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  1. I'm not really sure if the Engine Upgrade is going to help the game anymore. I feel like it's already too late.
  2. The only bad decision I can say they made was to make RIOT a crappy BR, thinking that Battle Royale was the key of success no matter what, ignoring how many other games tried making BRs and failed. if RIOT had been a Turf Wars game mode, everything would have been different. Since it fits the game lore way more. (War mode similar to Planetside 2, having to fight for the control of Areas of the city.)
  3. For a Minigun, I would just tweak a bit the animation player does when carrying a heavy item. (Ammo boxes, PCs, Safes, etc) adjust the hands to the minigun and done. Player can only walk. it has a delay to start shooting, like Ogre, and it overheats if you shoot for too long. Wouldn't be game breaking if player has literally 0 mobility while using Miniguns, easy prey for snipers or any Ntec user, etc. But it would be something to fear at certains areas. And it pissed me off more because the old APB concept had a minigun in it.
  4. Totally, urban crime with civillians taking walks around like nothing is happening, REALISM!!!
  5. Just going Super Saiyan. And also https://www.quora.com/Why-does-the-hair-on-my-body-that-sees-the-most-sun-turn-blonde
  6. I actually did, with the excuse of, "I'll wait for the new engine to start playing again." And look, I'm not playing anymore.
  7. It's actually not that bad, and you can always use Muzzle in it. (And the recoil always goes to the same direction when tap fire, so it's easy to get used to it.)
  8. Haha, I also tend to go all heavy weapons in shooters, sadly LMGs are usually badly optimized in most games. But yeah, it's better to pick weapons based on your role, even if 90% players use the same setup.
  9. Yes, It's like an upgraded version of Alig, better accuracy and firerate, with just less hard damage.
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