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  1. is the gifting system ever open again or permanently removed ?
  2. i have window update twice this month, no trade lock at all
  3. why people keep doing dumb sht just sit down and play the game its not hard now u know why u got banned
  4. any plan on adding new gear on armas ?
  5. hi, im sorry i didnt expect this post to be so huge, it was my question rather than an idea. if it is bad then it is so. Thanks for all replies!
  6. hi, i never tried this gun before, is it op ? if anyone in jericho interested to sell or trade it please pm me, i can pay 8m or trade my thunder + duck for it.
  7. is it possible to merge jericho and citadel ? i mainly play jericho but the population is so low, always 100 - 130 when i log in. playing missions and face the same players are boring too.
  8. it will be nice to know there will be a sale or not next week ? (black friday) it's not that of a secret to keep please tell us
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