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  1. also BE is stopping Auto Hot Key so thats good. I'm using a program called 'Peace' which is an equalizer i use for my headphones and i was being kicked off APB once i closed this program i was able to play like normal. I believe this program is made or has something in it that uses AHK so now i just turn it off when playing apb. I just hope that they dont ban players for having programs like that... im pretty happy that it just kicked me to login screen instead of flagging me for "3rd party software" like what happened to me with EAC.
  2. ive been banned for using logitech scripting software to make a firerate macro.... if you wanna play this game without being banned dont create macros with keyboard/mouse software and obviously dont install real hacks for cheating. and also dont say racist things in chat... and you should be 100% ban free.
  3. people gotta realise that the server that they host the beta server on isnt the same as our live servers... its like some small local server (i think?) they couldve did this more properly though... like setup a date for everyone who is interested in testing/playing the beta to transfer their characters... then set a play date after that date so that the character transfering doesnt interfere with the playing/logging in to the servers.
  4. i use the normal obir cause i like the "sniper" level zoom... i have an ffa also for when i dont wanna fight past 60m there are other "rare" legendaries that are out there like the jersey devil pistol with no mod on it.... and the white icon ffa 3 slot. id like for them to put the refer a friend rewards on joker store... they need money right?
  5. i see less cheaters now and i havent seen the known triggerbotters going positive anymore... even a couple cheaters that were full blatant with eac have been playing like bots now. but i do notice alot of closets in this thread complaining about BE not being better than EAC... i wonder why.
  6. need to wait for engine upgrade then they can do shadow banning of known cheaters... put the cheaters vs the cheaters and everyone with normal threat wont get matched vs them because the threat isnt high enough.
  7. 1 vs 1 used to be balanced... but they removed 1 vs 1 missions and the ability to get 1 vs 1 when solo queuing. Now you get "thrown" into 1 vs 1 scenario when a player /abandonmissions. its not a 1 vs 1 mission... its a 2+ vs 2+ mission only it threw you in to it while being solo. to me this is a bug or shouldnt be working as intended. back in closed and open beta there was proper 1 vs 1 missions which would be balanced for 1 vs 1 such as less objectives and stages with the proper time for them.... and also a balanced 1 vs 1 final stage like 1 control point with limited lives... i believe each side had 5 lives and would fight over 1 control point. this final stage has been removed and not used since beta. i myself would love to see 1 vs 1 missions become a thing again as I dont like big missions and the best missions i can remember having was 1 vs 1's vs equally skilled players.
  8. i see the same people cheating with EAC are just cheating with BE but actually full blatant now not even caring.
  9. do we play the same game? anything that isnt an i9 is a low end pc in APB's reality... you can have i7-6700 (which runs other triple A games FINE with over 250 fps) and not even get over 100 fps on APB. i have had a 144hz monitor since 2012 myself... my pc's have never been low end.... but for APB it kinda is. Now upgraded to i9-9900k and im actually able to play APB with capped/locked 144 fps now... something that i wasnt able to prior with previous different i5's and i7's i had.
  10. i wouldnt mind 1 vs 1 but i rather have actual 1 vs 1 missions like in beta. the 1 vs 1 mission now is just 2-3 player sized missions so its harder for 1 vs 1... sometimes you have to do 4 ojectives with 5-6 mins in a 1 vs 1... its litterally impossible.
  11. yeah im using osmaw in high skill level... everyone now complaining about osmaw or trying to use it now. people complain about car gaming... i use it for anti car game with my own car... lol.
  12. they should put this on armas, they need money right?
  13. i can actually see when people are playing with low fps by how they move and shoot. hope the new engine makes it easier to run for everyone or gives a super low graphic option for best fps for players with potato pc's
  14. said 3rd party but thats what im using, i have no reason to lie im posting on an anonymous forum account lol not trying to get unbanned either idc. i was using the logitech LUA scripting to create a macro that i could easily edit. im sure thats what got me banned as other players reported the same exact thing the same week. whats funny is that players using triggerbots arent banned still... its like EAC cant detect auto hot key since thats what most players are using. and i know that crosshair overlays are not on their list of banable thing but i mentioned it cause that was the only other program i was using that is a 3rd party software. since then i dont use logitech software/peripherals and my mouse has no software neither does my keyboards.
  15. i was also banned with EAC and was not using an aimbot, esp, wallhack or triggerbot. I was using macro and playclaw overlay for crosshair. since then i removed all keyboard and mouse software and replaced my mouse and keyboard and i dont use any type of overlay. I was not aware that they would ban for macros but they did in 1 of the early eac waves as a couple people i know also were banned for macroing obeya/fbw. others using the bloody mouse hardware macros werent though
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