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  1. That is a mechanical exploit which many other popular games have to some extent and you cannot get banned for it, especially if the devs are unwilling to fix it. If anything, moving at sprint speed with medium items should be a part of the game. Who in their right mind would carry around a briefcase the way they do in APB when they are being shot at? Anyone would just hug it for example and make a run for it.
  2. I don't know whether you are serious or not, but regardless, speed hack is a sort of lag switch in APB and no anti-cheat could efficiently stop it to my knowledge. It had to be dealt with manually.
  3. The half working EAC that delivered the best results of all anti-cheats that have ever graced APB in their full versions? The half-working anti-cheat that was one of the very few things that made the game tolerable? Thats the logic. EAC even in just it's client side was more powerful than all the others in their full capacity and that is a well known fact. I am pretty confident that I can tell who cheats and who doesn't the best out of anyone in this thread. I just have the experience and knowledge for it. But if you don't want to listen to me, you can read the tons of comments from other players on the forums in the different threads discussing the issue, stating that they've also felt an increase in cheaters since BE. Kind of a thoughtless comment from you there.
  4. I don't think they plan to touch anything prior to the engine upgrade anyway.
  5. Definitely should've stuck with EAC at all costs because this switch back to BE could very easily mean the actual fatal end of the game. We can't have a second FFbans era. That would finish the game off.
  6. It was actually a rather confusing statement many people interpreted in different ways. I for one thought that it was EAC that was dropping APB but then other credible sources have said otherwise. I would also like another post that makes it clear for everyone.
  7. A warning would do nothing against cheating. Every player that uses any kind of hack or cheat is aware that they will be punished severely if they get caught and they are willing to take that risk and suffer the consequences. Regarding any hate speech and harassment it should be obvious that it is unacceptable and will be punished severely as well. This is what the Terms of Service (ToS) and the End User License Agreement (EULA) are for. Sure, some players might be unfamiliar with common rules across most online video games or they might "forget" in the heat of the moment, but that does not invalidate the rules or make you immune to them. There is definitely an influx of cheaters since the switch back to Battleye, that is undeniable. Battleye is simply an inferior anti-cheat compared to EAC but it really isn't as bad as you've described it, not yet at least. First, you need evidence to back up your claims of players "walling" or "botting". Any player can say anything and they do that, in most cases very uneducated players of lower skill level who are just suffering the poor matchmaking of the game, being matched up against high skill players who mop the floor with them. That is one of the most common sights in APB. Being able to jump-carry medium items is not a cheat, hack or any type of bot. It is an "exploit" of the game mechanics which you can do easily with just a mouse and keyboard, you do not need any type of software, cheat, hack, macro or bot to achieve and as such it is not bannable. Also, they cannot "carry the item faster than you can chase them" because the exploit only allows you to move the item at sprint speed, which you are already moving at while you sprint normally (and chasing after them). You cannot do this with heavy items anymore, you could do that many years ago but the best you can do now is pick it up and drop it so you skip just a little bit of space but you cannot efficiently do it in mid-air anymore. I wonder what you mean with "track you through buildings". First, if anyone is wallhacking and they are looking at you through a wall, you likely wouldn't know about that unless you can see their position and you can tell that they are moving towards you, pre-nading you or pre-firing you without having any solid knowledge about your position repeatedly (keep an eye out for Spotter, Tagger mod users and Firework Launcher users). Someone could be wallhacking and you would never know if they are experienced in the field. And if you just mean that players are shooting at you through walls, where they cannot deal damage to you, that doesn't help them in any way so I'm not sure what you're on about here. I do not understand what "bobfire bot" and "fasthandswap bot" mean. You cannot alter any weapon stats/values as they are server sided, even if you installed any type of cheat or macro, so you cannot make them fire any faster than you could with clicking it. Granted, that kind of clicking would require high mechanical skill, those players are usually just more experienced with those weapons. This isn't to say that there aren't players who triggerbot and macro said weapons, but they aren't as many as you claim there are. You can make a weapon such as the Joker SR15 Carbine fire really fast once you get used to the timing between shots in order to maximize firerate, especially with Cooling Jacket on it. This goes for every semi-auto weapon and even burst weapons such as the OBIR or OSCAR. Regardless, you mentioned that you came back for the Beta but you did not mention how long your break from APB has been. Perhaps you are just rusty after a long while of being away from the game and you need to re-learn some aspects?
  8. Oh no, neither of the options are good. Did we already forget how bad the matchmaking was when we had no threat segragation and silvers got even more bullied by actual good players (not even dethreaters) meanwhile the good players just kept quitting for the day after 5 consecutive missions against bronzes and trainees because of how dreadfully boring and awful the game was? Absolutely no removing the already barely functioning matchmaking system. It will be detrimental to the game as new players will get deterred from APB 10x times more and so will veterans who just can't get opp that is worth their time. Keeping everything as it is is also a really poor choice because its only half-functional. Everyone is basically playing in the wrong districts and matchmaking is still messed up regardless. What we need is phasing + making gold more difficult to achieve, maybe even forcing some low golds down to silver when it comes to it, depending on how they scale it and make them work for gold after said changes have taken effect (if they have what it takes). Make all threat levels have players for them so the system can correctly indicate skill level. Now and for many years back, its been easier to be silver/gold than it is to be green/bronze and that truly speaks for itself. Gold needs to mean something and silver shouldn't indicate that you are simply bad, which it realistically currently does because you can't even get gold (no offense). Its really easy to be gold if you've played for years, assuming you don't play at sub 60fps stable or you don't have anything major getting in your way of course. We all know that there are golds and there are golds. Some golds don't even come close to scratching the surface of the amount of skill and experience other golds have and that is only one of the major issues.
  9. Download my config and take a look at the localization folder. Its available on my twitch stream link in my signature. You can open up the files individually and edit everything using my config as a base and as a reference.
  10. It depends on what kind of aim you want to practice. If you want to practice point and clicking then use sniper rifles, OBIR, OSCAR, pump shotguns. If you want to practice tracking - N-TEC, OCA, Carbine, PMG, FAR, Obeya CR762 are probably your best bets. There is a difference between the two types of aiming so you need to pick your weapons depending on which you want to work on. Regardless, I wouldn't recommend relying on APB to improve your aim all that much. If you want to get good raw aim you'll need to move your attention towards an FPS aim trainer of some kind, for example Kovaak's 2.0: The Meta on Steam. Raw aim > game-specific aim.
  11. I've never had this issue before, not with APB footage and not with any other. I'm assuming that there is something off with the render settings or project properties. Though to me it looks like an MBL filter being applied on top. Maybe try some of the other presets Vegas has to offer and see if it still does it.
  12. That just looks like you have some type of filter on top, no? If you just put a raw video file in Vegas it shouldn't darken it, at least it never has in my years of using it.
  13. Which reminds me that the "Item not ready yet" red text should go away completely from the game and the indication for ability being on cooldown should just be a little flash/glow effect around the ability you are trying to use each time you click the button.
  14. These sound good on paper, I've been asking for that 3rd change for a long while now. Not sure about the time and cooldown changes but we will have to see about those in-game. However, I assume that you just made it so it appears on top of the player model so if you want to check, you'd need to pan your camera up? If that's the case, we will need a more robust notification which appears on the HUD/UI itself somewhere which should also work for Firework Launcher markers and Tagger mod tags, at some point in the future.
  15. Deleting accounts in games is never a good idea unless its for some actual serious security reasons where you want to disappear/hide your identity online etc. I highly recommend that you just take a break from the game like most of us do every once in a while and come back at a later date and give it a shot again. I know many players over the years who sold off their accounts or deleted them outright and ended up coming back, having to start over and thats no fun.
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