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  1. Riot SHOULD've been this instead of a crappy BR.
  2. An easy solution would be to make gold unable to K up when they're on bronze server.
  3. That's so true. "Enemy is inside my crosshair, I shouldn't be able to miss. *Misses*
  4. ZoriaDunne

    Strip Weapon Mods

    I'd rather like to have loadouts. You run into an ammo box, Press X key to open loadouts, Double Clic on 'Sniper' Loadout, it changes weapon, player mods, Car, everything. Then you do the same and clic on Close Combat loadout. And you only need to wait for ammos to load, no need to waste 40 seconds changing everything by hand.
  5. Kinda hard seeing how Hit reg works. (Ghostshots. etc.)
  6. Add an option to auto-aim, My hand gets tired of moving the mouse.
  7. Wish this could be added for real..
  8. ZoriaDunne


    I would give it an easy to control recoil but add a overheat feature to the weapon, so if you shoot for too long, it needs to cool down until you can shoot again.
  9. ZoriaDunne

    Just wanan help

    That's a poor attempt to make a troll topic.
  10. It's a hard call, in one hand, getting stuff will help LO keep alive and improve the game. In the other hand, if the game ends up dying, you'll have wasted the money.
  11. ZoriaDunne

    Satchel Buffs

    I've been wanting to do that for years.
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