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  1. How about you actually listen to community and make Turfwar game mode like on Planetside?
  2. As easy as making the camera go First person when aiming with snipers.
  3. Like using HVR is hard, there's no camera shake like usual snipers have, no big Zoom, It's just like an assault rifle that kills in 2 hits.
  4. TBH the entire IU looks made by some indie developer. Hope it's not going to be like that when they decide to release RIOt, even if barely no one wants RIOT.
  5. Why do you want feedback if you're not going to listen to it anyways? Most of the community doesn't like RIOT, but you keep working on it. It's a waste of time and resources while you could focus 100% on the new engine.
  6. Funny thing is that this new mode is to bring new players to the game, but there's no rewards by playing it, they still have to play standard missions in order to progress, it kinda makes no sense.
  7. Even a beta can let you know if something is going to work or not, Ppl is waiting for the engine upgrade, and LO is wasting time on a game mode barely no one wants.
  8. We should make LO listen and chant RIOT into a Turf War area control game mode, like on Planetside 2, It would fit APB way more.
  9. They designed it thinking that it's going to make the APB population grow so much, but that's a really risky move, there's a big Market when it comes to Battle Royale games, why would ppl stop playing greater ones to play APB's BR, with bad hit reg, bad game optimization, etc. RIOT should be a Turf War area control mode. Fits the game way more.
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