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  1. MartisLTU

    Is the Raptor OP ?

    Its not OP, but its (ez) easy weapon .. since it have nice range and no recoil even in spray&pray. Raptor request no skills to play with. Btw its one of the most over priced weapon in game... almost all have both Raptor versions at contacts to buy ( with open slots) and still Condor is 3-4m at MP... its just ridiculous.
  2. Hmm... what if you wrong ? ... i think you need to play APB 8 years more, just to make sure your right.
  3. So sooner or later when "LO" finnaly release Engine update Does APB go under (Alpha-Beta) tittle ? I mean i doubt that update will fix ALL old problems and definitely APB will get bunch of new bugs and glitches .... So i think it would be kinda smart to go under Beta tittle .. just to make newcomer at ez that game MIGHT improve over time.
  4. MartisLTU

    Error / Disconnected

    Does it happens only in APB ? You should try other online games ... if you get same problems in other games... i hope this link will help https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/10741/windows-fix-network-connection-issues btw you should try to restart you PC and modem or wireless router ... hope it helps cuz its best i can do :C
  5. Woah ... so many new ppl. will install APB just to uninstall it. LO should fix game before any promotions.
  6. MartisLTU

    alien invasion car

    Tbh yeah ... First they should fix game at least to a playable point and when do promotions for new players to join APB. Cuz new comers not gonna stay after seeing all this mess.
  7. MartisLTU

    alien invasion car

    yeap .. it comes with 3 open slots. .. tho i dunno if you can use all 3 of them .. i didint try to put any of mods and i seen some ppl. have problems with it * I have same problem slots are open, i can choose what mods i want to add ,but it doesnt work.
  8. MartisLTU

    alien invasion car

    Hmm as im testing this car it seems its normal car doesnt have any boosted spects like some joker shop cars, but it comes with 3 open slots ... so for new ppl. and collectors its nice free gift. *tho weapon or weapon skin would be better*
  9. MartisLTU

    alien invasion car

    Those players who love to collect all items especially limited items.
  10. MartisLTU

    alien invasion car

    Here you go : https://eu.alienwarearena.com/ucf/show/1968286/boards/contest-and-giveaways-global/Giveaway/apb-reloaded-exclusive-skin-key-giveaway Create acc. and you will get "alienware car" redeem code . 1853 codes left I redeemed mine ...
  11. Hmm ... but clan names like (QQ More Please) promotes bullying and over all to be toxic in games no ? Some poor soul accuse you of cheating and your like : QQ more plz. Instantly provoke rage in chat.
  12. True ... but cmon, 76 kills and only 15 deaths is pretty much shows that something is not right. Even if he got new mouse or monitor and this new gear turned him into FC super hero "Lo" should take deep investigation on those ppl. who makes insane OP score. ( just investigation to make sure his legit ) Im just saying ... maybe im wrong i dunno, its just my opinion.
  13. SMS verification + VAC ban APB need to have - SMS verification for all accounts. Get banned ? .. cant create acc. with banned acc. phone number. Done ... cheaters will reroll 2-3 times till they end up with phone numbers. ( I doubt that cheaters will buy Sim card every time they get banned). For those who rage on this idea ( not all have phones to receive SMS ) ... plz .... gmail, steam and some other launchers have sms verification ! Remove APB from G1 launcher and ban those cheaters on steam with VAC ban. ( Those cheaters who over come sms verification with some kind online fake numbers).
  14. MartisLTU

    New Yr Same Shitty Servers

    Mehh ... i think we all have to thank "LO" for giving us some extra time to play APB and enjoy nostalgia. After all its old and broken game with 700 pop. at peak. What ya can expect from old and dieing cow ? only death ... (some one troll and meme this for me plz).