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  1. they nerfed the range cause of the old IR change that was reverted.. and they didnt revert the nerfed range... so its a huge nerf for no reason.
  2. use all the buyable guns to learn the ranges.... if you really wanna learn the ranges of the guns go to apbdb.com and look up the stats of your favorite weapons.
  3. green mods just make the game smart.... just make clotting 3 the base regen and delete kevlar/flak jacket/fragile
  4. well they already got rid of faction only shit when they gave everyone the faction specific cars and clothing on armas... all thats left to make for crims is cop role... they even gave enforcers the hack tool unlock which only used to be crims that could unlock it. if they wanna make sense of it.. there are corrupt cops irl... let crims be corrupt cops.
  5. it would be cool if we could use molotov or some other type of utility as a criminal. the stun nade launcher is a nice utility weapon and i pull mine out when im facing hard players and need to make them respawn slower (item hold, 3 point hold) and/or deny them access to the area. i do use LTL against hard golds... but it can be impossible to use vs organized premades. i always try to use the arrest as cover when im arresting in the open.. its pretty satisfying when you use the arrest as cover, get the arrest and then the enemy teamkills him trying to kill you XD flak jacket also protects vs stun nade launcher so thats another "nerf" to ltl if you can even call that a nerf.
  6. i think out of everything being talked about here the car det being on a 10 second cooldown is the one that actually needs fixing. spotter not informing the player that hes spotted is also another one that could use a fix.... everything else seems balanced... car spawner? kill the car... radar car mod... again kill the car.
  7. i think hes talking about how medals boost your score which to me can actually give people the wrong/boosted threat... or not... being able to nade, blitzkrieg, kill streak, kill enemies holding task items.. it kinda does indicate a higher understanding of how to play apb better than novices. i agree but max rank player with mods, volcano, alig modded against level 9 with trainee car, no mods or understanding of the game is not good in my opinion.
  8. normal spawns... when you find the enemy team spawn and push them out to 350m+ away from the objective... yeah man that would be awesome i loved doing that to everyone on defends.
  9. well i definitely noticed less stuttering when i properly set the affinity to cores 2-7. any news for my problem setting the priority?
  10. it should segregate by levels honestly... 0-85 should be the "training district" as you cant use level 3 mods till 85 85-194 should be another place for people to play and then 195+ should be a server.
  11. the shotgun changes ruin the showstopper lol... ,maybe just keep the show stopper how it is and revert other shotguns.... actually the only prob i have is with the nfas honestly... why not just revert the nfas to how it used to be and leave all the other shotguns the same?
  12. no wonder i couldnt kill players with this gun... wow what a huge nerf and slap in the face for people who bought this gun lol.
  13. I did not use Process Lasso to change anything (yet) I only used your registy file. As for setting Affinity, so just disable it from running on core 0 and allow it on 1-7? im not understanding your directions sorry.
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