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  1. Depends how you feel about this game ... if you love it and you think you will play till the end. If you desinger - make cool, sexy symbols, themes ... etc. ( you will earn tons of $ ). Not desinger ? - go ram raid. Max out your char. lvl ~ Already max lvl, full of legendaries and money ? How about try to make new better look for your char.
  2. MartisLTU

    Autumn Assault.

    yus me agree with foil hat pickle maker
  3. MartisLTU

    Autumn Assault.

    OH MY GOD ..... it confirms everything ...... APB is shotgun game !!!
  4. MartisLTU

    APB Advance Launcher

    Im just curious what PC you have ... i mean do you need "advance launcher" just to be able to play APB or to try to find some advantage over others ? ( i mean its bit strange that so many ppl. have vintage PC's in 2018 )
  5. MartisLTU

    Semis,Macro, Auto hotkey,Configs

    Same here, but we have to be fair to other weapon types too ... if semi weapons doesnt have penalty for movement so why assault weapons have it. ppl. who want hight mobility gun play they chose pointman weapons, low mobility heavy snipers or LMG, something in between semi or assault. And its not fair that semi weapons have best characteristics from both worlds Assault and Pointman. .... also IRL semi weapons are ussaly way slower than full auto. Its just my opinion based on how many ppl. use to cheat on APB, how many ppl. missclicks when they play againts me and how many ppl. does perfect shots 100% of all time. ofc. my opinion is not accurate .. ,but i bet its close.
  6. MartisLTU

    Semis,Macro, Auto hotkey,Configs

    Semi weapons are bit broken in my eyes, just look how semi weapon user can move while shooting ... jumping, dodging bullets, sprinting, switching side to side doing all in one time and still wont lose accuracy doesnt even need to track cross spread .... + i bet 40% of all semi weapon users using macro or triger that eliminate user missclicks and makes all shots perfect. (i dont know which one cuz i never used them). Sadly LO wont do anything about those soft cheats cuz kids will lose ego at game ... RIP.
  7. True, you can see some obv. cheaters time to time .. not to mention macro/triger heroes. Dunno what have to change so that APB would be free from cheaters.
  8. MartisLTU


    Primitives and skins are pretty nice ... yes compere to G1 times, LO didint give much rewards ,but hey .. we got new event... not reroll event like G1 use to make .. fresh new event, dats biggest reward.
  9. Im not saying that "Remote Detonator" is OP. Im just saying its full of flaws, most of the time if no one is taking away my attention (not trying to kill me) i avoid it pretty easy. But sometimes "RD" doesnt show any warning signals, no car sounds or light flashes, it just blows right away after opponent dies. Not to mention you can die even if you are under solid cover ( building walls). Tbh i wanted this topic to be about "RD" flaw in this event. Dont get me wrong .. its impressive that those ppl. calculated time, but its still a flaw.
  10. I think you cant get all 3 new skins ... you can get only 2 of them. thats a bummer.
  11. So, if you leave car at opponents spawn place before mission starts and active Remote Detonator mod in right time you get 8-10 free kills at start before everyone is even able to move. Its a mistake that players teleporting to spawn point without spawn protection. I think Remote Detonator is pretty toxic in base game too... it should be nerfed, so player wont be able to use it while they are dead.
  12. Got 2 decals and still waiting for weapon skins ~.~
  13. No ... Zlayer plz dont .. i love ur symbols :3