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  1. Why do you speak as if you know what I play with? Btw, there's no such thing as "respectable" setup, there's always someone crying about what you use.
  2. It was really OP to do 1 hit + Pig to stun. Get over it.
  3. Not sure I can post a link here without getting banned. it's #ZoriasGame at twitter.
  4. People will probably say, "it's too much work", yeah, because it's better to leave the game as it is instead of working in it.
  5. You could literally make a new game at this point, aside from APB. And make it everything APB should be.
  6. I though the same, BR doesn't fit APB at all, but LO though BR is a magic key for success, but they don't realized how many games were doing BRs and failing.
  7. I miss missions with lots of people too. That's why a game mode with open map, Crims vs Enforcers, having to control areas to win the map would be awesome. Like Planetside 2.
  8. You just realized most of the people like to abuse weak ones.
  9. Amazing, the fastest car has only 50 less HP than the "Tank" ones. #Balanced.
  10. This game's time to shine is gone long ago. No new engine can revive it, They're updating to UE 4, (still trying to make it 3.5) But UE 5 is already here.
  11. The game literally looks the same. This makes me sad, seeing what APB could've been today. And're we're stuck with the same sh*t from 9 years ago.
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