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  1. they should just put it on armas... they need money.
  2. this gun is better at doing what the CSG used to do than the current CSG lol... its a 3 hit pistol up to 22~ meters... and its hard damage is high as fuck even higher than non-carkiller primaries in one magazine. using this gun with an osmaw is INSANE against both players and tank vehicles. i can actually compete with players using ntecs, smg's shotguns with this pistol + osmaw and kill cars easy. This pistol made me start using osmaw again.
  3. before i answer you, do you understand why the CSG is harder to use than the JG shotgun atm? if you can answer this without any sarcasm or trolling ill answer you without trolling.
  4. Thinking about it lately, LO isn't helping the game the way it could be helped in my opinion. NA server is dead also
  5. ur a vet when you know all the missions and the spots objectives will be, use every gun with same/almost same skill, unlocked everything in the game from roles to event unlock, titles , joker store inventory contacts, skins, etc, can do something good with themes, clothing, symbols, cars, all your guns fully modded, all your cars fully modded, 50+m and nothing to spend it on... been here since rtw-either beta............. i think that will classify you as a real vet.
  6. they should just keep it for the mission and not outside players. so you get n5/p5 bonuses but you are on the mini map for the op team in the same mission. maybe award joker tickets for achieving 5,10,20+ kill streaks while bounty.
  7. the bullshark is pretty bad but the ffa r&d is just a obir reskin without the sniper level zoom. i like both ffa 3 slot and obir 3 slots... bullshark is a low tier gun though imo.
  8. idk i feel like nfas is better than a showstopper and cant really be compared. its alot faster, reloads 9 at once and has longer range.... show stopper is semi auto and reloads slow af with a 10m (or less?) range.
  9. wisp(dog ear) show stopper .45 ap manic 1 slot golden osmaw AMG stheno DMR AV dont think any of the 3 slots are worth except the osmaw
  10. i am obir user... i like the 3 slot ffa for usingfrom cqc to ntec range. the less zoom is helpful for closer ranges. but i also use 3 slot obir for closer range sniping past ntec range where obeya, scout and dog ear can be good. they are both obirs just better or worse in different range you play. use both
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