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  1. Discussing bans on the forums is a big No. Write to support they could help you.
  2. I like LO and mattscott jus for this itself. " I view banning as a failure; it’s not something to be proud of or to enjoy. We lost a player and it’s our fault when it happens." It takes guts to accept it when u make a mistake not to point fingers at others and jus because someone did somethn bad sometime in the past doesnt make em a bad person overall. He sees the slightest good thing even in those persons. He had apologized profoundly every single time when things didnt go as expected.
  3. Next thing would be: 1.Jump kicking the doors gives u an advantage over the other players who doesnt do that or doesnt know how to do that. 2. Putting shields or giftboxes on drop off points or ladders are considered to be " unfair sportsmanship" if it is the last 1 second of the drop off mission.
  4. Dude, if u had found an online shooter game with 0 cheaters, you would never be here at the first place. Cheating is a common thing in an online game. It has been so, it will always be so. It looks like a big issue to u in apb because the pop is low. Why? Its a 10yr old game god damnit. False bans have been there in many games, no. Of cheaters quadrupled in csgo after it was made free..too lazy to google and fetch u the link. Do it by your own. The cheats seems to appear less in a massive game and it appears as if its a big deal in apb. Imagine 3 cheaters in a server of 10-15 ppl when han existed. Every match some player would be matched against them. You'll call 1/3 rd pop is cheating omg.
  5. Dude its all about getting the most number of kills, be competitive enough, having fun with frnds which is hard to get with "unique weapons". I've known some players like @MotokoHutt and one of her frnd who only plays with these unique guns. Less used guns. You'll hate those guns if you play solo. Good thing is she had her frnd who backed her up with similar guns. Some of the rarely used guns are the RSA, act44 and pls dont ask abt the rsa hunter. Same goes abt guns like alig, case ko and plenty of other guns. Theres a reason why most ppl stick on to ntec and alts for assault rifle, hvr for sniper etc etc even tho they have bought many armas guns.
  6. If u are having a crim char, ure lucky. Pledge to a contact-> ramraid,steal cars, mug civilians and deliver to gain standing. Sucks if ure a cop. Yw
  7. Any person who has put a considerable amt of time into the game would understand what i was saying.
  8. Im not really fond of asylum, ill tell u a few tips. See this place in asylum? This is one of the most used places in asylum. The ammo machine place in this hallway is the most used place. So go to the top floor sit there with a weapon which does decent dmg in mid ranges. A good choice would be a NSSW. Sit on top with proper cover and mow the players down. Have a fast firing secondary as backup. If a enemy comes closer, move him with the secondary. Using opgl/volcano is a good choice with the spot. Have percs /low yields handy, keep ammo box closeby, learn to put a mobility shield upfront when ya low on health, equip car with mobile radar and watch it, use a spotter efficiently. Sometimes its not about the weapons.
  9. I do understand what u're tryna say. Put it this way..there are a lot of tutorials on yt on learning coding. Literally hundreds of videos. Many ppl watch em, many practice em..only some become really good with it. It all depends on "how much dedicated you are in terms of learning somethn" do u deny that? The same applies on games as well. The harder you work, the luckier you get. I believe on that.
  10. No tutorial can help someone to be good at this game. It just walks players through the basics, but whether to get better at this game or not it is entirely in the player's hands. How do u expect the tutorial to be heh? Ntec: This has been mentioned as "fire in short and controlled bursts to maintain maximum accuracy" in the loading screen. Carbine: The joker carbine do not suffer accuracy loss/suffer a little while no marksman mode somethn like this in the loading screen Percs: running outta ammo? Finish ur enemy by switching to a secondary wep or use a percussion nade to finish em. Putting all this on a tutorial doesnt make em a better player. IT DOESNT. Even if u put tips on how to play with every gun. It comes only by practice.
  11. Exactly what i thought. Now tell me how does the matchmaking be if there is a case of a real gold vs a fake gold. Ofc the fake gold will dethreat. Say if this is the case...there will be nothing called as a silver/bronze district isnt it? So how would the matchmaking be against 4 golds?. If there are only 4 gold players and the remaining are silver and bronze threat players.
  12. I dont seem to understand how does the concept of cross dist matchmaking works out..i have a slight idea abt it..care to explain pls?
  13. It would be really nice to see the simpler stats of guns in form of numbers instead of those inaccurate bar graphs in the wep description. Hope they would be fixed after the engine upgrade. If i was a beginner I would think that vbr huntress could 2-3 shot an opponent based on those graphs.
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