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  1. I work for the gov. and this article sums it all: "When you have too much money, you just dont give a fuck." The problem was: RTW wasnt the gov. RIP
  2. Jesus Christ, you should have stayed off the foruns for 10 more years to come. What a disgusting personality you have.
  3. After seeing The Isle peak again, after 4 or so years, I dont think APB is truly. In fact, there might be some hope if LO does everything right and start banning dethreaters and cheaters once the game blows.
  4. Chill dude. If you are bad, just git gud. Your hackcusations will drop right away when you git gud xD
  5. Jesus dude, chill. Havent seen a cheater in a while, if you are salty about the game just give it a day or two and come back.
  6. An option would be removing factions. So there would be a 2x increase in the amount of players available for matchmaking without having to physicaly increase player capacity in server. You would be matched against 79 other players instead of the typical 40. It wouldnt be lore friendly, but who cares? Having fun is more important than preserving the lore of a 10yold MMO.
  7. Hello everybody! I've started playing APB in early march this year, to be exact; on the 3rd of March. I've played nonstop since it, clocking around 150h at the time of writting this collection. This is aimed at new players, and I hope I can help some of them! I've managed to reach Level 130 and got to GOLD threat a few times already. 1 - APB is not your typical FPS or TPS game. You can be very skilled in CoD or CSGO, but here things are different. You are not going to win fights running directly at them, try using cover always and ambushing your enemies. 2 - The STAR is a very good weapon, dont think that you are outgunned just because you are using a starter weapon. 3 - If you feel outgunned, try TRIALING weapons on the ARMAS Marketplace or Joker Ticket Store(SOCIAL DISTRICT). You'll have a couple dozens of hours with very good weapons to practice and learn. I personally like the ATAC, its a very newb friendly gun! 4 - If you oponent is using a long range weapon and you are using a short/medium range weapon, dont try fighting him! You'll probably lose! Instead try to lure him closer to you or coordenate with your team to ambush him. 5 - Pay close attention to your radar, it will show you vital information. Including enemies shotting or enemies cars. 6 - If you are new player, dont join the SILVER districts! You'll get destroyed by veterans. Join the BRONZE or GREEN districts instead, there will be veterans but there will also be new players! You'll have a better time there. 7 - Buy equipments and character modifications as soon as you have the money! They will be of big help during gameplay 8 - Always pledge to a contact (Press J > Progression > Contacts). You'll progress faster through the game and will end up getting better weapons and mods faster. 9 - I find very helpful to always have 1 type of each gun available to me so I can change during match, you'll end up doing it multiple times each match. 10 - Don't be toxic, if you find yourself being toxic or getting mad, give the game a few hours and return with a fresh mind. And the most important one: Have fun. I'll keep updating this section with more tips the more I play or if I remember any more tips. Thanks for reading until here! Hope you guys liked it!
  8. So back to the grind I go! Thanks for the answer!
  9. I've just finished gathering 5k JT. What should I buy with it? Should I save more for something or should I buy some weapon right now?
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