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  1. Learned English from movies, games, songs, anime etc ... I didn't had "proper" teacher. So my English is pretty bad, tho if ppl. understands me and what i want to say ... i think its more than enough. Btw. since United kingdom leaving EU, its not worth to learn proper Eng. anymore ... French language might take its place.
  2. So very long time ago i asked ya one question ( does it worth to play APB ?). After 4 years i want to ask same question ... I know "LO" is trying tho it doesn't look enough to solve even oldest problems in this game. We playing APB because we feel some kind of nostalgia for old days and ofc some ppl. still waiting for better times tho i doubt it will ever come .... Sure LO did great job with "trade system", but we have only 600 players at top peak and same old problems.
  3. https://www.mmobomb.com/news/apb-reloaded-gets-yeah-battle-royale-mode/ Plz .. not a Battle Royal ... fix game instead.
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