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  1. The horribele part is - it's true!!! I've recorded speedhackers in the first few games I've played! It's true!!! Why would you get censored? Are they in on it? Watch this post never be shown, because of 'vollunteers'. I'll screencap it now though.
  2. AngelaWhitefront

    Literraly cheaters versus cheaters

    Silver (gold) districts and fight club are literally cheaters versus cheaters. You'd rather ban people speaking out against this. This is awful.
  3. AngelaWhitefront

    Ok hi

    Ok hi guys! You didn't believe me so I posted here!! :) You wanted me to show you right?! So I did ok uhm now my hands are off it. (for now anyways) You've clearly seen it now, haven't you?! Well come one then! :D See you in the game?! Hey how do I edit my post it also says it needs to be approved now?? whutttt?