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  1. They probably aren't going to waste their time making a database for something this small. They just hardcoded the password & username into the backend and left it there. Or this could be like an online web portal to be able to check your stats and etc. We will see really. Best is yet to come.
  2. If there was abuse from GM's and they were giving out APB$, JT and Legendaries then I find it more then necessary to trade lock those legendaries to keep the balance of things in the games current economy. Honestly, it's good on your part for trying and doing as much as you possibly can. +1 vouch for Matt Scott for best CEO of the year. Single-handedly keeping my hope up in APB.
  3. YES! Thank you, Matt. You are the reason there is still hope in APB. I can't wait to see what the new value is.
  4. So honestly I remember back when we had that nade launcher event the person would have a nade launcher that had a mag of 10 nades more hp and faster movement speed I wanted to know when that's coming back because that was the most fun mode ever. It's like the best thing in APB and I remember spending hours playing that mode I wanted to see if that was going to come back or not. Was that some specific holiday even because I don't ever remember it being associated with a holiday.
  5. I agree with your point on this. If you look at mass esports games like let's take CS:GO for an example matchmaking ranking takes so long to go up in threat and go down in threat but then there is one thing that APB has that CS:GO doesn't which is standing and money that you get from the number of kills that you make so I feel like making it more gradual will help but it will not make it so that it doesn't happen. Like there are still going to be people dethreating and then going for more kills and because it's more gradual that means they will stay in a lower threat longer at the cost of it taking a bit longer to dethreat and if you make it easy to up threat but hard to dethreat then that's just gonna cause a lot of silvers that were good for 1 or 2 games because of luck get stuck in a higher threat and want to kill themselves playing the game because they will be getting pooped on. So, in the end, I feel like that isn't a real solution it still seems like a band-aid for a bullet hole.
  6. For real though the whole money earned should be upped for regular people and premium should just earn a bit more money and for premium, there should not be any extra standing with contacts. I agree with op on some points but I see where you're coming from too but I feel like without premium all you are able to do is buy ammo and spawn your car and then when you get premium you have so much money left over you don't know what to do with it. Also the extra points for contacts I feel like that's bullshoot it shouldn't be that way and this is coming from a person that buys premium.
  7. Will this happen for the first time after you log in since the system has been implemented. I haven't been on in like a week or two since I have been busy so what I am asking will it lock me out when I log in to the computer I usually play on since the system was just implemented.
  8. lol, I have a few million in $ but my legendary collection definitely is more than 31m. So basically what you said. Also not a credit card but who has money. I try not to use my credit cards at all although I got a shit ton of them.
  9. Welcome to NA, Glad to have more people to play with.
  10. But again that comes with engine 3.5 or am I mistaken?
  11. Idk, to be honest, the responsive crosshairs throw me off sometimes, but um yea customized crosshairs would be amazing. I just want 1 red tiny dot that has a opacity of like 80
  12. I think crosshairs should be able to be chosen by the player to be honest and crosshairs should not be responsive as they are but it's my opinion so, eh.
  13. Not too ideal for most people either because that's when people are at work.
  14. Like I have always bought premium and I still do till this day but yea I feel like you shouldn't have that as premium only I feel like that should just be baseline I feel like its an unfair advantage.
  15. Thank you. That fixed it. It was like not launching and giving me an error of some sort to do with be and it was just being a pain so now that i got it im good. thanks again
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