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  1. Yeah dude!!! Just delete the game from users' computer when they reach level 255!
  2. -Hey RFP is OP, it needs a nerf. +Ok, let's buff it.
  3. Still plastic hair textures I see. How about separating hairs in, front, middle and rear part, and letting users combine them to make your unique hairstyle? @MattScott
  4. I miss when the game was alive, having ppl to play with in your clan all the time. Those were fun times.
  5. Joker Boxes, cry about only getting 3 days weapons, and look at the mirror asking myself if I'm smart.
  6. What I want is a Turf Wars game mode.
  7. Get an anti vehicle user, everytime my enemies try to do that We stop them with Alig or similar, if you manage to dodge the osmaw you can blow up their car in 4 secs.
  8. This post shows how no one gives a sh*t about LMG users.
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