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  1. Your are wrong. The game population is at the lowest it has ever been. just look at apb.pop and steam charts.
  2. Just uninstall it. Not worth wasting time on a game thats already dead. Let the gold 50 gold cheaters left fight each other until the shut down next year....
  3. Indeed, lol! I thought this was APB Forum, kek; sorry
  4. Population already dropped 10% since last sunday. Game is doomed. I uninstalled after 7 months playing, it was a good and fun ride.
  5. Imagine needing to be toxic on a game's forum... We have a word for that... L...er..
  7. So that we and 5 more ppl would play? NA is dead. Citadel is barely holding up. SA wouldnt last a day.
  8. R* and Take Two are probably in the top 3 of the biggest gaming companies. It is impossible for a company like Take Two to go bankrupt
  9. What? There will be no wipe, they will just update the engine. You wont lose anything. The servers are still up and running. You might have a hard time finding players in NA, but EU (citadel) is fine for 70% of the time...
  10. Well, thats not a big challenge. GTA:O feels extremely crap and p2w...
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