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  1. a real question about the settings with advance launcher... i would like to know what setting affects the little orange or blue glowing ring around objectives that you have to drop an item or drive a car into. i lowered my whole settings with advanced launcher and i cant see where my objectives are exactly. i still see the marker over it but not the actual ring to stand in
  2. no one wants balance we just want balanced teams.... and i feel they can do a better job with that one the phasing comes out. dont care about mods, guns, cars etc... thats APB. its the poor matchmaking that turns people off
  3. out of everything mentioned i feel like the most broken thing is remote det having only a 10 second cooldown... this is the most abusable thing in my opinion. would be better if it could be used once every 60 seconds like most other impactful mods. as for spotter it would be nice if the player who is spotted was shown that he is spotted like how flare gun shows you spotted.
  4. i disabled 2FA its annoying and doesnt work well. also if your cell phone's time gets unsynced you might have a hard time getting a correct code to login with... this has happend to me a few times and i had to manually change the time on my phone to get the proper code to login with.
  5. gun is utter garbage... only buying the boxes for paying to win to get joker store osmaw.
  6. give us a 1 shot pistol legendary like the pig only it shoots a bullet so i can spam players with a perc then shoot them instantly with it just how enforcers do it.
  7. hes silver and plays in the bronze district so it makes sense to be able to 6 shot with a slow patootie gun like the corsair on bots. id love to see this guy using the corsair or any gun since he thinks this trash is actually good.
  8. people thinking weapons need to be balanced and this and that is the reason all the weapons suck now. go play the game instead of posting on the forums ur all bad anyways
  9. yeah cause spraying a fully automatic weapon isn't normal in closer ranges
  10. i wouldnt mind the jump's bloom staying as it is but the extra large bloom for full autoing is really unnecessary imo.
  11. there was an east baylan but im not into fight club as much as id prefer to play missions.
  12. lol dont try to sell your account on shady websites next time. ^^^^^^
  13. if majority of players are BR/South/Central american.. why dont they just go to East when all the Asian/Austrailian players go to sleep.
  14. which ruins the whole day cause no one switches.
  15. I'd say its a lot of both. I've seen silvers with thousands of hours that are just braindead and feels like they don't know anything about the game they are playing.. and i can say this for a good majority of silvers... not ALL but a huge amount from what I've seen over the years.
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