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  1. As an ex-sweaty gamer myself, I agree. Gold doesn't equal anything else but GOLD, and yet, 9/10 missions, the opposition looks exactly like your screenshots.
  2. Let's just make districts 1-1 max pop. Better for performance. Just forget about this game being an MMO. Bring back 50-50 please
  3. Not really underwhelming to hear progress, big or small, on the most important project of this games history.
  4. And honestly nothing has been significant. Communication is massively declining, they are extremely far behind on their road map, and the work they have done has been minimal, at best.
  5. or how bout that pocket obir (seriously what the fuck everyone uses nfas rfp its disgusting)
  6. *barely beats a team of low rank silvers* "gg ez" - Sexual Chocolate
  7. Hi, People are getting kicked from district and then that character is locked out of the game, however, other characters on the same account still work. This happened at 5PM PST
  8. I find this hard to believe to be honest with you. I believe this is what Matt had said as well, but again, I doubt it. Yeah many games do this, not uncommon today. If they can't even implement a simple queue system, then...
  9. I think if there were truly 30 people trying to get into a district at that point we'd have more than 1 district active at a time. I see your point but I also know that if someone clicks "join queue" and sees "you are 30th in line" they'll probably go to another district of FC or something. I don't think anyone thought RIOT was supposed to replace the core game, just that it's wasted effort. It will be in the pile along with other failed experiments.
  10. I think we're about 7 years passed the point of any large hordes of new players coming to APB. Our best bet is having players return, and maybe bringing a few friends.
  11. The US server is essentially capped at its current playerbase due to 40-40 limitations and no queue system. There's only one bronze server and one silver server at the PEAK of Jericho. You can sit there and click spam join district for 20 minutes but MAN does that feel like a really low quality way to spend your time. There is STILL no way to put yourself in a queue to join a district. You don't just give up and join an empty district, so with that in mind, we are capped at our current PEAK playerbase. I'm fairly confident that developing a queue system is more important than developing a gamemode that (almost) nobody wants. I hate to say it but we may not end up needing a queue system at this rate, if playerbase continues to decline and we never see full districts. I get that Citadel still has a pretty decent playerbase however, and maybe a queue system isn't so essential since there's multiple districts to choose from. Re-inventing the APB wheel isn't going to save the game, but new content and the EU *might*. So, either LO is in way over their heads and cannot develop a queue system, let alone an engine upgrade, or they have really poor prioritization in my opinion. The player reviews of RIOT speak for themselves, "neat...but meh". People play APB for its unique gunplay and customization, not for BR elements. (Yes I know some people will disagree and argue its not BR but it is, it really is) I get that there are people out there who are utterly stoked for RIOT, so I don't want to sound like I'm being ignorant, but I think the vast majority of people would rather see other things happen to APB. I believe RIOT will be added to the pile of failures along with open conflict among other things. Thoughts?
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