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  1. Amazing, the fastest car has only 50 less HP than the "Tank" ones. #Balanced.
  2. This game's time to shine is gone long ago. No new engine can revive it, They're updating to UE 4, (still trying to make it 3.5) But UE 5 is already here.
  3. The game literally looks the same. This makes me sad, seeing what APB could've been today. And're we're stuck with the same sh*t from 9 years ago.
  4. Meanwhile APB with less than 500 players at best.
  5. Did they nerf it? If yes, that's the main strategy since G1 took over. -Release a new weapon, that it clearly OP. -Wait for people to buy it. -Nerf it. -Repeat. And surprisingly people keep falling for it.
  6. Depends of your playstyle. 100% Long range: HVR. Balanced: Ntec. Anti-Vehicle: Swarm. Close range: Oca-Whisper It's up to you to test weapons and decide what do you like more, don't use what others use just because of that. Build your own opinion.
  7. Oh yeah, It's coming soon, in 2014 I think.
  8. Because it's easier to make bad weapons than working in balancing them. This way you can make a big pack with a lot of bad weapons. $$$
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