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  1. why does Jericho server get DDOS but the EU servers don't? don't these hackers realize NA servers are dead?
  2. still some lack of communication. like what's going on with Jericho servers? if this keeps happening NA population is going to die
  3. apb from morning to night? you diffently got a lot of time.
  4. wow and its the weekend! haven't played APB for a while came back had time to play and it gets DDOS again! the same thing happened like months ago when I activated my 15 day premium code! (wasted my premium) So weird everytime I come back the server just gets DDOS? and why does it always happen to jericho? I never played a game where the server just gets DDOS every time..
  5. Seriously it always happens to me return back with friends to play APB but the server is getting DDOS, worst that I activated my premium code what a waste.
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