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  1. I don't really remember anyone worth being mentioned, almost everyone used the same setup, n-tec and not much else. Obeyas, or HVRs.
  2. Ah yes, it's our fault this game has no active updates and development. It's our fault 2 companies has been promising a new engine for the past 10+ years and delivered nothing but lies. And it's our fault that the CEO is missing after 6 months with 0 news. Of course.
  3. Hope is long gone. Longer than Matt has been.
  4. and why stay silent fo 4+ months? Why not show new stuff of this said new content?
  5. I really like this game, used to play it a lot back in the day. I wish G1 did it's job, but they didn't. Then LO came over making new promises, and sadly everything went the same way than with G1, this game is unique, and it's a shame it's potential went to waste. See you in another life APB.
  6. Can we get update info on APB? Where is Matt? are you guys working on the game anymore?
  7. @MattScottare you still alive, is anyone working on the game?
  8. I stopped playing once LO took over promising the engine upgrade, and doing what G1 promised and never did. I told myself I'd play once LO dropped the new engine, Who knew that was a good way to just stop playing and waiting.
  9. Just one question, what is the maintance for, if there's no new updates since 3 months ago on new engine or anything in general?
  10. Let's just accept this game is dead. 3rd Month in 2022 without any news, nothing of 2021 roadmap was made. The captain left the ship long ago.
  11. You really think LO has the skills to code AI?
  12. RIOT was a lame and desperate try to milk some money from the Battle royale hype train. Doesn't fit APB and that's why it didn't work. APB would go better with a game mode like Planerside 2, open map with areas to conquer.
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