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  1. From my experience, it takes a while to get your first response (From August to end of November in my case). When you do get your first reply, they'll continue to get in touch with you until your issue is resolved. That has been my experience anyway, don't know about anyone else so take it with a pinch of salt.
  2. Or merge them, then on the server list have EU-Financial-1, NA-Financial-1 etc ?_? Then at least that way I can pop onto NA late night EU, whilst not having to create a new character, vice versa.
  3. ye not like support is human or anything and have hundreds, heck, thousands of tickets to deal with since the new support portal opened.
  4. Technical fault after fault, but you're still going strong. Keep it up everyone at LO.
  5. Run your streaming software as admin. If that doesn't work, make sure (implying you're using OBS) that the anti cheat option is ticked.
  6. Mercedeez is very known for being a very serious forum user.
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