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  1. hardware ID, tho i would suggest to use ALL types of ban just incase... Btw... thx for responds.
  2. Let "LO" little bit rest ... i already dropped some salt at them :V
  3. True its a war in all online games, tho somehow those other games dealing with them better. Example playing "Paladins" since 2016 seen only 2-3 cheaters and it was long time ago. Dont have any problems on killing opponents for a 3 years ... no one seemed fishy to suspect. My suggestion:. *Add Killcam with save option, so players could have proof without 3 party recording. *Add Link requirement~ Link steam to G1 and if player caught cheating, ban both acc. ( this way reroll will take bit longer time). *Add SMS a.k.a. 2 step verification ( makes acc. safer and reroll takes bit longer). *Add ingame report with 24h limit ( player cant report same person more than 1 time in 24h ~ spamm reduced). *Add ID ban. Its not much .. not gonna solve problem, BUT its more effort than just changing one demo version anti-cheat into another demo version anti-cheat.
  4. Cool .. tho 8 years to wait for it :V .. im playing since 2013 still R 222
  5. If we ignore those who would try cheats for a first time to troll some one ... i wont even feel difference ... those who have bypass from payd cheats doesnt even care about "BE' right now.
  6. I was talking about when ppl. troll and make fun of everyone instead of trying to be better as community. APB have one of most unfriendly community i ever seen ...
  7. "LO" didin't killed it ... game was already killed by G1 and ignorant community.
  8. Hah ... ppl. are more annoyed by cheat threads than cheaters and "LO" incapability to solve the problem .... hmmm interesting twist.
  9. More threads better ... ignoring problem leaved us to 300-500 pop.
  10. So recently i come back to APB ( yeah i missed to be rekt by kiddos ) and i noticed few cheaters ... (Hold on i know what ya thinking:, APB have no cheaters only pro... But imagine if it did). So i asked about him in chat and ppl. were mad at him, ppl. told me he was cheating for months now ... ( i know APB have no problems with cheats ,but he looked bit fishy to me too). So i asked why no one reports him ? And ppl. answered : There is no point ... support will lake 3-4 months to read letter and probably 3-4 months to investigate this ho**********s player, after 8 months he probably get bored and wont even care to cheat in APB. "LO" lift your fat as* and do something about cheaters .. is it realy so hard to ban 1-2 most noticeable fishy players from FC ? How much longer we have to wait for proper system against cheats ? Plz meme this and use some cool gifs ...
  11. I hope its well placed strategy move... i realy do. Tho mmobomb presents it as "Battle royal light" and instantly APB have to compete with Fortnite or this new game apex legends ...
  12. Temporary boost in players numbers ... wont last long when new ppl. leave after seeing all the problems this game have.
  13. Okay, so what happens when new or old players who left APB joins and sees - mini freezes, bad performance, bad optimization, bad hitreg, etc... and on top of that, they see reroll cheaters who rekt all in this RIOT aka battle royal mod. My ques is that those new ppl. wont last even few hrs and wil leave APB 4ever.
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