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  1. If only the hipfire animation was different.
  2. What we need is a revolver that: Marksman: Slow, accurate shoots. Hipfire: Fastshooting (Fan the hammer). less accurate. Unique Mod: -Increased damage and accucacy in marksman mode (3 shoot kill up to 70 m.) -Increases firerate from hipfire, decreases damage. (4 shoots to kill, up to 20 m.) Really important to wear a cowboy hat while using it.
  3. ZoriaDunne

    Consumable Mods

    Consumables should be permanent as any other player mod... they already have a Delay to use it again, why limit them when you can't even buy them as you please?
  4. Talking about APB and Cyberpunk, imagine if APB had the Aesthetic of Ghost in the Shell, damn... APB has potential, too bad no one knew how to boost it to the max.
  5. Problem isn't if it exists, is if it works.
  6. Sadly you have to wait for 1 month+ for a response.
  7. "When you make a post about editing game files, but it's illegal."
  8. Making an engine upgrade doesn't mean you can call it APB2, it's the same game with better graphics/engine.
  9. Driving is ok, main problem is that there's only like 2 worth using cars.
  10. Motorbikes, Choppers, Having access to rooftops of buildings, connect buildings around with wood pannels. This would expand the gameplay area to almost twice. without having to add more map. Also more sniper campspots when you have to cover a street point.
  11. I love the Alig, with how slow it shoots, must be the only weapon that is worth using with Extended Magazine 3. 97 rounds of pure pain.
  12. Killer Bee - Swarm. It's a pretty good one, can take down vehicles pretty fast, and has better accuracy than Alig, more accuracy and good range. Totally my favorite LMG.
  13. Ppl could still shot your legs, and if it makes you move as if you were using Kevlar 3, it wouldn't be that OP, also making that you can't aim with your secondary, so second click would be to cover yourself more with the shield. But yeah, not like LO is going to make major changes to the game anyways.
  14. That would totally work, I could see it working agaisnt the Nfas pretty good.
  15. Talking about deployable shields, wish you could wield them in 1 hand while shooting with your secondary. Aside from deploying it into the ground for a cover.
  16. Yeah dude!!! Just delete the game from users' computer when they reach level 255!
  17. -Hey RFP is OP, it needs a nerf. +Ok, let's buff it.
  18. You don't want dethreaters to abuse you so you can abuse newbies?
  19. Still plastic hair textures I see. How about separating hairs in, front, middle and rear part, and letting users combine them to make your unique hairstyle? @MattScott
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