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  1. If you think about a 1vs1 where one person doesn't get any stun effects, smoke effects, blood effects on their screen (advanced launcher) versus one that does (LO launcher) ... you'd have to chuckle to call that a good fight. Or is that what being 'pro' is about in this community? Something like sneaky unfair advantages created by a grey area FPS tool? If the editing of these files by the launcher is allowed, it would be nice to grant 'LO launcher' users the same options; to disable stun, smoke and blood effects in their launcher. And that's for starters because you can do more with the advanced launcher ''FPS'' tool. Heck, the blood effects alone make you see near to nothing when using the 'Lo launcher', just this one effect has a huge impact on any fight. Now imagine a 'Pro team' versus a group of new, non extra tool using, aka 'non so called pro', players. Wouldn't look weird to these fair guys, right. Have a good day.
  2. Confusing how anti-cheater threads get moved and closed while pro-cheater threads seem to stay up. And then, if you start looking at the posters (purged) inside each of such threads, which reside at the opposites of the spectrum, you can see a clear pattern concerning certain posters and just have to ask; how is this 'toxicity' (around cheating) defined for this community. It surely isn't just one sided, is it. Have a good day.
  3. Example 'Angie'; she complains about cheaters on her new forum account - these posts just stay hidden. First I didn't understand why she made a new account. Why? She wanted to show that new members are being censored as if this is a cheater only forum. Aka If a new players joins and complains about cheaters, it is totally censored. This is a total clown show now. You don't want it here, we'll inform people everywhere else.
  4. No action what so ever in-game. When fair-playing, paying customers bring the issue to your forums they get harassed, the topic is moved trying to hide it and eventually blocked. You want to censor good people, for whatever reason. Fair playing and paying customers touching on the cheater subject while even mentioning their First Amendment right to the United States Constitution to do so, our freedom to address this unfair and cheating weirdness, get trampled on. This is un-American. This is horrible, Because you decide it is against your policey to talk about cheating in your game on your public forum, all of this is going to appear on game reviewing sites now. This is going on any battleye forums for people to see. Censoring the good people. What are you thinking.
  5. It doesn't matter how high their score is. It doesn't matter how much they infiltrate. It doesn't matter how they try to hide. The amount of alt-accounts they use in-game or here on the forums doesn't even matter. All of it, It will always be, fake. They will always be cheaters, and nothing more. Everyone knows. There are still people that care. We're back as well.
  6. Hi Angie, Contact me on Skype lol who asked you to post here? New account? Anyway, same as with G1, just collect for now. Do not use these forums they'll rather remove you than accept proof. Besides, it mostly consists of the same old "pro's" posting, most of the other people ran away already (yet again). There might even be a "pro" team-member (yet again), they accepted volunteers with this show going on, really. Identified an old G1 member as well, I'll color you surprised, bit high profile as well! Same old record playing so nice to see you Angie "xD xD" And yes slowpoke is back here as well xD Guess who got contacted! Anyway of course it's weird to post this publicly but hey you started it? Oh well, it's actually quite funny on this dirty board. Now let's stop that, we're on Skype. "One" team go! <3 For RTW.
  7. Late post again, anyway today I was only able to play a couple of rounds myself due to being occupied in real life and still, those rounds had people in them who didn't try to to hide they were ruining the game for others. I went to these exact forums earlier and there even was a thread about it in General Discussion already. So I didn't post about it. That thread is now gone. Vanished. Now that I think about it... yes, it had a YouTube video. Naming and shaming right? No edits just vanished. I wonder, did that OP get a warning. I'd like to ask him. Strange times with online gaming and 'gaming moderation'. Very odd times indeed.
  8. Reminder that the same cheaters which still roam, troll and laugh here made the game lose more players than it ever regained, under both RTW and G1. These fake-pro people might be making some bucks to throw back at you, they evidently made both late companies lose so much more money than they'll ever have to spare, besides evidently wasting the efforts put into this game by those late companies. The cheater community never has and never will be of a positive influence to this game. They broke the host twice already. If anyone wants to save this game by investing and putting it back on the map, face this. In memory of RTW and G1.
  9. You would think that people, who let programs do the hardest part of gaming for them, wouldn't really care about critique on their ways of game-play. It however, is the complete opposite. After looking at this more closely the following becomes crystal clear; whilst putting in all the effort and in some cases even money, they develop an extreme case of vanity about what they are doing. For a more understandable example; as a matter of fact it almost becomes similar to someone putting in effort and in some cases even money (like Armas) into 'how they look' in-game. Almost the same, the difference here being that you can completely destroy the facade of the former by just telling them the truth. The anger and denial which pursuits is unheard of and arguably one of the most easy ways of enraging someone who doesn't even actually play the game by themselves. They really have nothing to boost about but still hate losing this fantasy. They even group and and try to protect each other from losing this fake shroud and corresponding vanity. Completely mind-blowing is to add that this shattering doesn't even have to be done in-game. Something like a forum will do just as well. Exemplars clinging to something like a vote system becomes a mirror into their grouping and anger. Like a pack of disturbed animals. Amazing and powerful stuff.
  10. For everyone reading this in the future; this topic started off in General Discussion because although being controversial, the community problem being touched on here is not just part of the game it actually defines the current game and will define it's future. This topic got a dodgy push towards Off Topic and the creator got a warning based on questionable grounds. However this is not the time nor place to discuss this particular further, but, people reading this thread in the future do have to know what is going on. If anything, the incentive keep this or similar posts bumped and refreshed as stated in the OP got an enormous boost, not the least because of people wanting to downplay validity and general discussion, even downright wanting to censor the topic on a corresponding game forum which would lead to opening Pandora's box itself. That can of worms should make everyone think about power structures, corruptibility, infiltration and basic order, justice and fairness. Besides the internet is a big place. This isn't the first company facing these people, from RTW up to G1 mainly the problematic part of this community brought the host to its knees. When this game started out 'playing well' would grant you real world cash value tokens. From that very honorable start up until the walking away of G1, this game has been plagued by people who rather play unfair, troll and make some money on the side than people who come here to enjoy a fair game after work. This made the community go from huge (RTW beta) to marginal (end of G1 hosting). Because APB has always been worth saving and new players actually staying now at this very point in time is what's needed to actually save it, it is past due time to address the elephant in the room publicly. Too many new people leave too soon because of the cheating community within this game and the few people who stay get swindled, or just are interested, into becoming a cheater themselves. Everybody knows no game will be cheater free, this is an utopia within the human race, psyche, the mental instability of human beings to accept their competitive strengths and weaknesses compared to others, however, having the unfair part of your community influence things this much, from new players, (old) scoreboards, forums, events, moderation, taboos, fears, income, popularity, reviews, you name it, it repeatedly and only has had just one result: an more and more emptying gaming community with only the swindlers left. An obvious result for that matter. As famously said to keep doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results, is the very definition of madness. We need change. APB deserves change. This topic deserves some light and air, some good. There are times you have to touch on a subjects that won't make you part of the inner circle fam, won't make you popular with the status quo, won't make your life more ez nor gg, not grant you a political-like advantage on a forum, no there are times you must do it because it is the right thing to do. Cheating is cheating. APB deserves better. APB deserves to grow again. Grow up.
  11. The community is everything for a game, as a community is what keeps the game alive. New players have to stay around, old players have to make sure of that. Community servants have to be fair and their reign has to make sense. Players that want to make a quick buck on the side have always been a problem, but then again it's like people we have standing on corners, it is part of the community to deal with such issues to provide a healthy and fair place to be. If we don't all is lost anyway and with that the game.
  12. In compliance with our First Amendment right to the United States Constitution, I hereby warn any fair or new players domestic or foreign; Currently this game has a very active cheating community. This forum is currently influenced by said cheaters and they will troll-post towards anyone stating this. Stating this warning until a suitable change is made is fair. Therefor this message will be bumped or re-posted once per day until the end of 2019 or until a suitable change is made towards the unsportsmanlike conduct fair players currently face. Cheating is cheating. Do not buy their cheats do not even accept them for free. Thank you for reading and have a good day. God bless.
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