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  1. There's no point in matchmaking in a game with 400-ish players.
  2. Yeah let's keep milking this game with 0 updates! While promising a never coming engine upgrade that is already obsolete before even coming live! Upgrade to UE 4 while 5th is already out.
  3. "Oh no, anyone that is better than me must be cheating!"
  4. What matchmaking do you expect with 400 players.
  5. So they're never going to release them. If the game kept getting new content even with old engine it would've been better than staying the same for years waiting for a never coming engine.
  6. Why would they buy the game to let it die on purpose. They trying, not sure if it's gonna work, but they're trying.
  7. Can't afford to lose half of playerbase.
  8. Even worse. Does this mean they're just working on adding a texture pack and a filter to make light and shadow look more "realistic"?
  9. Just uninstall the game and play other stuff while you "wait". Let's face it, it's never going to happen, and even if it does, not going to revive the game, unreal engine 5 is out, and they're taking over +10 years to bring APB to 3.5, then 4. Let's stop dreaming and see the real picture. LO has passion but not the resources to do this. As much as I love APB and it's unique gameplay experience, it's too late. A new game would've been a better idea. Just make APB 2 in a new engine from 0. Would've taken less years, that's for sure.
  10. There's a mod to delay your car explosion a few seconds, enough time to get out and gun down the osmaw user. I like having variety of weapon types, even like this the only thing you see around 90% of the time is Ntec users and Obeyas.
  11. You clearly never coded anything before. It's way easier to write new, clean code than trying to change it all to a new engine.
  12. I feel it would've been faster to just make a new game based on APB mechanics in the new engine. Instead of having to rewrite all the code to make it work on a new engine.
  13. Hey, havent played APB in a long, long time. I stopped playing while waiting for the new engine to go live. So... yeah, still waiting. I'm wondering if the engine is really going to be a thing someday, or it's just broken promises. I really like this game, but I feel like all it's potential has been wasted.
  14. You can't really fix the matchmaking with how low the player population is, there's not enough players to choose to play agaisnt. Also, the game is F2P, meaning one can create a new account if banned when cheating, so it's gonna keep going. For the Engine upgrade... I lost hopes long, long ago. Peace.
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