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  1. Its not APB or any game fault ... its humanity error. ~If you ignore list is full , just remove some ppl. from it ... i bet most of them not even playing or doesn't remember you. ( Usually i remove all from ignore list after month).
  2. Don't feel any itch to join APB anymore... i don't have what to play (no games on my pc) and i don't feel need to join APB ... usually when i don't have what to play i start to nolife APB, But not this year ... sad
  3. Play in Fight Club ... best place to chill - no one cares about your score - you can always find some one to back stab
  4. Welp .... at 2014-2015 i was hoping to see something like GTA5 online just better and more interesting ... But right now i expect nothing good. All those posts and screenshots shows how APB would look different ... shadows, streets, car paints, character, colors...grass .... and nothing about improved performance nothing about other problems. I have feeling that this "engine update" will be last nail in grave. Im sure LO is trying best but they dont have $$$ to bring APB to life or even at 3k ppl. per server.
  5. This is why i hate APB events .... its not even grinding anymore. Its more like mission impossible unless whole dist. agrees on surviving.
  6. Right now i have similar problem ... losing passion for video games.
  7. I use to think same, that APB is best even with all those problems ... tho years running new games coming out every time better and better, however APB getting more and more problems... Every time i completed new game i was coming back to APB. Sadly feels like i coming back to APB less and less often. ( this year i even didn't care about event and i didint felt greed, urge or need to collect all rewards which is weird). Dunno if APB have a chance ,but it would have more of it if "LO" would create some kind fun activities that would boost pop. for a bit. And i don't mean lame event where everyone try-hard for rewards ,but something fun, relaxing and uniting because as far as i remember this game is full of anger, rage and toxic communication. ( most of ppl. left or don't even play at action dist. cuz of this problem).
  8. cuz i play against it ... i see how i die by it and how it was easy to kill me .. when compare to similar situations with other but same type of weapons and i make conclusion. And i feel like i have to tell my opinion even if i can be wrong ... i want to understand and be understood.
  9. i dont play with ogre, i cant tell... and i can be completely wrong, but considering how hard is to survive against ogre and how many ppl. using this gun - there is something not right.
  10. You have to have mad skills to be good with "Strife" and ability to kill fragile user with one shot is basically only one good effect this gun have. Its already rare to see some one with this gun. Strife fire rate is so slow that even CJ3 don't help. ( if LO still gonna nerf it, i wish they make CJ mod useful for this gun). Oblivion is pretty good weapon, tho yes time to time it bugs me that its bit worst than ISSR. Also don't forget "harbinger" and "Misery" those guns needs buff really bad !!! ( If LO wants to nerf something go nerf "Nfas ogre"}.
  11. Hah .... seems im gonna pass.... nothing interesting to collect ... Relief i don't need to grid boring event this year Occult pants looks cool tho im not gonna grind week or even more for it. Hoodie looks like something from MP. And rest of clothing looks more like body paint than clothing Its nice to see new items .. tho i would love to see new event with new activities.
  12. Bahhh ..... same old event .. cant we get something new to do ? ~Make all NPCs into zombies and make them act like in "world war movie" or something....
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