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  1. I've been a Kevlar main for my entire playtime on APB, it's kinda punishing by how slow, you move, but it's pretty good if you play using covers and corners, and move using a car. In my own experience Kevlar works better if you play in a group with friends.
  2. Be thankfull there's no headshots in this game, you'd die twice as fast.
  3. 5 Years of no new content? nice
  4. Cars so slow, I can almost catch them walking.
  5. They also hate Alig, that thing has worse accuracy than my granma.
  6. Something I've wanted for years is having weapon mods being visible. Having a bigger magazine if you use Extended Magazine 3. A scope while using hunting sigh 3, etc. Would be amazing to see your weapon change a big when using different mods. Expanding gameplay vertically would be cool too, adding some offide building where you can go inside and do missions there, get to the rooftops. Have new districts, or expand the current ones with outside areas of the cities, with more mountain areas, making some vehicles better to drive in dirt.
  7. Changing name but not the product would only make it look more lazy.
  8. APB with AI enemies would feel so much fresher, it could even have lore, citizens tired of Criminals and Enforcers fighting for years, decide to "do it themselves" and start taking actions agaisnt both groups. modifying the city with barricades and turning it into a warzone, no more civillians taking walks like nothing happening. More destroyed enviroment. Hell, the game could take a 180º turn and add a story mode in 4 group co-op.
  9. Why not just close the game then, if you don't let new players to join, why the hell keep it open.
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