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  1. No love shown towards light machine guns. Would like to see a shaw556 in this list.
  2. Thats a crosshair shader. Thats the closest thing anyone could come up with from that image.
  3. Pls stop. Its not about the anticheat being 64 bit architecture or 32 bit architecture. Its the game itself. Apb is an old game and some of the important mechanics in the game are client sided. For instance, the sprint speed/teleport. How can u run faster than normal if its server sided? To make it simpler..what if ingame cash be client sided heh? Ppl would be using cheat engine and be multiplying the cash they got. Cheat coders find these bugs in the game's code and they exploit these accordingly. Triggerbot/ wallhacks exist even in modern games dealing with whatever anticheat. Coders find a way to fool the anticheat to make the cheats.
  4. What if he says that he was drunk that day? Or like good ol' ray taylor?
  5. Yeah 1 more stk than the starter gun..nerf it too OP.
  6. Making 2-3 topics a day..new trend to kill boredom?
  7. I understand the whole post dude..it would be insane to replace the red crosshair. It would be weird enough for me to have a purple or green color when i move my crosshair on enemy. Red is mostly preferred in these ocassions. Any gun which involves quick reflexes like sniper or shotties. Red is most suitable. Red is inevitable for me..go away!!
  8. Defibrillator

    Armas Weapons

    Thx for the laugh. Ppl buy armas weps jus for the sake of variety. How many people do u think are buying a 3 slot ntec from armas? How many are getting a 3 slot atac? Ppl would not buy somethn for real momey when its easily achievable through the game. U need to be r85 to use a opgl/osmaw. A opgl/osmaw is what? 18.5k? Thats jus 7-8 matches in baylan.
  9. Idk from where did u get this color idea from. Red is the color with more wavelength amongst colors. That is why everything crucial and important are marked red. Let it be from traffic light, siren lights in ambulances, flares etc. Also red is quicker to notice among colors. Thats why dominos and pizza hut got red colors in em. So..now i hope u understand why color red is soo important. Red is not much affected by smoke, fog etc as well Fun fact: 80's kids loved superman cuz of his red colored cape
  10. Sorry, i think u dint understand it. Ppl who complain that there arent enough ppl in my district will get benefitted. The dethreaters will gonna cry soo hard and ask it to revert to old matchmaking cuz they get their asses handed to them every match. Get ready to see new posts everyday if this happens.
  11. There are few things which made it worse. Lets say ur frnd named x gets banned. U think its unfair, bt the enemy who got stomped will post "called it.." with a ss where he hackusated him. Comment gets liked more. You hate that guy ingame for this. You show ur hatred towards that player him..taking ss where u owned him and post it there etc. Say a blatant cheater gets banned. -Some might make memes abt him. -Some might post ss where as a legit player he pwned this cheater. -Some might post ss where the cheater hackusated the legit one. This comments encourage others to like hey this is nice..lemme post some as well, boosting cheaters ego allowing them to reroll. A bronze dist player goes to silver and many silver dist player in ffbans.org nd think every silver dist player is cheating and comes to forums.. And gets replied "....daily im silver"
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