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  1. There are few things which made it worse. Lets say ur frnd named x gets banned. U think its unfair, bt the enemy who got stomped will post "called it.." with a ss where he hackusated him. Comment gets liked more. You hate that guy ingame for this. You show ur hatred towards that player him..taking ss where u owned him and post it there etc. Say a blatant cheater gets banned. -Some might make memes abt him. -Some might post ss where as a legit player he pwned this cheater. -Some might post ss where the cheater hackusated the legit one. This comments encourage others to like hey this is nice..lemme post some as well, boosting cheaters ego allowing them to reroll. A bronze dist player goes to silver and many silver dist player in ffbans.org nd think every silver dist player is cheating and comes to forums.. And gets replied "....daily im silver"
  2. Defibrillator

    Cheaters more and more. (YES AGAIN)

    ^ literally this. I'll be honest when it comes to playing in fc; You can be a bronze dist player and still be in top 3 in leaderboards. Fight club is all about survival. But...you cannot score consistently in asylum in particular. Asylum is huge..and there is no way a player can be everywhere, while this is possible in baylan. You can cover 2-3 spawn points from specific camp spots. If you see someone who has been scoring somethn with the most no. of kills consistenly..there is somethn fishy. Reasons are: 1. Ppl get tired and they lose their efficiency gradually. 2. Guessing spawn points in asylum and rushing to the enemy spawn spot is hard.. You might get outrun by others. I can play 2 hrs of baylan continuously but cannot play 3 matches of asylum in a row. Thats how it is.
  3. Coming to forums everyday and not forgetting to post comments on every post, but too late to notice the edit on forum title. Teach me
  4. Defibrillator

    Thoughts on APB

    Yood, you would have got a 120 on TOEFL if u had spent 7 yrs for it instead of playing apb.
  5. Defibrillator

    Thoughts on APB

    I got a 300ms ping and a 40fps..i fluctuate from gold to silver if i had a bad day..so what am i? A cheater?
  6. Defibrillator

    Thoughts on APB

    No. Stop. Get some professional help. The mod you're referring to is improved rifling. It increases the range of the gun. The range of some gun is 50m and by using the improved rifling it gets increased. Dont go into "omg..that is p2w no fair i new... " Improved rifling is unlocked and is purchasable from contacts once u level up the wep role. (Or) U can purchase the mod from another player using ingame money. Yood victory and kills are two entirely different things. You can have more kills even when you lose the match. I believe that you're talking about being a pro/gold/elite which you always refer about. 1.lower ping doesnt make u a better player. 2. Experience doesnt make you a better player. 3.local knowledge..idk what ure referring to in here. 4. Weapons and mods...definitely doesnt make you a good player. 5. Fps..huh? I dont think so.. I get 40fps max currently. Do u think ill be a pro if i get 110? No way. Ill improvise a bit. If this is the case..you're here for what, 7yrs? Bet you've unlocked the essential mods and stuff and lets say we take you to @CookiePuss's home and arrange a 2v2 match? Who do u think will play well? You or him? My bets are on cookiemonster. Why..? He has been playing for around 4 yrs in a silver district against better opponents. You on the other hand are playing on bronze district detonating, osmaw'ing them. Stop blaming ur ping for lack of skill.
  7. Google couldnt translate the forum rules properly. It would be helpful if the rules were in russian. Maybe that is why they hate yood xD
  8. Taking an old video and saying hey these things exist believe me. I believe that it existed in the past. Ntec was lazer gun in the past. In old apb tracers existed. But does it now? There is nothing called no spread or no recoil now. It has been moved to server side. Gm's could sink into the ground and shoot players like 6 yrs back. I have seen it myself. Players only knew abt this last halloween. That too only in specific places. It got patched. Feel free to try it now. If there is a bug/exploit and if the developers come to know abt this..they would fix it.
  9. Where did i mention i am a gold? I fall between silver and gold. Yes i play in silver districts. I stopped playing in silver districts cuz i am not a good team player. Driving cars and coordinating with others in silver districts is not easier for me atleast. I am playing in open conflicts in some arranged matches against frnds of my skill level and i pretty much live on the fc.
  10. There is always somethn to learn. I never said you didnt know abt the switching shoulders part. If u are playing in bronze for 7 years, either you dont wanna learn new things or wanna dominate the newbies. Had the urge to post this. My fav quote.
  11. The camera. It is usually the V key. Also there are a few tips, which you either discover urself or from others..you cant learn stuff from a newbie.
  12. Yood, jus stop. I know that you get a high ping. So do I. I get 312ms in Eu (playing from asia) for 4 years, and guess what..i too dont have a real good pc. I get around 40fps max. Heres what you gotta do. > stop goin to bronze if u wanna improve > pick a wep u wanna improve in > go to fc, play > Get rekt for a few days. > repeat next day. > analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Learn to switch shoulders on a frequent basis. Bet you wont do that in bronze. Ask for tips from pro players. Some might be haughty, there are good people as well. Some might train you till you improve. I take sniping tips from a player called "Niveous". I am sniper 14. His tips helped me a lot. Likewise i take tips from @Loom Thats how you improve. So stop complaining and go play.
  13. Defibrillator

    does it work properly ?

    You cant block SPCT's. How dare you? This game wouldnt exist without them.
  14. Defibrillator

    How special are you to this game?

    Forgot to add one more crazy player. His name is nestie somethn..whats so special abt him? Hes a R255 trainee crim. Idk whether he did ramraiding and ranked up, bt he played with teliss and few other in open conflict players.
  15. Defibrillator

    How special are you to this game?

    Oh no..how many years does it even take? The irony in your name is real btw.