am sure BE is catching a lot of amateur cheaters upon login with some poorly made cheat but that amounts to nothing when they are probably the ones coding it in the first place and were simply caught on a throwaway test account. "BE has banned so many accounts" doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things because there are closets (and rage closets) running around Citadel constantly, barely ever being caught and having to reroll/buy new accounts where they proceed to do it again for another 6 months+ unphased. Its tragic that almost every time I see someone playing arranged matches/scrims on stream nowadays its just Hack vs Hack with at least 1 cheater (of any capacity) on each team.
  2. Just use a low graphics config which turns down most things but keeps characters and cars high quality so you can see designs, which are the only important part. You can try my config which is just that (its on my twitch stream page). Or use the Advanced APB Launcher to make your own. Its the only fix for RTX crashing until the engine upgrade comes out. Not true. They fully approve of the Advanced Launcher and they even host a download for it on their website.
  3. You already have a version of the new engine on consoles (Unreal Engine 3.5) and its the only reason the game runs on consoles at all to begin with. The original work on the engine upgrade was started by G1/RP many years before Little Orbit came into the picture. The problem is that they just did a really quick and crappy job of it just so they can release it and get some quick money off of new console players. The PC version of APB (which runs on some beta version of Unreal Engine 3 with tons of in-house/homemade scripts and modifications to it implemented by Realtime Worlds) would never run on consoles. And thats why they rushed it out the door for consoles and left PC on the old engine. What Little Orbit have been trying to do is pick up whatever progress G1/RP did on the engine upgrade and make it actually work and run properly on all platforms, PC and Consoles. The general plan is to get APB to run on the exact same engine build on all platforms which will make it significantly easier to work on and implement new features and fixes. Which means that console players will also be getting the final product of the engine upgrade and you will have pretty much every piece of content you might've been missing for some years now that PC has. I imagine that public testing is only done on PC because its significantly easier to organize things and then grab the needed feedback and results from said testing on PC. Once its ready to go it will come to all platforms. To my knowledge the console version of APB runs pretty poorly right now and has plenty of bugs but all of these issues should be ironed out once they've finalized their work. The engine upgrade is crucial to APB's future on all platforms. I recommend that you take a look at the APB 2021 Roadmap and the Tracking the Engine Upgrade thread where Matt Scott highlights the progress on the engine upgrade if you want to get technical with it.
  4. Whats the point in using the regular https://apbdb.com/ when https://dev.apbdb.com/ is so much better in every way and even shows damage curves? Why do we even have two?
  5. No reskins exist of the STAR. Similar are N-TEC and FAR.
  6. We've asked for this many times. I've even asked for this as far back as 2014 during old G1/RP. LO said they were going to do a wipe on names that have been inactive for some years but they eventually scrapped the idea because of people who would hoard names for themselves which in their eyes kills the whole point of this (which isn't really true as no one can hoard THAT many names as they would've released and most of those names are just a handful of edgy, dictionary names). Instead, they now speak of changing the naming system all together at some point after the engine upgrade. Just another thing that got tossed in the after the engine upgrade pile. Until then, we're stuck with practically everything even remotely nice being taken as character and clan names. Honestly, sure, go for the new naming system. But that's going to take another few years before its realized, if ever. They should name wipe for the time being anyway and players who return down the line will be able to get their names back and if they can't - tough luck, they've been away for so many years and never cared about it to begin with. And they'd definitely be able to get it back with the new naming system, assuming that its what most people suspect, which is names with # numbers to them like Discord and some other services. Just because the engine upgrade is coming at some point in time doesn't mean that the game should be left as is for the time being (and this goes for many things, not just names).
  7. Removed - no. Nerfed/reworked - absolutely. It cannot remain the way it is right now. You basically have 2x the amount of health + decent grenade resistance when used with Flak Jacket. Its absolutely ridiculous and needs to go away ASAP.
  8. You can transfer APB$ between characters on the same server if you have a friend that you trust whom you can trade the money to and then they trade it back to your new character. Customizable items that are F2P (not purchased from Armas/Joker Store) can be sent to other characters but not customized on other characters than the one that created them. Mod slots do not unlock automatically. You need to own open-slotted weapons account wide for them to be available on your new characters. I believe you should be able to do that since if I recall correctly the 2 slot Growl is a F2P car that costs 400k and is available to everyone. Yes, it will always be customizable to the original creator regardless of the amount of refurbishing. However, some items cost a lot to refurbish, such as 4-slot cars.
  9. Flaws

    Remove OPGL from FC

    Why not? Just curious.
  10. Definitely need to use corners to your advantage as much as possible. Pan your camera as much as possible around corners and corridors so you can see as much as possible before showing yourself. You must always be moving around using WASD in a circle motion when fighting which will throw off the enemy's aim, even when you are aiming down the sights. Movement is just as important as your own aim. The only times you shouldn't do that is with sniper rifles for example since those require perfect accuracy. Footsteps aren't really a thing in APB. You need to listen for doors, ladders, fences, weapon/shoulder switching sounds for the most part. Also, graphics configs in general will boost your FPS which will in turn make you aim better. If your fps is dropping you will have a much harder time to aim. Especially considering that APB's sensitivity is tied to FPS so your sensitivity feels slower and weirder when your fps drops. I would recommend using the always sprint config. It will take some time to get used to it for sure, but once you get used to it, its too good to go back. I don't play APB without that.
  11. APB only uses one hitbox so it doesn't matter where you hit, it always deals the same damage. Your crosshair blooms out as you shoot, so you need to make sure that as much of it as possible is within the enemy's hitbox, which maximizes your chances of the shots hitting the enemy. More bloom means less accuracy which means that your shots will go flying in a bigger radius as it increases. This also means that you need to control your firerate, which depends on the weapon. With an N-TEC or Carbine for example, you need to control it depending on the range so it doesn't bloom out too much. With an OCA/PMG, you simply spray full-auto as it has a consistent bloom but its only good at close range. If you see the entirety of the hitbox - always go for the torso/center of the player model. As a rule of thumb - always go for the center of what you can see of the player model. Also, the hitboxes in APB are all the same for all characters, and they are huge, which means that you can get shots on even outside of their player model. Red crosshair = its within their hitbox. This is what allows you to hit shots when people are behind cover but a fraction of their hitbox is visible above the cover, you must abuse that whenever you can. The COBR-A is a decent AR but its for a different type of gameplay than the N-TEC. Think of COBR-A as a full-auto carbine more than an AR like N-TEC/FAR/STAR. It really depends on how serious you are about improving your aim in shooters in general. If you want to practice your overall raw aim for all games, you can start aim practicing with games like KovaaK 2.0 (~$10) or Aimlabs/Aimtastic (Free) on Steam. You can practice anywhere between 20min up to a few hours a day and also use it as a warm up before playing any actual shooters. If you only really care about APB then playing a lot of Fight Club helps. As you practice more and more you will develop certain aiming habits which will make aiming less of a chore and more of a subconcious automated process that you don't think about. There is also the matter of mouse sensitivity/DPI. You need to figure out what speed is most comfortable for you and that differs from person to person. For example, I use 12 and 0.8 in-game @ 400DPI but that might be too slow/too fast for some people. Once you find a good sensitivity, you need to stick to it and practice it. Getting a big mouse pad and a decent mouse is key for really good aim so don't overlook that. There is a lot that goes into this, some people go as far as to alter their diet and other real life things in order to maximize their aim ability.
  12. Bronze districts still show threat level on them. As you can see, both his and mine have it set to "All Rulesets" and "All Districts". In all 3 screenshots, some districts are missing and there is something abnormal going on. In his screenshot, there are only gold districts and Social is missing. In my first screenshot, everything is missing other than Social and there is even a third social district open. In my second screenshot, everything is missing aside from a Financial and a Waterfront district without threat segregation, which aren't even Fin-1 and WF-1 but just random Fin-2 and WF-3. All three screenshots are in some way related to server issues.
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