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  1. Keep crushing newbies and wonder why no new players want to join. After experiencing this for a full week I've burnt out and it's not fun anymore. Players that kept playing have become as toxic as they are good, even brag and belittle when beating silvers or bronze. And there's clearly some imbalance in the factions going on that nobody talks about. But who cares right, just another waste of time and energy.
  2. AutumnSan

    Sex change

    I refuse to believe that the female character has the same hitbox as the fattest and tallest male. Else it wouldn't make any sense why the vast majority of sweaty tryhards pick female.
  3. The negatives still outweigh the positives. Many veteran players use it to remove muzzle flash, smoke and fire, reducing the graphics to a point they see nothing but themselves and the enemy on a grey canvas.
  4. 1. Enforce TOS on anyone using the advanced launcher (1-2 days ban first offense and so on). - Or include it into the game. 2. A option to toggle whether you would like to wait longer for a match closer to your rank/threat. - Or removing threat and implementing a hidden Elo based on Kill/Death/Assist or Average Score. 2.1 The Threat or Elo system needs to recognize vs what Threat you gained this K/D/A or Score, because if you go 20 kills vs a bronze as silver it does not mean you are on the same level as a skilled Gold player. 3. An option to spectate from the player's POV on how they killed you after the match has been concluded. That way the amount of false reports will drop drastically and players will be able to record or save that specific replay and forward it for inspection. 4. Allow us to transfer $ between characters or via mail since it's already possible through trading. 5. Add language based chatting channels. 6. Increase limit to the ignore list. 7. Some type of Battlepass or daily login + play time mission to encourage players to invest as premium is somewhat bland.
  5. AutumnSan


    I waited out the 3 days lock and after yesterday's update got locked for another 3 days xD
  6. AutumnSan

    Ignore list

    I didn't ask for your opinion about me. So unless you have anything of value to add, then you can take your judgmental remarks elsewhere. Because if you haven't played on EU servers then you wouldn't understand.
  7. It is not restricted by anything, a district is entirely packed, 50/50 and matchmaking does absolutely nothing of balance. The only people who say that this matchmaking is fine are those higher rank that are pawning noobs. Here's a match from just a minute ago: Tell me exactly how this is fine for the trainee? They got owned so hard that they practically got 0$. No progress at all. Meanwhile the high rank gold players faced no challenge.
  8. You is just a minor few actually bored enough to do this. And right now noobs get stomped anyway.. That being said, beside shooting down every idea and comment about this issue.. what do you propose?
  9. At least then you won't have a o-pgl/osmaw/remote detonator/car surfer etc etc.. So if someone actually does this they will not gain a lot and lose interest after pawning some newbs and raising to gold threat. What's the point if you are so good at the game and have a variety of weapons/modifications that you get matched vs some newbs? It's not a challenge for you, and it's not fun for them. I've had several newbies who just exit the game after versing tryhard golds. If you want to raise and keep your player pop then treat them fairly, instead of making it easier for the higher rank veterans who already have everything.
  10. Population indeed is an issue, but so is matchmaking. Because right now during day hours you have like 4-5 50/50 districts, and even so matchmaking in a full district does bananas. It will match someone who just started playing vs max rank golds, so you can't say pop is the issue when the district is clearly full. It should at least try and match a player vs someone close to their rank+threat and if that's not possible only then to match them vs the next lowest rank+threat. This will certainly not fix everything but it's a start, because right now you get 4 golds vs 4 silvers and a bronze. This is not balanced, you can add another bronze and it will change nothing because high rank gold players will simply go 20+ kills and barely break a sweat vs newbies.
  11. You're right, but something needs to be done about the unbalanced matchmaking nevertheless.
  12. Also the joker ammo sound is looping several at the same time.
  13. AutumnSan

    Ignore list

    Maybe like 50? Basically all those non English speakers in chat..
  14. AutumnSan

    Ignore list

    Please increase the limit to the ignore list, Or do something about non English in global chat. Thank you.
  15. Oh, I've got plenty. that one was just at that moment. Here's another just now: Edit: Mind you that during this match the district was 50/50
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