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  1. How do you know who's cheating tho? Because they kill you?
  2. At this point and with how low the population is, doing this would just kill the game entirely, how many you think from the 300 players who remain playing would pay a monthly subscription in order to play?
  3. Not everyone who is better than you is cheating.
  4. After the new engine is done, they'll add more content to the game, that's what they've been saying since 2012.
  5. 255 Gold, been for years I don't mind people sh*tting on players who don't use what they consider pro. Games get pretty boring when 90% players use the same stuff.
  6. I got the Killer Bee too, but it has less ammo and less vehicle damage, it's better agaisnt people, so I tend to use it when enemies are good and I need to land the hits fast haha. I tend to change to True Ogre if corner CASE doesnt work. Gotta say that I tend to use Kevlar 3 for more Health, playing heavy style. But yeah, this support role works the best when playing with friends.
  7. Alig / CASE 'The K.O. Extended Magazine 3 to have 97 rounds, Since it shoots slowly, it's one of the only weapons where it's worth having more rounds with a slower reload. I like it because when playing in group, you control enemy vehicles, also can kill people easily if you learn how to use it. When defending a position, enemies can't come near with cars.
  8. most people use Ntec/Joker SR15 Carbine/Obeya and clothing agent.
  9. As a Kevlar 3 main user + Alig. I have to say that it's all about playstyle, you're heavy, and you can't move fast like others, try to move more tactical, corners are your best allies, I used to play a lot back in the day, surfing cars and destroying everythinig with my Alig. Those extra shots to die were really helpful. If you're on an open field, you're going to die, so make sure you move with a big car, Pioneer to use it as cover. If you learn how to use Kevlar 3 it's really good, Anything can be good in the right hands, and you'll get a lot of people crying about Kevlar in your chat.
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