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  1. It would run fine if razer users would turn off macro that comes with razer drivers.
  2. Im not so sure ... r255 bronze with 5k hours sounds like dethreater and gold with 20h sounds like player with multiple acc. who might have more than 20h. if you combine all his acc. Even so .. bronze with 5k might not be better than gold ,but r255 silver with 5k hours might give good fight to gold. Looking at myself im r220 gold with over 2k hours, but looking at my scores and game play i should not be gold ... maybe pretty nice silver but not gold. This is why i think we need to reset threats ... and make threats harder to obtain - especially gold threat. Why would time be factored? Because knowledge and experience. 5k hours player should be way better than 20 hours (at least in theory).
  3. yea.... sadly our hated but still beloved game slowly fading away, But it could be good opportunity. 1. Remove threat bounds for dist's. 2. Reset threats ( so we could be free from dethreaters ). 3. Make threats harder to obtain. 4. add team balance system base on threats, acc. play time and rank. ( Gold vs gold ,but if gold threat match not full there is a chance that another threat player (silver) with high hours acc. and decent rank might be picket to join). ~ same goes to all threat matches ofc. Most of you wont agree to include acc. play time hours into match balance and threat system ,but if player have max rank lvl with over 2k hours and he plays vs bronze threats ... cmon ....
  4. Not a pro but still gonna share my opinion. In theory 50 m. is max range for 6 bullets to kill. But to kill some one in 50 m. you would have to tap fire or burst fire, its gonna take way more than 1 sec to kill. To kill some one in 1 sec. you would have to use full auto fire rate at close range ( due to bad hit-reg time to time it might be more than 1 sec. or 6 bullets). Since i'm not Pro, If opponent is way too close like 1-3 m. i spray. (depends what weapon opponent use and how he uses it). Those run/shoot at same time dancers with semi or smg are too fast for me to track them at 3m range.
  5. True ... with 300-500 pop. game it should be pretty ez to perm block those who break rules over and over again.
  6. Yeah at this point APB would be more as FPS than third person ... and it would have to be at different server or something. Don't have VR too ... and i know its stupid, impossible idea. Still would be dope to play APB like this ... reload weapons like in real life .. aim like in real life etc...
  7. Cool ... but its not necessary. I have password made up from 10 different symbols, letters and numbers combination - not a single word. And i can't even write it down on paper, can't even say it because i don't remember it. Magic happens as soon as i take keyboard ... "muscle memory". Tbh i don't even feel when i type it .. less than few sec. and i logged in. ( I think those who play often, they can say same thing ... muscle memory does all).
  8. APB + VR I mean srsly ... just think about it ... in game pop would be insane. Free VR game with heavy ingame customization .. sure it would be more like FPS, but hey interaction with weapons, cars and combat would be dope. lmao Social dist. could be like VRchat.... ~yeah im idiot.
  9. I think its not about how much they can squeeze out $ .... i think its about how much LO can learn from APB and us. ~APB is maze and we are lab mouses.
  10. Flashback memories... What a cool game it was till EA lose it to hackers. ~I use to have Toyota MR2 and Chevrolet El camino. I was unstoppable at sprint/drag race. Nostalgia kicks in ...
  11. Its interesting topic .... In other games players doesn't need crosshair ,trigerbots or macro. Almost all players who played APB in past says that APB is very easy game. Still players cant stop using those mini-cheats. Im confused ... Players doesn't need crosshair, macro or trigerbot for hard games, but they cannot play easy game like APB without them ?... p.s. I use to play many fps games and never seen such high demand for those mini-cheats as in APB.
  12. Hmm ... Tbh. players using PMG more often in this days. That shows something is not right. Since ages players who seek ez kills were moving from one weapon to another as soon as they feel that balance changed. I think there is problem not with PMG but with ghostshots, bad hitreg and balance .... i don't know maybe im wrong ,but when im using slower fire rate weapons im getting way better hitreg. And PMG is kinda slower fire rate smg maybe this is why its so effective ? it doesn't get effective by bad hitreg and ghostshots.
  13. "LO added the ability to shoot through player cars that are not in your mission, should they also make them transparent?" WHAT THE FAKKK ????? nahh .. srsly ? APB doesn't have bigger problems than few cars that you cant shoot true ? What about walls ?? some are not necessary for my missions .. let ppl.. shoot them true to hit opponents... hell let us drive them true.
  14. I have job tho income is terrible ... even so i still can afford $25 for ingame item. Tho what i wanted to say is that 25$ for a 1 ingame item from dead game with 300-400 pop. is pretty sour deal. I envy you .... looks like you earn money too easy so you can spend so much for one game. ~If i would have thousands free money waiting to be wasted ... i still wont spend it on APB or any game, better buy something cool in real life.
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