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  1. how should i know? i haven't played since 2015
  2. ok so i fucked up the poll by making it 24 hrs, ps i dont know how to edit post so sorry in advance. but leave comment on what u vote
  3. so i've been thinking about this for a long time now. most people think the name apb is cursed and reminds everyone of bad things, what if we change the name of apb to something else? like "apb reloaded reloaded" to signify the launch of this new engine. i put a poll so please vote and comment on ur ideas.
  4. I'd just like to begin by saying, I'm so happy to see APB still thriving and being successful after these years. Seeing as this game has yielded me so many fond memories and what not. Although, I came here today asking if there's any confirmation of the rumours stated above in the title. Is RTW really making a comeback and creating an APB 2.0 with Little Orbit?
  5. If you'd want to be a productive forum member you'd naturally link to that topic or blog post where they adress the matter.
  6. The reason I targeted silvers alone - isn't due to less mechanical skill compared to higher or lowered threat players. It is merley due to their toxic nature, when you're in 2nd place you're more prown to be ambitious with a strong viligence towards reaching that said goal. Meanwhile people who happen to reside within the bronze and green district are simple - not minded, but humble people with goals too. They've still managed to retain their humanity and joy in the game, and cherish our every moment with their insatiable lust for knowledge and curiosos with everything that APB has to offer. I usually detest commenting on such posts, but for once I thought it'd make a point. We've got a 'special' social culture among us here in the APB community, we've survived hardship, savioured victory and experinced strong emotions fluctating with a lack of a solid future for our beloved game. The only way to reach out and create opinion is to adapt and socially intergrate yourself to the readers. You only see, what you desire to see. But open your eyes, and thou shall see. It is two open questions that validates some concerns and long forgotten ideas that founded the identity of APB. APB has a fundamental thought about 'creating your identity' - becoming a celeberity which previously was a theme inside the vision of Realtime Worlds APB.
  7. This is.. I'm uncertain about my feeling for this. But I'll add it on the topic start. Then, how we will show dominance over the confused herd of silvers?
  8. This. I too, am curious about this. Which would render my unquestionable perfect solution unecessary.
  9. How to solve the toxicity is by simply removing the problem, but alas we cannot remove a large portion of the community since we need them to populate the game. EDIT: (Sry for late reply my internet broke) This man makes a really good point. I honestly think this is the right choice, exept ofcourse. Gold should be able to talk everywhere regardless of which district they visit.
  10. When you like a post, its as if you agree with the poster without needing to add any further comment. Meanwhile disliking you don't provide any valueable criticism.
  11. It's all about the management they're the ones calling the shots. Staff merley follows orders, but also with guidance one can do great wonders.
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