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  1. I'm am glad to see progress. This brings me a lot of joy. Also, I would like to recommend updating textures after UE4, not everything instantly but at least several things per week. I wouldn't suggest doing it in UE3.5 as that would just make it more of a pain in the patootie transfer new textures and old if you will be doing the both and make it more work but yea the game would be great with new textures.
  2. Holy shit this is amazing. Detonator blacklisted every match. I also completely agree on the unlocking all content to all players as that would make it feel like a less pay2win game (don't rush to conclusions on this) I feel like the locked content kind forces people to buy premium to unlock content faster which makes it feel pay to win. If you were to unlock most content to all players It would make it a free to play the game more and that would bring people to try the new content that they may have not gotten to if they played got their asses whooped by golds and quit. Also would suggest lowering the rank of the osmaw and nade launcher unlock as that would also interest new players I feel like. When I first started the game that was all I was thinking of. Unlocking the osmaw and I feel like a lot of new players see higher rank players with these op patootie explosives then when they realize that its going to take them forever to unlock these weapons they have less interest in the game.
  3. Hello everyone, Don't post often but I feel like I need to post this and just be blatant about it. This post is for @MattScott. Hey Matt. Genuinely from the bottom of my heart. We don't give a fuck as a community how ugly the upgrade may look and we all understand that there are kinks in the development process because like 70% of the player base are tech people. Now, this is coming from me alone but I want to see evidence and pictures of what's to come I don't give a shit about what stage it's at right now I just want to see it if I am going to continue supporting the game and or even interested in the game. I don't think anyone else gives a shit what stage the game is at or what it looks like, I feel like everyone just wants proof of the concept. You understand its like G1 kinda ruined this communities trust. You guys started off strong by constant updates and you guys posting and pictures and other interesting things that may have been useful. Now its some deadbeat post about a game mode no one gives a shit about (RIOT) and a bunch of other useless things that 70% of the community doesn't care about. Honestly if you really care about APB, let the testers post pictures. If you really are so set on having the game look perfect just allow them to take pictures of the "not bugged stuff" and I feel like the community would be happy with that. I am sorry but when you claim something then go dead silent on it when someone asks for pictures or proof or just make constant excuses that makes my bullshoot radar go off, but hey that's just me. Best Regards, PullOutDad, HairyPickle
  4. Me personally. Not really interested in Riot mode and just looking forward for that engine upgrade. Q1 2014
  5. I work in the industry and I get it but I still want those pictures of UE3.5
  6. Oh yea I definitly knew that..... like ..... who didnt.... whaaaaa.
  7. I think they are full of shit. I am on social and 0 packet loss and 30 ms ping I'm on Jericho. EDIT: either that or they all need a new ISP
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