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  1. Did they nerf it? If yes, that's the main strategy since G1 took over. -Release a new weapons, that it clearly OP. -Wait for people to buy it. -Nerf it. -Repeat. And surprisingly people keep falling for it.
  2. Depends of your playstyle. 100% Long range: HVR. Balanced: Ntec. Anti-Vehicle: Swarm. Close range: Oca-Whisper It's up to you to test weapons and decide what do you like more, don't use what others use just because of that. Build your own opinion.
  3. Oh yeah, It's coming soon, in 2014 I think.
  4. Because it's easier to make bad weapons than working in balancing them. This way you can make a big pack with a lot of bad weapons. $$$
  5. It's been like that forever. They don't seem to care enough to fix it.
  6. It's the perfect excuse if you think about it, "We'll add new content with the new engine." But the new engine never comes after years of waiting. So no new content. Let's be honest, at this point, is the new engine even going to change something for the player base? The game is already too old for it to have a big change just by changing how textures/lighting looks.
  7. In my opinion: -The Firerate is way too fast for only 80 rounds, it takes like 20+ for the recoil to go away. -The hard damage is really low, so forget about destroying cars fast. -You need an ammo source all the time. -Smart enemies will wait until you run out of magazine to rush you since you have to maintain the clic for the accuracy. +In a 1v1 fight, you can jump and start shooting, then crouch when landing, having the perfect accuracy by that point.
  8. I just all my hopes, Even if they deliver the New engine, I don't think it's going to revive this game.
  9. I know what you mean, but I think the number of suggestions that has been implemented in the game is 0 anyways.
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