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  1. Report him for griefing and they will get right on it.
  2. I'm only here for the comedy at this point, and I have already stated I don't want to be unbanned. I'll be back in 2030 when the engine upgrade is out.
  3. Only the Honorable Judge Thial can.
  4. Because everyone wants my chocolate. Merged. Very bad? I remember smashing your face in the grill of my dump truck and looking back seeing your lifeless body flapping around.
  5. Yea didn't read it, saw your name and said nahhh. Is that toxic?
  6. I trash talked, theres a difference between being toxic and trash talking but I know it's hard for snowflakes to tell the difference.
  7. I dont now man, if you think a TK and running people down in a dump truck in a open world action district pvp game is fair grounds for a perm ban then I dont know what to tell you, but lets unban cheaters for a second time, and let the ones we know are cheating go untouched. Oh and while were at it let's not do anything to the other people that do dump truck grief on a daily basis. Dont forget I only tked you one time, the rest was not me. Oh and lets look at pounds stream when the whole server was team killing him, they didnt get a ban. Completely biased and you know it.
  8. the honorable judge Thial Denial has spoken.
  9. them 8 hr days must be really messing with you.
  10. was just talking to one, so again Honorable Judge Thial, stop with your assumptions.
  11. I have already said why. Not going to keep repeating myself.
  12. The Honorable Judge Thial has spoken.
  13. The Honorable Judge Thial has spoken.
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