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  1. i don't agree either with those stupid IR/gun changes... Pointless, totaly. Give low skilled people more opportunities to be "good"...
  2. Boowy

    Real Talk LO!

    I agree with that communication. LO don't give fvck about what players think of those stupid gun changes... Braindead person is doing those changes or i can not explain my self how much retardet those changes are.
  3. Ok, nice to hear Add me on steam so we can discus price, times etc. Im not really hurry on it so you can take your time ;).
  4. Yeah, but thats already a matter of interest, and ive pined contact on me so if anyone is really and i mean REALLY interested, he cam pm me for more in-dept/closer information.
  5. Hey everyone! Im looking for someone that can recreate these following songs into HQ / Long themes. First song is MOON - Paris and second DEVILISH TRIO - TIME WILL TELL. For more information or if you'r interested contact me here -> Steam Thanks for your time. Have a nice day. (This is repost since noone was responding on Breakwater Galleria Creations/Fan Art)
  6. Hey everyone! Im looking for someone that can recreate these following songs into HQ / Long themes. First song is MOON - Paris and second DEVILISH TRIO - TIME WILL TELL. For more information or if you'r interested contact me here -> Steam Thanks for your time. Have a nice day.
  7. Dude, tbh you are here completely without point and your arguments are pointless. You just cant take inmind how much it will hurt weapon balance... And i dont really care. Your are just another person who is crying over something being "broken" becouse he cant use it him self so he will fuzzy bunny about it and also you are that kind of person who will defend his opinion like a dog and just gonna shoot around him how everyone is wrong... There is litterally no point of this conversation and im done here before it turns into another toxic topic. Have a nice day and i know you wont care. But im just saying my opinion and how it is. Done.
  8. And why should it have? It work 8 years fine and noone ever had problem with it. I will completely kill Rifles and make Ntec unstopable.
  9. I agree with you 100%... Makes no sence nerfing IR
  10. Ok. So here's my opinion... I think that IR is completely fine mod and it doesn't need any drawbacks because it works fine how it is now and there is no reason why to change it / nerf it. I personally think that you should also take in mind preseted guns that comes with IR3. For example Joker TAS20 - Stock which have preseted IR3 will be with that -15% fire rate completely useless in close fights, which i think shotgun should be superior in close range fights, but if this change would be implemented, all shotguns with preseted IR will be useless in close fight (which also means a lot wasted money for us, comm. for buying these guns from armas because they are now completely useless and pointless to use because any other shotgun without IR will destroy them / or SMG) and you will loose +70% of them. Which shouldn't be happening really. Also there is a lot of guns that are based on IR (for example: Obeya CR762, OSCAR, Obir, FFA...) and this mod is that what makes the guns that they are. I mean they are very well balanced and effective now, but if you will implement the IR change, it will kill all of them because like i've said, they are based on this mod to not be useless and if these guns will obtain this slow fire rate downgrade from mod that is making them good, that will completely destroy them because they will be that slow that they will be no longer good for any range fight. Maybe only for Sniper range fights which is 65+ meters because you want to add extra +ranges for exchange of fire rate so that mean that they will be nearly effective (DMR's ok) as snipers because of that +very big range that they gonna deal full damage at. I think that IR shouldn't be touched because its completely fine mode that have its use and potential. I personally would keep the mod as it is now because its also gonna have big impact on AR's. With IR3 on AR's you will be with +12m effective range able to completely destroy not only Rifles but also Snipers because AR's (N-tec, and its reskins / etc.) are all ready very good gun's overall and they will with this change gain a big buff that will effect gameplay massively and im not worried to say, completely destroy weapon balance. Right now your doing very good job of fixing / buffing / nerfing guns that actually are broken / op or under-looked (because of their weak stats) but i really don't think that we have asked for this IR change and its really, really not needed. And if this is all because of shotguns ranges that they are able to 2-shot at big ranges than just tweak a shotguns a bit, but not the whole mode which will effect whole gameplay and nearly every gun in the game. Thanks for reading this, and i hope that there are people who agree with me and this opinion will lead to something... Regard's Boowy / Kazui. Thanks for attention.
  11. Well my imagination is recreate something like this: Devilish Trio - Southern Hostility or Nominal - Everyday Anyone... So basicly bass based songs. Something like Phonk or Trap. Ive tryed my self but i can make a single note...
  12. Hey, im here with just a simple question. Can i get banned for no-fog mod? I know Matt talked about Advanced Launcher but no about things like no-fogs... Ty
  13. Hey guys. Im looking for someone that is doing themes on request. Ive been looking in game my self but most people that ive ask (people who make long, high quality themes on market) told me that they are not doing themes on request and i should ask on forums. So here im looking for someone who is reliable and can make me long/hq theme on request. Price will be disqus if anyone is interested. Have a nice day. - Boowy
  14. Well its funny. Cuz there is no events on Citadel lol. Atleast i cant find it ...