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  1. maybe he didn't do it to incite anyone, maybe he actually likes how it looks.
  2. LO is just Gamers First with name change. Matt Scott is a fictional character.
  3. it would help for the time being is what im saying. you 2 play in groups, try soloing for a week. and im saying to remove alliance toggle + limit groups to 2 players only. alot of people would be in 2 man groups instead of 4 which i see now. in matches you would see a duo + 1-2 players vs duo + duo or solos, instead of a 4 man group vs all solos
  4. yeah change teh name yet all the shit that makes APB frustrating to play remains. really smart idea man Merged. hes saying the matchmaking sucks and points are being rewarded too freely and not matching players actual game skill. all the toxicity is being caused by the lack of proper matchmaking. the game fucks you so hard in every whichway there is no other choice but to turn off the game.
  5. You should disable the ability to toggle off alliance matchmaking. All the "good" players group in 2-4 man groups and disable the ability to match with others on same faction unless they so happen to get called into backup. What happens is the majority of players filling the districts don't ever get matches with grouped players and are always vsing grouped players. Vsing grouped players is what causes the toxicity, because what the matchmaking does is put 1 super high gold with a bunch of inexperienced silvers, bronzes and greens because it cannot pull other golds due to them being in a group with alliance disabled. putting 3 silvers with less than 100 hours played with 1 gold against 3 highly experienced golds, maxed out with mods is very imbalanced and creates toxicity. People will team kill their silver teamates to leave the mission or they will try to get the silvers/bronzes to teamkill them so that they can kick them. Its about time this gets addressed as its just stupid as fucking hell and its been YEARS and this needs to get fixed somehow. All you guys do is permaban people who get thrown into these messed up matches match after match. How about you just fix this? Disable 3-4 man group, allow only duos to group, and make it so that they cannot disable alliance. this will create more balanced matches (for the meantime, till they roll out new engine soonTM)
  6. they should bring back training districts again with some differences. available for green, bronze silver players till level 85 (where they can buy level 3 mods) if you reach gold you cant enter again even if you dethreat back to silver. you cant enter a real district till either you hit gold or 85. i feel like this would help the brand new players slightly and be a bit balanced since everyone in the baby server will be similar skill level and/or new to the game.
  7. the hate comes from them owning APB for about 5 years and nothing really coming from this other than what seems to be a cash-cow thats forever in maintneance mode. Maybe they are doing something but its been years now... everyone's watching the years pass and getting older and older.
  8. that was prob the year he had to reroll due to getting fairfighted prob Merged. these people dont really understand at all.
  9. top in what, we need a better clarification. I play on both servers.
  10. "Understanding" and "Assuming you understand" are not the same thing.
  11. if the names were on it, then we can see if its worth reading or not.
  12. doesnt have to be shown. can be a hidden flag. they do this in GTA online and it puts all the problematic players with other problematic players. threat level already works kinda like this. if you are super super high gold with many missions under yourbelt and your threat stays super high and cannot fluctuate normally, you will usually have imbalanced matches or not get op at a normal pace. so now if the system could flag a possible cheater, maybe just make it so that they cannot get op or matches and have them just waiting there with no opposition.... till another guy with same flag can op vs them. normal players wont ever have to face them ever. for this to work well, would need proper logic to flag actual cheating players properly, else we will end up with fairfight 2.0 if it works properly cheaters will get the idea that they are flagged because of lack of opposition, then they will just leave since no games to play. Possibly they will come back and either cheat and get flagged again then be forced to reroll or they might actually stop cheating and play legit so that they cannot get flagged again.
  13. yeah that sucks but atleast they dont allow you to initiate the witness if you are car surfing or inside a car anymore. i remember before they nerfed that people would just ram your van while witnessing and blow you up cause using ram plate or instant osmaw,
  14. I like how i get forum warned for pointing saying a player was banned previously (and was on ffbans so its not a lie) yet everyone here is generalizing russians as being cheaters (which is obvious to anyone playing APB, but still not every russian is actually cheating).
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