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  1. You need an actual engine to do that, didn't you notice by now the engine isn't real? Been waiting since 2012+
  2. Best joke I've seen lately. Like the Engine is going to happen. Waiting since 2012.
  3. I wanna think COVID hit their productivity. But it's been years of no progress.
  4. I'll give you a cool tip: "Stop playing the game while you wait for the engine upgrade." It works really well, been free of playing for years.
  5. 100%, Always been called a Noob for using Alig + Kevlar 3, Heavy playstyle, play whatever you want, there's always someone who is going to call you a noob because you don't use what they think it's the pro stuff.
  6. I'm kinda glad I stopped playing with the excuse of "waiting to the engine upgrade." So It's less painful when I hear it shuts down.
  7. Hello, I'm just jumping in the forums to check if the game is alive or not, is the engine upgrade still going to happen? Any news?
  8. Yeah let's keep milking this game with 0 updates! While promising a never coming engine upgrade that is already obsolete before even coming live! Upgrade to UE 4 while 5th is already out.
  9. "Oh no, anyone that is better than me must be cheating!"
  10. What matchmaking do you expect with 400 players.
  11. So they're never going to release them. If the game kept getting new content even with old engine it would've been better than staying the same for years waiting for a never coming engine.
  12. Why would they buy the game to let it die on purpose. They trying, not sure if it's gonna work, but they're trying.
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